Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Last night Ceil took Anna to a friends, then hit Trader Joes while I watched the game. Will was cooking chicken wings. He usually cooks them outside on the grille, but we were out of gas. He had them crackling in the frying pan, then put them on the rack in the oven…without a pan underneath. He didn’t have the fan on, and smoke filled the house. He opened the oven to see flames coming up from the bottom. We had to open the outside doors, so we were freezing.

I have experience with children being spoiled by grandparents. Ceil’s parents do so much, and love it. Saturday it was nice that her dad took Will up to play golf. He’s starting to see how much help Will is, when he’s there.

Will’s teacher liked the skit I submitted, which is a relief. I still have a lot to do, but her encouragement will help me keep going. Thirty minutes for four nights is a big chunk, and I knew it would challenge me going in. Hopefully I can involve some of the guys, especially developing a big opening song. Bryan Coley was surprised I was writing it, when I told him.

It would do me good to write down ten goals, which I’ll try to do. After digressing for a few years, I had a better 2009 than 2008, but I need to have a better 2010. Sunday at ECPC we saw the two young couples in our marriage group, as well as the newlyweds who dropped out. Saw the leader’s wife, but leader Jeff stayed home.

DeRosa signs with SF…big deal?

UGA had it easy last night. Can’t believe that A&M QB set a record for passes without an INT. He had a great arm, but his mechanics were terrible. I think UGA would’ve still won had the A&M special teams not been so bad. UGA would’ve had the ball more, and would’ve had more drives for TD’s & FG’s.

TB shouldn’t be favored this Sunday. Maybe they’re figuring RB Turner’s injury, QB Ryan’s foot, and both kicker’s injuries. Hopefully TB will look at the line, and still be fat and happy from beating NO last week…and the Falcons can get their elusive 9th win. Fun watching that big lineman kick off last week.

Plenty of loose ends to tie up here at work, but the pace isn’t bad.

Monday, December 28, 2009

One Too Few Stops

Last Wednesday I took off work. Ceil went on one last shopping trip, & we left for SC shortly after six. Will thought he was going to drive, so he took a large glass of iced tea and a travel mug of coffee. C nixed his driving, so W had to stop in Covington to go to the bathroom around 7:30. Around eleven, as we neared our destination, A and M discovered that W had peed in his taco bell cup. Great decision…it wasn’t like we couldn’t have stopped again.

Thursday I took M on a drive, north to Charlotte. Traffic was worse headed south, and we never found a store to stop at. He wasn’t hungry, so we didn’t eat. He was asking deep questions, I’m now forgetting about what. Once we were talking about college and majors and studying, then about the different bills you have to pay as an adult. Never had such conversations with A and W, really. Since he was getting a guitar for Christmas, we stopped at Guitar Center…something I don’t know much about.

Poured rain on Christmas Day, canceling the football game (many played on Thursday, while I was gone). Learned one of Ceil’s cousins is a high school umpire…something I never knew. Saturday Will played nine holes with Ceil’s brother, since W’s cousin played with his friends. Anna went shopping in Florence with her three cousins…one of whom got THREE pair of different colored Chuck Taylors to go with the ones she had. We left around four & got home about 10:15, after stopping in Augusta to eat.

Sunday we went to East Cobb Presbyterian, where we know lots of people. Afterwards Ceil went to Decatur, and I took M and A to eat at Barberitos…I wasn’t crazy about the chips or salsa, which were plain. The burrito was OK, but not better than Moes or Willies.

Spent a decent chunk of my time writing the expedition skit…I’m up to twelve pages so far. This morning I submitted it to Will’s teacher for approval. We’ll see what she thinks.

Yesterday M asked what Fantasy Football was. We talked about it for a long while, and we may play some fantasy basketball. I created a league at ESPN.com and sent out invitations, but got the email address wrong.

Anna heard “Cloudy With A Chance for Meatballs” was good, so perhaps we’ll go see that before we see “Where the Wild Things Are.”

The Vasquez Trade

Though DOB repeatedly reminded everyone we’d get little for Lowe or Vasquez, the Braves needed to move them to free up salary to sign a hitter. Fans think it’s a bad trade, forgetting Vasquez had a career year, and is now in his walk year. The minor league righty could become the next Smoltz, but the blog posters are only thinking about Melky.

The infielder they signed didn’t cause a stir, but I hope he can field, cause his batting stats didn’t look good at all.

During the first Nativity scene Alyssa was supposed to be in the back with the other shepherds, but she found herself out of place, so she sat out the scene instead of walking in front of Mary & Joseph. Then in the second Nativity she was holding baby Jesus. When does a shepherd hold the baby?


Nuevo Laredo Cantina>Jaliscos>El Porton>Tijuana Joes

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

After staying out past two last Thursday, Ceil stayed out til 11:30 Friday night. She needed to swing by some other night-owls on the way home from the Living Science party, which was fun but long. David Hurt, Willis Norman, and I were in the back making Will and Margaret Hurt smile during the nativity scene / song.

Saturday Ceil and I went over to the Coleys to pick up bookcases for Anna’s room. It was the first time I’d seen Bryan in over a year. He’s doing good, except things are real slow financially. Says he reads the blog. Houston and Haviland were funny, singing and drawing. Still not used to Susan’s hair being so long. That night we went with Matthew’s class to the homeless church. Quite a contrast to NP, though some performances were even more heartfelt.

Sunday I got a good chunk of the skit written. There are still plenty of details and dialog to fill in, but at least now the ideas are really starting to flow. I sent to send a draft to Mrs. D. Will apparently had a “date” with a classmate Ceil says has been interested in him. After church he went to eat with her family, then they went to a movie.

Last night I thought I could work on the skit, but some an ex-neighbor said she was coming over. She dropped off the kids, but spent the evening across the street. We spent two hours cleaning, then she never came in.

Stayed up for the news, as Channel 11 ran the story of Margaret Hurt getting her Make-A-Wish horse. Mary was interviewed, and there were shots of Matthew and me in the background, and the Living Science choir singing at a nursing home.

Tomorrow I’m taking a vacation day. We’ll go to SC late Wednesday or early Thursday, and it sounds like we’re coming back late Saturday.

At least Wren got a starter and a pitching prospect for Vasquez. We knew getting anything for Lowe would be tough…guess the deal with the Angels never materialized.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Night Owl

Thursday night Ceil hung out with an old friend Susan, at third friend's house. Yesterday afternoon Ceil was tired, and I reminded her that nights out with Susan usually went late. I let Matthew stay up too late, but the four of us went to bed around eleven. I woke up and thought I was reading the clock wrong, and checked again. No, it was 1:30 am! I called Ceil, and they were wrapping up. She didn't walk in until 2:11 am.

Taking off this afternoon, to use up vacation. Not much good work news going into Christmas...

The Ogre told us how they're bringing in more people early next year to hopefully increase transactional business, including a new product line. Had my team member not quit one probably would've been laid off, and a second salesperson was also laid off last week. Today I found out me and my office-mate Brad would have to move to smaller, less-concealed spaces. We'll be closer to fellow team members, which is good...but in a higher traffic / high "chit-chat" area.

This means I'll be less productive, and co-workers will try and pawn more of their work off on me. I'll be bringing this up with the Ogre soon. As the work of the former employee was distributed, some employees were all too protective, saying they already had too much of a workload. Meanwhile it's clear to management that that's not exactly the case.

And I still am saddened by how the former employee did not get along with me at all. She would only speak to me if I asked her a question. She would give short answers in emails, but even quit answering me her last couple of days. Hope she's happier at her new job. I don't need one hand the count the relationships like that my entire life, though I am not as nice a guy as I used to be.

Though I doubt we'll get a bonus, the Ogre says the company 401K match will be reinstated early next year.

Interesting to see what the Braves do with their most recent free agent signee, the ex-Dodger.

Will this be the year DRad removes the "auto-extend" portion of Hewitt's contract?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hanging at the Property

Subbed for Ceil all day yesterday answering phones and helping out at Living Science. Monday night C and A were up late working on a science project, so I got to see the class presentations. The kids have to dress up.

One American History class had to dress up in Civil War attire…including Marshal, Christine, Caleb, and Pierce. Marshal looks much broader and taller than he did in October. His mom Allison confirmed that he was eating like a horse. She ought to know…she’s a horse-doctor!

Will wore a tie for Monday night caroling and the Tuesday presentations (he and Kara help out in Anna’s class). Friday night Will plays Joseph in the Nativity scene for the second time in three years. He missed last year because of basketball. Will is in the running with two other boys to replace Kyle as a two-week Expedition Leader, so I’ve been telling him he needs to be clean-shaven every day he goes up to school. But if he’s playing Joseph, perhaps he doesn’t need to shave.

Had a long chat with Lucy’s mom, as well as Alyssa’s mom, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. D. Receptionist Shirley has been keeping up with me on Facebook, which is nice. Like Mrs. Kellar, she is a big football fan. DJ said it was “bring your favorite chaperone” day.

“Help” in the kitchen…Ceil is way more patient with stuff like that than me. When they were younger I was good at letting the kids help washing the car or raking leaves, or laundry.

We finally got our tree finished, but the boxes need to at least be put upstairs.

Pretty good memory, to remember Velma’s Diner from 2002. Now I’m remembering how the Elvis impersonators played the Wise Men…we three kings. Andy made a big deal about being on time next week. I wonder if the last installment of Velma’s Diner will be live on stage. In 2002 that last week was such a huge production.

Barbarinos Southwest Grille opened catty-cornered across from the Chipotle in Roswell…in the shopping center across from Dreamland on Alpharetta Highway and the Counter on Mansell. Some guys at work liked the Barbarinos out in Athens, so hopefully I can get Ceil to try it out soon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Drivin & Cryin

Anna has ballet eleven straight days, and 17 of 18 days. Friday night all the dancers did not make it on stage before the song & dance started…something that had not been rehearsed beforehand. The children in the previous scene thought it was more important they get offstage first, and they filed off two and three wide (instead of single-file) so the dancers could come on stage at the same time. No adult intervened until after the Friday show, but they never got it exactly right. Afterward Anna and especially her dramatic friend Molly were “livid” so I tried to downplay the event. One of the things they were embarrassed about was that an older teen they knew was watching from the front row.

Friday I drove to work, then to Lawrenceville and back at lunch. Drove home & ate at Willys, then picked up Anna & Molly at Eastside Baptist. Got on 75 at the South Loop & took 285 to PIB, up past the Forum. Dropped them off at a sleepover, then drove home.

Rented the Star Trek movie…Ceil and I both enjoyed it.

Saturday I picked up Anna at eleven & returned home. That afternoon Ceil & I drove separately up 400 to McFarland for Margaret Hurt’s Make-A-Wish surprise party. Margaret was presented with her own horse. Many Living Science students and parents were there, as well as Comcast UGA announcer Matt Stewart…he vaguely remembered meeting me from over a year ago. Jerry Carnes from channel 11 was there, as was a reporter from somewhere. Traffic on Mansell going was terrible, but not bad on the way back.

Took Anna back to Eastside. Police had the road blocked, so she walked the last quarter-mile in a drizzle. Ceil was shopping and Will at a basketball game, so I took Matthew to Moes, then home. Drove BACK & picked up Anna & took her to Willys.

Sunday was just as busy. We’re enjoying the Diner videos. Now that I think about it, they acted out this same script several years ago. Makes sense to make a video now, with all the campuses and services. After the 11 am service, the two funny guys who make videos (like the “turn off your cell phone” video) recruited Will to be in a video about offering etiquette.

During the second service I ate at CiCis and looked at Old Navy, then returned to NP to pick up the boys…Ceil had a lunch in Dunwoody.

At home I got cranking on laundry, then drove way over to Johns Creek, several miles east of Ptree Parkway on Medlock Bridge, to pick up Anna from a SS party. On the way back I found Will’s present at the Forum Old Navy. Last night Ceil had to grocery shop, so she took Anna while I kept laundering.

Tomorrow I’m taking off and hanging out at Living Science all day.

“Pushing buttons” was the main topic of last week’s marriage group.

Luckily there was no crying in this post.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Busy weekend. I’ll try to take off this afternoon, but haven’t been given the OK yet.

Anna performs tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday in the Eastside Baptist Christmas pageant, which is eight miles west of our house. After tonight’s performance I have to take her 21 miles to Peachtree Corners for a sleepover party, then tomorrow do the same thing in reverse.

After Sunday morning’s performance we have to go over to North Point, as Anna has a Sunday School Christmas party.

Met a guy whose grandfather was coaching third for the Pirates when Maz hit his Series-winning home run…and an uncle quarterbacked the Bengals early on.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Much FanFare

Friday night I took Matthew down to the SEC FanFare. It was almost 7:45 when we got there, and we only stayed just past nine. Had a good time, filmed a video. Matthew threw a baseball 37 MPH, and I could only register a 42. He won a ChickFilA calendar, but he most prized a PEZ dispenser he won. Walked thru CNN and the park (tons of ice-skaters), then over to MARTA.

Saturday: Nice ACC win by Tech. I knew they had to play perfect on offense and special teams to win, and that’s what happened…no punts or turnovers. Tech scored every time they had the ball, except the one time they were stopped on 4th down. The two Clemson interceptions were the difference in the game.

I love Tebow, but the tears were a bit much. Not surprised that Spiller was not in the top five.

Strained a muscle in my back Sunday afternoon, lifting the Christmas tree box. Was pretty bad Monday, a little better today. Maybe I can exercise next week.

Our 23 year old furnace died Monday night, so we’re getting a new one put in today. My Christmas present.

Took off Tuesday afternoon to play chauffeur, taking Will to a meeting and get fitted for baseball, then Anna to ballet. Then took Will went to the big Flight Crown rivalry basketball game. Leading the varsity, DJ, Conner, and Danielle all played well. Spent lunchtime writing a recap.

Got to discuss the writing of the skit with Mrs. Switzer, the previous skit-writer, and a couple of seniors. Was invited to the senior leader’s retreat in late February, where the skit will be rehearsed. Don’t know if I can go, due to money and work, etc.

At the game I sat next to Becky Norman. Catherine is coming home from her Memphis teaching job for Christmas. In a meeting to discuss several teachers quitting, the principal commented that no one else could quit. Catherine thought to herself “We’ll see about that!”.

Lots of news…Soriano stays. Will be interesting to see when/if they trade him. Nice to have some bullpen insurance in case someone is hurt, or ineffective early. They’ll probably get as much production for less money by releasing Church. Sure would be nice to trade Lowe, though DOB warns we shouldn’t expect much in return…for him or Soriano, since we’re trying to dump their salary, which will free up money for OF & 1B. In the end, it makes the Francoeur trade for Soriano, which looks pretty good.

That Tiger strayed didn’t knock me over surprise-wise, but everything that’s coming out now does. Heard a radio caller say that his father often cheated.

Flight Crown BBall 2009

All five Flight starters reached double figures as the Flight boys cruised to a 73-60 win at Kings Academy Tuesday night. The JV Boys pulled away to win, with Conner scoring 31 of his team’s 53 points. In the spirit of the Christmas season, the Flight girls let Crown win for a change.



The Flight boys outscored Crown in each of the first three quarters, despite resting several starters for extended stretches throughout the game. In the first stanza Flight had short scoring runs of five and eight points, only to have Crown answer with a six point run. A 4 steal and pass ahead for a Conner lay-up opened the scoring. DJ sank a foul shot, then 23 drove for a lay-up. DJ was fouled after rebounding, and sank another free throw. 4 scored on a fastbreak lay-up, then 13 scored on a runner. Conner drove the lane for two. DJ sank two foul shots, and passed to 4 for a three-pointer. Conner grabbed two rebounds, and scored on the putback.

In the second quarter Flight went on runs of seven and nine, before Crown responded with a ten point run. DJ scored on a runner. Conner made a steal, drove downcourt, was fouled, and made a free throw. He made another steal on the next possession and as Conner leaped to lay the ball in, a Crown defender barely deflected the ball. Conner then made a lightning-quick ball adjustment, and the ball still went in the basket. Play of the game.

After trading baskets, Flight scored the last seven points in the half. Kevin scored once, and 13 twice. 23 grabbed two rebounds, then scored on a putback. Flight moved the ball around as the seconds ticked down, finally passing to DJ in the corner. He looked to pass, saw the clock, went up, and nailed the three with 3 seconds on the clock.

At halftime several students showed off dance moves, including Lucy, Elizabeth, Mary, Kaitlyn, and Rhianna. Woodard sported a hat and vest, and was joined by Caleb the Elf, decking the halls in a lime green hat, vest, and shoes. It took Mrs. Switzer and me another hour to realize they were Santa and Helper. The usual pack of students ringed the balcony, including Lucy, Meg, Sarah, Christine, Christiana, Charles, David, Kyle, Niq, Alec, Joshua, several Pratts, Jonathan Blair, his sister Jen, Avery, Alyssa, Will, and Lucy.

Mrs. Keller reported Libby’s jury went well, but Mr. Keller and Mr. Bailey were tending to a sick truck. Mrs. Norman brings home Willis Thursday, and Catherine & Spencer will also be home for Christmas. No one mentioned Ben Hoffer. Matthew was ribbed by Crown teammates for hanging with his Living Science friends. Mr. Leiner rocked a dashing new goatee. Lila sat with us for a while. Lucy texted with abandon.

A nine point third quarter run by Crown cut the lead to six, but Flight answered, scoring the last six of the period. 23 rebounded and scored on the putback, 13 blocked a shot and fed 23 for another two. 23 then grabbed two more boards and sank two free throws. Conner passed to 4, who sank a three, and then scored again. 13 drew a charge. 4 assisted on a Kevin basket. DJ went inside to score. As the quarter drew to a close no one could get a handle on the ball. Kevin finally grabbed it, methodically turned around and shot. As the buzzer sounded the ball went in, and Kevin pumped his fist in the air.

Kevin kept things going as the fourth quarter started, slicing a pass inside to Conner, cutting through the lane for a basket. DJ scored two baskets, and then was taken out of the game with 6:02 remaining. An eight point run extended the Flight lead to 23 points, and Conner and other starters were also taken out. Kevin scored once and 13 three times…once on a killer behind-the-back move to the basket.

Isaac and the Four J’s finished the game: Jordan, Josh, Joe, and Joel. Joel helped with the ball-handling and was fouled three times…one time being slung across the court. Later he was able to return the favor, delivering a hard foul to foil a Crown fast break. Joe fed Isaac for the last score of the game.

DJ…15 points, 6 rebounds, one assist & steal

Conner…11 points, 4 boards, assist, 3 steals

# 23…10 points, 7 rebounds, one block

# 4…10 points, 2 rebounds & assists, steal

# 13…10 points, one assist, 3 steals, 2 blocks

Kevin…8 points, 4 boards, assist, 3 steals

Isaac…4 points, one steal

Joel…one point, rebound, and block

Josh…one rebound and block

Joe…one rebound and assist

Jordan…one rebound

With Danielle and several key players sitting out the fourth quarter nursing wounds, the Flight Girls would have still beaten Crown had they made all their free throws.



In a low-scoring first quarter Crown went ahead 4-2. Flight scored first on a jumper by 13. Courtney had four rebounds in the quarter, and Danielle had three. Flight alumni Jessica sat on the bench to provide support.

The teams traded baskets throughout the second quarter, but a quick five-point Crown run gave the Knights the lead for good. 12 had five of the team’s eight second-quarter points, and assisted on a Courtney jumper. Kathleen scampered about, wearing a knee brace almost as big as she.

Danielle was everywhere in the third quarter, with 3 points, 4 rebounds, and an assist, steal, and wicked blocked shot. Shelby grabbed a rebound and passed ahead to Courtney, who drained a three-pointer. The teams continued to swap scores. Fighting for a rebound with 6.2 seconds left in the quarter, two players from each team hit the court hard. Danielle was helped to the bench, unable to return. Kaitlyn gave her a backrub, Kathleen checked her pupils, and DJ came downstairs to console.

A five-point Crown run early in the fourth extended the lead to fourteen. Shelby made two foul shots and scored off a rebound. Flight emptied the bench, filling the game with fresh faces who smiled with every rebound, steal, and foul. Madonna missed a shot, but grabbed a rebound. The last two Crown buckets gave them the biggest lead of the night, at the end of the game.

# 12……7 points, and one rebound, assist, and steal

Courtney…5 points, 6 rebounds

Danielle…4 points, 8 boards, one assist & block, 2 steals

Shelby…4 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, one steal

# 13……2 points, 4 rebounds, one steal and block

Kathleen…one rebound and steal


# 2……rebound

# 31……steal

Friday, December 04, 2009

Shoneys Big Boy

We don’t go to Shoney’s much any more. My little crowd used to go there after HS football games. It wasn’t where EVERYONE went, the big party crowd went to Shakeys pizza, I think. Used to go every now and then during my single days, when they had the big salad bar. I certainly remember the Big Boy days…and the old Leno joke about that statue in the doorway blocking people from getting out in case of a fire (How many more senseless deaths?!). Ceil likes Cracker Barrel, a place we only go to on the road once every few years.

Took off yesterday just because I still have lots of vacation. Took Will halfway to school, then he was gone all day with that. Didn’t realize that Ceil would be gone from 8:30 to 3 pm…her “job” at Anna’s school. Matthew always gets lots of schoolwork done there, so he went as well. I didn’t feel 100%, so I didn’t tackle any major projects, just cleaned up a little. Feel OK today, but I’m trying to take it easy so it doesn’t get worse.

Rented “Sunshine Cleaning”, the Amy Adams/Emily Blunt movie…pretty good. Watched a lot of the Clemson loss to Illinois Wednesday night. Will was crushed.

On of our four EZGo team members here in the office, Dana, is quitting. They won’t be replacing her, which means more work for us three remaining. I seriously doubt we’ll get any bonus for this year. Just hoping next year we’ll get back the 4% savings match. When I heard about what some of my friends pay for work healthcare, I didn’t feel as bad.

Sounds like a nice FA pickup by the Braves…the Japanese reliever.

Busy weekend…Anna has her dress rehearsal tonight and recital tomorrow. We have a Christmas party Sat night, so I’m not sure how much of the SEC and ACC I’ll miss. Will is at the Normans all day today, and going to their road bball game tonight. He wants to go down to ESPN game day tomorrow AM, despite the rough weather…but no friend is crazy enough to go with him. Might be Moes for me and Matthew tonight.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Last night Will’s class went to help at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse in Suwanee. Run by Franklin Graham’s organization Samaritan’s Purse, millions of shoeboxes full of gifts for kids are sorted and shipped to foreign countries.

There are several similar warehouses around the country. This one in Suwanee has already shipped over 380,000 boxes this year, with a goal of 850,000. The worldwide goal is to give out over six million boxes.

Knowing December rush hour traffic would make the drive from East Cobb to Suwanee almost impossible, I stayed off the freeways. Amazingly, we made the trip in the drizzle in just over an hour, taking Spaulding from Sandy Springs over to Ptree Industrial, then Buford Highway to Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road. The 85-285-400 return trip took just 35 minutes. Will’s friend Spencer and former basketball teammate Kaitlen (& Conner’s older brother Garrison) were there.

First the boxes had to be searched and donations taken out…even play money must be removed. For a poor child to have even a penny could be a cause for murder. No chocolates, or several other items…two people inspect each box as a double check. The box was then taped and put in a larger shipping carton by gender and age. The kids, some young, were hardly efficient in the task…but we still crated hundreds in little over an hour. There were dozens of others doing the same thing, a warehouse full.

I’m not feeling that great today…hope I’m not coming down with anything. May take off tomorrow.

Wish the Braves had spent the money on Gonzalez, but some team will give Gonzo a multi-year deal for more money. I just hope Wagner (& Hudson) stays healthy, unlike 2008 when Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, and Gonzo all went down. You can tell by the comments that many fans don’t understand the economics, that by signing Wagner it’s doubtful Soriano or Gonzo will be signed.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Finally got the house cleaned up to host my family for Thanksgiving. Ceil outdid herself, preparing almost the entire meal…both turkey and ham. Will cooked a casserole, Anna a Jell-O salad, and Matthew made a chocolate pie. That evening they drove to SC and I stayed home.

Amazing how much work there was still to do around the house. I dared not get on a ladder without a spotter, so hopefully the weather will allow the back gutters and windows to be completed by New Years.

I’d left my wallet in the van, so I had no credit cards or ID to shop, get needed gas, or rent movies. Cleaned out Anna’s closet, finding several more loads of laundry. I had plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers to eat, and am still chipping away at them.

Watched Clemson/SC, Florida/FSU, Tech/UGA, and the Falcons game. Not surprised by the Tech loss, except for the inability of the defense to slow down the run. One of the reasons I didn’t go to SC was because there was a chance I’d be getting tickets, but they didn’t come through.

I kinda liked the new red ATL alternate Hawks uniforms.

Saw Julie and Julia last week at the Picture Show. Interesting 7 pm crowd for Tuesday half price night…I’d never seen such an old crowd there. Ceil really wanted to see the movie, and that was one of the few chances we had.

Interesting comments by Chip, saying it wasn’t the situation he wanted to be in. Many did not like him…I enjoyed his enthusiasm and old-style clich├ęs. No surprise about ND’s Weiss. Think UGA’s Willie Martinez is next?