Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Braves Swag

My brother-in-law and nephew always seem to be wearing Clemson gear. From the looks of my closet, I appear to be just as guilty. Recently I added my tenth Braves jersey to my closet. That doesn’t count my caps, polos, t-shirts, and bobbleheads. I even have a pair of socks and a golf pullover. What I need is a nice Braves warmup jacket.

Here’s the current list – similar to the most recent list I’m sure I published not too long ago.

1. 03 red 1978 MURPHY jersey (cap)
2. 08 cream 1962 UECKER jersey (cap)
3. 22 navy 2015 HEYWARD jersey (cap)
4. 82 green 2017 ACUNA jersey (cap)
5. 03 blue 1982 MURPHY jersey tee (cap)
6. 44 white 1972 AARON jersey tee (cap)
7. 16 pinstripe 1969 jersey (cap)
8. 00 grey 2005 road jersey (cap)
9. 00 royal 1972 feather jersey (cap)
10. 00 dark grey 1957 black tomahawk jersey (cap)

1. Red USHER polo (cap)
2. Grey video polo (cap)
3. Navy operations polo (cap)
4. Red Nike Braves Country tee (cap)
5. Cream Braves tee (Anna stole it)
6. White Gwinnett tee (cap)
7. White Braves Chevy tee
8. Navy SunTrust Park tee
9. Grey Crackers tee (cap)
10. Royal little a tee (cap)

1. Home cap stretch
2. Road cap navy fitted
3. Road cap black snapback
4. July 4th cap fitted
5. Gwinnett cap velcro
6. Gwinnett cap green velcro
7. Greenville GB cap snapback
8. Boston cap fitted
9. Boston cap grey fitted
10. 1972 white front cap fitted
11. 1982 royal cap fitted
12. Feather trucker cap velcro
13. Camo cap fitted
14. Tomahawk cap fitted
15. Crackers cap fitted (too small)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Plays

The NFL Network’s top ten greatest plays in the Super Bowl.

Best of the Rest:

Lynn Swann’s catch against the Cowboys. Terry Bradshaw was knocked unconscious on the play.

William the Refrigerator Perry scores a touchdown against the Patriots. Not so super to me – or to Walter Payton.

Marcus Allen’s long TD run against the Redskins.

Joe Montana’s game-winning TD pass to John Taylor against the Bengals.

10. Max McGee’s TD catch in Super Bowl 1 against the Chiefs.

9. The Saints onsides kick to open the second half against the Colts.

8. John Elway’s helicopter hit against the Packers.

7. James Harrison’s 99 yard interception return for a touchdown to close the first half against the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43.

6. Santonio Holmes’ game-winning toe-tap TD catch to win Super Bowl 43.

5. John Riggins’ TD run on 4th & inches against the Raiders to seal the victory.

4. Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning 47 yard field goal in Super Bowl 36 against the Rams launches the Patriots dynasty that continues to this day.

3. The Rams’ linebacker Mike Jones tackles Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson just short of the goal line as time expires, clinching the victory.

2. New England’s Malcomb Butler enters the game as an extra defensive back and intercepts Russell Wilson’s pass at the goal line with 26 seconds remaining to steal the game from the Seahawks.

1. David Tyree’s helmet catch for a key Giants first down after Eli Manning eludes the New England pass rush, setting up the game-winning TD pass to Plaxico Burris to upset the undefeated Patriots. It was Tyree's final catch of his NFL career.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Danger Will Robinson

Anna went mountain climbing today - on the pile of rocks next to her house.
Friday was busy. Lots of last minute stuff, including entering orders for a Saturday delivery and the regular Monday delivery. Plus our sales meeting. Ate a big plate of BBQ pork (I missed on the BBQ chicken). Potato salad, tossed salad, mac and cheese, banana pudding. I skipped the baked beans. Later I had seconds on potato salad.

Left for SunTrust Park 30 minutes later than I had wanted to. Walked a mile and a half uphill from my parking place. As usual when I started my walk, I hit the button on my phone to track the walk: distance, time, time, temperature (91 degrees), pace, and heart rate (an average of 139 beats per minute during the walk, which is normal for me). Got to the gate and hit stop on the stopwatch. I was in the front of the line in the shade. Took off my cap so my head could cool.

I felt normal, but about ten minutes after I had arrived my watch vibrated: the heart rate monitor had detected that during the five minutes after my walk, my heart rate hadn't gone down. Instead it averaged 140-145 BPM. For the next hour I closely monitored my heart rate, which gradually went down from 129 to 110 to 90. Sometimes these monitors aren't the most accurate. I called Will and talked to him. He thought I'd be ok. Taking that walk in the heat while my stomach was trying to digest that big meal wasn't very smart.

While waiting for the gates to open I noticed a sign pointing to the first aid station. I considered going, but after gathering bobbles my heart rate had dropped even lower. I took it easy from 5:30 to 8:45, sitting in the shade with a breeze in my face. Feeling fine, I hit go on my watch and headed back to my car – downhill this time. With the sun having set, the temperature was considerably cooler. As I approached my car my concern wasn't my heart, but my sore feet: the cool-looking red sneakers I'd worn had worn blisters on my feet.

Stopped by RaceTrac for something to drink. This time my heart rate went down. Got home and plopped on the couch.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. Finally got my summer clothes out of the attic, and hung them up. Got a stack of clothes to give away. Had to run to the bank but at first went to the wrong bank. Bought shipping boxes at Office Max. Was going to grab lunch but Del Taco wasn't accepting credit cards. Wendy's drive-thru was backed up. Went to Kroger and bought fixings for a quesadilla instead.

Later Ceil went grocery shopping. I watch the US Open, the Braves, and took a nap. Barney wasn't liking the thunderstorm.

The US Open. Good for Phil to protest. He saved strokes by getting a penalty called on himself! The Fox announcers couldn’t understand what he did. They kept saying he had “lost it.” They were wrong. He did it on purpose. Augusta National is a tough course, but it’s not unreasonable like the US Open.

Remember David Lewis, the former recreation assistant to David Downing? Rumor is, he is dating Sherri Hall, Harold Hall’s daughter. I think they were at Johnson Ferry yesterday, but I didn’t see them.

Sunday afternoon Anna drove over from Athens, and rode with Ceil, Matthew, and I down to meet W&MC at their nice new apartment behind the Howell Mill Chickfila. We threw a blanket on the floor and had a picnic: turkey sandwiches, a Mexican dip, chips, cobbler, and ice cream. Also played dominos. W&MC had brought over an SUV load of their stuff. They can walk to Publix, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Chickfila, Willy’s, and Fellini’s Pizza. The big move is June 30. MC will be working in Vinings. Will has another month of rotations in July, at his father-in-law’s practice in Cartersville. 

I always remember going to my grandfather's house on Hillpine, that years later I would buy. At the top of the stairs was a little bookcase built into the wall. There was a black elephant statue on that bookcase, and a stack of newspapers, including one from the JFK assassination. Never knew what happened to those papers, but I think they were gone before I bought the house.

I saw a clip of the last second Grizz Gaming win.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Moving Day

We visited W&MC's new apartment this afternoon,
near the Howell Mill / I-75 exit. 
Their unit is on the same level as most of the amenities: pool, workout room, game room, etc. Long hallways like the Starship Enterprise.
After a picnic lunch we unloaded their SUV and played dominos.
The domino set was my Father's Day present, picked out by Matthew.
The apartment has nightly valet trash service. Also black car service to anywhere within three miles of the building. 
 Dessert was ice cream and blueberry & peach cobbler.
The main move will take place June 30.
Disturbing sight: out the window outside the apartment across the street: a horse head. 
The Fox announcers couldn't seem to get it in their head that Phil didn't "lose it" but instead made a calculated decision to hit his moving ball. The US Open has almost become unwatchable, not just because of the Fox coverage, but such severe conditions that players making good shots could only helplessly watch them roll back off the greens back into the fairway. Give me the Masters any day.   

Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 15 Jerseys

My second photo essay of various jerseys worn at SunTrust Park.
Dude below just couldn't seem to keep his shirttail down.
Wonder if he would've acted the same way if he'd been with the guys.
Hard to tell but this cool Nolan Ryan Houston Astros peach melba jersey is the recent long-tail style designed to stay tucked in.
 Nana and Paw Paw.
 Roddy White
 Mad Dog
 The Dat Dude Family
 Felt numbers and feathers. Not quite exact.
Pretty sure I snapped a pic of this couple. Note the guy's Dansby jersey has the 2016 Turner Field final season patch,
and his cap has the 2017 SunTrust Park inaugural season patch.
Lady in the foreground rocks a rare Peterson t-shirt.
Interesting Freddie jersey. Cool handkerchef. Old guy is rocking nice green sneakers. Kid in white cap also has cool sneakers. Yes, the windows in the background is the Terrapin Taproom / Fox Brothers BBQ, where I ate this past Sunday.
A jersey family. Guy on the right is wearing a Braves feather jersey with an interesting logo on the front. His buddy also has on a feather jersey. In the back, sis rocks a red jersey.
Local product Deshaun Watson
This 1969 Phil Neikro road jersey is a tad too dark.
His red Titleist cap is a nice touch.
Kimbrel. Note laughing indian patch on the right, from the jersey above.
 Dad wears the Star Wars backpack.
New in the Braves Clubhouse Store: this Walter Banks t-shirt.
Friday night I passed Walter near the Third Base Gate,
and he stopped to shake my hand.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Braves Padres

Hot day. Not a good idea to gobble down BBQ, potato salad, and nanner pudding right before embarking on an uphill mile and a half walk in 90 degree heat. Got to the gate and received my first ever warning from my Apple Watch. Ain't as young as I used to be. Took it easy the rest of the night.
 Collected bobbles, chatted with friends (Kevin, Bobby, Michael, and Katie). Befriended the quiet son of the bobble-collecting mother-son duo from Gwinnett. Ran into the Gilberts. Regina liked my beard.
 At least I wasn't the only guy in long pants. Looked for where my buddy ole Hugh was supposed to be sitting, but couldn't find him. Was helping solve a problem at work, so I took a seat near the left field foul pole.
Had a bird-eye view of The Battery, all the way to Cobb Parkway.
My red sneakers looked great with my new red jersey,
but by the time was got back to my car
I was limping from the blisters on my feet.
Still, the five plus miles I walked today did me good.
Brick of the Day: the hitting guru.
A successful day: by the end of the day I'd sold all four bobbles.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Little Cat Z

Helped solve a problem somewhat similar to the book “The Cat in the Hat Came Back.” We moved the “pink ink” (the problem, an incorrect cost) from one place to another, and finally got Little Cat Z to use her “voom” to make the pink ink go away for good.

Now that the economy is rolling and unemployment near zero (it’s sure hard to find good employees to hire, both in the office and out in the plant), the problems that are beginning to surface are infrastructure related. Not enough trucks. Rails lines needing repair. Inexperienced employees take longer and make mistakes.

Reading an interesting Malcolm Gladwell book about David and Goliaths. An example was this girls basketball team. The girls had never played before and the coach had never coached. He was a computer programmer from another country. He had the girls press full court all the time, and guard the inbounds pass. Very disturbing for other youth teams who weren’t used to it. They made it to the national championship game. Other examples like that. Underdogs usually can’t beat heavy favorites at their own game, and instead have to do something different to win. The guy who started IKEA did so to cut shipping and assembly costs.

Before it started to rain here Monday afternoon and I had to run out to roll up my window. Barely made it. With Ceil having been gone all last week I had run out of lunch fixings. Monday I stopped by McDonalds for their bacon egg & cheese biscuit special. Tuesday I brought a jar of peanut butter, the jelly jar, and two slices of bread. Had that Wednesday as well.

Ceil drove back from SC on Monday. She stopped in Augusta so Barney could visit with Okie. Will loaded up Ceil’s SUV with stuff since they’re packing to move. Then C drove through thunderstorms to Athens so Anna could visit with Barney. Ceil got home around 8:45.

I was going to leave work before seven, but at the last minute a bunch of emails came through that needed my attention. That took thirty more minutes. Not happy. This morning I found out the emails had already been taken care of, but the computer sent them out again in error. Went home and crashed. Made two quesadillas with cheese and spicy beans. Not long after that Ceil arrived, and we unloaded the car. I went to bed at ten.

Monday night Barney was worn out from his long day, and the trip. He slept downstairs (Matthew might’ve been fixing a late night snack). When Barney came upstairs in the middle of the night, he didn’t jump way up on the bed. He was lying near the bathroom door and didn’t move when I got up and took my shower this morning. Ceil’s suitcase was in the bathroom. Whenever C gets out her suitcase, Barney gets all excited. So I picked up Ceil’s suitcase and acted like I was leaving. That got Barney moving – he jumped up on the bed.

Tuesday night I watched the Braves on ESPN. Hank Aaron was in the booth with Tim K and other announcers for several innings. The talked to Ralph Garr and Billy Williams about Hank. Aaron told some great stories. He never struck out one hundred times in a season. Said it embarrassed him to have to walk back to the dugout. So far this year eight players already have 75 strikeouts.  

The Braves put on a good show in front of the national audience. A dominant five innings from Folty. Home runs from Freddie and Ozzie. Markakis came up big. Flowers is hot. Ender blooped a two strike, two out hit to drive in a run. Carmargo turned a fantastic 5-3 double play, fielding the ball near the bag and tagging the runner trying to get back to the bag, then throwing across the diamond from his knees, in time to get the runner at first.

Ceil had her women’s Bible Study. I worked until almost 7:30, so it was after eight when I got home. Went to bed shortly after ten. Got up and walked this morning for a change. Hard to run.

Wednesday we had grilled chicken with pasta. Had talked about going to a movie but I got home too late. “Only” worked until 6:30. Stopped by the library on the way home. Watched the movie “Me Before You” again.

All excited for the World Cup? Not me. I like to report soccer scores “they won five to zero” or “three nothing” instead of saying “nil” just to exasperate the soccer fans. And I refuse to call the sport “football” or “football” – it’s soccer. Hopefully I won’t have to watch any. Like college football, the reason soccer is so fun to watch on TV is that the crowd is so loud and into the game. That’s why the World Series is more interesting to watch than a regular season game. The same goes for the College World Series and the Little League World Series.

Did I mention we’re busy at work. A shortage of trucks. Our processing machines are busy. So are everyone else’s.

Dock’s father is in town taking his younger grandkids to various attractions: White Water, Lego Land, etc. They’ll probably be going to a Braves game.