Sunday, October 14, 2018

New Throwbacks For Sale

I usually quickly delete the daily junk email from, but a recent one caught my eye: selling a Bartkowski-era Falcons jersey. Hadn’t seen one of those for sale in quite a long time. It was a red Deion Sanders jersey. In addition to the inevitable black and white Deion jerseys for sale as well, also offered were a black Andre Rison jersey, and a long sleeve black Deion “jersey shirt.” While the black throwback Julio Jones jersey you see so many fans wearing is nice, now they'll have more options.

There were eleven pages of jerseys and shirts to scroll through. Along with the standard past stars (Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino) there were numerous new options: Archie Manning, Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka, Doug Williams, Eric Dickerson, Steve Largent, Fred Belitnikoff, Lance Alworth, and more. Also a few semi-obscure jerseys like the Saints Steve Gleason.
Here’s a complete list of throwback jerseys and long sleeve jersey shirts, by team. In parenthesis are player jerseys I’d like to see.
ARIZ Pat Tillman Jake Plumber (Larry Wilson)
ATL D Sanders A Rison Brooking Ray Buchanan J Anderson (Nobis)
BALT Ray Lewis Ed Reed
BUF Thurman Thomas Kelly Andre Reed Bruce Smith (Jack Kemp)
CAR (Reggie White)
CHI Butkus Ditka Urlacher Gale Sayers Singletary (Piccolo)
CIN Anthony Munoz Boomer Esiason (Chris Collinsworth)
CLE Jim Brown (Lou Groza)
DAL Staubach Emmitt Aikman D Sanders T Owens M Irvin (Don Meredith)
DEN J Elway S Sharpe T Davis (Floyd Little)
DET Barry Sanders Herman Moore (George Plimpton)
GB Starr Hornung Donald Driver Favre Reggie White Nitschke S Sharpe (Don Hutson)
HOU (Matt Schaub)
IND Unitas Manning Faulk M Harrison (John Mackey)
JAX Mark Brunell Fred Taylor
KC Gonzalez Derrick Thomas Marcus Allen (Jan Stenerud)
LAR Dickerson Warner Bettis (Norm Van Brocklin)
MIA Csonka Marino Griese Nat Moore Mark Clayton Duper Zack Thomas R Harrison J Taylor (Jim Kiick)
MIN Randy Moss Chris Carter (Joe Kapp)
NE Bledsoe Curtis Martin Bruschi (Geno Cappaletti)
NO Manning Gleason Morten Andersen Horn (Tom Dempsey, Bill Kilmer, Dan Abramovicz)
NYG O Anderson Carl Banks L Taylor Simms (Frank Gifford)
NYJ Namath Riggins Klecko C Martin W Chrebet (Don Maynard)
OAK Belitnikoff Tim Brown Howie Long Woodson Plunkett M Allen Jackson Lott (George Blanda)
PHIL Cunningham R White R Jaworski B Westbrook B Dawkins J Brown T Owens (Norm Van Brocklin)
PITT Bradshaw Greene F Harris Bettis Lambert H Ward (Rocky Blier)
SD Alworth Tomlinson Seau (John Hadl)
SF Montana Rice Sanders Craig Lott Dwight Clark T Owens Rathman Young Keena Turner (YA Tittle)
SEA Largent Cortez Kennedy Kenny Easley 12th Man (Jim Zorn)
TB Lynch Derrick Brooks (Steve Spurrier)
TEN Earl Campbell (George Blanda)
WASH D Williams Riggins Sean Taylor Clinton Porter (Sonny Jurgenson Sammy Baugh)

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