Saturday, May 18, 2019

Austin White Sands Tucson

Anna's trip out west rolls on. Austin, West Texas, New Mexico, White Sands National Park, Arizona, Tucson. Tacos. Coffee.
Overnight in Marfa Texas.

Wisdom from Alex

Friday, May 17, 2019

More Braves Cards

Notes from Thursday's game. I left work just before three. Traffic wasn’t too bad. Made my usual walk uphill to the park. Saw a couple of regulars. The young guy liked my new Curious George backpack. Hung out with several early birds in the front of the line at the Club House Gate: a retired graduate of Lucy Laney High in Augusta back in the 60’s, and a couple from Soddy Daisy Tennessee. 
Gates opened and I visited with several of the regulars: Darrell (below), the Chocolate Papa, Miss Marion, the Coach, Kevin from Birmingham, Mike the Duke fan, Sandy the retired Designated Driver lady. Met up with coworker Ben and several former coworkers: Chris, Blake, Justin, and Aaron. Later I saw the Deborah Light Painter was at the game.

Took the escalator to the top deck. Was walking behind the press box with the setting sun in my eyes. Saw someone checking out my new 1976 red pinstriped Braves CHANNEL 17 jersey. It was the legendary usher Walter Banks, slumming in the upper deck taking VIPs on a tour. Walter said he liked the jersey. When he saw the back of it he correctly named the player: Andy Messersmith. Later a 78 year old usher came over to compliment me on it. The guy had used to work at the downtown Rich’s.
During the national anthem a local C-130 Hercules circled counterclockwise beyond the outfield buildings (top).
Ben, Blake (above), and I watched the first few innings from a perch next to the press box. We could see Chris, Justin (red t-shirt, middle), and Aaron wining and dining in their primo seats (below).
Later Chris came up to hang out, then I went down to the primo seats. They had $120.00 of concession money do they bought me a hot dog, fries, and large Coke Zero. I was famished so it tasted great. Aaron had caught a foul ball. 
Good game. Riley just missed a home run. Had two doubles and a single, and made two hustle players in left field. The offense poured it on and after a slightly shaky start Teheran took a no-hitter into the fifth inning. At 9:30 Justin made his exit, and later Aaron. Chris and I went down to sit with Ben and Blake in the right field corner. We made our leave after 10 pm. Walked across the bridge with Chris and Ben, then on back to my car. 
Was after eleven when I got home. Worked on a blog post. Had on the Braves replay, and also saw the Big Bang Theory cast on Steven Colbert. Went to bed at 12:55 am. 
Rodney brought donuts and apple fritters this am. Lunch meeting catered by Mellow Mushroom after a 10 am vendor meeting. 
Anna and the girls spent the night in a small town in West Texas.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Braves Cardinals

Got talked into attending tonight's Braves Cardinals game.
As usual I arrived early, and spied several interesting jerseys in the crowd, including this little guy.
Josh Donaldson bobblehead night.
Not all my photos downloaded,
so more will hopefully be published tomorrow.
 Hung with several guys from work: Chris, Justin, Ben, and Blake.
Wore my new 1976 jersey for the first time.
Caught Walter Banks checking it out.
This couple was wearing the jerseys that Rome had recently given out.
Some of the usual font of the line bobblehead regulars,
including Sandy, the retired designated driver lady.

Chris scored sweet Delta seats, which included dinner.
Aaron caught a foul ball.
I also wore my new white Nikes and royal Braves feather socks.
Austin Riley's second game. He continued to hit. Just missed a home run.
Two doubles and a single, and a couple of nice hustle plays in the outfield.
More on his major league debut tomorrow.
Above: good Julio. Carried a no-hitter into the fifth inning.
Below: lots of Cardinal fans.

Below: bobblehead cohort Mike has a strong jersey game.
Also a strong sneaker game.
And a strong cap game, though he favors the flat bill.
Said he's owned the 1969 Hank Aaron jersey for a few years now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Finishing Strong

Anna is still in Austin. Coffee shops and western stores.
She sent us her final grades for spring semester: straight A's. Dean's List. Cum Laude. Her final grade point average at UGA: 3.73. Well done.

On the way home yesterday I stopped by the visitation for Rose Johnson. Talked to both Jennifer and Kenneth. Jerome was there. Kenneth was talking about a basketball team Jerome had coached, after Mighty Mites, maybe when he was twelve. In the 80’s. Lang and John Flack were on the team. Kenneth remembered how Jerome would make them run before practice, then practice full court scrimmages, then run laps again after practice. The team went undefeated.
Also talked to Ron and Julianne Watts, Deborah Light Painter, and Ivy Anderson. Saw Joe and Anita Giradeau but didn’t get to say hello. Also the son of Mrs. Hunkin.  
Ceil cooked a black eyed pea dish that also had carrots in it. Over rice. Also tossed salad. Later M went to Whole Foods. Another hilarious episode of The Kids are Alright. Also the NBA Draft Lottery show. Some Golden State. Some Braves.
I’ll have to check out the Park Over 400 project again. 
Last week bees invaded the Reds field. No one remembered the times this happened back in the 70's next door at Riverfront Stadium.
 Meanwhile in San Diego: more bees?
Maybe Oprah had something to do with it.
More photos surfaced of the famous scamper home
by young what's his name.

 Frenchy and Tiger.
Not sure how much you hear but it sounds like Leah’s Alzheimer’s is becoming more advanced, requiring assistance to do most things. She is growing increasingly foggy on relationships with family.