Saturday, November 30, 2019

Old Fashioned Beatdown

In the first half UGA fumbled and turned the ball over,
and Tech successfully executed an onside kick.
Good aggressive call by Collins,
who broke down and did pushups after the play.
After UGA took a 17-0 lead, the Jackets cut the score to 17-7 at the half,
after Rodrigo missed a field goal as the second quarter expired.
Tech only managed seven first downs. Already without their best receiver, UGA lost D'andre Swift to injury and five star freshman receiver Pickens, who was ejected for fighting. Tech's Swilling started the fracas but remained in the game.
Fromm threw for four touchdowns but struggled to find his mojo.
Several dropped passes by receivers and a couple of throwaways.
Demanding perfection, Jakes' naysayers had a field day bashing him.
Some wanted Fromm benched. Who do they think should replace him?
Even with Fromm bringing his A game,
it will be near impossible to beat LSU next week.  
The stands at Grant Field were mostly red.
Most Tech fans had left before the third quarter ended.
Tech wore light gold jerseys. Should've let Georgia wear red jerseys.
Dawgs dominated the stat sheet.
Thriller in the Iron Bowl.
Difference in the game was the field goal Auburn made at the end of the half, after a replay gave Auburn one second to get off the snap. Instead of standing behind the center to signal the clock, the ref stood off to the side of the kicker for his own safety. Saban might've had an argument.

Bama had a chance to tie, but banged a field goal attempt off the left upright. Auburn fans will be insufferable, but it helps clear up the playoff picture.
Backup QB Will Bryce got some playing time against South Carolina.
Once again the big bad all black uniforms didn't help win the game.
LSU QB Joe Burrow's last game. He just may win the Heisman.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Top MLB Pitchers?

Sometimes I get sucked into checking out clickbait lists just to see how messed up they are, or to see how a favorite player is ranked. I’m rarely disappointed. ranked the top 21 MLB pitchers of all time. What a train wreck. The top ranked pitcher took steroids. Number two only had 219 wins, and was not named Koufax. Warren Spahn wins 366 games and only merits 16th place. At least two 300 game winners were left off the list while five with lower WARs and half the wins did made the list.  
Cy Young’s records for most wins, complete games, innings, and earned runs will never be broken, yet this list only places him fifth. Maddux broke Cy’s record for most consecutive seasons with 15 or more wins, and placed third behind a guy with 136 less wins. 136 is eight fewer wins than #13 Clayton Kershaw has in his career. And sorry, Kershaw is in the twilight of his career, due to injuries.  
This list is so bad that they left off number 15. Perhaps that was supposed to be Niekro or Glavine. Also left off Gibson’s stats. I’ve added Wins Above Replacement below, which only makes the list all the more hilarious. Chop on.
1. 354 184 4672 3.12 1.17 139.2 Roger Clemens
2. 219 100 3154 2.93 1.05 083.9 Pedro Martinez
3. 355 227 3371 3.16 1.14 106.6 Greg Maddux
4. 303 166 4875 3.29 1.17 101.1 Randy Johnson
5. 511 316 2803 2.63 1.13 163.6 Cy Young
6. 417 279 3509 2.17 1.06 164.3 Walter Johnson
7. 324 292 5714 3.19 1.25 081.2 Nolan Ryan
8. 316 205 3640 2.86 1.12 109.9 Tom Seaver
9. 329 244 4136 3.22 1.25 090.2 Steve Carlton
10. 165 087 2396 2.76 1.11 048.9 Sandy Koufax
11. 373 188 2507 2.13 1.06 103.9 Christy Mathewson
12. 251 174 3117 2.91 1.19 089.1 Bob Gibson
13. 144 064 2120 2.36 1.00 068.0 Clayton Kershaw
14. 300 141 2266 3.06 1.28 107.0 Lefty Grove
16. 363 245 2583 3.09 1.20 099.7 Warren Spahn
17. 314 265 3534 3.11 1.18 090.0 Gaylord Perry
18. 287 250 3701 3.31 1.20 094.4 Bert Blyleven
19. 216 146 3116 3.46 1.14 079.5 Curt Schilling
20. 213 155 3084 3.33 1.18 069.0 John Smoltz (plus 154 saves)
21. 203 105 2117 3.38 1.18 064.3 Roy Halladay
00. 318 274 3342 3.35 1.26 095.9 Phil Niekro
00. 305 203 2607 3.54 1.31 080.7 Tom Glavine

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Anna making a face like the girl on Parks & Recreation.
Having problems downloading Thanksgiving photos
so some will have to wait.
Stumbled across these at the grocery.
 Sent this to Ceil asking her what size can to get.
 Shaq returned to LSU and picked up a girl.
 Ever wonder where they come up with those NFL uniforms?
W&MC decorated their cactus for Christmas.
 Miami wearing grey masks Saturday against Duke.
 Was out in the plant recently educating myself on I-beams.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


A few of Groza Award finalist Rodrigo Blankenship's accolades and accomplishments. Vote for him daily here: 
year FG-att PAT-att long pts
2019 23-26  36-36    50 105 
2018 19-23  65-65    00 122   
2017 20-23  63-63    55 123
2016 14-18  26-26    49 068
Total 76-90 190-190 55 418 
2019 SEC Special Teams Player of the Week – six times. Previously won the award two other times.
National Football Foundation National Scholar Athlete
Campbell Trophy finalist, which annually recognizes an individual as the absolute best football scholar-athlete in the nation for combined academic success, football performance and exemplary leadership.
Burlsworth Trophy finalist, given to the top player who started as a walk-on.
Wuerffel Trophy semifinalist, given for community service and academics.
SEC Community Service Team
2018 All-SEC second team
2019 SEC second leading scorer so far with two games to go, averaging 9.5 points per game.
School record 190 consecutive PATs, which ranks second in SEC history.  UGA leads the nations with 281 PATs in a row, dating back to 2014.    
FBS active leader for total made field goals (76).  Second place is 15 behind.
UGA's all-time leading scorer with 418 points.
87% success rate in 2019 ranked 7th nationally. Holds UGA school record for highest field goal percentage.
67 touchbacks in 2018 were a school record.
Holds record for longest field goal in Rose Bowl history: 55 yards.
First 6th grader in Georgia school history to make a field goal.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Lanier Poets

My high school used to be called the Lanier Poets. Want to get me a Christmas present? Thinking about ordering this shirt with the following specs: (1) product 788 long sleeve wicking t-shirt, (2) size XXL, (3) shirt color = forest green, (4)  logo size: full front, (5) logo source: "best-selling" LANIER 19 XXL 68 POETS, (6) design color = orange. Order here.
Both GA/GT and SC/Clemson play at noon on Saturday. Senior UGA kicker Robrigo Blankenship was named one of the three finalists for the Groza Award. The other two finalists, and Iowa junior and Washington sophomore, don’t even handle kickoff duties for their teams. One of the Groza votes is picked by a fan vote. Click here to vote for Blankenship every day.
From the book Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World: MBA students are given a team decision making exercise on whether their fictional race team should race in cold weather. They are given various bits of information and are told they can ask for more. The engine gaskets had blown in four races run in cooler weather, though they'd had no problems in 17 other races. Everyone chooses to race. In fact the data given the students was actually what was given to the NASA engineers when they were deciding whether to launch space shuttle Columbia. What they didn't factor in was the temperatures when the 17 successful missions launched. They engineers never looked at that, nor did the students. Had they added in that data it would've been obvious the launch should've been stopped.   
Friday it was my job to clean up all the leftovers from the BBQ lunch. That afternoon I’d eaten extra Brunswick Stew and Potato Salad. Took home the leftover BBQ beef. Had some for lunch on Saturday and today.
After work Friday I met Ceil at the YMCA. Walked three miles.
Saturday morning small group. The guys always talk about exotic food, so I changed the subject to the Chickfila Dwarf House breakfast buffet. We’re meeting there for our next meeting December 7. Home for ESPN College Gameday and the BBQ, which I made into quesadillas. Laundry and other housework. Watched Ohio State / Penn State and the first half of GA/A&M.
At 530 we left to pick up the Chiles and went to play games at the Mayfields with Buddy and Sandy. Heavy appitisers: meatballs, dips, cupcakes, and Ceil’s chicken and beef quesadillas and homemade salsa. Played Nerts and Brainiacs.
Sunday School and worship. New pastor Clay Smith led a “healing service”, first preaching on healing, then worshippers could come and pray for healing. When Jesus healed the ten lepers, only one came back to that Him. Jesus asked “where are the other nine?” Our focus needs to be on the healer, not being healed. Sometimes God heals, sometimes not. Not for us to ask why.  
Sunday School notes: when discussing matters of faith, it's not what I believe that matters - but what the Bible says. I believe the Bible is the Word of God. It's not that I think something is wrong, but what the Bible says is wrong. That allows me the freedom to love the person, since I'm not judging them. If someone takes issue with me, is it illegal for me to follow what the Bible says? Maybe not, but these days a vocal minority will want me removed from my position.
1 Peter 2 15 and 4:3-5 and 3:15 "that your good conscience may put others to shame." Tells us three times to do good and one time to separate ourselves. Am I being slandered? Are people talking bad about me? Why not?
Me: sometimes I need to do something that I don’t want to do, because it’s hard and unpleasant and I don’t know exactly what needs to be done. Sometimes I just skip doing it because I don’t want to do it. I know I need to do it and need God’s strength. Mostly I just need to do it regardless of how unpleasant it is.
JFBC is sending two different teams on one-week trips to minister during next summer’s Tokyo Olympics. Sounds interesting.
After church I bought a nice pair of stretchy black Izod golf pants which I’m wearing today. Leftover quesadillas for lunch. Watched the rest of the GA/A&M game even though we already knew the outcome. Then a little Falcons/Bucs. Cut the grass and RAKED the driveway. Then Pats/Dallas and a Lifetime movie. Couldn't sleep Sunday night. Not sure why. Was tired from working in the yard. Hadn't taken a nap. Hadn't drunk any caffeine. Wasn't worried about anything. Hopefully I'm not getting sick. Joints ache.
Monday morning I had a 715 doctor’s appointment. Shingles vaccine shot made my arm sore. EKG. results were normal. Next week I’m having a stress test at the cardiologist. My dance card is filling up:
11.28 Thanksgiving
11.30 UGA@GT
12.02 road trip
12.03 stress test
12.05 focus group    
12.06 SS party.
12.07 830 CFA buffet
12.07 330 GA/LSU
12.07 700 party
12.08 Tokyo trip meeting
12.11 hot stove meeting
12.12 ESPN college football awards in Atlanta
12.13 work lunch meeting
12.14 work dinner
Monday: left work about 530. Went to the Y and walked 3 miles. First time I listened to my audiobook while walking. Worked well. I don’t like to wear earphones when I’m walking outside so I can listen to nature and for cars and people. Walking after work means I not as hungry so I don’t eat as much, which is good.
Made it home in time for The Neighborhood, a funny show. Nothing else on after that so we usually leave it on Bob loves Abishola, which isn’t as good. But last night the characters were at a Nigerian Christian church service. Later Bob asked what her religion was. She replied Christian. Later C watched a Lifetime movie. The parents were played by former young adult stars Parker Stevenson (Melrose Place) and Pamela Sue Martin (Dynasty). Also The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, respectively.
Wasn’t feeling well. Joints ached. Arm hurt from the shot. Went to bed. Slept okay but was hot. Got up to turn down thermostat (from 64 to 63) and took a pill. Slept until 630. Good thing traffic was light. Plenty of work to keep me busy today. Right now its just me and Rachel from our team, though boss Rodney may arrive later.
Barney not doing good. Still hobbles and can’t put weight on his back leg. Sleeps downstairs. Another problem with his rear end. He lays around most of the time but goes into the kitchen when C cooks, hoping for scraps. Lays down under the table during meals for the same reason.
Rant: teaching is hard. I get it. If you didn't know that, just log onto social media and you'll see ten teachers talking about how rough it is. If they hate it so much why don't they quit? Well let me tell you sister, life in the business world ain't no bed of roses either. Plenty of pressure, making forecasts, working through problem orders, dealing with irate customers and ignorant vendors, delivering on time without quality issues, reading people, communicating, negotiating, covering costs, making money, producing products for Americans (like teachers) can buy. Mess up or don't make plan and I could get fired. Some do. No such thing as tenure or a union. That's why they call it the real world. We don't take summers off or two weeks at Christmas. We can't promote our problems to the next grade to get rid of them. And you don't see a lot of businesspeople all worn out and complaining at the end of the long day.
The cruel underbelly not only of social media but also internet in general. Part of the problem: websites look to see what headline generates the most web clicks. This article was posted on the internet with one headline, and printed in a magazine with another.
McKinnon’s Louisiana Kitchen used to advertise in the Falcons program back in the 70’s. Seems like the 57th Fighter Group always advertised somewhere as well.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Tale of Two QBs

A&M QB Kellen Mond is physically gifted but couldn't spot his secondary receivers. He's okay when he can 1-2-3 throw, otherwise he just tucks and runs. His day was full of throwaways, passes off target, an intentional grounding not called, false starts, and repeated delay of game penalties. These things are not the hallmark of a top tier QB, much less any division one QB. UGA stuffed the run game completely. Why Mond had to throw 42 times.
In the rain and muck Fromm missed on at least two TD passes. Wasn't his day, yet still UGA won. Unlike Mond, Jake stayed in the pocket, avoiding pressure, going through his progressions looking at three or four receivers. "Fromm has regressed" the idiots say. I've said it before: what has changed? He's lost five receivers to the pros. Also Chubb and Michel. He has a new offensive coordinator. Perhaps it ain't Fromm.

Big news: today Rodrigo was named one of three finalists for the Groza Award. Vote for him here. Not sure the other two finalists even handle kickoffs for their teams. Later this week I'll be comparing the three finalists.
Hot Rod was true on all four field goal atempts, equaling his career high. He almost executed an onside kick. Before the game Rodrigo asked Herrien if Blankenship could be the first to break the banner. After the game Rod told the story. Hot Rod even answered a postgame question with his helmet off.
Early in the game CBS did a segment on Chamberlain Smith who watched the game from home recovering from concussion. Danielson then apologized. The Twitterverse still hated on him. Who is a better announcer? Perhaps Herbstreit. What do people want Gary to say? I could've listed all the good things he said about UGA. He raved about Fromm the entire game. Danielson twice called out the flopping Aggie DB, who popped up after a play, jawed at Swift, then looked at sideline -  then sat down faking an injury. Shame on you Jimbo.  
UGA did benefit from 3-4 no calls on defense but was flagged at least twice for pass interference. As we've known all year, UGA will have to beat LSU to make playoffs regardless of rank.

Big Ten announcers kept calling out all the mistakes Justin Fields was making: passes of the mark, several fumbles, bad reads. The Buckeye RB and defense were what won the game. Fields might've hurt his left thumb but was carrying ball in right hand when he fumbled. Like Mond, if his primary receiver is covered he takes off and runs.
Missouri and QB Kelly Bryant couldn't beat mighty Tennessee at home.
Falcons lost to the lowly Bucs. Atlanta defense made Jamies "20 interceptions" Winston look like Johnny Unitas.  
Experts on Twitter are saying Tom Brady isn't what he used to be. Yesterday he had the third lowest completion percentage of his career. Guys, he played in a monsoon. Dude is 42 years old. At worst he's still in the top half of all NFL QB's. 15 TD's vs. 5 interceptions. His QB rating of 55.6 ranks 15 out of 31, ahead of Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, and Philip Rivers. Pats are 10-1. His receivers have been cobbled together off the waiver wire. Not sure what people want from the guy.
Still it would behoove Brady to re-sign with New England. Not sure where else he would want to land.
Gronk was funny sitting in with the Fox NFL guys yesterday. They made fun of his turtleneck, likening him to Dobie Gillis.
Nick Foles, the new QB for the always downtrodden Jags: some are growing weary of his patient "this is a process, football isn't the most important thing" answers. Some want to see and hear more urgency. Thing is, when you press you don't play as well. Can't score a 99 yard TD on every play.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dawgs Down Aggies

For his last game in Sanford Stadium kicker Rodrigo Blankenship petitioned back Brian Herrien for the honor of breaking through the banner before the game.
 The Dawg defense completely shut down the Aggies running game,
and A&M QB Kellen Mond was unable to pass his team to an upset.
More analysis tomorrow.

 Anna's high school classmate Josh Moran
was honored before the game.

 The color on color USC UCLA game always looks good.
Interesting socks.

 Tua watched from the sidelines, broken nose and all.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sneaker Update

Been a few months since I’ve made up a list of my shoes. Several changes since I’ve gotten more aggressive to sell some off on eBay. Dropped off others at Goodwill.
Even though I’m in the process of getting rid of at least 30 pairs of shoes, I know I still have too many. I have my reasons. Trying to transition away from running and basketball shoes to fashion type sneakers. Recently passed on a beautiful pair of Deion Sanders Air Diamond Turfs and a pair of grey Puma hightops.
First the shoes I wear the most…
1. Black dress sneakers (work)
2. Black Nikes white soles (sell?)
3. Grey wool Allbirds (love)
4. White leather H&M sneakers
5. Brown leather fashion sneakers
6. Black adidas Campus
7. Black leather Jack Purcell sneakers (sell?)
8. Grey Hoka running shoes
9. Red Saucony running shoes (sell)
10. Red Puma Suedes
11. Orange Nike KD7s
12. Black ECCO loafers (new)
13. Black Haurache knockoffs (house shoes)
These next 19 are old. Used for yardwork and certain specific occasions. In the car just in case. Too beat up to sell, and I like them too much to give to Goodwill. Just like having them around, to wear once in a blue moon. I’ll probably get rid of a few in the near future.
Crocs are great to wash the car, and are easy to quickly slip on to take out the trash. Usually I’ll wear warmer “house shoes” around the house or on weekends, but more than once I’ve worn Crocs to the store. In September when my blistered foot swole up I wore Crocs to work, then later to small group (where I didn’t kick them off at the door. I have two pair (navy and black) which is more than enough. Could get another pair at a thrift store, but only if they’re perfectly adorable.
My friend is more Team Crocs than me, and just penned an article about them. Forwarded the tome to a couple of Crocs wearing coworkers.   
1. Black ECCO boots (rarely worn)
2. Brown Chuka boots (rarely worn)
3. Black Chacos mules (unique)
4. Silver Nike sneakers (old)
5. Silver Reebok Zigs (old)
6. Navy Crocs
7. Black Crocs
8. Grey Crocs flip flops (beach)
9. Navy New Balance 990s (yardwork)
10. Black New Balance 990s (old)
11. Grey New Balance 990s (old)
12. Grey New Balance Minimus (has hole)
13. White Footjoy golf shoes
14. Black Nike spikeless golf shoes
15. Grey Huarache cross trainers (old)
16. White Huarache sneakers (old)
17. White adidas shell toe golf shoes (old)
18. White leather Puma Romas (old)
19. Black ECCO loafers (old)
20. Navy Nike slides (beach)
Currently for sale…
1. Teal Saucony running shoes (sell)
2. White adidas shell toes (sell)
3. Red suede adidas Campus (sold)
4. White Puma Nastasi’s (sell)
5. Blue Nike Lunarglides (sold)
6. Black Jordan Eclipses (sell)
7. Red Nike Blazer hightops (sell)
8. Royal Nike Hyperdunks (sell)
9. Black leather Steve Madden boots (sell)
10. Black Nike Speed (sell)
11. Black Nike Roshe (sell)
12. Black Nike vintage flip flops (sell)
13. Black Oakley flip flops (give away)
14. Navy Lands End mules (sell?)
Shoes already sold. Put the RCVRs up for sale at a high price and someone snapped them up. I love the design though nowadays they’re kinda dated. Always on the lookout for more RCVRs and Reebok Furys, though I rarely see any.
1. Blue Jordan RCVRs (sold)
2. Brown leather Tretorns (sold)
3. Grey New Balance 990s (sold)
4. Grey Nike Lunarglides (sold)
5. Grey Nike Lunarglides (sold)
6. White Nike Free Runs (sold)
7. White canvas Chuck Taylors (sold)
8. White Converse Chuck Taylors (sold)
9. Black Converse Chuck Taylors (sold)
10. Grey On running shoes (sold)
11. White leather Nike hightops (sold)
12. Grey New Balance 696 (sold)
13. Grey Colombia boat shoes (gave away)
14. Blue Nike Metcons (sold)
15. Brown Vans (sold)
16. Black Reebok Fury (trashed, fell apart)
17. Brown flip flops (gave away)