Monday, October 22, 2012

Trivia Day One

I am this week’s trivia master again. Once more, I tried to keep the questions simple and educational.

1. Rank these American League home run leaders in the 1940s.

234…Ted WilliamsRed Sox OF missed 3 yrs while flying bomber in WW2
189…Rudy York1B for Tigers…missed no time due to WW2
181…Joe GordonYankee 2B missed 44 and 45 season to WW2
180…Joltin Joe DiMaggio…Yankee CF missed 3 seasons serving in WW2

2. After he retired, what product did DiMaggio endorse? Mr Coffee coffeemakers was what he was most famous for. Joe also endorsed Wheaties, baseball mitts and bats, a NYC savings bank…and Camel cigarettes. After hitting in a record 56 straight games, had DiMaggio extended his streak one more game, Heinz 57 ketchup was ready to give Joe an endorsement. But Brandon, it wasn’t to be.

3. Who did DiMaggio marry? Marilyn Monroe. After her death Joe made sure fresh flowers were always placed on her grave. Brandon knew this part.

4. After he died, in what manner was Ted Williams “buried”? His children fulfilled his last wishes…his head was cut off and cryogenically frozen, with hopes that in the future he could be revived. In life Ted was a gritty man’s man, who loved to fish (and hit).


5. FRIENDS: What was the name of the group that sang the Friends theme song? The Rembrandts

6. What group sings the theme song for The Big Bang Theory? Bare Naked Ladies.

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