Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Week 9 Total QB Rating

Total QB rating for selected SEC, ACC, and nationally discussed quarterbacks of note. Players and teams discussed nationally as well as opponents of UGA, Georgia Tech, and Clemson. Like Oklahoma's Kyler Murray (above), star of the gridiron and diamond.
I know, more stats? Must I report these every week? One big change this week is Jake Fromm's climb up the ranking. Another is Paul Johnson's decision to start the 113th ranked QB over the 32nd best? More on that decision later this week.
Something else to look forward to: which punter leads the nation? And how does Tech sophomore Pressley Harbin rank? Stay tuned. But now, how about another rant...
These days if a player doesn’t like the college he picked (i.e. he’s not getting enough playing time), he can place his wants and desires ahead of the team and transfer. The new four game redshirt rule only exacerbates the problem.  If you can’t make it at Alabama, transfer to South Florida. If you’re Clemson and Bama beats you in the Playoff Semifinal due to poor QB play, you recruit the top QB in the country. He beats out the senior starter with a horrendous QB Rating, and the senior transfers to SEC doormat Arkansas. Some, like Ryan Finley, transfer more than once.

1. 97.3 Tua Tagovailoa, #1 ranked Alabama
2. 97.2 Kyler Murray, Oklahoma dual threat (above)
4. 84.5 Ryan Finley, NC State transferred twice
5. 83.9 Dwayne Haskins, 10th ranked Ohio State
6. 83.0 Will Grier, West Virginia senior
10. 81.4 Jake Fromm, 6th ranked Georgia
13. 78.9 Shea Patterson, 5th ranked Michigan
16. 78.1 Shai Werts, Georgia Southern option QB
17. 77.7 McKenzie Milton, 12th ranked Central Florida
19. 77.6 Ian Book, 4th ranked Notre Dame
24. 76.6 Trevor Lawrence, 2nd ranked Clemson (freshman)
26. 76.2 Jarrett Guarantano, Tennessee
27. 76.1 Drew Lock, Missouri senior
29. 75.7 Jake Browning, Washington senior
32. 74.3 Tobias Oliver, Georgia Tech ACC rookie of the week
42. 68.0 Joe Burrow, 3rd ranked LSU (transfer)
45. 65.1 Jake Bentley, South Carolina
46. 65.1 Malik Rosier, Miami
48. 64.5 Trace McSorley, two loss Penn State media darling
55. 61.9 Nathan Elliott, North Carolina
58. 61.3 Feleipe Franks, two loss Florida
63. 58.6 Bryce Perkins, Virginia
66. 58.3 Anthony Brown, Boston College dual threat
00. 54.7 Brandon Wimbush, Notre Dame dual threat
78. 53.8 Jarrett Stidham, Auburn transfer
80. 53.4 Alex Hornibrook, Wisconsin
87. 51.2 Dan Ellington, Georgia State dual threat
89. 50.9 Khalil Tate, Arizona dual threat
97. 47.7 Deondre Francois, FSU dual threat
000. 45.8 Malik Cunningham, Louisville dual threat
000. 44.0 Chazz Surratt, North Carolina dual threat
000. 43.0 Jawon Pass, Louisville dual threat
113. 41.2 TaQuon Marshall dual threat
114. 41.2 Kelly Bryant, Clemson dual threat

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The New Bobby Jones

For the next two months Will is working at the newly renovated Bobby Jones Golf Course on Northside Drive in Buckhead. 
The course was converted from a 18 hole course to nine fairways, each with multiple tee boxes and greens. 
One day you play the course forward, then the next day you play it backward.
I only played the old course once or twice, and that was years ago.

Monday: work started slow but kept getting busier throughout the day. Left at 6:45. May have to go to Augusta this week to take physical inventory.
Ceil tossed a salad and cooked stir fry for supper. Watched The Neighborhood, The Voice, Last Man Standing, the Wicked the Musical Halloween Special. M came home from work with an El Porton to go order and watched Wicked about the same time C went to bed.
680 am Steak Shapiro error of the day: Steak said Sports Illustrated picked the Chargers to go to the Super Bowl. That is incorrect. In fact SI picked the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl. Not that Steak could give a like if he’s accurate, as long as someone is talking about him.
I really want to read that Clinton book. I’m not super technologically advanced. That’s why I am still listening to books on CD. Ceil has an app on her phone that allows her to check out books from the library and have her phone read the books to her. I need to get that for me.
My latest books (have I told you this already?): Mere Christianity by CS Lewis (deep), a book about comedian George Carlin written by his daughter (his first partner was George Burns), and Tom Hanks’ first book of short stories.
Jerseys it would be fun to have:
1976 Braves home red pinstripe (42) Patterson or (56) Bouton.
Braves Hawaiian shirt.  
1972 blue Atlanta Hawks retro shorts with green and white trim XXL from Amazon Prime.
Mustard yellow Georgia Tech throwback #21 Calvin Johnson jersey with “UCLA” black white black shoulder stripes. No one sells this and would have to be ordered special.  No name on back.
1980 red UGA home jersey with block number 34 Walker (with the two thin black sleeve stripes sandwiching a thicker white stripe).
2018 red UGA 98 Blankenship jersey.
Not the 1982 Braves home jersey or powder blue road jersey. They’re nice, but China rarely gets them right. I’d rather have a 35 Niekro or 5 Horner than a 3 Murphy.  
Baseball: soon they’ll give out the postseason awards. Acuna should win ROY. Freeman will contend for MVP.
The NBA has relaxed restrictions on the shoes players can wear. Now they can wear any color they want. For Halloween I’m going trick or treating as a NBA player. I’m wearing a different pair of shoes at every house.
With the Mavericks in town the two rookies Trae Young and Luka Doncic contrasted with old-timers Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Recap: Dawgs, Clemson Roll

In the end Georgia’s win was convincing. But deep into the third quarter the outcome had yet to be decided. The Dawgs took and early 10-0 lead but later fell behind 14-13.  Florida has no trouble gaining yards on offense, but their three turnovers were the difference in the game. Four of the Dawgs’ touchdowns game on third down, including all three of Fromm’s TD passes.

When Feliepe Franks fumbled on his own one yard line the Gator defense stiffened, not allowing Georgia to score on seven straight plays. Some say this would’ve been a perfect spot for Fields to make an appearance, but the Gators would’ve geared up to stop the run all the more. I blame the play-calling. Several complained Georgia ran left on every play, but the real reason couldn’t push it in was that the run plays were too slow-developing. With Holyfield and later Swift lined up eight yards deep in the backfield, by the time they took the handoff and approached the line the Gator linemen and backers had penetrated the line. The unblocked weakside defensive end had time to rush in and make the play.

Jake Fromm returned to form, tossing three touchdown passes with no interceptions. As Buck Belue predicted, freshman Justin Fields remained on the sideline. This morning Steak Shapiro continued to stir up strife, saying family members were calling on Fields to transfer. The discussion was right, in that there’s a good chance Fields may never beat out Fromm. If Fields went to Georgia expecting to beat out Fromm, so far he has been wrong. Right now Fields is great insurance in case Fromm gets hurt.

Kirby continues to praise Fields’ work ethic, and while the freshman may be a better runner than Fromm, there’s no way he’s a better QB. Jake had a wide open run for a first down against the Gators. Despite the Shapiro-fueled rumors, in all this time Fields has said nothing to indicate he's thinking about transferring. 

With five talented running backs crowding the Bulldog backfield, a Louisiana recruit backed out of his UGA commitment. Some say he didn’t like how Georgia doled out carries to so many backs, keeping everyone fresh for the fourth quarter. Some say this keeps the back from wearing down over four years, extending the back’s NFL career. Currently there are at least four former UGA backs in the NFL: Todd Gurley, Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, and Isaiah Crowell.    

Clemson handed FSU their worst home loss ever. The Tigers looked like their normal #2 selves, scoring a total of 52 points in the second and third quarters. Announcer Brock Huard accurately asked whether Clemson was that good or was FSU that bad.

Time and again the Noles committed ridiculous penalties and dropped passes and fumbled and jumped offsides and roughed the kicker. Huard asked why starting QB Francois was still in the game down 49 points late, and sure enough he was knocked out of the game. Late in the game the FSU first string was still being handled by Clemson’s second and third stringers. Huard called it FSU’s all-time low. 

Trevor Lawrence had another best so far game, passing for 340 yards in three quarters. Haurd wondered if the freshman might one day be the overall number one pick in the NFL Draft. Haurd also joined the increasingly growing list of experts slamming Kelly Bryant for quitting on his team. On the goal line Dabo inserted defensive linemen at fullback and halfback.

South Carolina came back to edge Tennessee. With Louisville and FSU having down years, the Gamecocks and Boston College pose the remaining challenges for Clemson. BC beat Miami Friday night.

Kentucky beat Missouri by the skin of their teeth, setting up another top ten battle to decide the SEC East. Also next Saturday: Bama at LSU to decide the SEC West.

Hard feelings at the end of the of Texas’ loss at the hands of unranked Oklahoma State, when the out of control long-haired linebacker crashed the Cowboys’ final run out the clock play. Gives football a bad name.

As the Rams/Packers game wound down, with LA up by two Todd Gurley had a clear shot at the end zone. A touchdown would’ve extended the lead to eight and possibly nine, but a botched point after could’ve been returned fortwo Packer points, plus there was time on the clock for Green Bay to score a go-ahead or game tying touchdown and conversion. Instead Gurley downed the ball on the five yard line, allowing the Rams to run out the clock and stay undefeated. This meant thousands of betters lost their bets, and Vegas had to pay out millions they wouldn’t have had to, as an extra touchdown would’ve allowed the Rams to cover the spread. Fantasy football players were shorted the 6-1/2 points Gurley would’ve added to his total. Gurley laughingly tweeted “What Spread?”  Hopefully a mobster won’t take a pipe to his knees.
Both the Rams and the Bears wore throwback uniforms. And Oklahoma State. Florida proved it’s not wise to change unis for a big rivalry game.

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri broke Morten Andersen’s record as the NFL’s all-time leading scorer.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Interesting Thursday evening. Three cars left work just after four. Took us almost an hour to get to the Varsity. Still plenty of time for a leisurely meal. I got a chili dog, fries, and a chocolate shake.
Drove through the Tech campus, past Coke and Grace Midtown to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Made it ten minutes early. After a short orientation/pep talk we went out in the warehouse. A total of 25 or so volunteers. 
Glenn carried boxes off the assembly line to Dan and Rachel,
who weighed and labeled the boxes.
Then I took the boxes and stacked them
on one of ten pallets with other like items.
Some boxes were white and some brown, so I tried to stagger the colors. I worried the boxes would start coming faster and faster like the conveyor belt on the Lucy show, but it wasn’t bad. In all we packed up 4495 pounds, which translated into 3250 meals.
Our human resources guy Dan is a character. Fun to be around. Also my team member young Rachel, computer guy Glenn, and Larry and his wife (top). I’ve known Glenn for 20 years, and run the Peachtree with him. Like me, he’s a Tech grad with a daughter at UGA.
I said I volunteered for this assignment just so I could hang around Dan (above and below, middle). And for the free t-shirt. We may start volunteering there every quarter.
When I left I checked on Anna’s whereabouts. Earlier I had noticed that she was on the way to Atlanta. Turned out she was less than a half mile away, at a concert near Westside Provisions. Stopped by Goodwill on Northside Drive. Found a cool pair of Astrodome shorts, but they weren’t my size.
When I signed up for food bank duty I had forgot that Tech was playing at the same time. Made it home for the second half of the game. After Tech won I watched a little of the Texans/Dolphins.   
Wednesday: Ceil had her small group last night so I stopped on the way home for dinner. Worked late as well and didn’t get home until eight. Watched Chicago Med, then the World Series. Game Two was like Game One. Dodgers manager pulled the starter with the bases loaded, then the reliever came in and let them score. Madsden walked in a run, then gave up a hit. Same thing happened last year. I am enjoying listening to Smoltz.   
I like to mix my Mexican stuff together as well, and eat it with chips nacho style.
In Sunday School each week they ask for people to share any stories of gospel conversations they had with people out in the world. Several guys take taxis or Ubers to and from airports as they travel, and often they tell of the conversations they have with the drivers. One time Joe's driver was a voodoo expert.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Break Up the Jackets

How bout those Jackets. Dominating a team that had previously beaten FSU, Duke, and UNC. The key? The quarterback. Paul Johnson benched the fumbling TaQuon Marshall in favor of his much higher-rated backup. Tobias Oliver responded with 205 yards on 40 carries. Johnson said Oliver didn’t miss an option read all night, part of the game that Marshall had continuously struggled with.
After falling behind 21-14, Tech scored 35 straight points without throwing a pass. I’ve been saying for years that Tech passed too much. Johnson knows a pass play every now and then opens up the run more. 
Thursday afternoon on AM680 college football expert Chuck Oliver told how before last season Tech lost four QB’s to injury or transfer. Johnson told running back TaQuon Marshall that he was the QB. Marshall is fast and fearless, but executing correct option reads against Division One opponents ain’t easy. In high school Oliver started at QB for three years, setting passing and rushing records at 5A Northside Warner Robins.

Can Tech get into a bowl? That fumbled-away loss to Duke hurts. They’ll have to win two of the next four. UNC is winnable. Beating 5-2 Miami would be tough. Virginia is also 5-2 and beat the Jackets last year in Charlottesville. But if Tech puts together a decent game there’s no reason they can’t beat UVA at home.    
Without Brian Finneran in the studio to keep them grounded, Steak and Sandra went off the rails bashing the Bulldogs. They keep saying Justin Fields needs to play more for UGA to bolster its offense, and to keep Fields from transferring. Or that if Fields plays well Fromm might transfer. Nonsense. Fields has a great arm but can’t read coverages like Fromm (few can). If Fields transfers after one season it’s because he never should’ve committed to Georgia in the first place.
Steak and Sandra think Fields will play more. Buck Belue doesn’t. I’m with Buck. Fields will play some but not half the game. Hopefully Kirby has drilled into offensive coordinator Jim Chaney’s head to run more. Steak and Sandra say the Dawgs are more talented than Florida, that the Bulldog defense will contain the less talented Gator offense, that Florida has a hard time stopping the run. They say those things and then should Georgia lose they can act all surprised like they thought Georgia would win big (Steak predicted 35-17).
But based on how LSU and Missouri moved the ball on the Dawg D, and since offensive genius Dan Mullen has Feliepe Franks and the Gator receivers operating better than ever, there’s no reason to think Florida won’t move the ball on Georgia. If Georgia doesn’t pound and pound and pound and even if they do) this game could come down to a Blankenship field goal at the end.
Since Sports Illustrated changed its format from weekly to twice monthly they don’t cover big games or surprise teams any more. Almost nothing on the Braves all season. They devoted one page to two rounds of baseball playoffs. So gone are the covers of current newsworthy players, and thus my go-to place to steal cool pictures for this weekly segment. But considering the liberal, political stance SI has taken on in its struggle to remain relevant and attract a younger audience, perhaps it’s time for this old-timer to cancel my subscription of 35 years.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Week 8 Total QB Rating

Again, I look at the QB Rating for these QB’s that announcers and pundants  keep calling so great, calling them Heisman front-runners, then go out and struggle against average teams like Purdue. Granted, football isn’t an easy game. But true All-Americans and Heisman winners rise to the top. They’re not ranked behind 73 other QB’s, Mr. Trace McSorley.
When the going gets tough they don’t decide to transfer, Mr. Ranked 162nd in the nation and I lost my starting job so I’m going to turn my back on my team and transfer to a powerhouse like Arkansas or East Carolina to try and salvage my razor thin NFL hopes Kelly Bryant.
1. 97.5 Tua Tagovailoa, undefeated Alabama starter
2. 96.8 Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
5. 92.3 Justin Fields, Georgia backup
12. 83.9 Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State
14. 82.5 Will Grier, West Virginia senior
18. 82.1 Jalen Hurts, Alabama backup
20. 81.7 Ryan Finely, NC State
26. 79.1 Drew Lock, Missouri
28. 78.8 Ryan Willis, Virginia Tech
29. 78.4 Jordan Ta’amu, Ole Miss
31. 77.9 Shea Patterson, Michigan
35. 77.1 Shai Werts, Georgia Southern
36. 76.8 Trevor Lawrence, Clemson freshman
37. 76.3 Jake Browning, Washington senior
38. 75.9 Tobias Oliver, Georgia Tech’s new starter?
40. 74.6 Ian Book, Notre Dame
41. 74.5 Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
43. 74.4 Jarrett Guarantano, Tennessee
44. 74.3 Jake Fromm, Georgia sophomore
57. 68.4 Joe Burrow, LSU transfer
61. 67.3 Kyle Shurmur, Vanderbilt
64. 65.7 Malik Rosier, Miami
65. 65.4 Jake Bentley, South Carolina
74. 62.9 Trace McSorley, Penn State media favorite
75. 62.7 Josh Jackson, Virginia Tech dual threat
77. 62.3 Daniel Jones, Duke
78. 62.2 Michael Scarnecchia, South Carolina
79. 62.1 Eric Dungey, Syracuse senior
82. 61.2 Cole McDonald, Hawaii
84. 60.4 Nathan Elliott, North Carolina
87. 59.2 JT Daniels, Southern Cal
88. 58.8 Bryce Perkins, Virginia
92. 58.0 Feleipe Franks, Florida
99. 55.8 Sam Hartman, Wake Forest
108. 54.1 Brandon Wimbush, Notre Dame former starter
111. 53.7 Jarrett Stidham, Auburn
113. 53.5 Alex Hornibrook, Wisconsin
121. 51.7 Deondre Francois, FSU
123. 51.5 Anthony Brown, Boston College dual threat
130. 49.8 Khalil Tate, Arizona SI’s Heisman pick
137. 49.0 Chazz Surratt, North Carolina dual threat
139. 48.8 Dan Ellington, Georgia State
160. 43.3 TaQuon Marshall, Georgia Tech senior
162. 42.9 Kelly Bryant, potential Arkansas QB

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Where Have You Gone Giorgio Tavecchio?

just watched a little of the Falcons. Never heard of that new kicker, who had previously played for the Raiders. Giorgio Tavecchio. Hit from 56, 50, and 40. Not a bad debut.Poor Matt Bryant, surely the most accurate kicker in Falcon history, may be finished.
Good that the Falcons wore their iconic throwback uniforms against a team wearing traditional uniforms, so the game looked good. Almost a waste to wear them against a team with bizarre unis like the Bucs or Panthers.
Beautiful night to have the roof open.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

RIP Officer Toney

Today’s funeral motorcade for the slain Gwinnett County police officer came right in front of our building on Peachtree Industrial, so dozens of employees went out to pay our respects.
After a short wait about two hundred police motorcycles roared past, followed by the hearse and over 800 police cars, from around the state and beyond. I didn’t start counting for a long time, then counted six hundred. 

The motorcade stretched out for over 45 minutes. Three or four helicopters, including a low flying police copter. Since traffic was stopped we crossed over to the median in the middle of the road.
We held photocopies of the officer’s badge, and in recognition many of the police cars flipped on their sirens. It was quite a sight.  

Do you keep track of all the books that you read? A few years ago I started tracking what I’ve read, and I’m just now hitting 400 books read. Connie Morris is my friend on Goodreads. She’s read 895 books. Bruce’s friend Frank Tait reads deep spiritual books, and just passed eight hundred.  
Finishing up my book on the 1996 Mount Everest disaster “Into Thin Air.” Several died when an expected blizzard hit with three expeditions near the summit, including two experienced expedition leaders. Next up are three more books: Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, A Carlin Home Companion by George Carlin’s daughter Kelly, and Tom Hanks’ first book of fiction, read by the author. George Carlin’s first comedy partner was George Burns.
Saturday night I watched a good chunk of Lakers/Rockets, but missed the altercation. I did see a clip of some old guys playing two on two against a pair of ribs. The ribs were pushing more than that guy for the Lakers.
My weekend: left work around 5:45 Friday evening. Picked up Ceil and went over to pray over our friends Lee and Nancy, who leave today on an overseas mission trip. Got home around 8:30.
Saturday morning small group. Then I gassed up the car, stopped by the library and Goodwill and Taco Bell. Anna came home Saturday afternoon, then she went with C and M to Whole Foods, Ulta, and Perimeter Mall. I took a nap, cleaned the kitchen, and watched Clemson/NC State.
Big supper of Mexican fixings with M, C, and A. C and A watched Princess Diaries 2 while I played on my laptop.
Sunday morning I drove to Macon. Went to the 11 am service with my dad. Then to Applebee’s with both parents. My mom’s tomato soup and grilled chicken parmesan. I saw your whiskey burger on the menu but ordered chicken tenders. The chicken was heavily battered and overcooked, arriving brown and crunchy instead of golden and crispy. Just now realizing they forgot to bring out the cole slaw. Heavy traffic on the way home. So full I didn’t stop for supper. Arrived home at 8:30. Had a bowl of Ceil’s potato soup.             

Monday: worked until six. M had gone done to hang out with W&MC. They made applesauce. Ceil made vegetable soup. Also tossed salad.
Watched The Voice and The Neighborhood. I love the actors on The Neighborhood, but the stories aren’t that great. Saw a little of Manifest but went to bed.
Tuesday: worked until six. Usually several work late but not last night. Renee was at the food bank with Rodney, Eric, Shane, and Jhannio. Tube lady left for an early dinner. Brad was in Lavonia. Rachel had stayed late on Monday.
Ceil was posting grades so I picked up a pie from Pizzeria Lucca in Roswell. Watched the gubernatorial debate. Three candidates. Kemp just isn’t a good comfortable speaker. Maybe he was being careful. I know lots of people who could’ve done better. When he wasn’t espousing the benefits of hemp to the state of Georgia, the Libetarian kept tossing softball questions to the other two, encouraging them to badmouth the other.
M was at his art class. Watched some of The Voice, This Is Us, and the World Series. People talk about Kershaw’s struggles in the postseason, failing to mention how many runs were allowed by the relievers who came in and failed to pitch out of the jam they’d inherited – like last night. Perhaps they should’ve left Kershaw in the game. Granted his injures have reduced the Texan to a lesser pitcher than he was.
Also all night long on ESPN they were running a show called “Basketball Stories.” Segments on the Celtics/Suns overtime game in the Finals between Hondo and Paul Westpaul. Interviews with the principals, like Don Nelson and Havilchek. Other segments included John Wooden, Pat Summitt, Bill Walton, Magic Johnson, etc. I should’ve emailed you.
The $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot was won by someone in South Carolina. Maybe it was one of Ceil’s relatives.
This year my company has an initiative for all locations to serve their community. The guidelines specifically exclude religious organizations. The week is my Norcross office’s week to serve. Small groups of people are serving at different times and organizations throughout the week. Thursday night I’m sorting food with four coworkers at the Atlanta Food Bank just west of Georgia Tech, west of The Optimist on Joseph Lowry Blvd. Near Grace Midtown Church. Might stop by the Varsity on the way.
Tech got four sets of new basketball uniforms, one of which reads WRECK on the front.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Billions and Billions

I usually don’t comment on the lottery, but will make exception as the Mega Millions has become Mega Billions. Makes for a good daydream. If there’s such a thing, $1.6 billion is just too much money.
1,600,000,000 jackpot
905,000,000 present value
495,000,000 after tax
091,000,000 tithe
404,000,000 net
300,000,000 save in trusts
104,000,000 spend
15,000,000 annual allowance (half of interest income)
09,000,000 after tax
01,500,000 tithe
07,500,000 to spend annually
Plenty of money for houses, cars, travel, and anything else imaginable. A big house in the suburbs near friends and family, with perhaps a townhouse downtown. If we were able to build a big house I’d want a separate gymnasium with a basketball court.  
I’d buy cars for the six of us, and be tempted to buy two or three for myself. A small Lexus, Mercedes, or Telsa plus perhaps a pickup. An older vehicle to drive into town, perhaps that CRZ that I always wanted.  
Even after giving ten percent there would be plenty of money left over to give more. So much that it would be possible to “only” save 200 million and buy a share of a sports franchise with the other 200 million. Could be fun. Could buy a share of the Braves.
Wise advisers would argue against it, but there would be enough to give to family members and close friends. My problem would be all the people coming out of the woodwork asking for money. Where were those “friends” before? And people who would come back asking for more after they were already given some to start with.
I’d have to shut down my social media and change phone numbers to make it harder to track me down. Make this blog private, and probably shut it down. Some say owning vacation homes that friends and family can use could become a way someone could sue should an accident occur. Better to rent.
Giving away so much money to worthy causes would be fun but not that easy. We have churches and missionaries and organizations we like, and $81 million will go a long way.
We’d eat out more for sure. Though the temptation to pig out would be great, I’d need to eat right and lose weight. Golf more so I wouldn’t be so bad, though I doubt we’d join a country club. The only one I’d be interested in would be Augusta National.
I’d hike the Appalachian Trail but not Mount Everest. Perhaps the Pacific Crest Trail. Road trips. A train across Canada. Alaska. Hawaii. Japan. China. Australia. Italy. Paris. The Holy Land. Machu Piccu. New York City. Key West. I would not learn to fly or buy a plane. No skydiving or bungee jumping or motorcycles. I would bike more.
We’d drag friends and family along on vacations. Take the grandkids on excursions. We’d continue the annual Myrtle Beach trip.  We’re not the best hosts, but hopefully we’d get better at it. I really don’t want to join Atlanta’s high society fundraising circuit, but every now and then might be ok. If I get good at gold some of the gold fundraisers would be fun. Better to go on mission trips.    
Another “job” I could create for myself: advocate for Herschel Walker’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Several years ago a Denver Broncos fan successfully lobbied to have Floyd Little voted into the Hall, creating a blueprint for how it’s done, traveling around to various meetings and venues to lobby the committee. Herschel gained more than twice as many NFL yards than Little.
Thinking about the jackpot makes me realize how so many things I’d do if I won are things I can do anyway. I need to lose weight and get in shape. I really don’t need so many clothes and shoes. Cut down on all the stuff.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week 8 Football Recap

So many football players these days are out of control. They commit the penalty, be it pass interference or targeting, then hold their hands out as if they can't believe it was a penalty. They forget out everyone at home can clearly see the infraction on the replay. Hate how fans cheer as the player leaves the field. He made a dumb play and jeopardized the team's chances of winning. Kinda like the country we're living in right now.

Then there's the visiting Michigan player on the Michigan State field long before the game. You probably saw it. The Spartans were walking from the goal line to midfield in a line stretched from sideline to sideline, like they do before every home game. The Michigan player went across midfield to the Michigan State side of the field, way down past the 40 yard line to break through the Spartan line. Then the Michigan player scuffed up the Spartan logo at midfield. How childish, immature, out of control.

Why do I review the quarterback ratings? To show how overhyped certain players are. Several were hyped as pre-season Heisman candidates, then more often then not come up short in big games.

The national press loves to rave about Penn State's quarterback. This year that would be Trace McSorley. The Nittany Lions have failed to live up to expectations. This past week once again McSorley struggled for three quarters before Penn State narrowly won.

Before undefeated #16 NC State squared off against #3 Clemson announcers Todd Blackledge and Sean McDonough sang the praises of Wolfpack QB Ryan Finley. The 25 year old sixth year senior had transferred two times to find a school where he could play. Finlay came into the game with an impressive top five TQBR, but thanks to the tenacious Clemson defense and his own over-rated receiving core, Finley wasn't helped by is receivers, who kept dropping passes. Blackledge criticized them on air - a rare event.
Either NC State was over-rated or Clemson is starting to show their stripes. Freshman sensation Trevor Lawrence had another good game, his best so far. The Tigers should cruise to the playoff.

Another Heisman contender bit the undefeated dust: Haskins' Buckeyes were routed by unranked 3-3 Purdue. Haskins threw for 470 yards in defeat, but his Heisman hopes took a hit.

Now the national media pins its hopes on Notre Dame and Michigan. The Irish squeaked by Pitt in a game called significant by the press, who downplayed undefeated UCF's more decisive victory over the same Panthers. Michigan has only lost to Notre Dame, but the Irish aren't as good as Ohio State. Plus after Saturday's pre-game dust-up in East Lansing, expect old lady karma to come crashing down on Jim Harbaugh's head.

Auburn righted the ship against Ole Miss, as QB Jarrett Stidham tries to resurrect his NFL draft prospects. Someone will pick him. Lets hope it isn't the Falcons.

Both ESPN College Gameday and the SEC Network will have their pregame shows live from Jacksonville, a first. Neither network will air the game. Florida will be wearing white helmets. The Dawgs path to the national championship: (1) win out, (2) LSU beats Bama, (3) UGA beats LSU in the SEC Championship Game. You heard it here first.

This week two pretesting NFL players met with NFL executives, and the NFL agreed to pay millions to the organizations of the protester's choice. Then Sunday one of the two protesters did not kneel for the national anthem, and the other did kneel. Then the kneeler went berserk, calling the non-kneeler a sellout.

Something that gets me is when the punting team doesn't give the return man enough room to field the punt, and a penalty is called on the punt team. Or when the return team roughs the kicker. Or when the punt returner catches a punt inside the ten yard line instead of letting the ball bounce into the end zone.

In the Chicago / New England game, after a Bears field goal the Patriot kickoff return man fielded a kick in the end zone and ran it out. He got hit and fumbled the ball. The Bears recovered and scored a touchdown. On the next kickoff the same return man fielded the kick five yards deep but still ran it out. He was tackled on the 15 yard line. The Patriot running back Sony Michel injured his knee and fumbled. He appeared to be down but replays were inconclusive. The Patriot defense, on the field for a third straight Chicago possession, committed two third down penalties, resulting in first downs and another Chicago touchdown. New England still came back to win the game.