1998…born in Piedmont Hospital . Later hospitalized at Northside Hospital .

1999… Charleston trip. First Braves game. Tech/Clemson game at Grant Field.

2000…Clemson football game.

2001… Myrtle Beach trip (every year through…).

2002…wedding ringbearer.

2003… Fredericksburg trip.

2004…Kindergarten. Crocs baseball. Violin lessons. Rich’s Pink Pig.

2005…entered 1st grade. River Cats baseball. Thrashers game.

2006…2nd grade. Rock Hounds baseball. Clemson football game.

2007…3rd grade. Storm baseball. San Francisco trip. Serve in Brett & Carla’s wedding. Thrashers game.

2008…4th grade. Rockies baseball. Destin vacation.

2009…5th grade. Overnight Zoo Trip. Jekyll Island & Okefenokee Swamp .

2010…6th grade at Veritas & Living Science. Rosemary Beach. Switchfoot concert. Clemson & Georgia Tech football games.

2011…7th grade at Veritas. Jekyll Island  Cumberland Island, & Washington DC trip. St. Ann's basketball & Tigers baseball. Switchfoot concert.

2012…8th grade at Veritas. Destin vacation. Mt Zion basketball. Switchfoot in Chattanooga & Marietta. Passion Daytona trip.

2013…9th Grade at Veritas. Fiction Family Concert. Celebrate Freedom Concert. Camp Highland. PCC camp at Daytona Beach. Myrtle Beach. Get braces off.

2014…Legacy Community Academy. Guitar lessons. Switchfoot at the Roxy. Prom. Six Flags season pass. Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge trip. PCC camp at Daytona Beach.

2015...Legacy Community Academy. Winter Weekend. Guitar lessons. Prom at Atlanta's Westside. Cincinnati trip. Six Flags season pass. Myrtle Beach. PCC Camp in Daytona. Need to Breathe concert at Verizon Amphitheater.

2016...Legacy. First car: 1996 Buick Park Avenue ($1000.00). Joins a band: The Swim Moms. Works at Whole Foods.

2017...Swim Moms play at Georgia Tech. Whole Foods. Finishes high school. Adopts a cat.

2018...Whole Foods. Savannah trip.

2019...Georgia State Dunwoody & Alpharetta campuses. Dean's List. Whole Foods. Works on a farm in Atlanta's Westside.

2020...Works at Whole Foods during coronavirus pandemic. Buys drum set.

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