Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Getting more and more into spring training. Glad games are starting up. Got home last Saturday afternoon to find our old neighbors visiting, who moved to Charlotte a few years ago. The 9-year old was here playing ice hockey, off Mansell. His team played Glavine’s son’s team, and little Sam even faced off against Glavine’s son. Glavine came over to say hello to the Charlotte team. Guess there are other advantages to finishing rehab in Atlanta.

Plenty of action here in the new office. At least 33 folk in our immediate L-shaped office. At least I’m a little out of the way, in the corner of the L, against the wall. Out of view of half the L, but facing the other half. Everyone knows where I am, and asks questions.

Of the 3 other EZGo team members, Dana is 2 desks away. Darryl is next to her, just out of my sight. I used to sit right next to Monique, which was real efficient for getting work done. We’re both the type to sit at our desks for long stretches, which is bad, now that we can’t even see each other. Sherry sits next to Dana. Otherwise, I still think things will eventually run smoother.

The window right behind me overlooks the track I run on after work. A lacrosse team practices there on Tuesdays.

Was tired last night. Had to pick up Anna at ballet, and wasn’t into the state of the union. Ceil fixed lasagna, which is great, and it lasts for several days.

Times are tough…tickets are available weeks in advance to an ACC tourney, be it in a Dome 300 miles away from NC.

Monday, February 23, 2009

too busy for Tech

GT’s PAUL JOHNSON joined SPdL Sunday.

Had a busy weekend. Spent Friday night and all day Sat at basketball games with my teenage son, so the rest of the weekend I needed to catch up on time with my wife and other 2 kids. My wife would’ve enjoyed the game, but then we would’ve had to pawn off our kids. Turned out my wife had a Sunday lunch, so instead of GT/Clemson, I watched “Bolt.”

My younger 2 aren’t sports crazy, but my 15-year old LOVES to go. It’s really fun to take young kids back to campus…everything is bigger than life…Buzz, the band, the crowd, the smells, the cheering, the colors. When they’re older it’s a good bonding / quantity-time experience. Living in Atlanta, I’m a bit more spoiled. It’s nice to sometimes decide at the last minute to take in a GT or Braves game, or have Hawks or Falcons tickets offered to you (still a rare occurrence).

Hopefully you’re finding out that seeing your own child play a sport, perform a school play, play an instrument, or dance a recital is much more fulfilling than even a GT game can be. My oldest is an excellent baseball player…watching him is big fun. Watching my daughter’s ballet is tougher, but still great.

FYI…Having moved to East Cobb just before my daughter was born, when # 3 came along packing up and fighting traffic to Buckhead was overwhelming, so we changed churches.


I was weak Friday from my Wed/Thur sickness. Left work just after 4 pm and swung by home before heading to Will’s game, on Canton Road at the All-American Sports Complex. There are 4 courts in one noisy warehouse, and 2 softball fields where college teams sometimes play.

Will’s team won easily, the Girls won an exciting game in OT, and the Boys fought off a pesky rival. The second half of the Girls game was played concurrently with the Boys game’s first 3 quarters, on adjacent courts. I stood in the corner taking notes, but the only way was by noting both games together. I decided to write the recap the same way, telling what was happening on both courts at the same time. Got home late, and I stayed up past 1 am writing recaps.

Will had 9 am and 12:30 pm games Saturday. After 3 quarters they had large leads and inserted the youngsters. The opponents mounted comebacks, but too late. Same thing in the Girl’s 2 pm game. The other teams think they did good, but in fact the games are never in doubt. The Boys won a tough Regional Championship game against a Nashville team.

Friday I got my 2008 bonus check, so Saturday night Ceil and I went to NP Mall and PF Chang.

Sunday I took Will up to school at 7:15, for his departure to Amelia Island for his week long retreat. We ran by Harry’s after church. Ceil had a lunch, and Anna, Matthew and I ran into Connor’s family at the Picture Show, so we saw Bolt with them. Then we all ran to IKEA, then got back in time to watch Barbara Walters and the first part of the Awards. I was worn out from all this running around.

See where the Braves signed Garrett Anderson, pretty much because he was the only one out there left to sign. People will soon forget this, and start railing if he doesn’t produce. Guess he’s the type they will cut, or use to PH.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flight Rolls, Despite “Marvel-less” Flop

Flight teams won all four tough Saturday Tournament games, winning both Boys Regional Qualifier championships, and 3rd place in the Girl’s division. As usual, DJ “The Marvel” Hoffer was instrumental in all three Boys games, both on and off the court.

DJ started the day with 15 first-quarter points in the JV’s third win over Crown of the year. Up 21-12 at the half, DJ wasn’t needed the rest of the way. He rested up for the impending Varsity battle against the tough Nashville Warriors. In a rare Varsity start, DJ scored 17 in the big win, also providing vital help on the defensive end. Immediately after the Varsity game, DJ started for the JV. Before the game the Nashville scorekeeper voiced his displeasure in Flight’s perfectly legal move, playing boys in both JV and Varsity games. But after just a couple of minutes DJ came out of the game, spending the rest of the afternoon vigorously cheering on his teammates to victory.

This was a day of sweet redemption for the Marvel, whose season couldn’t have turned out as he’d expected. His Varsity play was overshadowed by the excellent play of Josiah and Travis, though DJ’s all-around contributions were invaluable. Kara and Danielle’s exploits stole headlines. There were many JV wins where DJ wasn’t needed. In most others he drew double-teams, allowing Connor to shine. In the game he was most needed, DJ hit the game-winning free throw at Covenant.

The crowd buzzed for the longest on DJ’s two 3rd-quarter defensive sequences in the Varsity game. The game had been tight the whole way…no team had led by more than four points. In front of the basket, DJ stood his ground and drew a charge, posting the 3rd foul on Nashville’s star player. In our corner of the crowded gym, Flight fans cheered. Until Meg arrived, no one cheered louder than Mrs. Pipe. Mrs. Keller quietly paid rapt attention, while sticking to her knitting. Connor, Kevin, and Ethan’s dads exchanged strategies with me.

On the next Warrior possession DJ found himself in the same situation, and again he tried to draw the charge. If successful it would send the player to the bench, giving Flight a huge advantage in the tight game. This time no foul was called, and DJ flopped to the court in vain…much to the delight of his “friends” in the Flight corner. Quick-witted Mrs. Pipe beat me to the punch, saying he earned a statue at the next day’s Academy Awards. When later quizzed on the episode, he defended his play.


Moments after DJ’s flop, he was knocked down while driving to the basket. In an ironic reversal of fortune, it was DJ limping off the court, hurting so bad he couldn’t shoot his own foul shot. It was his substitute Philip’s made foul shot that started Flight’s 26-12 run to win and end the game. Flight’s next basket, a Travis three-pointer, gave the good guys the lead for good.

Later the Flight play-of-the-year broke Nashville’s back. Travis was dribbling back to the top of the key, running the offense. His eye was caught briefly by Josiah, to his left on the wing, beyond the three-point line. Jose broke for the basket, passing two defenders. Travis hit him with a no-look pass, and Jose executed a reverse lay-up while being fouled. His free throw gave Flight a 66-55 lead with 1:30 to go. The Warriors only managed one basket the rest of the way.

Josiah…26 pt, 9 RB, 2 assists, 6 steals
DJ……17 pt, 4 RB, 2 assists, 3 steals
Travis…17 pt, 9 RB, 3 assists, 2 steals
Matthew…3 pt, 5 RB, assist
Philip…3 pt, 2 RB, assist
David…3 pt, rebound, assist
Q……2 pt, 3 rebounds
Gerald…4 RB, steal, 3 blocks

The JV Boys tipped off their 9 am game against Crown in the bitterly cold gym. DJ was the only hot thing going, scoring 7 of Flight’s 9 first-quarter points, and 8 of the 12 second-quarter points. Up 9 at the half, Flight cruised to a low-scoring win. Crown’s Matthew Leiner blocked one of Will’s shots, but Josh’s 3rd-quarter rejection brought a smile to early-bird Danielle’s face (later she would have 4 blocks of her own).

JV Boys…9…21…27…33

DJ……15 pt, rebound, 3 steals
Connor…8 pt, 5 RB, 3 assists, 2 steals
Josh…4 pt, 3 RB, assist, 2 steals, block
Jake…4 points, rebound
Kevin…2 pt, 4 RB, assist
Jonathan B…4 RB, 2 assists, steal
Isaac…5 RB, assist, steal
Will…3 rebounds, assist
Jonathan K…rebound

In the afterglow of the dramatic Varsity win, the Nashville JV squad seemed even more formidable, with height to spare. It was quickly obvious to Coach Hoffer that DJ wouldn’t be needed. Philip’s ball-handling and defense were welcome additions, however, and Connor’s all-around play notched him another double-double.

Flight blew open the game with runs in each of the first 3 quarters: 15-3 in the first, 10-0 in the second, and 17-3 in the third. Faced with their biggest deficit of the game, 21 points, Nashville closed the game with a 22-6 comeback.

JV Boys…15…27…43…52

Connor…24 pt, 11 RB, 3 assists, steal, block.
Josh…8 pt, 3 RB, 3 steals, 3 blocks
Philip…8 pt, 4 RB, assist, 3 steals
Isaac…6 pt, 2 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals, block
Jake……2 points, rebound
Kevin…2 pt, 6 RB, assist, steal
Will……2 pt, 2 RB, steal, block
Jonathan B…rebound, assist, steal
Ethan……rebound, assist

Then the Girls took the court and beat Crown for an unprecedented 4th time, for the third place finish in the Qualifier. Kara had her usual steady double-double, and Hanna Neal filled the stat line for her best game of the season. When Hanna gets open, instead of calling for the ball or waving her arms, her eyes light up and she flashes a huge smile.

Courtney played her hard, hustling game, threading the needle with several excellent passes. Danielle’s dominating presence forced her less-physical opponents to back down. After missing the previous night’s game, Audrey played hard, coughing all the way. Kathleen nailed a three-pointer, and Katelyn hustled her way to three quick rebounds.

Not backing down, Hannah Mac came back from a tough game, taking it to the basket on a one on one situation against a larger, older opponent. Knocked down without a foul call, Tex hopped back up and got back on defense. Only then did she mouth “it hurt!” to her mom.

Flight took off on a 20-6 run in the first half, then extended their second-half lead to 22 points with another 12-1 run. Crown mounted a futile 26-6 comeback run. With a slim 3 point lead, Kara iced the game by sinking a foul shot with 8 seconds left.

Crown…6…15…42 (I missed the 3rd quarter score!)

Kara…21 pt, 12 RB, 3 assists, 5 steals, 6 blocks
Courtney…8 pt, 7 RB, 5 assists, 4 steals, block
Danielle…6 pt, 8 RB, 2 assists, 4 blocks
Hanna N…4 pt, 6 RB, 2 assists, 3 steals, block
Audrey…4 pt, 3 RB, 3 steals
Kathleen…3 pt, RB, assist, steal
Katelyn…3 rebounds

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Flight Games at Once

The Flight Girls won an awesome overtime thriller, the Boys beat the Barons, and the JVs won twice, all in a long Friday in the National Regional Tournament. Kara gathered an amazing 25 rebounds against a tough opponent.

The Girls game started late, and Charleston SC’s Low Country Wildcats got out to leads of 14-7 and 16-8 with slick passing, shooting, and rebounding. Without guards Audrey and Shelby, it appeared the Girls might lose their second straight game. Hanna Neal had a good first quarter, with a basket, 4 rebounds, and an assist.

Down eight as the 2nd quarter began, Flight went on a 12-2 run to take the lead, before the Wildcats scored to even the halftime score. After missing 5 of 6 foul shots in the quarter, Kara led the comeback with 9 points and 9 rebounds in the quarter. Twin tower Danielle helped Kara negate the offense of a very talented opponent, who kept sinking threes and foul shots.

As the Girls started the 3rd quarter, the Boys tipped off their game on the adjoining court. Some of the Flight crowd moved over to see the Boys. I found a spot where I could take notes on BOTH games. I found the only way to keep up was jot down what happened all together. Here we go:

Kara RB. DJ three. Courtney three. Gerald a diving RB. Kara rebounds, then scores. Travis RB and assist to Jose. Danielle and Gerald RB. Kara RB, then assists a Danielle basket. Hanna RB, Jose two RBs. Gerald’s foul shot makes it 9-6. Travis RB, Danielle hits 2 foul shots. Kathleen two straight steals. Hanna and Kara RB, David gets knocked down, and can’t believe a foul isn’t called. Gerald RB.

Katelyn, for some reason looking a step slower tonight, gets a steal. David hits 2 foul shots, and the Boys lead 11-8. Travis & Gerald RB, then Gerald sinks a free throw. Matthew RB, a Jose steal. Gerald RB and basket. Courtney scores, Travis a foul shot. Katelyn closes the 3rd quarter with 3 straight boards (must be the new black hightops…we forgot to tell her WHITE shoes look faster!). Matthew closes the 1st quarter with a steal.

The Girls had continued their roll, making it a 23-6 run. At the coinciding quarter breaks, Flight led both games, 34-28 and 15-14. It only got more fervent from there:

Kara grabbed 2 rebounds and 2 steals. Josiah fed Travis for two, then scored again. Kara inbounded to Danielle for two. Courtney steal. Kara 2 more boards, Jose got one, and a foul shot. Kara assisted Hanna’s basket. Katelyn missed a foul shot but DJ fed David for a line drive three . A steal by Q, rebounds by Kara and Kathleen. Q hits both free throws, Kara gets a steal. Q hits a three to make the lead 35-27. Courtney steals, and two more Kara rebounds.

The Girls lead 40-37 with 1:32 left. Phillip RB. DJ passes to Phillip in the corner. Left unguarded, Phillip hits the three. DJ RB before the half, Boys lead 38-27. Kara hits one of two from the line, the lead is 2 with 43 seconds left. Danielle’s foul with 22 seconds left sends # 3 to the line for the first time, and she hits both to tie the game. A Wildcat steal, but Kara steals it back…and finds Hanna open at the other end of the court. Her clutch lay-up makes it 43-41 with 11 seconds to go. Charissa and Libby run over, along with Gerald and Boys Coach Craig Hoffer, to check out the excitement. The last second Wildcat shot bounces around the rim, and in. Overtime!

The Boys 2nd half begins with a Josiah steal, two Travis RBs and a basket. Kathleen gets a rebound…before fouling out. Down three, Courtney counters with a 3 of her own, to tie the game. Kara forced a walk. Then Courtney broke the press and drove the right side of the lane. All along, Hannah was open on the left side. Courtney didn’t pass until she was almost under the basket, but Hannah was still able to make the important basket, tying the score again.

Travis RB, Jose goes 1-2 from the line. Danielle rebounds, her put-back goes in…and out. Then she feeds Kara, and Flight leads 50-49 with a minute left. Hannah gets a steal, then gets knocked down hard for the second straight time. The first time she hit her head hard. I thought she might be hurt, but her new, thick ponytail must’ve cushioned the blow.

The Wildcats # 3 misses two foul shots. Danielle and Kara rebound, Courtney makes a defensive stop. Kara grabs her 25th rebound. Exhausted, she misses both free throws, with 20 seconds left. Down one, the Wildcats take several shots, but can’t find the mark. The horn sounds…Flight wins! The JV Boys rush the court to congratulate the girls.


Kara…14 pt, 25 RB, 3 assists, 6 steals
Danielle…14 pt, 5 RB, 2 assists, steal
Courtney…8 pt, RB, 3 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks
Hanna N…6 pt, 6 RB, assist
Kathleen…3 pt, 3 RB, assist, 2 steals
Hannah…2 pt, rebound, 2 steals
Katelyn…4 rebounds, steal
(watching two games, I know I missed a bunch).

The Boys went on to finish off the pesky Barons. Josiah assisted on DJ and David’s three-pointers, before hitting a foul shot. Q fed Gerald for two. Jose made a steal, then Flight ran 44 seconds off the clock before Jose found Phillip wide open under the basket. His basket and foul shot with 2:10 left iced the game.

DJ fed Travis, who later hit both foul shots. Travis missed a dunk, but DJ gathered the miss and laid it back. Travis’s steal and pass ahead to Phillip for a fast-break lay-up closed the scoring.


Partial stats…
DJ…13 pt, 2 RB, 3 assists
Travis…9 pt, 6 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
David…8 pt, rebound
Phillip…8 pt, rebound
Josiah…6 pt, 5 RB, 3 assists, 2 steals
Gerald…6 pt, 7 RB
Q……5 pt, RB, assist, steal
Matthew…RB, steal

Connor 23, DJ 22, Isaac 4, Kevin 2, Ethan 2


Connor…13 pt, 3 assists, 4 steals
Isaac…12 pt, 3 RB
Josh…7 pt, 8 RB, 2 assists
Kevin…4 pt, 5 RB, 3 steals
Ethan…4 pt, 2 RB, 4 steals
Will…2 pt, 5 RB, 3 assists, 4 steals
Jonathan K…1 pt, 6 RB, assist, 2 steals
Jake…2 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
Jonathan B…DP

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tech Confidential

I recently went public with my fondness for Mark Richt and UGA football, utter blasphemy for a Tech grad. The past few days I’ve been exploring the roots of all this. Since I’m a Wreck, let me ramble…

Also a lifetime sports fan, my dad, a former Atlantan, always sided with Tech. He was thrilled when I matriculated there. As a kid, my interests in sports were gravitating toward smart, hustling, honorable athletes and good-looking, traditional uniforms, as opposed to trendy togs.

At Tech I attended as many football and basketball games as possible, missing few home games for five years, in fact. Though Tech’s performance was below average during those years, my enthusiasm was hardly dampened. Pepper Rodgers, his wishbone, curly hair, and white floppy hat were entertaining, though all drew increasing criticism. Later Bill Curry’s fine leadership (and cool Astro-Turf Pumas) had my devotion, but Tech’s record worsened.

Like their record, Tech’s football uniforms also went downhill. The nice grey facemasks, traditional striping, white home jerseys, and simple numbers devolved around 1980, with too many “trendy” collar, pants, and socks stripes. Number font, trim, and color changed from year to year, depending on latest “fashions.” The trendy stripes, in vogue in 1980, remained in place over 25 years, until this past season. The 60’s throwback unis were great. But like many other colleges, the 2008 “updated” outfits were quite disappointing to those of us who study uniforms.

Sixty miles east, UGA was winning championships with an interesting, Heisman-winning tailback, All-American kickers, and cocky South Georgia QBs. Vince Dooley was the opposite of a braggart. I’d seen Ray Goff play in high school. Uniform changes were improvements (and few). Any fashion blunders were quickly corrected. Uga the mascot wasn’t embarrassing like Buzz, who was seemingly created solely for marketing purposes only (like many Tech decisions). Over the years my hard heart couldn’t help but be softened on pesky, loveable Buzz.

Admirable family-man Mark Richt was hired, and was an immediate success. David’s Greene and Pollock had their long, winning run. Tech countered with four years of Reggie Ball, throwing out-of-bounds on fourth down and becoming academically ineligible for his last game. Sure, UGA had their miscreants. They were dealt with, for the most part. Tech coaches achieving one-season success are rewarded overwhelmingly (see Gailey and Hewitt). Hopefully Paul Johnson won’t continue this recent trend. I can’t honestly say “Tech does it the right way.” No one was brought to their knees.

When Tech WAS bowl eligible, the bowl was usually minor at best (Seattle, Emerald Nut, Humanitarian, etc). Bowl selection season was embarrassing, with Tech shut out time after time. Even when they won the national championship, they only went to the Citrus Bowl. Tech travels much worse than most, with alumni spread thin across the country. Due to the high-tech curriculum, a lower percentage of Techsters are even sports fans. While necessary, some ticket promotions are embarrassing.

To my dismay, at games (and blogs) devoted Tech fans consider themselves superior to rival fans, schools, and teams. With what justification? UGA was obviously superior on the gridiron since the late 70’s, and it’s almost tougher to get into UGA academically these days. There were the minor scandals at UGA, but Tech wasn’t exactly lily-white either. While legions of UGA fans are rabid, it’s my impression that most Tech alumni attend games to be seen, to achieve a higher status in their own eyes.

This was particularly evident at the Miami “white-out” game. While 99.9% of the students wore white, the alumni didn’t get it. “Why would I want to do that?” and “White? That’s not even Tech’s color!” were repeatedly heard. Uh, yes, white is a school color. Tech looked foolish on national TV, again. Why would a blue-chip recruit consider a school with such lackluster support?

When new AD Dan Radakovich was hired I appreciated some of his first comments, in an alumni magazine article. While he appreciated Tech’s fantastic football heritage and traditions, he understood that elite teenage high school athletes considering colleges have vastly different priorities. That he even had to mention this underscores that most Tech alumni don’t get it.

These issues are problems at most schools. Clemson, Ceil’s alma mater, considers themself a football factory. Year after year they fall on their face. Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Penn State, and Ohio State have stumbled. At least they haven’t let apparel corporations screw-up great uniforms. Sports today is a billion-dollar industry, filled with coaches and players seeking money and stardom – from Little League to the Senior Tour. Guess I’m jaded - I choose not to get caught up in it. I will watch for fun.

Taken all together, perhaps you can see why my attention has strayed. But without fail, come Thanksgiving Saturday I find myself working up a “clean, old-fashioned hate” for UGA. When toe meets leather, I always root for Tech over UGA. No matter how often they break my heart.

I love the Yellow Jackets, how ‘bout you! I just don’t LIKE them sometimes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 More Facts...25% More Random

1. All those Camp SPdL Top Ten Lists? Not my original idea.
2. Despite her name, my wife isn’t crazy about swimming. She does like fish.
3. Didn’t mean to brag in my first 25 list. Had my reasons.
4. I like to write. Much more than talking, if you haven’t noticed.
5. I like commas and short sentences.
6. David Norman thought something I posted on FB was the greatest thing he’d ever read. Hope Mrs. Delenick doesn’t find out.
7. Hate to cook. Love watching Alton Brown.
8. Mrs. Johnston likes Mrs. Delenick ‘cause Sandy is so crazy. Not so Abby will get better grades. But what do I know? I called Sandy “Christy.” Sorry, Will.
9. Baseball in East Cobb is an industry, not a sport. Coaching is not a priority, except paid tutors. Why do you think Francoeur’s such an undisciplined hitter?
10. Same with most other sports. I’m glad Flight isn’t that way.
11. Camp SPdL was fun. So are Living Science Expeditions and Retreats.
12. Once had two flat tires at the same time. Ran over a curb in the middle of nowhere, with baby Will on board. In July. Guess how many spares I had?
13. Like you, I spend too much time on Facebook. Not as much as Elin.
14. Our backyard is awesome. Drops down to a creek, that’s fun to play in. Makes looking out the back windows look like you’re in the mountains.
15. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an invitation. Just drop by unannounced. We’d love to see you. Don’t expect a clean house, but we might feed you (off clean dishes, even!). If Ceil is home. as I hate to cook (see # 7).
16. I know more about the Braves than most.
17. I could live off pizza, burgers, cookies, and ice cream. Diet Coke. Mexican. I know, none are healthy.
18. Tech grad. Until Paul Johnson turned it around, I was more of a Mark Richt man/UGA fan. Don’t tell Fred O.
19. Still can’t believe that tall Crown girl blocked Kara’s shot.
20. Kyle portrays me better than I could. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch Retreat video # 2.
21. And apple pie. At least all the air-popped popcorn I eat isn’t unhealthy.
22. I always eat one thing at a time. French fries first, before they get cold. But I’m not eating French fries any more.
23. Working at Baskin Robbins in high school, I once tired of ice cream…after eating a gooey double-dip English Toffee. Quit eating ice cream for a week.
24. Baskin Robbins didn’t pay very good, but we made up for it in ice cream. And fun, working with my two best friends. Once we even put on a play. Customers loved us. I think.
25. Matthew drives us crazy, but he’s great entertainment.

valentines weekend

Left work Friday and headed home…we had 7:15 reservations at PFChang. Heard a weird noise. Got out and found a large screw in a tire, so I headed to the nearest place to get it plugged. Got home at 7:05 and we headed out, but by then Ceil didn’t want to go to PFC. We hit a few bookstores and ChickfilA. One the way home, my check engine light came on. Later we watched Monk.

Saturday Will’s team won. They give out two MPO awards. Connor and DJ got it for the JV, and Kara and Danielle for the varsity girls later that night. After the JV Girls won earlier, instead of naming Kara and Danielle MOPs, they awarded defensive swarmer Audrey and young Hannah. That had to be a huge thrill for her and her family. Will’s teammate Joe, aka the Rocketman, helped out Sat nite at the NP fundraiser.

Matthew and I ran some errands, and that night Ceil and I went to Harrys. Sunday after NP Will and I practiced baseball. I saw parts of the NBA weekend all three nights.

At Sweet Tomatoes, especially where the hot stuff is, people are always cutting instead of going left to right.

Looks like the Braves want to sign Griffey, then see how much they have leftover for Glavine. It’ll be closer for Griffey to be with his family in Orlando. Interesting photo on the Office of young Junior in a Braves uni.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

State Champs

Both Flight’s Girls teams won state championships Saturday, along with the JV Boys. The Girls beat Crown again, and the JV Boys beat Covenant for the third time this year, 60 – 35 this time. The Varsity Boys barely lost to Sound Doctrine, the eventual state champ. The championships were dedicated to Willis, celebrating his 20th birthday.

The JV Girls made quick work of their Crown rivals. With only five players available, Abby was brought back for support. It was a good thing, as Audrey was knocked out with an injury. Audrey and Hannah were named Most Outstanding Players.

Saturday night the Varsity Girls had an easier time with Flight, perhaps in part by Courtney’s return. Kara and Danielle were named Most Outstanding Players.

JV Boys…12…26…39…60

The Boys outscored Covenant in each quarter, cruising to the win. DJ and Conner were named MOPs after the JV game. DJ recorded a double-double and also drew three charging calls, helping foul out one of Covenant’s best players. Connor’s play was likened to a basketball immortal, as the announcer called him “Connie”…surely referring to Connie Hawkins. Connie Smith scored a game-high 22 points.

The game remained scoreless for several long minutes in the first quarter, before Flight scored the first six points. Connor basketed first, and later fed inside to Kevin for two more. DJ scored next, then later grabbed an offensive rebound, was fouled on the put-back, and made one of two foul shots. Kevin assisted Isaac, who then passed to Connor for a three.

DJ kept things going in quarter two, with a quick steal, offensive board, and basket. Connor grabbed an offensive rebound of his own, and made the putback. Later in the quarter he would do it again. Isaac assisted on both a DJ basket and later on one of Connor’s two second-quarter three-pointers. Flight extended the lead to ten, before Covenant scored the last two baskets of the half.

Coach Dan managed to insert his entire bench in the first half. Jonathan K had a steal and rebound, and Will snared two second-quarter boards. Joe saw action. In the fourth quarter Jonathan, Joel, Jake, and Will all got rebounds.

Flight scored the first eight points in the second half, launching a 13 – 4 run, for a 15 point lead. DJ fed Kevin, then Connor fed DJ for an “alley-oop”. Josh’s play blossomed with extended playing time, and he had a sweet rebound-putback basket. DJ’s rebound was passed quickly downcourt to Isaac for two. Connor hit a free throw, Josh had another offensive rebound and putback basket, and DJ scored.

More of the same in the fourth quarter. DJ was playin perhaps his best ball of the season, on both ends of the court. Josh, Kevin, and Connor were also clicking at high levels. Joel hit a foul shot, making Willis proud. Then on three straight possessions DJ scored a basket, then two straight threes. With their biggest lead of the day, Flight led 50 – 30, and DJ was pulled from the game.

I thought at this point Covenant might eat into the lead, but Flight actually extended the lead without DJ. Kevin scored six of his ten points in the fourth, all on sweet baseline moves…fed by Connor, Isaac, and Jonathan. Connor hit from inside, and Isaac sank two foul shots. Kevin’s last basket gave Flight their biggest lead: 25 points. Flight won 60-35.

Connie…22 pt, 5 RB, 3 assists, steal
DJ……19 pt, 11 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
Kevin…10 pt, 4 RB, assist
Isaac…6 pt, 3 RB, 4 assists, steal
Josh…4 pt, 6 RB, 2 steals
Joel…1 point, rebound
Jonathan K…2 RB, assist, steal
Will…3 RB, steal
Joe…babysat 25 kids at NP that night

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Katy's Friday

This is the story of a real 15 year-old girl, who lives in East Cobb. Let’s call her Katy. Has a mom, dad, maybe a brother and/or sister. Lots of friends, classmates, extended relatives. Grandparents. She’s got a life, and it’s awesome. Cell phone. Facebook. Her music. Walton High. Maybe a church youth group. Sure, there are highs and lows. Sometimes her parents get on her case. But when she gets to hang with friends, she can be herself.

Like last Friday night. After a long week at school, she meets up with friends at The Picture Show, the popular East Cobb dollar theater. Many of us have been there ourselves. Catch a movie, or stand around outside. Across the street there’s the new Arbys, a Chinese place, the cool pizza joint.

“Come on, let’s go!” her friends say. Seems like a good idea. It’s a really fun night. Katy doesn’t want to be left out. But the path straight to the pizza joint takes the gang not to an intersection crosswalk, but just a stretch of busy Upper Roswell Road. No matter. Everyone starts to cross. The cars will stop. The friends are having a great time, chatting, strutting. Some of the boys play the fool, shaking their rear at passing cars. Katy follows, talking.

But she doesn’t look. A car in the middle lane, whose view was blocked by Ceil’s minivan in the adjoining lane, couldn’t possibly see Katy. The driver, “Jim”, is a dad with a wife and two young girls. He brakes, but it’s too late. His car hits Katy. She’s thrown, and after landing, doesn’t move.

Suddenly, everything stops. Everything is quiet. The friends gather around Katy, but don’t know what to do. Ceil and Jim pull over. It doesn’t take long for the ambulance to arrive, lights flashing, siren whaling. The medics quickly get to work.

For many, life will never be the same. Friends will remember the harrowing experience much longer than Katy. Though not his fault, Jim will go through life knowing he was behind the wheel of the car that hit her. Even as he watches his young daughters grow into beautiful teens themselves, much like Katy.

Having seen the whole thing, Ceil takes it quite hard. She knows it didn’t have to happen. Teens not thinking, making poor decisions. Most times we are lucky. We make a poor decision, but a majority of the time it’s not like anyone dies. Sometimes we may come close. We think about it for a nano, then move on. Life goes on. For some of us.

Ceil goes home and calls good friends to lean on. The big Flight/Crown games are a nice distraction, but there are reminders. One of Ceil, Becky, and Cathy’s best friends died tragically a few years ago, but at least she was unafraid. Just the Friday before 16 year old Garrett died in an alcohol-related accident after midnight. He was the son of our friends Neil and Sarah, who used to spend weekends in the North Carolina mountains with us, the Normans, and David Hurt.

Even with God’s help, it’s hard to put such thoughts behind us. It’s been a tough week. We just found out on Thursday Katy is OK.

I’m so glad my Will, Anna, and Matthew have such great friends to spend time with. There’s nothing like high school. Memories are created that will last a lifetime. Be sure to make it a LONG lifetime. Garrett sounded a lot like Will, living life to the fullest. Will’s not like me, but that’s a good thing. I’m cautious…he’s all out.

I pray you guys and girls have lots of good, safe fun. God, please protect them. Help them to make wise decisions. Even if it’s hard. Even when they’re tired. Even when it’s not the cool, fun thing. Like Katy has discovered, ALL decisions can be life-altering. Be careful who you follow - in life, and crossing the street. That's why it's so important to have Jesus as your Saviour. Have a fulfilling life. A LONG, fulfilling life. Do it for you.

People love you. Do it for them.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Padres Throwback


Mitchell & Ness

San Diego Padres

Dave Winfield

All-Star Game Patch

Seven Good Things

1. Why I shop at thrift stores: Just found a Mitchell & Ness 1978 reproduction of the brown Padres/Winfield jersey, with yellow trim. Got so excited I forgot why I went in. Paid four bucks. Online it’s $375.00.

2. Also found two teacups made by the NC artist that Ceil collects…they were a buck each. At the only studio in town that carries them, they’re $20.00 each.

3. Did a project for my boss’s boss, who hasn’t been working with me for years and years like others have. Turned it in a day early today and got a “good job”…a first from him. Chris also works on EZGo, snd said she got a high five from him today. EZGo’s business continues to slow and worsen.

4. My friend Lee is selling his broke down Kawasaki motorcycle on eBay. Closes Friday. Reserve met, and bids are closing in on $400.00. He is pleased.

5. While on the phone with Ceil, I was pumping gas at Kroger. I had the ten cent discount, so I got gas for 1.559.

6. Hopefully my shoulder is getting stronger. Sunday I threw more BP without pain. Still didn’t cut loose. Discussed my mad plan with John Fulton’s dad, to schedule a bunch of away rec baseball games for Will (and whoever can come that night) to play. He liked the idea.

7. Last week was too cold to run. Last Sunday I ran at the Lassiter stadium? Nice flat artificial field…not crowded, but there were several people there. Football players, soccer players, walkers, etc. I need to run there every time Will has practice. I hate running my hilly neighborhood (until I get in shape).

Friday Fun

During the Friday road game I was seated center court, at the end of a line of Flight parents. But to my right was a rival, vocal dad. Besides hollering at the refs, who were already calling a one-sided game, he made the remark about Connor being a hot dog…even using the SHXX word. His wife hushed him, and he chuckled a bit. Connor came out and sank two straight threes, so there no more remarks about him.

Late in the tight game, Kevin’s dad leaned over and whispered that I needed to remind this dad his son’s varsity team was being beaten by a mere home-school JV squad. Just before a foul shot things got quiet, so I hollered out “Come on, JAY-VEES!”

With DJ (& his coach/dad) absent, and Connor and Isaac hot, the assistant had Will run the point. Still needs to learn better return passing angles.

Last week, Kevin’s dad and I were standing under the basket when a rival player camped out in the lane. We started counting the seconds and reached 15 before the ball was turned over. I said we counted so high, the refs didn’t realize what were doing.

More Sadness...Our Weekend

Sad weekend. Ceil left at 4:30 Friday for the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. I swung by and picked up Joel on the way home. After a quick supper, W, J and I hiked up to Sixes Road in Canton for the game. Getting out of the car, I glanced at my cell phone on the seat, and made my usual decision to leave it there. The games were delayed by 45 minutes waiting for referees. Two hard fought wins.

We started home about 10:15. Almost immediately the phone rang. Ceil was more than distressed. She told a rambling story…after returning from Decatur, she left the kids again to go to nearby Michaels (next to Sears, across from the Picture Show and Target). A large group of teens were jaywalking, pretty much playing in the street while crossing busy Upper Roswell…in the dark. In the middle of the road, one boy actually turned around and wiggled his rear at traffic.

A girl darted out into traffic…and was hit. She was thrown a short distance, and after landing, never moved. Shocked, Ceil pulled over. A blanket was put on the girl…to protect her from the chill? An ambulance arrived, lights flashing. Ceil said she eventually left to go home to check on Anna and Matthew. “You left?” I asked “The police said that was OK?”

Ceil had told the story as if she’d been the one who’d hit the girl. She was so terrified; the details of her story were unclear. It had been a car in another lane, that couldn’t possibly have seen her. Friday night Ceil didn’t know if the girl had lived or not.

After we got off the phone I checked…five missed calls. Pumped gas while talking to Ceil, then we got stuck in a slow Wendy’s drive-thru line. It was after 11:00 before we got Joel home, where I noticed DJ’s Jeep. He’d missed the game “to study” since the JV had previously beaten this small American Heritage varsity team (but Friday’s win was a little too close for comfort).

When we got come, C, A, and M were on the couch…C had been too upset to go to bed. Saturday morning she was still upset. Friends Nancy and Becky called. Later C went back to Michaels, to make the purchase she’d been to upset to make the night before. The guy at the store was pretty sure the girl died. Not long after the ambulance arrived, it turned off its emergency lights. Up to now I haven’t seen anything in the AJC. Lee checked the Cobb police website and found nothing. No teen scuttlebutt at Johnson Ferry Sunday AM.

I thought Will’s big rivalry game would be good medicine, but it took awhile for her to get into the excitement. Kathy Hoffer arrived, and said DJ had heard the story (probably from Joel). It was well after ten when we got home, then I was up past one typing game recaps.

Sunday AM a good friend asked if we’d had a good weekend, and we had to tell the truth. I was gone the rest of the day, which was bad. Baseball workout at Mt. Paran with Will. Back to the MP park with Matthew to meet Daniel Earhart. The GT/Maryland game with Will and Joel until 11 pm. So busy this weekend I didn’t get in a run (or tend to Ceil).

This week will be a blur as well. Joel’s Living Science celebration tonight. Tuesday Will & Anna have late practices. Matthew has a big school recital I’ll attend Wednesday, A & W have youth, and its poker night for me and my guys. Thursday and Saturday Will has tourney games.

Life goes on…for some of us.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Flight Sweeps Crown...Again

Flight’s Saturday sweep over Crown included a courageous Girl’s 41 – 38 hang-on-for-dear-life thriller. Without starters Shelby and Courtney, the Girls were also without vital cog Danielle for large chunks of the game, due to shots to the head and foul trouble.

When I arrived just as the JV Girls game began, there were no Flight fans in the stands, though Crown fans and cheerleaders filled almost half the stands. Eventually the Flight fans and Living Science students equaled the Crown numbers, but despite trailing most of the afternoon and evening, the Crown fans continued to holler. Again several Flight / Living Science alumni and staff returned. Meg called Mrs. Delenick “her old English teacher.”


Though they fell behind by four late in the third quarter, the Varsity Boys ran off ten straight points in the fourth quarter, and finished with a ten-point 71-61 win. The 10-0 run blossomed into a 17-5 run, and Flight led by as many as 15 as Coach Hoffer emptied the bench.

Travis scored ten of his game-high 25 in the fourth, and Josiah seven of his 17. DJ was next with six points, but his night was marred by a controversial technical foul, called by an out-of-position referee. By most accounts (including the fouled Crown player), DJ did nothing worse than committing a hard foul. The ref had been blocked by two players, and may have based his call on what he saw from a bad angle. DJ may have to miss Thursday’s tourney play-in game.

In the first half Coach Hoffer gave many players court time. Flight fell behind by four, then went on a 20-7 run to end the half. David had two athletic tip-ins for baskets, and Josiah had several hard drives to the basket.

Travis…25 pt, 7 RB, 7 steals
Josiah…17 pt, 5 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals, block
DJ…..6 pt, assist, steal
Chris…5 pt, 3 assists
Q……5 pt, steal
David…4 pt, 6 RB, steal
Matthew…4 pt, 3 RB
Gerald…5 RB, steal, 4 blocks

There were several moments in the Varsity Girls game where the outlook was bleak. Flight had little trouble scoring in the first half, racking up 21 first quarter points before scoring the last twelve points in the second quarter. In the first half Kara scored 15, Kathleen had ten, and Danielle eight.

But Flight only managed one foul shot in the third quarter. That tall Crown girl was scoring at will, she even blocked one of Kara’s shots. Even when Danielle was in the game, the Flight third-quarter offense was stagnant. Down 24-33 at the half, Crown led 38-17 with 2:07 left in the game…and had the momentum.

With the game on the line, Audrey passed inside to Kara for the go-ahead basket and foul. Sitting next to me, Mr. Hurt quipped as Kara toed the line for the pressure foul shot “If you wear shoes like that, you gotta make your foul shots.” Kara sank it to make it a 2-point game with 1:12 left, then added another free throw with seven seconds remaining.

The Girls had beaten Crown without 2-1/2 of their starters. Kara had rebounded from a so-so JV game to post a double-double. Kathleen, Audrey, Katelyn, and the two Hannahs fought off the tough defense and saved many an errant pass to hang on for the win.


Kara…22 pt, 11 RB, 2 assists, 5 steals, block
Kathleen…11 pt, 2 RB, assist, 2 steals
Danielle…8 pt, 4 RB, 4 assists, 3 steals
Audrey…RB, 4 assists, 5 steals
Hanna N…4 RB, block
Katelyn…2 RB

Perhaps the JV Boys were hung over from their late Friday night game. DJ scored Flight’s first points with only 1:50 left in the first quarter. That woke them up a bit: Connor made a three-point play, and as the quarter ended Jonathan B stole the ball and fed Kevin for a buzzer-beater.

Flight outscored Crown 10-9 in quarter two, then reeled off 14 straight in the third to take a twelve point lead. The lead kept extending to as many as 19 late in the game. Though the play was hard, all eleven Flight players got lots of playing time.

JV Boys…7…17…29…41

Connor…19 pt, 2 RB, 3 assists, 2 steals (6-6 from line)
DJ………11 pt, 5 RB, assist
Kevin…4 pt, 7 RB
Isaac….3 pt, 4 RB, steal
Josh…..2 pt, RB, 2 steals
Jonathan B…2 pt, 2 RB, 2 steals
Will……2 RB, steal
Jake……2 RB
Joel……RB, steal
Jonathan K…RB

The JV Girls also won a rugged game by a wide margin. The lead grew throughout the game, to as many as 19 points. Play was physical and emotional, particularly by the Crown girls.

The Flight girls kept their cool, however. Danielle posted a double-double. Kara scored ten and Kathleen four. Hannah only scored one basket, but opened up the offense by taking more shots.

JV Girls…11…17…25…33

Danielle…15 pt, 10 RB, assist, 5 steals, 2 blocks
Kara……10 pt, 5 RB, 2 assists, 4 steals
Kathleen…4 pt, 4 RB
Hannah Mac…2 pt, RB, 2 steals
Victoria……1 pt, 4 RB, assist, 2 steals
Audrey……1 pt, 3 RB, assist, 2 steals

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Scares Mar Flight Sweep

The Flight Varsity Girls and JV Boys tuned up for their big Saturday matchup with Crown, by putting away the varsity squads from American Heritage Academy up in faraway Canton Friday night. Isaac tallied a career high 23 for the JV, and Audrey’s eleven steals stood out in the girl’s game.

The games were delayed over thirty minutes due to a lack of referees. With two Crown games literally hours away, Flight experienced a huge scare early in the game when Danielle hurt her elbow. Play was eventually stopped, and Danielle sat out the rest of the quarter. With Shelby and Courtney out, and Flight down 5 – 3, things did not bode well. She game back to start the second quarter, clearly still in discomfort. Soon thereafter she retired to the bench for the evening.

Undaunted, Flight went on a 22 – 4 run, taking a commanding 29 – 11 lead. Hannah M fed Kara for two, who then put back an offensive rebound. Audrey passed in to Kara for two more. Hanna N played her best game filling in for Danielle, scoring all of her eight points (and posting 7 of her 11 game-high rebounds) in the first half. Kara had 13 of her game-high 19 points in the first half, and five of her seven rebounds.

Katelyn contributed mightily, taking advantage of her start and increased playing time. She scored twice and rebounded thrice, and was sent to the charity stripe three times in the game. Kathleen came off the bench and added six first half points. Hannah M was called on to help more with the ball-handling, and proved up to the task.

The second half started out just like the first. Flight went on a 9 – 0 run and led 42 – 20 late in the third quarter. When the lead grew to 23 points, Kara also retired to the bench. At 46 – 23 Flight had doubled AHA’s score.

In the fourth quarter Coach Dan was content to run clock. Audrey, Kathleen, Katelyn, and the two Hannahs passed around the court. AHA tried to make a game of it, scoring the last 15 points, but ran out of time.

Soon after the win came even better news: Mr. Howes was able to pop Danielle’s elbow back into place. She felt immediately better. She will be needed against Crown!


Kara…19 pt, 7 RB, assist, 5 steals, 2 blocks
Hanna N…8 pts, 11 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks .
Kathleen…8 pt, RB, 2 assists, 3 steals
Katelyn…7 pt, 4 RB
Audrey…4 pt, 5 RB, 5 assists, 11 steals, block
Hannah M…2 pt, RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
Danielle…2 pt, 3 RB, assist, steal

The undefeated JV Boys relished the chance to put another beating on the AHA Varsity. Coach Hoffer had another commitment, and DJ, Ethan, and the two Jonathans missed the road trip as well. Still, Flight jumped out to an early 14 – 4 lead, sparked by 9 – 0 run. Interestingly, Connor played the role normally filled by DJ, playing the all-around game. He continually fed the suddenly on-fire Isaac, who confidently poured in 17 first-half points.

Playing in their tiny home gym with small backboards and shaky rims, the AHA Boys shot high, arching shots with remarkable success, as the AHA girls had. Late in the first quarter AHA started a 38 - 27 run that included eight three-pointers. Flight was on their heels, repeatedly turning the ball over, and saw their lead cut to a point. The older, scrappy AHA players found the open shooter, and time after time broke the zone with a wide open three. The undefeated season was in jeopardy.

There were bright spots. Joel and Joe played well off the bench. Joel grabbed two second-quarter rebounds and added an assist. He confidently toed the free-throw line, went into his pre-shot routine, and sank both foul shots. Joe added a basket, and later when Flight couldn’t buy a shot, confidently took Isaac’s pass and tried a short shot. It was a good look, but bounced away off the shaky rims.

It didn’t help that the refs were calling a quite one-sided game. In foul trouble, Josh spent most of the third quarter on the bench. Then with the score 39 – 38, Flight went on a 15 – 3 run led by Kevin, Connor, and Isaac. Isaac put back a rebound, Connor sank two foul shots. Kevin put back a board, then was fed for a basket by Connor. Connor then fired a long pass downcourt to Isaac for an easy two.

During the quarter break an AHA dad was overheard calling Connor a hot dog, a completely unfounded accusation. Connor quickly silenced the dad with two quick three-pointers, completing that 15 – 3 run. Flight led 54 – 41, but AHA wouldn’t go away.

The teams traded baskets the rest of the game. Isaac again fed Kevin inside for two. Connor made a steal on the defensive end and went coast to coast for a lay-up Isaac and Connor both fed Kevin for two more baskets. Jake, Josh, Will, Kevin, Isaac, and Connor all grabbed key defensive rebounds. AHA’s four fourth-quarter three-pointers cut the lead to 60 – 55 with 1:23 remaining, but Will and Kevin both grabbed rebounds to seal the close win.


Isaac….23 pt, 7 RB, 2 assists, steal
Connor…20 pt, 8 RB, 9 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks
Kevin….16 pt, 8 RB
Josh….2 pt, 7 RB, 2 assists
Joel….2 pt, 2 RB, 2 assists
Joe….2 points
Will…6 RB, 4 assists, steal

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flight Sweeps GAAA

Flight swept all three games against GAAA Tuesday night. Connor, Kara, and Danielle each scored 24 points, leading the JV and Girls, respectively. DJ and Kara both notched double-doubles, and Danielle missed that mark by one rebound.

The JVs scored the first ten points of the game, and led 21 – 8 early in the second quarter. But GAAA roared back, going on a 16 – 2 run to tie the game. Josh made his presence felt inside, scoring six, and DJ added nine in the first half.

Midway through the third quarter Flight held a slim 33 – 32 lead. Then Flight went on a 10 – 0 run to end the period. Connor scored ten in the third, including a buzzer-beating three-pointer. Kevin scored all five of his points in the third, going 5 – 6 from the line.


Connor…24 pt, 2, RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
DJ……..16 pt, 10 RB, 5 assists, 3 steals
Josh…….9 pt, 3 RB, steal, 2 blocks
Kevin…..5 pt, 2 RB, assist, 2 steals
Isaac……5 pt, 2 RB, assist, steal
Jake…….2 points
Will……..2 RB, steal
Jonathan…rebound, steal

The Girls dressed a whopping nine players, and all garnered considerable playing time. Flight scored the first twelve points of the game, then scored another ten in a row to go up 24 – 7, then 27 – 9. After an early fourth quarter 9 – 1 run, Flight again led by 18, with a 51 – 33 score. The large lead wouldn’t be cut to ten points until the final seconds of the game.

Flight set a foul shooting record, hitting 15 of 18 from the line. Both teams also combined for a record number of attempts (actually, I have no records…I’m just making this up!). Danielle hit 7 of 8, and Kara 8 of 10 (or about 80%). Danielle’s score by quarters: 6, 7, 2, and 9. Kara’s was 6, 2, 9, and 8.

Both played their usual physical games. Kara’s frequent falls kept the floor dust-free. Once she was fouled on a drive, lost her balance, and fell on top of and over her defender. Danielle’s swinging elbows flung defenders out of the way: they glared, but she flashed a huge smile. This increased the game’s intensity, and GAAA mounted a too-late comeback.

Courtney sank two three-pointers (Danielle had one as well) and also dished a few nice passes. Audrey logged seven steals, and took a quick rest break on the bleachers before inbounding the ball. Smiling bookends Katelyn and Victoria played aggressively. Tex McDuffie held her own against taller opponents, also smiling most of the time.


Sweeper Arps…24 pt, 13 RB, 2 assists, 3 steals, block
Dr. Evil Danielle…24 pt, 9 RB, 2 assists, 3 steals
Mini Me Kathleen…3 steals
Ice-Woman Courtney…6 pt, 4 RB, steal
Hannah N…4 pt, rebound
Clemson Katelyn…2 pt, 3 rebounds
Tex McDuffie…3 RB, 2 assists, steal
Audrey Hepburn…4 assists, 7 steals
Lil’Sis Bennett…3 RB, steal

Fun Fact: the third-quarter score of both the JV and Girl’s games was 43-32. Note both game scored followed the same pattern.

Danielle is only Dr. Evil so Kathleen can be her Mini-Me (I had “help” on these!).

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Bummer

Still kinda bummed about all the layoffs and deaths, and stuff. Ceil picked up a copy of the “East Cobber” recently. It had a bone marrow article…pictured with the article was a friend from high school. Now he lives in East Cobb and has leukemia. His synagogue was having a bone marrow drive.

For some reason our Bellsouth modem at home quit working…no internet service. We’re getting a new one. I don’t think it’s the modem after all. The new one worked on my laptop, but not on the desktop. I think the problem is with some software Ceil bought. I was up too late working on it last night.

Will’s team won last night…Connor, Kara, and Danielle all had 24 points. DJ and Kara had double-doubles. Missed the varsity boys win, picking up Anna.

Are championships before the super bowl forgotten about? Besides the greatest game ever played, there were other notable games…the giants (or bears?) won one 73-0, Bednarik’s hit on Gifford, van brocklin leads the eagles (over GB?) for his only championship. The Browns dominated in the 50’s. The sneaker game. I used to read about that stuff all the time.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bad Weekend for News

Interesting weekend…found out all kinds of bad news...

Friday night I found out a former mighty-mite player from Lang’s era died in her Columbus home Thursday. 39. Wife and mother, went to Lovett, older brother went to Camp SPdL a few times. Former classmates I know were all shocked…perhaps one of the first deaths for their class?

The 16-year old Harrison High football player that died in a car crash a week ago Friday was the son of friends from my single days. An old softball teammates was laid off last September from his home-inspector job and has yet to find work. Their oldest daughter graduates from Auburn this spring. Another old friend was laid off from Georgia Pacific last week after 25 years. Their oldest son is a freshman at North Georgia, their daughter plays basketball against Will and Kara.

Friday concert was a success. Didn’t do much Saturday…played catch with Will and watched Monk (Costas co-starred). Then watched the Jim Nantz Super Bowl commercials show, the SNL sports edition, then even SNL since Steve Martin was hosting - flipping back to “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Good sermon yesterday, then Will had practice. I shopped and ran. Got home and washed both cars. Stood up during most of the game last night, so I was tired.

Bryant Wright’s sermon yesterday emphasized baptism…why not now. They had prepared for a lot of immediate baptisms, and they still ran out of supplies. At least 35 people were baptized, including Matthew’s best friend. Anna had gone to Johnson Ferry yesterday. We asked if she wanted to go back to get baptized, but she didn’t.


When we move over to the corporate building, I am excited about sitting next to Brad, a longtime employee who’ll be doing the same thing I’m doing (he works on the bus account, as opposed to golf cars). Brad is always positive and smiling, a good Christian example. I never dress up for Halloween, but often Brad will come as an Andy Griffin Show character, his favorite show.

Took a “which Andy Griffith character are you?” quiz. I am Gomer!

People in our small Norcross IT department were laid off today. Most of the functions have been moved up to Chicago. I’ve worked closely with those folk for over 15 years, so that’s unfortunate. One friend there has a wife that works at Delta headquarters…they have two school age kids. Another has a boy Will’s age, playing baseball at a high school in Jackson County. They were the only survivors.

When you go to Target optical, note the photo of the grey-haired cool dude in mossimo glasses. Those are the frames I got, except pewter instead of black. Pewter is nice, but the black ones may have looked better.

I nicknamed one of Will’s teammates “Cornbread” for his running, one-handed shots. His dad remembered the former Celtic Maxwell.

Will is going to the Joel/Andrew/Kyle concert, then spending the night at the Normans. He might have baseball Sunday, and maybe we’ll throw Saturday. Anna also has a sleepover. Small group tonight. No basketball games until Tuesday, I think.

Think they’ll sign Ohman? Like DOB said, perhaps they’re waiting to see what OF they can get. Seems like at some point Ohman could up and sign with someone else…he could be waiting to see if the DBacks bite.

My hips are what’s sore from running, for some reason.