Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Finally got the house cleaned up to host my family for Thanksgiving. Ceil outdid herself, preparing almost the entire meal…both turkey and ham. Will cooked a casserole, Anna a Jell-O salad, and Matthew made a chocolate pie. That evening they drove to SC and I stayed home.

Amazing how much work there was still to do around the house. I dared not get on a ladder without a spotter, so hopefully the weather will allow the back gutters and windows to be completed by New Years.

I’d left my wallet in the van, so I had no credit cards or ID to shop, get needed gas, or rent movies. Cleaned out Anna’s closet, finding several more loads of laundry. I had plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers to eat, and am still chipping away at them.

Watched Clemson/SC, Florida/FSU, Tech/UGA, and the Falcons game. Not surprised by the Tech loss, except for the inability of the defense to slow down the run. One of the reasons I didn’t go to SC was because there was a chance I’d be getting tickets, but they didn’t come through.

I kinda liked the new red ATL alternate Hawks uniforms.

Saw Julie and Julia last week at the Picture Show. Interesting 7 pm crowd for Tuesday half price night…I’d never seen such an old crowd there. Ceil really wanted to see the movie, and that was one of the few chances we had.

Interesting comments by Chip, saying it wasn’t the situation he wanted to be in. Many did not like him…I enjoyed his enthusiasm and old-style clichés. No surprise about ND’s Weiss. Think UGA’s Willie Martinez is next?

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