Friday, October 26, 2012

Trivia Day Five

1. Before 2012, in what year did the Nationals/Expos post their best record?
A. 1979
B. 1980
C. 1981
D. 1994. The Expos had baseball’s best record (& a six game lead over the Braves) when the players went out on strike. The playoffs and World Series were cancelled, so the Braves’ string of consecutive division championships remained intact.

2. Dr. Amy Farrar Fowler, Sheldon’s neuroscientist friend who is also a girl, is played by Mayim Bialik. In real life, Mayim…

A. Is a neuroscientist with a PHD
B. Received a fashion makeover on the show “What Not to Wear”
C. Appeared in a Michael Jackson video.
D. Both A and B.
E. All of the above. Best known as the child star of the “Blossom” TV series, Bialik had been accepted into both Harvard and Yale, but chose to stay on the west coast, graduating from UCLA.

3. In the early 90’s a tornado ravaged Dunwoody in the middle of the night, then continued on through Norcross and Duluth. Where did the tornado hit our Ryerson (then J.M.Tull) Norcross complex?

A. Blue Building Warehouse
B. RMP Gold Building
C. Corporate Office Building
D. Parking Lot between 01 and RMP. The tornado blew through between the two warehouses. Third shift warehouse employees took refuge in a pit. One curled up in the ID of a 40,000 pound coil. The covered walkway running between the buildings was damaged, and a flatbed truck trailer may have overturned. Both the 01 and RMP warehouses only received minimal damage. The power was out, and employees were able to enjoy a day off. Tull VP Walter Wallace’s Dunwoody home suffered major damage. The tornado then slammed into the brick warehouse next door, then inhabited by Peachtree Window & Doors…knocking down a brick wall.

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