Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Several years ago I did a focus group about "Overhaulin", a Discovery Channel show about taking an old car and fixing it up. Of course I had never heard of the show. After the focus group I would watch it from time to time. Hadn't watched it in over a year, but last night they were fixing up a 64 VW Beetle. Ceil even got interested. After that she watched HGTV. Also a bunch on the storm.

I'm getting used to leaving work at 4 pm. I still need to sneak in some overtime, even though its been banned.

Sunday I watched some of several NFL games: Falcons/Eagles and Giants/Cowboys. Also some of the Chiefs / Raiders.

For dinner Monday we had grilled chicken strips, mixed vegetables, and roasted potatoes. Also Trader Joes orange chicken for M and A.

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