Friday, July 28, 2017

Greatest 2-Sport Athletes 11-20

20. Academy Award-winning actress Gena Davis was also a world-class archer. She narrowly missed making the US Olympic team a few years ago.
19. Tony Gonzalez was the greatest tight end in NFL history. He also played college basketball at Cal Berkeley.
18. Russell Wilson: Super Bowl-winning QB.
Was drafted as a baseball player and played in the minors. 
17. MLB hall of famer Dave Winfield was drafted by the NBA, NFL, and MLB. He pitched in college for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. 
16. Brian Jordan: outfielder for the Cardinals and Braves,
defensive back for the Falcons.
15. All Pro QB John Brodie won the NFL MVP.
After retiring from football he joined the senior PGA tour.
14. Before Renaldo Nehemiah joined the 49ers as a wide receiver,
he was a world class hurdler.
13. Danny Ainge: NBA champion as a guard for the Boston Celtics,
third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays.
12. Ron Reed pitched for the Atlanta Braves
and played for the Detroit Pistons in the off-season.

11. Joe Guyon: played with Jim Thorpe. Member of the NFL hall of fame. Played and managed minor league baseball.  
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Athlon Sports posted a similar list, adding several names that I had forgotten about.

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