Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Clemson to Wear Throwbacks

You heard it here second: two strong hints that Clemson will wear throwback helmets and uniforms for their 125th season of football. Can't wait to see that helmet and grey facemask. If there is football. 
Anna joined us for dinner last night. She's working from our house for a few days. Ceil cooked spinach, green peas, mashed potatoes, and chicken for supper. Afterwards I cut the grass. Ceil had a small group meeting on her computer. I didn't even turn on the TV but later M came in and turned on a Japanese carton on Netflix. Avatar?
Patriots sign Cam Newton to a one year contract, with a low base salary loaded with incentives. A win win for both QB and team. Guess since Brady signed with Tampa I'll be watching them more now. If they play football.
JOE McGINNITY  [SABR Bio] the Hall of Famer pitched complete games and won both ends of three (3!) doubleheaders in the span of one calendar month - 3 DHers in August 1903: 01-Aug vs. BSN; 08-Aug vs. BRO; and 31-Aug vs. PHI. He pitched for the Baltimore Orioles in the National League and then for the Baltimore Orioles in the American League. In 1899 he was on BLN for their last year of existence then when the American League included Baltimore (BLA), as one of the original franchises McGinnity pitched for them in 1901-02, the only years of their existence. His nickname is derived from his previous occupation, not, as believed, his performance as a player. Worked in an Oklahoman iron foundry during his off-seasons. Serendipitously self-coined his enduring nickname during a newspaper interview in which he detailed his winter time employment as, "I am an iron man."
 Above: stumbled across this super cool UGA tie today.
Cheap even. But it had too many stains, so I passed.
Rare birds-eye view of the footprint of old Atlanta Stadium. A second apartment building (and second parking deck) has been built in the right field corner. Will Georgia State ever build their baseball stadium on the site? Sounds like they're looking for private donations. Plans for a GSU basketball arena to be built beyond the left field fence, in the lower left-hand corner of the photo above.   
Did I know that Dan Pastorini punted? Not just occasionally - 316 career punts. Fun fact: Pastorini was the first to wear a flack jacket.Great segment on Peyton's Places.
Sneaker # 41: I loved these old blue & grey Jordan RCVRs. Bought a pair, then sold them on eBay. Bought a black pair and sold them. Bought another blue pair. But in 2020 they are just too dated. Tomorrow's sneaker # 42 will be an even better story. Promise. Also # 43. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Just the Facts

Despite the quarantine, I went to Macon SEVEN TIMES in 3 months. That's the most in the last 40 years. Spent two nights in Macon, the most in over 30 years. So far this year I've used 4 vacation days on trips to Macon.

MAR 2 take mom to lawyer's office.
MAR 4 mom's surgery
MAR 6-7 mom in ICU, spent night with dad
MAR 28-29 move mom, spent nite with dad
APR 2 take mom to doctor
MAY 15 move mom's stuff to 5027
MAY 24 move mom from 5027

I went to Jefferson last week for the first time all year. I'd been cooped up working from home since March and was ready for a change of scenery. My goal was to sneak away to the beach, but that didn't work out. Can you blame a guy for wanting to spend time with his wife?

This past Friday I visited a farm.
This past Saturday is when I had my fall.

My plan was to go to Macon sometime over the July 4 weekend but
(1) I sprained my wrist. Not sure I can do yardwork. Even driving is a chore.
(2) Anna's car died so we
(a) have 2 cars for 3 workers
(b) need to get rid of Anna's old car and
(c) buy another car.
(d) my Corolla needs to go to the shop
(3) not sure when we're getting together for Will's birthday.
(4) grass needs cutting.
(5) natural gas contract expiring.
(6) need to meet with the banker
(7) need to go to the doctor
(8) trying to take off and work on the house before C has to go back to school in a few weeks.
(9) but I will squeeze in a trip to Macon as well.

Pet peeve: people talking about something and getting the facts all wrong. The world we live in. Some people hate it but do the same thing. Probably a lot of factual errors in some of the articles I share.

Steel video: what happens when you put too much metal in the furnace.

Friday morning Rusty drove me to Camden to pick up Joan's car from the shop. Walmart Dollar Tree Wendy's Goodwill then back home. Lots of road construction and detours. Nap. Drove C and her mother to Columbia for a follow up appointment. Hot.
Saturday afternoon before I fell, I helped C clear out some weeds in front of the house. We heard the church bells chime five o'clock. Then C had a visitor while I was visiting with Larry, and when Rusty and Kelly arrived for dinner at 6:30, Ceil's dish had yet to be cooked. A good supper anyway: turkey, tomato pie, asparagus, and salad. Rusty made homemade peach ice cream for dessert.

Man yesterday my left wrist was sore. A definite sprain. Left shoulder also sore. Also a little sore: right wrist and both ankles. Had to load the car carrying things only in my right hand. Took longer to load the car than usual.

Usually when Barney sees us carrying duffle bags and clothes, he knows we're going on a trip. He wants to get out the door and into the car as soon as possible. Sometimes almost an hour early. Yesterday I was able to keep him inside until we were all packed and ready to go.

Left at 10:30. I'd fixed me a cup of the peach ice cream for breakfast. C had to stop at her store in Augusta again, so that added another hour to the trip. While she was shopping I drove through Checkers. The last Sunday's Checker experience hadn't been too bad, aside from the half-melted ice cream cone. This time they were out of burger meat. Got fish sandwich instead. They rang up the wrong amount twice. The fish was hot because they made it for my order, so I had to wait. The fries weren't hot. Got C her McDonalds cheeseburger, fries, and Coca-Cola. Have to look into Coke no longer advertising to Facebook because they aren't limiting hate speech. Is that good, or is free speech being limited?

The trip lasted six hours. Unpacked. M got home from work. He went with C to the grocery, and to pick up tacos for supper. Watched a very good Celebrity Family Feud, with the cast of my favorite show, The Neighborhood. Hilarious.  

Later Anna arrived from Athens. She's spending a couple of days with us. Friday she and Matthew ate supper at El Felix in Alpharetta.

This virus ain't going away any time soon. So much conflicting information in the media. Wear a mask. Don't wear a mask. I'm going to wear a mask when I go out. Really only trying to go out when necessary. Last Monday through Thursday I only left the house twice, for one stop each.

Should the government force citizens to wear a mask? What if people don't? Arrest them? The spike seems to be with the younger generation – especially ages 20-29.  They're the ones going out, and rioting and protesting without masks. Not sure if sports are going to get going this fall or not.  

I'm in no hurry to go back to church either. We will continue to worship online. When discussing racial injustice two weeks ago, Louie Giglio got attacked for saying something he shouldn't have. Last week Passion City Church rebroadcast a Ravi Zacharias sermon. Yesterday PCC rebroadcast a Louie sermon from earlier this year. 

RUBE WADDELL [SABR Bio] is the only pitcher to lead the majors in strikeouts for five consecutive seasons. Led MLB in strikeouts 1903-1907. Randy Johnson matched Waddell's mark, leading the majors 1998-2002. In '98, Johnson did not lead either league, because he traded at the deadline from SEA to HOU. His 213 +169 gave him an MLB-leading 329. Johnson led again in '04. In the modern era, Waddell's record for strikeouts in a single season stood for sixty years. Had 349 Ks in 1904. Sandy Koufax had 382 in 1965. Only two additional pitchers have topped Waddell's mark for a season, even in our strikeout-dominated modern game (Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson). 

Rube threw the first Immaculate Inning in American League history. Immaculate Inning 01-Jul-1902, third inning, the first such in the not-quite-two-year-old AL. Waddell stuck out the Baltimore Orioles' Billy Gilbert, Harry Howell & Jack Cronin on 9 straight pitches.  For good measure, he fanned each one again later in the 6th inning of the same game, but not immaculately. Waddell was the last out of Cy Young's perfect game. Young's perfecto 05-May-1904

Sneaker # 40: my odd FootJoy golf / volleyball shoes. Got them for sale on eBay.
Much more than Ulysses S Grant and Francis Scott Key, Charles Darwin used racism as evidence of his theory of evolution. Will statues of Darwin be torn down? Will his theories be rejected? Doubtful. 

In Tennessee a political party kicked a 26 year state legislator off the ballot because he was against abortion.   

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Maybe everyone should start wearing this.

I'll pass on the Macon Eggs cap. Should've gone with the baseball egg like on the jersey. Could never top my Macon Bacon cap with the M made out of bacon strips. Unless a team wore a cap that looked like a hamburger, with French Fries arranged like the H. 
Above: the Braves' contributions to Ceil's women's ministry, The Table on Main, have been invaluable.

Below: as a kid I loved the facemask Ray Brown wore after breaking his jaw. His original mask was grey, without the upper middle bar. Forgot Brown added the middle bar after the Birds switched to white masks. Brown wore the same style mask when he signed with the Saints.
 This year's top Halloween costume.
Sent this story to coworker Mike,
who checks our temp when we arrive each morning.
 Willie Montenez and Ralph Garr.
Sneaker # 39: my old white leather Puma Nastasi's.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

I'll Tumble 4 Ya

Last time we spent a week at North Myrtle Beach (several years ago), every morning I would walk with Ceil's cousin Phil and Big L Train Larry. One of those days I tried to jump over some water and fell.

Haven't seen Larry too much since then. He and wife Susan live within sight of Ceil's mom's house. This afternoon I was taking Barney out, and saw Larry out in his yard. Barney and I walked over to say hello. Just as we got to his house I turned my ankle on a piece of uneven concrete, and fell straight down onto the pavement. Didn't help that my sneakers were a little loose. Scraped both hands on the rough pavement. Both wrists and ankles are sore. Just missed slamming my mouth and nose - I do have a small cut on the inside of my mouth. Ouch! Gonna be sore in the morning.

Was good to visit with Larry though. Even if I do take a tumble every time I see him.

After work yesterday Phil drove to Columbia and spent the night at his son Zane's house. They left out at 3 am this morning and drove to West Virginia to pick up a truck, then drive back. Would've been a fun adventure to ride with them, but C had other plans for me.

This morning I drove north to Monroe NC. Couple of years ago I'd gotten a watch battery put in at this small independent out of the way jeweler. I was able to remember where it was, and got another battery replaced. Also Taco Bell, Dollar Tree, QuikTrip for air in the tires, two thrift stores, the grocery, and BP for gas.
Saw this sign yesterday on the couches at the doctor's office. Had to look close to read what they said. On the way back from Columbia we stopped by Chick-fil-A in Camden, then stopped by a new dairy just east of Jefferson. Got to pet a couple of cows. Ceil got us homemade soft serve ice cream cones.

Sneaker # 38: my all-white H&M sneakers. Had I been wearing these this afternoon I probably wouldn't have fallen.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Messing With the Help

Stopped by for a quick visit at the brand new River Bottom Dairy,
located just east of town.
This is as big as this cow will grow.
 This little guy kept snuggling with the old sheep dog.
 Ceil knew the owner, and said hello.
Ceil went inside and got us homemade soft serve ice cream cones.
Kicks # 37: been liking the pair of adidas Alphabounce sneakers
I'd picked up last week. Not liking this shot of my ugly legs.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Not So Sharpe

Fox Sports commentator Shannon Sharpe has been unfairly relentless in his attacks on Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, to the point of being downright wrong. Might have something to do with Sharpe’s brother having attended rival South Carolina. Good information in the article.

Denison: Say about people only what you would say to them. This imperative applies to the way we speak of celebrities and political leaders as well as neighbors and colleagues. Jesus taught us to go directly to a person who sins against us (Matthew 18:15). Gossip and slander are forbidden by Scripture (Leviticus 19:16; Proverbs 16:28). We are commanded: "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear" (Ephesians 4:29). 
Not a good day in SC. Rain. Ceil’s mother’s car broke down. Fixed now. Anna’s car in bad shape. Busy day at work.

Last night I made beef quesadillas in a frying pan. Getting better at it. Chicken salad sandwich on toasted wheat for lunch today, with cheese and bacon.

I’m not a big fan of ROGER CLEMENS [SABR Bio] was the first pitcher to strike out more than nineteen batters in a nine-inning game in the modern era. On 09-Apr of his MVP season, 1986, Clemens mowed down twenty Seattle Mariners, including Phil Bradley four times. Clemens stuck out 20 again in a game ten years later. On 18-Sep-1996 he again stuck out 20 Tigers in a 5-hit shutout, handing DET their 101st loss that year. No pitcher in history has stuck out more American League batters. Proud owner of 4,167 AL Ks. Has an additional 505 in the NL for a total that puts him third on the all-time list behind Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson. In a World Series game on 22-Oct-2000 against the Mets, Yankee Clemens took umbrage at a portion of a Mike Piazza’s broken bat as it was headed his way and threw it out of the playing field. Unfortunately, he threw it right at Piazza. On purpose? You be the judge!
HOYT WILHELM  [SABR Bio] is the only player who has pitched for the Giants and Dodgers as well as the White Sox and Cubs in the Live-Ball era. Played for NYG 1952-56, for LAD 1971-21, CHW 1963-68, and CHC 1970 (the Live-Ball Era began in 1920). He was the first pitcher born in North Carolina, inducted to the Hall of Fame. Born 26-Jul-1922 in Huntersville, North Carolina. HOF 1985. His hometown has erected a statue in his honor. There is a statue of a young pitcher near the James Hoyt Wilhelm Fields at the Huntersville Athletic Park. Click on this link to view the inscription containing Wilhelm’s career achievements.

Today’s sneaks # 36: I borrowed these old school black ECCO loafers. Not too excited about the style, plus they’re kinda tight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Georgia Tech Does it Again

Not sure how oblivious my alma mater is to the things they announce.
Lots of jokes about yesterday's announcement above.
Perhaps they should've kept this to themselves.
Legend has it that former NFL kicker Steve Mike-Mayer (brother of former Falcon kicker Nick Mike-Mayer) sliced his kicks so bad that he had to kick off next to the sideline.

Hobbies successful people enjoy in their free time: (1) reading (2) adventure sports (3) working out (4) cooking and baking (5) unusual pursuits (6) art: pottery, painting, etc. I'll claim (1). (3), and 5).
Foods that hinder your intelligence, focus, and brain: sugary beverages, extra salty foods, alcohol, trans fats, nicotine. No wonder I'm so dumb.
Adopting these habits in middle age can add years to your life: healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight (18.5 – 24.9 BMI), exercising regularly 30 min/day, limiting alcohol consumption, not smoking.
Phrases that'll make you more persuasive:
1. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about this? What can we do to make it a ten? OR: why didn't you say a lower number?
2. On a scale of 1-10 how close are you to making a decision – and you can't say 7? This way people can't say "I'll think about it instead of making a decision.
3. "Here's what most people do next." Is better than saying "Here's what you should do."
4. If I do A, B, and C for you, will you be able to move forward?
5. How open are you to,,,? People will always say they are open-minded, but how open-minded are they?
6. What is stopping you to moving forward? Instead of asking why aren't you moving forward.
7. I bet you are like me, and…
8. "Take a second and imagine…" gets people's attention.
9. "I'm not sure this is for you" takes the pressure off and puts people at ease – or does it get people to say "Oh yes it is for me!"

Yesterday I picked up lunch from Emily's, a little café on Main Street here in Jefferson. For a small town they were doing brisk business. Not many nearby places are open for lunch. I got the special: a grilled chicken Ceasar salad wrap with tater tots. Ceil and her mom got chicken salad. Very good.
For supper C cooked pork chops, corn on the cob, potatoes au gratin, and tossed salad. I got caught up on laptop stuff.

Today for breakfast Ceil made French toast. For lunch I got take-out from Beth's Country Cooking in Pageland. Ceil got fried chicken, collards, green beans, and mac & cheese. I got small portions of popcorn shrimp, meatloaf, corn, potato salad, collards, vegetable soup, mac & cheese, collards, and some cherry cobbler for later. I'd suggested cherry cobbler for Father's Day (Ceil wanted to make something other than the usual apple pie). She made apple crisp instead, with baked oatmeal topping.
Lots of people up here not wearing masks either. When I go to the beach I'm headed to a spot where there's very few beachgoers - away from the high rise condos, over where there are a few private houses. Supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe Friday.
Saw where GG had a big lead then lost it.
Today Denison stayed on topic: "By this we know love, that [Jesus] laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers" (1 John 3:16). Because God commands us to "love one another" (John 13:34), we know that we can. He would not tell us to do something we cannot do with his help.
One hundred questions to ask before you get married. For A and M.
CY YOUNG  [SABR Bio] is the career leader in games started. Started 815 games. Nolan Ryan is 2nd with 773. Young gave up more earned runs that any other pitcher in history. Surrendered 2,147 earned runs over 22 major league seasons. Phil Niekro allowed 2,012, and is the only other pitcher with more than 2,000. Young only attended school up until the sixth grade. He dropped out so he could help on the family farm. His only minor league experience was in the city (town) where the Hall of Fame is now. Played for the Canton (Ohio) Nadjys in 1890 and the Canton (Ohio) Statesmen in 1912. The Pro Football Hall of Fame opened in Canton Ohio in 1963, almost eight years after Young's death.
Shoe # 35: my old dark grey low profile New Balance running shoes. Thought my black socks would disguise the hole in the right shoe, but wouldn't you know the small white portion of the sock stuck through. At one point I had three pairs of dark grey sneakers with orange trim. Sold off the other two. Not sure why I'm saving these from the giveaway pile.     

Whatever happened to all the ammo the government bought up during the Obama administration?
Perhaps they can use that ammo in Minnesota, where they're working to replace the police with ANTIFA and Muslim groups. Whatever happened to the social worker idea?