Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Good Schultz column on the differences between GT and UGA. On one hand, its remarkable that GT competes as well as they do with UGA, which isn't much. GT fans really don't think out the disparity between the two schools. On the other hand, if schools like Stanford, Duke, and Notre Dame can field good teams, you would think GT would be able to as well.

Major differences/disadvantages for GT:
…Lack of easier curriculum for athletes.
…Campus situated in the downtown of one of the largest cities in the US.
What other school has both those things going against them? 

I like Buck Belue, but he enjoys arguing with Kincaid so much that it takes away from the show. They already got bounced from their prime drive time spot. Listeners in the northeast love the arguing, but people are different in the south. 

Chuck and Chernoff may disagree, but they don't bicker. Chuck Oliver is so knowledgeable, and tells it like it is. I'm not crazy about Laurentino, but like the easygoing Christopher Rude.

Worked until just before five yesterday. Got Matthew a Taco Bell taco, and took Anna to her art class.


Several years ago I did a focus group about "Overhaulin", a Discovery Channel show about taking an old car and fixing it up. Of course I had never heard of the show. After the focus group I would watch it from time to time. Hadn't watched it in over a year, but last night they were fixing up a 64 VW Beetle. Ceil even got interested. After that she watched HGTV. Also a bunch on the storm.

I'm getting used to leaving work at 4 pm. I still need to sneak in some overtime, even though its been banned.

Sunday I watched some of several NFL games: Falcons/Eagles and Giants/Cowboys. Also some of the Chiefs / Raiders.

For dinner Monday we had grilled chicken strips, mixed vegetables, and roasted potatoes. Also Trader Joes orange chicken for M and A.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Taco Tuesday

Tuesday MLB and Taco Bell are giving away a free Doritos taco between two and six. My route home rests in the eye of the northern Atlanta Taco Bell hurricane. I can grab one for me, and take one or two home to my 14 year old, whose middle name is Taco. A possible route:

415 Pleasant Hill & Satellite
430 Pleasant Hill & Peachtree Parkway
445 Old Milton & Jones Bridge
500 Haynes Bridge & North Point Pkwy
515 Downtown Alpharetta
530 Holcomb Bridge & Old Roswell
545 Highway 92 & Sandy Plains Road
600 Sandy Plains & Shallowford
615 Old Canton & East Piedmont
630 Upper Roswell & Robinson
645 Lower Roswell & Johnson Ferry

UPDATE: Had to work until almost five, then I had to hustle home to shuttle Anna to art. The three Taco Bells I swung by weren't too crowded, so Matthew ate well. 

Tech: A New Low

Tech played about as bad as a team can play, in every area of the game. The defense couldn’t tackle, but the offense and special teams didn’t help them out. I didn’t think they’d solve their kicking problems overnight, and the punting team decided to not block. The offense only managed a field goal. I’m wondering if this isn’t the worst Tech team ever. Fans posting on are livid. One long-time fan, older than me, who’d stayed at the GT hotels at all the recent bowl games ripped the team pretty good. Said they were prima donnas who didn’t deserve a bowl trip.

Finally there is a quarterback controversy. Vad Lee needs the playing time. He’s the fastest running QB ever at Tech, and has the strongest arm. Still, he needs a LOT of seasoning…especially running the option. So many of Johnson’s plays take too long to develop, either by design of by slow QB play. Tevin runs the option much better. BYU did a great job taking it away. No easy wins the rest of the way…not even Maryland.

Radakovich is a good AD, and it would be hard for GT to replace him with someone of his caliber. Clemson called, and he was just the type to want to move on. I wonder if he ever understood that Tech’s fan base is different, much more old school than most. Most Tech graduates leave the state, leaving a tiny alumni group in the metro area. Unlike UGA, the vibe at Tech football games is social.  Tech’s downtown, urban setting would seemingly attract inner city athletes - except for the school’s engineering curriculum. Perhaps that’s why DRad left. Tech is the perfect storm for bad football.

I should gloat in my “prediction” that UGA would beat Florida. Kept waiting for the Gators to come back, and I thought it was all over when that big receiver was headed to the end zone. But Jarvis Jones forced another fumble, and that was the game. As usual, Murray had some passes sail on him, but he was on target when it mattered.

Didn’t do much this weekend. Watched chunks of the Series. Sunday night the wind knocked out our cable, so I missed the Giants comeback. Early Sunday afternoon Will was bumped from his return flight to Atlanta, and had to wait to Monday morning to fly in. He got to see a classic game Saturday night, between ND and OK.

Every week Kirk Herbstreit announces the biggest ABC/ESPN college football game of the week, along with Brent Musburger. He’s also on the popular 10 am Saturday morning ESPN College GameDay show, broadcast from outside a college stadium. This week they were in Norman for the OK/ND game, so Will got his picture with Herbstreit and former UGA all-American David Pollock.

Pollock had called Thursday night’s Clemson game at Wake Forest. He’d done a good job, to the point where it seemed like co-announcer Jesse palmer was getting angry with him.

On November 7 Matthew is going to the Hawks/Pacers game with his small group. He asked if I had a Hawks jersey he can wear, but I sold the only one I had.

Friday, October 26, 2012

College GameDay

While visiting Mary-Clayton out at the University of Oklahoma, Will got to visit with David Pollock and Kirk Herbstreet from ESPN's College GameDay. Both David and Kirk were rockin the sneakers, but Will, not so much.

Trivia Day Five

1. Before 2012, in what year did the Nationals/Expos post their best record?
A. 1979
B. 1980
C. 1981
D. 1994. The Expos had baseball’s best record (& a six game lead over the Braves) when the players went out on strike. The playoffs and World Series were cancelled, so the Braves’ string of consecutive division championships remained intact.

2. Dr. Amy Farrar Fowler, Sheldon’s neuroscientist friend who is also a girl, is played by Mayim Bialik. In real life, Mayim…

A. Is a neuroscientist with a PHD
B. Received a fashion makeover on the show “What Not to Wear”
C. Appeared in a Michael Jackson video.
D. Both A and B.
E. All of the above. Best known as the child star of the “Blossom” TV series, Bialik had been accepted into both Harvard and Yale, but chose to stay on the west coast, graduating from UCLA.

3. In the early 90’s a tornado ravaged Dunwoody in the middle of the night, then continued on through Norcross and Duluth. Where did the tornado hit our Ryerson (then J.M.Tull) Norcross complex?

A. Blue Building Warehouse
B. RMP Gold Building
C. Corporate Office Building
D. Parking Lot between 01 and RMP. The tornado blew through between the two warehouses. Third shift warehouse employees took refuge in a pit. One curled up in the ID of a 40,000 pound coil. The covered walkway running between the buildings was damaged, and a flatbed truck trailer may have overturned. Both the 01 and RMP warehouses only received minimal damage. The power was out, and employees were able to enjoy a day off. Tull VP Walter Wallace’s Dunwoody home suffered major damage. The tornado then slammed into the brick warehouse next door, then inhabited by Peachtree Window & Doors…knocking down a brick wall.

Losing With Grace?

Some players and coaches don’t know how to lose, but fans are much worse. These days fans think wholesale changes must be implemented if a team is losing, not thinking about preseason expectations and long-term contracts and goals. There is too much rejoicing when a team merely does what they are supposed to do (like when Clemson beat lowly Wake Forest Thursday night).

There is often too much knashing of teeth when a team loses. This week all UGA fans have been talking about is that the #10 Dawgs will lose to #2 Florida. UGA lost to SC, and Florida has already beaten highly ranked LSU and SC. Should Florida go on and beat UGA, how should the fans react? Should fans be mad when their team loses to a team clearly superior to theirs? Or should they be able to take away positive aspects from the game? Wasn’t it the 2011 SEC Championship Game when UGA played a great first half against the overwhelmingly favored #1 LSU Tigers, who went on to win the BCS National Championship?

In the youth baseball that Will played, from 6 years old and up, it was evident that some boys didn’t know how to lose. Likewise, it is evident that many do not know how to win.

When Herschel Walker came on the scene and started scoring all those touchdowns, it was refreshing to see him casually flip the ball to the referee…acting like he’d scored before. Now you see defensive backs, after being badly beaten on the previous play, taking part in elaborate celebrations for merely doing their job: breaking up a pass. Or pleading innocence to a referee about the pass interference call when millions watching on national TV can clearly see he was guilty.

Of course, in today’s world these concepts are considered “old-school”…just like the bizarre uniforms teams wear for two main reasons: (1) to attract 17 year old recruits and (2) to make more money for the team. All this goes hand in hand with the “win at all costs” theory.

NOTES: After work Thursday I met C and M at the Chattahoochee National Forest parking lot off Lower Roswell, not far from the Fulton County line…just 2 or 3 miles from our house. We hiked through the woods and along the river for several miles. Saw a multi-point buck, that didn’t seem too afraid of us. C brought along our dog Barney, and he had a grand time. Matthew loved it as well, so we’ll probably be going back.

Watched the Clemson game and some of the World Series. The Giants look hot, but things could change back in Detroit. Still, I’m expecting the Giants to win the Series.

Not much going on this weekend. I’ll watch GT/BYU, GA/FL, OK/ND, & some of the Series. Sunday afternoon I’ll pick up Will at the airport. We’ll all eat somewhere after the 4 pm Passion service, then I’ll take him back to Athens.

Football's Problem

Concussions: I’ve read where peewees are taught to tackle, but kids who play flag football for years, then switch to tackle, are at risk since the never learned the proper form. There’s little hard hitting in peewee ball. Instead its bunches of tiny bodies with huge helmeted heads standing around pushing. Even when you get the huge chubby kid, he’s the slowest one on the field. The only way he can hurt someone is to fall on top of them.

Inner city kids aren’t exposed to peewee football as much as their suburban counterparts. Instead they watch the hard-hitting NFL players on SportsCenter, then put on shoulder pads for the first time in middle school and go out and try to take their opponents heads off. In truth, there isn’t many violent hits in high school games. There are so few elite athletes. Out of the hundred players at a typical high school game, at best five will play in college. Rarely will one make it to the pros. Without any experience, Will would’ve been an above average high school player. Compared to college and pro, the speed of the game is very slow. So hard hits are rarely a problem.

By the time the above average player gets to college, the hangers-on around him have convinced him that he id destined for the NFL. Players want to make the big hit, so they can be on SportsCenter. And they don’t wear their helmets correctly. Part of that is the dreadlocks players have. They’d rather look cool now and risk the concussions that will impair them later. This concussion scare is one of the reasons tackling is so bad these days. By this point they’re part of the cash generating machine, a worker bee in the football factory…a replaceable part. In the past college and pro players have been encouraged to play hurt. If they don’t, there’s the possibility they are Wally Pipped. With nothing to fall back on, most limp back out on the field…further sentencing themselves to a future with a fading mind.

The NFL is in a quandary. The most popular league in sports garnered that rep thanks to all the hard hits. On the other hand, former players are suing the league because of the toll those hits have taken on their brains and bodies. Fans don’t care. They want to see the hits. TV networks get the big ratings for showing the hits, but they’ll also report the horrific stories of retired players like Junior Seau and Ray Easterling killing themselves. What will happen to the goose that laid the golden egg?

NOTES: I pick Bama over Oregon. The Ducks are fast, but colleges like Bama shouldn’t have to substitute as much as the pros. Oregon does have that really fast guy, who grew up playing in Snoop Dog’s peewee league. He spurned mighty USC and enrolled at Eugene, so now everyone thinks the Ducks are going to rule the roost. Unlike the sports talk guys, I’m not convinced. Still, it’s super hard for a team to repeat.

Thursday night Clemson was trying to go no-huddle. Instead of huddling up ten yards behind the ball, the offense would line up over the ball, and stand around for 10-15 seconds while the play was called. The only difference? The defense has a harder time substituting. Clemson appeared to be dominant, but it was just Wake Forest. With seven minutes to go in the game Tajh Boyd broke the school record for passing yards. They should’ve taken him out at halftime…the game was already decided.   

Moes and Taco Bell are ok, but one day we’ll hopefully start eating at other places. I dislike Chipotle, but on Halloween we’ll go there for two dollar burritos.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trivia Day Four

1. Who is the last American League pitcher to lose 20 games in a season TWICE? 
...Nolan Ryan…all-time strikeout king, now owns the Rangers
...Wilbur Wood…White Sox knuckleballer…lost 20 in 73 and 75, but won 20 or more FOUR straight years, from 71 to 74.
...Mike Maroth…Detroit Tigers…who everyone by Callie answered. I’d never heard of him!
...Mickey Lolich…Detroit Tigers World Series hero
Once again, Callie was the only one to get the baseball question right.

2. Former Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito started Game One of the World Series last night for the San Francisco Giants. Zito has a history of being a flake, though he may have matured in recent years. What actor, who recently reprised his most famous role in an updated version of his iconic TV series, is Zito’s uncle?
...Larry Hagman…the evil J.R. Ewing on Dallas (Who shot JR?)
...Patrick Duffy…JR’s brother Bobby Ewing
...Tom Selleck…Magnum PI (also on Friends)
...David Hasselhoff…before Baywatch starred in Knight Rider.

BONUS: What was (is) the name of the TV show? Dallas. Buck & Josh knew.

3. What Ryerson Norcross employee appeared in a scene with Dennis Quaid in the movie “The Rookie”?
...Bobby Rogers (blue ridge)…see below.
...Paul Payne (whse mgr)…a likely choice
...Damon Santimauro (tubing mgr)…played baseball at Kennesaw
...David Murphy (trivia wiz)…I fooled everyone!

While training the Ryerson Dallas district on the AS400, Bobby Rogers and I (& Bham’s Rick Ross) visited the Texas School Book Depository, Six Flags over Texas, and the Texas Rangers on dollar dog nite (ARod just missed hitting for the cycle). I went to another game, and sat a few rows behind the third base dugout. During the 7th inning stretch the scene was filmed where Dennis Quaid trots in from the bullpen to make his major league debut. The cameraman ran along next to Quaid, then circled the mound…so I was in the crowd shot. Was that as bad as a Jimmy story?

4. What Nickelodeon show did Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper) recently appear on?
...iCarlyeveryone but Josh got this one. HOW?
...SpongeBob…classic television
...Victorious…the dumb redhead cracks me up
...Good Luck Charlie…trick: not on Nick!
DAVE”S FUN FACT: All four are fine shows!

5. Match the Big Bang character with the superhero costume he wore to the New Year’s Eve party at the comic book store:
Sheldon…the Flash
Leonard…Green Lantern. Leonard had been Superman the year before.
Ashley knew Penny went as Wonder Woman
Mike knew Penny’s hunky (but dumb) boyfriend was Superman
FUN FACT: This episode was on last night!

Travelin' Man

Busy day off Wednesday. I was going to vote, but there was only one location open (until today), and it was way over past the Marietta Square.

Left at 9 am, and stopped by Kroger for shipping envelopes. Drove to Athens, browsed at Goodwill, grabbed a Taco Bell burrito. Met Martha, our friend’s daughter, and picked up her laundry to take to her mother. I was still early, so I went to the Varsity to use the restroom. Felt like I needed to buy something, so I got a large chocolate shake in a UGA schedule cup…it about made me sick.

Will did well on his two tests that morning. It took some time to hang the bike rack on my car, so it was almost one before we left.

While he was hanging the bike rack, he had me go back inside to get his Delta ticket. That meant I’d have to have someone let me in his locked dorm. I happened to be following a little freshman coed, and she let me in. Guess I didn’t look too threatening.

Made it to the airport around 2:45, so he made his 4:05 flight to Oklahoma City. That meant I drove through downtown and up past the Cobb Energy Center just an hour before Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan’s motorcade shut down that very route. My neighbor was livid…she left downtown at 5 pm, and didn’t get home until after 7:30.

As soon as I got home I had to take Matthew to an appointment on the other side of the Marietta Square. That didn’t take long, so we swung by the polls just after 4:45. The line was too long to wait. Treated M to Taco Bell, swung by a thrift store & Publix, and picked up a photo at Mt Paran North. An efficient six stop trip.

Blew the driveway, talked to the neighbor (Tigers in six), and watched a little of the Series. SF remains hot. Wonder if the Tigers cooled of while waiting on the NLCS to end.

Matthew cooked dinner: Mexican chicken soup, with baked tortilla strips.
Saw on Facebook that Bryan’s movie is running test screenings in Warner Robins.

Trivia Day Three

Which active player has led the league in stolen bases the most times?
Ichiro Suzuki
Carl Crawford…took the SB crown 4 times in 5 years.
Jose Reyes
Jacoby Ellsbury

What current Norcross employee was pictured on the cover of “Tull Today” magazine running in the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay?
There I go again, tooting his own horn.

On the Big Bang Theory, where does Penny work?
Cheesecake Factory

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trivia Day Two

1. Who was the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award unanimously?
A. Warren Spahn…Braves, all-time winningest lefthander
B. Whitey Ford…Yankees
C. Sandy Koufax...Dodgers…had a 25-5 record in 1963, with a 1.88 ERA and 11 shutouts. Koufax has also met Jimmy.
D. Don Drysdale…Dodgers

2. What current Ryerson Norcross outside salesperson once dated country music star Trisha Yearwood? HINT: I am NOT an outside salesperson, so don't guess me. It is also not Dan or Brandon (nor Denene or Jessica). I made this one too easy.
While at Young Harris, Todd had several dates with the future Mrs. Garth Brooks. It is your duty to give him a hard time about it.

FUN FACT: My college roommate is Trisha Yearwood's cousin.

3. Which Star Trek – The Next Generation actor has NOT appeared on The Big Bang Theory?
A. Brett Spiner / Data…the guys attended a party at Brett's
B. LaVar Burton / Geordi La Forge…LaVar came to a party at the guy's apartment.
C. Wil Wheaton / Wesley Crusher…Wil has bowled and played war games against Sheldon.
D. Michael Dorn / Worf

Pretty sad that I knew all these actors AND their character's names. Guess I was watching Next Gen, when I should've been watching Friends.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Andy in the AJC

Thorough AJC cover story about Andy and Charles Stanley. Came CLOSE to capturing “the real Andy” but could’ve gone a lot further. Sandra’s quotes about Andy were perhaps the most meaningful. Monday morning it was hard to find the article on, but the photos were listed under “Andy Stanley’s Megachurch.” That phrase is laughable to me, because of how many other people are involved, and how Andy makes a point to talk about how decisions are made by the entire Leadership Team. Often Andy is opposed to decisions are made, but he follows along.

I thought there would be tons of comments, since the liberal AJC loves to allow comments on stories where religion can be attacked. But for the longest time Sunday night there were only 23 (when the article was prominently displayed on the website), and Monday morning only 29 comments. Many of the comments were by people with an agenda, who obviously hadn’t read the article. They focused on the million dollar house, not the two million raised this past Christmas to minister in needy neighborhoods around the church (an annual event). In addition to that two million, North Point gives a greater percentage (and amount) to missions than most all other churches.  

The commenters also would have been interested to know that Andy prayed at Obama’s post-Inauguration service. And that Sandra refused to spend big bucks on a fancy dress for the occasion (at the mall). Her quote: “That money could feed so many starving children.” Also not mentioned was how Andy gave away all his beloved musical equipment, that would’ve only taken Andy away from spending time with his family.

The bogus “$100,000 car” comment was not defined enough. For years (2000-2010) Andy talked about driving his old SUV until it fell apart. It’s doubtful someone as grounded financially as Andy would have been driving a luxury car around the time he quit his only job, with young children in the house.

Gary Neibur, the Tech tennis coach quoted on how Andy met Sandra, is the father of Anna’s good friend Lily. Lily went to prom with Anna’s gang, and is the girl who took the slingshot to Living Science and shot Mary-Clayton’s brother in the forehead. These days Gary has a lucrative job with adidas. The Neiburs spent the summer in England for Wimbledon and the Olympics.

Interesting AJC photos. All the Catalyst Conference photos didn’t really capture the day to day Andy. The photos at his house were better…hugging his 16 year old daughter and the “PRAY BIG” sign in the kitchen. Note that Andy and Sandra weren’t wearing fancy clothes…just jeans. I’m sure Andy thought it hilarious that the awful teen Andy and Louie picture was published.

The story didn’t mention that Andy took the Alaskan cruise only as a favor to his father. It was a working vacation for Andy, delivering sermons to the passengers who’d signed up for the Charles Stanley cruise. Andy didn’t need the money, and surely would’ve rather vacationed somewhere else. Though I haven’t been to North Point in several months, I’m pretty sure Andy would be fine without any media coverage.

Trivia Day One

I am this week’s trivia master again. Once more, I tried to keep the questions simple and educational.

1. Rank these American League home run leaders in the 1940s.

234…Ted WilliamsRed Sox OF missed 3 yrs while flying bomber in WW2
189…Rudy York1B for Tigers…missed no time due to WW2
181…Joe GordonYankee 2B missed 44 and 45 season to WW2
180…Joltin Joe DiMaggio…Yankee CF missed 3 seasons serving in WW2

2. After he retired, what product did DiMaggio endorse? Mr Coffee coffeemakers was what he was most famous for. Joe also endorsed Wheaties, baseball mitts and bats, a NYC savings bank…and Camel cigarettes. After hitting in a record 56 straight games, had DiMaggio extended his streak one more game, Heinz 57 ketchup was ready to give Joe an endorsement. But Brandon, it wasn’t to be.

3. Who did DiMaggio marry? Marilyn Monroe. After her death Joe made sure fresh flowers were always placed on her grave. Brandon knew this part.

4. After he died, in what manner was Ted Williams “buried”? His children fulfilled his last wishes…his head was cut off and cryogenically frozen, with hopes that in the future he could be revived. In life Ted was a gritty man’s man, who loved to fish (and hit).


5. FRIENDS: What was the name of the group that sang the Friends theme song? The Rembrandts

6. What group sings the theme song for The Big Bang Theory? Bare Naked Ladies.

College Football Roundup

Didn’t get much done on Saturday, because…

10 am… ESPN College GameDay
12 noon…Clemson vs. Virginia Tech
3 pm…Georgia Tech vs. Boston College
7 pm…Georgia at Kentucky

Every week a different set of commentators announces the Clemson game (and Virginia Tech game). Every week they start off by talking about what great quarterbacks both Tajh Boyd and Logan Thomas are. How NFL scouts love them. Then the announcers spend the rest of the game talking about the mistakes Boyd and Thomas make. Every week. It may not happen as much against weaker teams, but neither comes up big in games against higher ranked opponents. They may be big and strong, but neither is consistent or accurate. Neither is good at finding the secondary receiver. Were I a NFL team, I wouldn’t want them on my roster.

Mike Patrick and Ed Cunningham did a great job announcing the Clemson game. Told it like it was. Several bad calls went against Virginia Tech. The Hokies poor play did them in, and Clemson capitalized. Even though South Carolina laid about four eggs (fumbles) against Florida, the Gamecocks will still put a pasting on Clemson. Even Thursday night’s game against Wake Forest will be tougher for Clemson.

Speaking of announcers, the color man for the GT/BC game hardly spoke at all. I had never heard of him. I enjoyed watching BC’s white receivers run circles around GT’s cocky defensive backs. But that was all BC had going for them. Vad Lee looked good again, but it’s evident he is still a raw redshirt freshman. As I’ve said, Tevin runs the option better than Nesbitt did…but he passes worse than Nesbitt. Vad will run the option better once he settles down and stops rushing things.

Kills me that Tech can’t kick a field goal. When the first string holder is the backup kicker, why is the backup holder the fullback? What kind of Special Teams Coach did GT hire? Nothing will help GT next week, unless BYU has a letdown after several big games. But BYU doesn’t have the emotional players who will take a week off. BYU has a bunch of 25 year old redshirt seniors, many married with kids and minivans. They can’t wait to get out on the field.

Everyone in the world is talking about how poorly UGA played, especially on defense. With their star LB out, it was just one more game where the entire defense wasn’t on the field together. Couple that with a pumped up Kentucky team, perhaps people aren’t giving the Dawgs enough credit. Kentucky’s defense took away the run, so Aaron Murray has a career day throwing the ball. And at least one TD pass was dropped. Though it’s doubtful UGA beats Florida, it’s definitely possible. After beating LSU and SC, the Gators could have a letdown. You heard it here first.

Friday Will was throwing up, and he had to talk Ceil out of us going to get him Friday night. Instead I got to watch some of the NLCS. Barry Zito came up big. Later I heard he has become a Christian.

Got some housework done on Sunday. Assembled a care package for Will (jeans, socks, flannel shirts) and took it to Nancy for delivery.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Longest Field Goals

A high school kid in Washington state nailed a 67 yard field goal last week, and the national media hailed it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Some compared it the NFL's longest: 63 yards (held by four kickers). Others compared it to the NCAA Division 1 record of 67 yards, also held by several kickers. Few mentioned Dirk Borgognone's 68 yarder for Reno High School, and none mentioned the NAIA college record of 69 yards.

Austin Rehkow, the high school kicker at Central Valley in Spokane Valley, Washington, boomed the 67-yard field goal at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime. Rehkow has three field goals over 50 yards this season, but only has a partial scholarship offer from Eastern Washington, undoubtedly because of consistency problems. Those bloggers calling for colleges to award Rehkow a full Division 1 scholarship would quickly eat their words should he miss several cheap shots for their team of choice.

I stumbled across this following list of field goals greater than 60 yards, including all football levels and leagues. Some are quite interesting, including several turn of the century drop kicks. Found the list here  

69...Ove Johansson, Abilene Christian, 10/16/1976, NAIA

68...Dirk Borgognone, Reno High School, Nevada, 1985
68...Fabrizio Scaccia, St. Lucie Bobcats. 2009, Florida Football Alliance

67...Russell Erxleben, Texas, 1977 (2" tee) 
67...Steve Little, Arkansas, 1977 (2" tee)
67...Joe Williams, Wichita State, 1978 (2" tee)
67...Russell Cowsert, Dallas Christian HS, TX, 1987
67...Tom Odle, Fort Hayes State, 1988 (2" tee), NCAA Div II
67...Lonny Calicchio, Plantation HS, FL, 1988-1990
67...Rusty Curry, Duluth HS, GA, 1999, free kick after fair-catch
67...Graham Gano, Tate HS, 2004, FL, wiped out by penalty
67...Kip Smith, Legacy HS, 2009, CO, free kick after fair catch on punt
67...Carson Wiggs, Purdue, 2011
67...Austin Rehkow, Central Valley HS, 10/18/2012, WA, kick tied game at the gun

66...Fabrizio Scaccia, St. Lucie Bobcats, 2009

65...John Triplett Haxall, Princeton, 1882, w/o tee, in the Polo Grounds, NYC
65...J.P. Ross, Birmingham A.C., 1892, drop-kick
65...Tony Franklin, Texas A&M, 10/16/1976, after Johansson's 69 

65...Martin Gramatica, Kansas State, 1998, w/out tee
65...Luke Roberts, Deer Creek HS, 2001 OK playoffs at Broken Arrow Field, free kick after fair catch
65...Carlo Mosnia, Belton High, Spring 2010, TX
65...Ola Kimrin, Denver Broncos, 2002, pre-season, released following game
65...Daniel Austin, Mt. Zion HS, IL, 2002
65...Graham Gano, Tate HS, 2004, FL, state record longest
65...Steve Purviance, Gulf High, 2004, FL

64...Tony Franklin, Texas A&M, 10/16/1976, before Johansson's 69 (only kicker w/ 2 60+ FG in same game

64...Russell Erxleben, Texas, 1977, also had 58 yarder in game
64...Eric Aftholter, Oak Park HS, CA, 1982
64...Dustin Griffiths, Eaglecrest HS (Aurora), 2001, CO
64...Reid Cline, Rockford County HS, GA, 2002
64...Gerry McGroarty, Bishop Hoban (Wilkes-Barre), 2003, missed 70 yarder
64...Graham Gano, Tate HS, Cantonment, FL, 2004, his 1st state record
64...Richard Jackson, Riverside HS v Union, 2005, SC record)
64...Jose Martinez, Texas-El Paso (W 58-13) Central Florida, 9/27/2008 33,339
64...Garrett Lindholm, Tarleton St, 2009, TX, Div II Playoffs, on last play of reg to send to OT 

64...Austin Pacheco, Carson High, 2011, NV, winning kick with 27 sec left

63...Mark Payne, Dakota Wesleyan v Spearfish Normal, SD, 1915, drop-kick
63...Tom Dempsey, New Orleans Saints, 1970
63...Joe Duren, Arkansas State, 1974, kicked 56 yd FG for win
63...Clarke Kemble, Colorado State, 1975 (2" tee)
63...Morten Andersen, Michigan State, 1981, 2" tee
63...Scott Roper, Arkansas State, 1987, 2" tee, NCAA Div 1AA
63...Tim Foley, Georgia Southern, 1987, 2" tee, NCAA Div 1AA
63...Todd Sauerbrun, Ward Melville HS, Long Island, NY, 1990
63...Dax Langley, Conyers Heritage HS v Cedar Shoals, GA, 11/5/1993
63...Matt Van Voren, Chicago Christian, 1994
63...Tim Sydnes, Putnam City West Prep, OK, 1994, free kick following fair catch
63...Danny Kight, Augusta, 1995, National Minor League Football, trailed 2-0
63...Daniel Jordan, Middleton HS, SC
, 1995 
63...Jeremy Flores, Willards HS, MO, 1995
63...Aaron Mills, San José Saber Cats, 1996
63...Travis Dorsch, Bozeman HS, MT, 1997
63...Todd Sievers, Ankeny High School, IA, 1997
63...Jason Elam, Denver Broncos, 1998
63...Bill Gramatica, South Florida, 2000, w/out tee
63...Jeff Locke, Glendale Mountain Ridge, 2007, AZ
63...Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland Raiders, 2011 

63...David Akers, San Francisco 49ers, 2012

62...Pat O'Dea, Wisconsin, 1898, drop-kick in blizzard. Also longest punt: 110 yards
62...George Gipp, Notre Dame Freshmen, 1916 (drop-kick) 
62...Kelly Imhoff, Kent HS, WA, 1929, drop-kick
62...Chester Marcol, Hillsdale College, 1969 NAIA
62...Mike Flater, Colorado Mines, 1973, 2" tee, NAIA
62...Dave Lawson, Air Force, 1975, 2" tee
62...Larry Scruggs, Grambling, 1975 NAIA
62...Russell Wheatley, Odessa Permian HS, 1975, playoff semi-final 

62...Dom Antonni, Rowan College, 1976, 2" tee, D3
62...Tony Franklin, Texas A&M, 1977, Sun Bowl, only 60+ FG in a bowl, 3 60+ FG in one season
62...Iseed Khoury, North Texas, 1977, 2" tee
62...Dan Christopulos, Wyoming, 1977, 2" tee
62...Mike Kennon, Stanton Community HS, IA, 1982
62...Ed Leopard, Charlotte Storm, 1983, American Association, minor league
62...John Diettrich, Ball State, 1986, 2" tee, NCAA D1A
62...Paul Hickert, Murray State, 1986, 1" tee, D3 record
62...Tom Whelihan, Missouri, 1986, 2" tee 

62...Chip Lohmiller, Minnesota v Iowa, 1986, 2" tee, Metrodome, indoor record
62...Erik Denton, Merritt Island High, 1987, FL
62...Kyle Pooler, Glendale Cactus HS, AZ, 1989
62...Jason Hanson, Washington State, 1991 (w/out tee)
62...Jeff Hall, Franklin County HS, TN, 1991
62...Jeff Hall, Franklin County HS, 1992, only HS player with 2 over 60 in career
62...Ralph Heaton, El Paso Irvin HS, TX, 1992
62...Danny Huesgen, Maryland Heights HS, MO, 1995
62...Davis Leaverton, Midland High School TX, 1995
62...Dallas Thompson, Air Force Academy JV, 1995
62...Ben Davis, Rick's Jr College, 1997, JC rec
62...Terrence Kitchens, Texas A&M, 1999, w/out tee
62...Doc Proctor, Ferris State, MI, 1999, w/out tee, D2
62...Grant Hartley, Barstow HS, FL, 1999
62...Jimmy Lynn Sanchez, McCaskey HS, 2000, PA, straight-on style kicker
62...Billy Cundiff, Drake, 2000, w/out tee
62...Ryan Nall, George Walton Academy v John Milledge Academy, GA playoffs, 2000
62...Paul McCallum, Saskatchewan Roughriders v Edmonton Eskimos, 2001, CFL

62...Jon Baker, Bakersfield Blitz at Hawaiian Islanders, Arena League, 2003
62...David Rayner, Michigan State, 2004
62...Clay Rush, Colorado Crush v LA Avengers, 2005, Arena League
62...Nick Folk, 2006, Univ. of Arizona
62...Matt Bryant, Tampa Bay Bucs, 2006, winning kick at gun
62...Justin Sorensen, Bingham High, 2007, UT
62...Derek Doerfler, Baker College KS, 2007, to win w/ 39 sec left; also 53 yarder, 5 FG tot
62...Fabrizio Scaccia, Fort Pierce Fire, 2008, Southern States League, penalty wiped out FG
62...Joe Smith, Yakima Mavericks v Vancouver Vikings, 2011, Pacific Football League
62...Eddy Carmona, Harding University, 2011, NCAA D2 

62...James Chandler, Wichita Wild at Omaha Beef, 2012, Indoor Football League

61...Bill Shear, Cortlandt State, 1966 NCAA D2
61...Ray Guy, Southern Miss, 1972, Logan, Utah in snowstorm (2" tee) 

61...Wayne Latimer, Virginia Tech, 1975, 2" tee
61...Jerry Spicer, Hobart High School (IN), 1975, missed 63-yd FG in same game
61...Mike Wood, Southeast Missouri, 1975, NCAA
61...Steve Little, Arkansas, 1976, 2" tee
61...Kurt Baal, Lutheran HS (Denver, Co), 1980
61...Ralf Mojsiejenko, Michigan State, 1982, longest in 1st career attempt
61...Dana Jacobsen, Leigh High School (Ca), 1985
61...Mark Porter, Kansas State, 1988, 2" tee
61...Brandon Brookfield, Littleton HS, CO, 1989
61...Marty Simpson, Spring Valley HS (Columbia), 1989, SC
61...Dan Eichloff, Kansas, 1992, w/out tee
61...Kyle Bryant, Texas A&M, 1994, w/out tee, freshman record
61...Ian Howfield, Las Vegas Sting at Miami Hooters, 1995
61...Josh Brown, Foyil HS, state playoff game, OK, 1996, 8 man football
61...Mark Wisniewski, Bishop Kenny HS, FL, 1997
61...Garrett Courtney, North Texas, 1998, w/out tee
61...Cort Moffitt, Washington HS, Tulsa, OK, 1998
61...John Kasay, Carolina Panthers, 1999, pre-season
61...Bryan Robertson, Seymour HS, IN, 1999
61...Cline Ingle, Burns HS, NC, 2000
61...Steve Weatherford, Terre Haute North HS, 2000
61...Kody Bliss, Brentwood Academy v McCallie School, 2001
61...Tyler Norris, Donelson Christian Academy, 2001
61...Pete Garces, Wyoming Cavalry v San Angelo Stampede, 2005, National Indoor League
61...Pete Garces, Wyoming Cavalry v Kissimmee Kreatures, 5/2/2005, NIFL
61...Danny Kight, Louisville Fire at Albany Conquest, 2005, Arena
61...Steven Azar, Memphis Xplosion v Amarillo Dusters, 2005, Playoff game, AF2
61...Jeremy Seeton, East Texas Baptist, 2005, D3
61...Matt Szymanski, A&M Consolidated HS, 2005, TX Semi-Final, no tee
61...Mason Crosby, Colorado ST, 2006. Nullified as Colorado State called TO, had 12 men on field. Crosby then missed kick
61...Kyle Chilton, Pikesville College, 2006, freshman, NAIA
61...Garrett Hartley, Oklahoma, 2007 61...Kevin Harper, Mentor HS Cardinals, 2007, OH
61...Carey Spear, Mayfield HS, 2009, OH, DI Regional Semi, Off Free Kick end of 2nd half
61...Sebastian Janikowksi, Oakland Raiders, 2009
61...Matt Szymanski, SMU, 2010
61...Craig Camay, Trenton Steel v Fayetteville Force, 2011, Southern Indoor League
61...Ryan Hawkins, Sunrise Mountain HS, 2011, AZ

61...Spencer Benton, Clemson, 2012 
61...Jay Feely, Arizona Cardinals, 2012

60...Jake Beason, Lincoln High (Milwaukee) 1946
60...Dick Hartman, Washington HS (Milwaukee), 1946
60...Marty Akins, G-P High School, TX, 1969, nullified by offsides penalty
60...Ross Caputo, Judge Memorial HS (Salt Lake City),1970
60...Al Vitiello, Nassau Community College (L.I.),1970, Jr College Record

60...Bill McClard, Arkansas, 1970, 2" tee
60...Tony DiRienzo, Oklahoma, 1973, 2" tee
60...Dave Lawson, Air Force Academy, 1974, 2" tee
60...Bubba Hicks, Baylor, 1975
60...Kevin Shipley, Pittsburgh State (KS), 1977 NAIA
60...Russell Erxleben, Texas, 1977, 2" tee, rec for 3 over 60 in one reg season
60...Luis Zendejas, Don Antonio Lugo HS (CA), 1980
60...Henry Castellanos, El Camino Community College, 1982, Jr College Record
60...Fuad Reveiz, Tennessee (L 21-31) v Georgia Tech, 10/23/1982, 2" tee
60...Chris Perkins, Florida,1984, 2" tee
60...Kevin Butler, Georgia (W 26-23) v Clemson, 9/22/1984, 2" tee 

60...Steve Cox, Cleveland Browns, 1984
60...Ralf Mojsienko, Mich St, 1984 Cherry Bowl, Pontiac MI, nullified by penalty, then missed 65 yarder
60...Don Shafer, USC v Notre Dame, 1986, 2" tee, at LA Coliseum
60...Dave Ridgeway, Saskatchewan Roughriders v Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 1987, CFL
60...David Cool, Georgia Southern, 1988, Div 1AA freshman record
60...Jim Harper, Valley Jr College (LA), 1988, Jr College Record
60...Chris MacInnis, North Augusta HS (SC), 1989
60...Mike Panasuk, Ferris State IN, 1990, w/o tee, D2
60...Rusty Fricke, Denver Dynamite v Columbus Thunderbolts, 1991, Arena League
60...Morten Andersen, New Orleans Saints, 1991 indoors
60...Michael Proctor, Pelham HS v Mtn Brook HS (Ala), 1991
60...Joe Nedney, San José State, 1992, w/out tee 
60...Terry Belden, N Arizona, 1993, Div 1AA, rec 3 50+ FG in 1 game; rec for 1 game FG Avg 54.7 yd
60...Kevin Gentle, Guntersville HS (Ala) 1993 Playoffs
60...Ignacio Brache, Village Christian HS (Ca), 1994, may have had 2
nd 60+ FG?
60...Derek Schorejis, Bowling Green, 1995, w/out tee
60...John Hall, Wisconsin, 1995, w/out tee, inside Metrodome
60...Sebastian Janikowski, Sea Breeze HS (Daytona Beach), 1996, missed from 71
60...Rick Brand, Alma College (IN), 1998 D3, w/out tee
60...Pete Garces, Idaho State, 1998, Div 1AA, w/out tee
60...Dan Nystrom, Cooper HS (Minnesota), 1998
60...Justin Green, Odessa HS (MO), 1998, freshman
60...Ramey Peru, Mesa Dobson HS (AZ), 1998
60...B.J. Sander, Roger Bacon HS (Cincinnati), 1998
60...Chris Kluwe, Los Alamitos HS (Ca), 1999, CIF playoff game record
60...Chris Sims, Garland HS, 2000 or 2001
60...Omar Cardenas, Tech de Monterey, 2000, (w/tee), Mexican college football
60...Chace Long, Lincoln Capitals (Ne), 2002 NIFL
60...Hutch Parker, St. Margaret's, Orange County, Ca, 2002
60...Paul Johnson, Chiles HS, Tallahassee, FL, 2002
60...Joe Kleinsmith, St. Edwards HS, 2004, Cleveland, OH
60...Christopher Tommie, Emerald HS, 2004, SD
60...Mason Crosby, Colorado University, 2004, also 28, 33, & 58 yd FGs in game
60...George Shamblen, Miles HS, 2005 (Texas)
60...Rob Bironas, Tennessee Titans, 2006, with 7 sec to go for win
60...Joey Ijjas, Univ. of Florida, 2007
60...Ricky Lebeda, Dana College, 2007
60...Gary Cismesia, Florida State at Florida, 2007
60...Cody Bradley, Parowan High, 2008 (UT)
60...J.T. Arnold, Crestview High, 2008 (FL) free kick w/tee after fair catch on punt w/ 2 sec to go for win
60...Jason Yellin, 2008, Southeast Football League
60...Joe Smith, Yakima Mavericks at N Sound Sting, 2009, also 91-yd punt, WA FL
60...Chris Nendick, Chicago Slaughter v Green Bay Blizzard, 2010, Indoor League
60...Dan Carpenter, Miami Dolphins, 2010
60...Lee Scott, N Texas Falcons v Denton County Rhinos, 2011, Texas Unified Football League
60...Dustin Hopkins, FSU, 2011, spring Game, no rush
60...Josh Brown, St. Louis Rams, 2011, pre-season
60...Alex Sigmon, Tennessee High, 2011, free kick after fair catch. View
60...Jaden Oberkom, Arlington Martin HS, 2011, TX, after penalty following missed 65-yd FG
60...Dillon Christopher, Menchville HS, 2011 (Va)
60...Garrett Swanson, Riverside King HS, 2011 (Ca)
60...Jackson Maples, Pinecres Patriots, 2012, NC
60...Andrew Furney, Washington State, 2012, NCAA DI
60...Greg (the Leg) Zuerlein, St. Louis Rams, 2012, NFL, indoors

Friday, October 19, 2012

Right Eye Dominant

They talk about people having a dominant eye. I think my right is dominant. At work they’ve given everyone a second computer screen, so we’ll be more efficient. They are nice any wide. Right now only my left screen works, and everything is way over on the left hand side of the screen. It’s tough to get used to…that’s why I think my right eye is dominant.

When I set up the two monitors I moved my phone way over to the left, so I had to move my paper holder over to the right. It’s out of the way, but I’m not used to reaching across to get the papers I need several times during the day. We’ll see. Almost all my wires are hidden, so my desk is pretty clean. Coworker out Wednesday through Friday, so it will be a busy week. Yesterday and today I had conference calls, plus a meeting Monday and this morning. And they want us to cut out overtime.

Thursday I “ran” again after work, which is good. Worked around the house when I got home. We had orange chicken and stir fry for dinner. Thursday nights C and A watch “Project Runway” so I caught up on other things.

Right around suppertime Anna learned a friend from Jefferson SC was thrown from the back of a Jeep and suffered serious injuries. Now 16, the boy would always participate in the big football games on Thanksgiving and Christmas. He had to be airlifted to the hospital in Charlotte. Anna’s cousins went to visit. He was pretty banged up, and may be in the hospital for a while.

Nothing on tap for the weekend, that I know about. Laundry and college football. I haven’t gotten into the baseball playoffs. Loved how Bradley and his commenters trashed the Yankees yesterday, and the back and forth DOB is having with his tweeters. Not many compelling football games, though I will watch Tech. Thinking about reading the Bill O’Reilley books on Lincoln and Kennedy. Also starting one by Stephen King, about being a Red Sox fan. “Faithful” is ok so far. His co-author wrote most of it, but it’s interesting to hear King read his part of the book.   
Stopped by Target on the way home Tuesday, to get my glasses fixed. No charge. Ceil fixed a chicken casserole on Monday and chili on Tuesday. Later I went to get Anna from her art class. We listened to the debate on the car radio, but when we got home I went to bed. I think Will listened to one of the debates at some political gathering.

Dr Pepper has a low calorie drink, in a grey can. Its ok. The commercials are aimed at men.

I’m not exactly reeling in the dough on eBay quite yet, though I am making at least double or triple what I paid (or more). At least I’m cleaning out my closets in an interesting way. I need to sell more…I have a bunch to go. I have some ticket stubs tucked away somewhere.

Ceil’s mother gave the youngest four grandchildren iPads. Anna and Matthew love theirs. Will was given an Apple laptop when he graduated. She wants to help Will buy another car. They looked at a 2006 Taurus that appeared to be in decent shape, but C and W weren’t convinced. Right now he’s doing fine without a car.

2012 NFL Helmet Rankings

Most NFL helmets look pretty good. Few don’t look good. Many have not changed in many years. For the most part, this is a good thing. Grey facemasks help make a helmet look great: it doesn’t take away from the look. If the mask is the same color as the helmet, that’s almost as good. White facemasks are ok. But dark colored masks on lighter helmets are the worst.

ARIZ…big bold bird, grey mask
INDsimple horseshoe. Grey mask
DAL…simple star. Grey mask
OAK…iconic logo. Grey mask
BUF…simple helmet. Grey mask

KC…iconic logo. White mask ok
NYG…simple NY logo. Grey mask
CLE…grey mask
SF…busier logo ok. Nice stripes. Grey mask
WSH…yellow mask has been around awhile, grey would be better

PITT…iconic logo. Black mask matches helmet
SEA…distinctive hawk logo. Blue mask matches helmet
STL…iconic horn logo. Navy mask matches helmet
MIN…iconic horns. Purple mask matches helmet
ATL… streamlined bird in flight. Black mask matches helmet

BALT…good-looking bird. Black mask matches helmet
DEN…generic horse. Navy mask matches helmet
HOU…generic cow. Navy mask matches helmet
CHI…generic C looks better white than orange. Navy mask matches helmet

JAX…black mask matches helmet
CIN…tiger stripes stand out. Black mask just ok
TB…unique color, good look. Black mask just ok  
NO…nice logo & stripes. Points off for black mask
GB…iconic G and stripes. Points off for green mask
NYJ…iconic helmet. Points off for green mask: white or grey would be better

NE…red mask just ok, grey would be better
MIA…iconic look. Aqua mask: grey or white would be better
CAR…ugly pointed stripes. Black mask: grey would be better.
DET…points off for black mask, ugly skinny stripes, & updated lion.
PHIL…dislike the changed wing. Black mask. Could be better
SD…Bolt too busy. Navy mask: white or grey would be better
TEN…ugly pointed stripes. Points off for navy mask: white or grey would be better

White (6), Silver (5), Black (4),
Blue (3), Navy (3), Gold (2), Orange (2).
1 = Purple, Yellow, Pewter, Red, Burgundy, Green