Saturday, October 20, 2018

2018: What I Wore

I try to wear a different outfit to each Braves game. I have so many caps, jerseys, and sneakers so I need to wear them out. At 24 events I wore 15 different caps, 16 different jerseys or shirts, and 20 different pairs of shoes. Here’s my game log.
My new jersey this year was the green St. Patrick’s Day jersey with ACUNA 82 on the back. I wore it the most since for several games I was the only fan wearing Acuna merchandise. Wore it at SunTrust, Rome, and Gwinnett. When Acuna heated up I wore it some more. Then I added a red late 70’s Dale Murphy batting practice jersey, though it doesn’t look that good on me. .
Jan 6: National Championship Game Fanfest. Braves road cap (1). Black Nike hoodie (1). Black hiking pants. Red Soucony running shoes (1).
Jan 27: Braves Chopfest. Tomahawk cap (2). Navy Braves crewneck (2). Blue Soucony running shoes (2).
Jan 28: Braves Chopfest. Navy road cap. 1969 jersey (3). Black Air Jordans (3).
Feb 17: Tech vs Virginia Tech basketball. Black long sleeve tee (4). Black adidas Campus sneakers (4).
March 11: Hawks vs Bulls. Black Braves cap (3). Red long sleeve tee (5). Black adidas Campus sneakers.
March 27: Braves Yankees. Home Braves cap (4). Braves scarf. Navy Braves crewneck. Black Roshes (5).
March 28: Braves Futures vs Stars. Home Braves cap. Red pullover (6). Braves socks. Black loafers (6).
April 6: Rome Braves. Green Gwinnett cap (5). Green Acuna jersey (7). Grey baseball socks. Green-trimmed Lunarlons (7).
April 14: Gwinnett Stripers. Green Gwinnett cap. Green Acuna jersey. Hawks socks. White Pumas (8).
April 19: Braves Mets. July 4th cap (6). Grey Braves pullover (8). Striped socks. KD7 sneakers (9).
April 20: Braves Mets. Green Gwinnett cap. Green Acuna jersey. Black Reebok Furys (10).
May 4: Braves Giants. Green Gwinnett cap. Green Acuna jersey. Blue Saucony running shoes.
May 12: Gwinnett: Navy/red Gwinnett cap (7). Navy Heyward jersey (9). Black Air Jordans (11).
June 9: Gwinnett: Green Gwinnett cap, green Acuna jersey. Grey Air Zoom trainers (12).
June 15: Braves Padres: 1972 cap (8). Red Murphy jersey (10). Red adidas Campus sneakers (13).
June 22: Braves Orioles: Masters cap (9) Patagonia shirt (11) Black Roshes.
July 21: Gwinnett: 1972 cap. Red Murphy jersey. Red Puma Suede sneakers (14).
July 26: Braves Dodgers: Greenville Braves cap (10) Navy Braves Facilities golf shirt (12) Braves socks. Black spikeless golf shoes (15).
August 4 Gwinnett: Tomahawk cap. Grey road jersey (13). Grey Zoom Turfs
August 16 Braves Rockies: new Stripers cap (11) navy Braves warmup (14) black Zoom Speed TR2s (16)
August 18: Braves Rockies: camo cap (12) green Acuna jersey, adidas shell toes (17). Should’ve worn my Hawks socks.
August 31: Braves Pirates: 2017 feather trucker cap (13) grey Under Armour tomahawk tee (15) blue Lunarlon 8’s (18).
Sept 4 Braves Red Sox: Boston Braves cap (14) cream Uecker jersey (16) all black Hauraches (19).
Sept 15 Braves Nationals: grey Boston cap (15), pinstriped 1969 jersey, grey wool AllBirds sneakers (20).
What I didn’t wear: white Aaron feather jersey. Light blue Murphy jersey tee and matching royal cap. Red Braves Country tee. Grey Crackers tee. White Chevy tee. Red Usher golf shirt. Navy Braves Country tee. White Turner Field tee. Navy SunTrust Park tee.

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