Thursday, October 04, 2012

Keeping Up With the Coleys

Left work Tuesday shortly before 5 pm and drove straight home. When I walked in the door Ceil let me know the Coley kids were coming over. I spent the next hour and a half cleaning up.

Houston (12) is probably one of the best playmates for Matthew. Bryan is taking Houston to his regular writer’s workshops, and Houston seems to be benefitting greatly. Houston has written 90 pages of his book, which he described in detail. After reading the Hunger Games, he changed the book from the third person to the first person.

Haviland (8) loved our huge dog, and continuously encouraged Houston to tell a particular story or show a certain YouTube video he had made. Susan mentioned that Haviland is their home school educational challenge.

When Bryan and Susan returned from their event, we got to chat for a while. Crackerjack is complete, but Bryan is working on a way to bring the movie to theaters. Though the movie’s main audience is young males, 35-55 year old women are the main demographic watching the trailer on YouTube. The Coleys recently purchased a 70’s model Airstream stainless steel trailer, and are currently fixing it up. They’ll need a large pickup to haul the thing, and are trying to make a vehicle decision.

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