Thursday, January 31, 2019

NFL Jersey Parade

Lots of jerseys being worn at the Super Bowl Experience. Lots. Families all wearing jerseys. I don’t recall seeing a Tampa jersey, but I did see every other team. Can’t remember the Redskins player, but I did see a burgundy Washington jersey.

Mostly Falcons and Patriots, with a decent amount of Rams jerseys. Lots of number two Matt Ryan jerseys, so after being the only fan with a Falcons number four Brett Favre jersey on Tuesday (I might’ve seen another on Wednesday, under a coat), on Wednesday I wore an obscure Carson Palmer Bengals jersey (no one wants to buy it on eBay). Best jersey I saw was a Colts Bert Jones number seven. The Gale Sayers number 40 Bears jerseys worn by a couple were nice as well (above).

The lady at the Serta mattress booth didn’t have to, but she enjoyed tracking the teams manually. She said Tuesday the vast majority of jerseys were Falcons. I’ll keep the photos small so they’ll take up less room, but click to enlarge.

32 Marcus Allen Raiders
47 Kiki Alonso Dolphins
26 Saquon Barkley Giants (blue, red, white)
44 Vic Beasley Falcons red
36 Jerome Bettis Steelers
12 Tom Brady (white, blue, throwback)
09 Drew Brees Saints (white, throwback)
02 Aaron Brooks Saints
84 Antonio Brown Steelers
54 Teddy Bruschi Patriots (blue, throwback)
30 James Conner Steelers
17 Sam Darnold Jets
11 Tony Eason Patriots (throwback)
 11 Julian Edelman Patriots (blue, throwback)
07 John Elway Broncos
04 Brett Favre Falcons throwback (me)
28 Marshal Faulk Rams
24 Devonte Freeman Falcons
10 Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers
16 Jared Goff Rams (yellow)
87 Gronk (white, blue, throwback)
30 Todd Gurley Rams (throwback, navy, Pro Bowl, UGA)
54 Donta Hightower Patriots
88 Michael Irvin Cowboys
34 Bo Jackson Raiders
08 Lamar Jackson Ravens
81 Calvin Johnson Lions
07 Bert Jones Colts
11 Julio Jones Falcons (red, white, throwback)
58 Jack Lambert (top)
58 Khalil Mack Raiders, Bears
15 Patrick Mahomes Chiefs
10 Eli Manning Giants
18 Peyton Manning Broncos
08 Marcus Mariota Titans
13 Dan Marino Dolphins (my man Eric Newman)
15 Brandon Marshall Jets
54 Clay Matthews Packers white
06 Baker Mayfield Browns
25 LeSean McCoy Bills
55 Willie McGinest Patriots throwback
58 Von Miller Broncos
12 Joe Namath Jets (on a kid!)
01 Cam Newton Panthers
09 Carson Palmer Bengals (me)
20 Isaiah Oliver Falcons
77 Patrick Omameh Jaguars
43 Troy Polamalu Steelers
40 Jake Plummer Cardinals
04 Dak Prescott Cowboys
50 Brooks Reed (?) Falcons throwback
29 Jordan Richards Falcons
18 Calvin Ridley Falcons throwback
17 Philip Rivers Chargers
12 Aaron Rodgers Packers (throwback)
09 Matt Ryan Falcons (red, black, throwback)
19 Rashaan Salaam Colorado
41 Deion Sanders (Falcons black, red)
40 Gale Sayers Bears
32 Richard Sherman Seahawks
17 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins
54 Lawrence Taylor Giants
19 Adam Thielen Vikings
54 Brian Urlacher Bears
07 Michael Vick Eagles
13 Kurt Warner Rams
04 Deshaun Watson Texans (blue, Clemson)
11Carson Wentz Eagles
84 Roddy White throwback
82 Jason Whitten Cowboys throwback
11 Roy Williams Cowboys 11
Shame on me for not representing Herschel. A green Eagles jersey would be nice, or the red Generals jersey. Or purple Vikings, blue Cowboys, or royal Giants. Next Super Bowl.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Super Bowl Experience

Two straight days at the Super Bowl Experience:
Tuesday with Will and today with Reid.
The main attraction: a picture with the Lombardi Trophy.
The wait to get the Lombardi Trophy pic could run over an hour,
so both days it was the first stop. On Tuesday we had hardly any wait.
Wednesday the que (below) was almost half full. 
 The Shrine.
With no school on Tuesday due to the snow,
lots of families took advantage of the free kids admission.
Also crowded on Wednesday.
Both Will and I successfully passed into the basket on our first try.
Will also made the further basket on his second try.
We both flubbed field goal tries,
and I bested Will in the three target scramble.
Videos to be posted later this week.
Three souvenir stands, including one in the CNN Center. 
Tuesday I wore my Brett Favre Falcons jersey, and received several compliments (and one Dan Stryzinski question). Wore my Bengals Carson Palmer jersey on Wednesday to change things up, and spent the afternoon being mistaken for a Ohio resident. 
Saw only two or three other Bengal jerseys,
and zero Falcon Favre jerseys.
 My Hall of Fame bust.
The volunteer thought it turned out well.
 The above picture was taken inside this box. 
A jersey from the second half of Johnny U's career, after the NFL/AFL merger, when NFC teams added names to the jerseys. 

 Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen.
Several broadcasts were originating from the Super Bowl Experience:
the NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, and two local channels.
Below right: hall of fame running back Terrell Davis prepares for a show.  

Will insisted on the picture. At the fanfest before the 1999 Super Bowl a much younger Will struck a similar pose.

 Note the strategically placed products inside the lockers:
toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

 NFL Man of the Year trophy

 Right: hall of famer Rod Woodson.