Saturday, May 26, 2018

Louie on TBN

Ready for the big weekend? I sure am, but I think Ceil is going to work me. Going to dinner with a new couple from Sunday School on Saturday night. He's the teacher, so we can't miss Sunday School the next day.

Worked past seven again Thursday night. All day at worked for some reason it had seemed like a Friday. Got the project done that I wanted to get done. Today shouldn't be as bad. Customer not working and at least ten people are off work on my floor, but there's still plenty to do.

Grabbed a dilly bar at Dairy Queen on the way home. The cashier didn't seem to interested in helping me. Ceil grilled chicken strips, mixed in parmesan cheese with potatoes, and tossed a salad. Afterwards I emptied the dishwasher and washed the dishes.

Louie Giglio was subbing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network for an hour at 8 pm, with guests wife Shelly, America's sweetheart Sadie Robertson, and musician David Crowder. Sadie gave her spiel, talking on and on like the teenage girl she used to be. Crowder actually smiled. Better than the usual TBN faire. Today Lifeway Bookstores are giving away free copies of Louie's book Goliath Must Fall, about allowing God to tackle the supposed giants facing you in life, like guilt, addiction, worry, apprehension, etc.

Also watched bits of The Middle, Last Man Standing, Jay Leno's Garage (with Terry Bradshaw), and the NFL Network.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Top 10 Game Changers

The NFL Network's top ten things that changed the game.

Best of the rest: college star Red Grange gave the league star status.

Best of the rest: Commissioner Pete Rozelle brought the league into the 20th century, negotiating television contracts, creating the Super Bowl, etc.
Best of the rest: fantasy football helped spur increased awareness of the sport.

10. Soccer style kickers helped boost scoring.

9. Bill Walsh's West Coast offense led to four Super Bowl wins, using high-percentage short passes to open up the running game and downfield passes. Walsh's assistants (Shanahan, Holmgren, etc.) spread throughout the league with similar offenses, winning even more Super Bowls.

8. NFL films. For decades no other sport had anything like it. Some still don't.

7. Rules changes in the late 1970s, to open up the offense: limiting contact between defensive backs and wide receivers, allowing defenders to only jam receivers in the first five yards of their route. Also allowing offensive linemen to use their hands to block instead of keeping their hands on their chests.

6. Astroturf greatly sped up the game, and made the TV experience more enjoyable. Later field turf helped cut down on injuries.

5. Instant replay allowed fans to better see what happened. Later replay helped minimize bad calls by officials.

4. Paul Brown was innovative, developing new plays, held the first classroom meetings, invented facemasks, and created two franchises: the Browns and Bengals.
3. Free agency. Like when Deion Sanders signed with the 49ers. Or when Deion signed with the Cowboys. Or the time Deion signed with the Redskins. Or later when Deion signed with the Ravens.

2. Television helped birth generations of new fans.

1. The NFL / AFL rivalry in the 1960's, eventually leading to the merger. Teams bid on players and created fan interest, like Charlie Gogolak and later Joe Namath.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Never knew there was a lake where Ponce de Leon Park used to be. After Tech I lived on Greenwood Avenue, which crossed Monroe and ended where the stadium used to be. Not sure I ever went to a game there, but may have. The last season played there was 1964, the summer I turned five. I do remember playing on the swings and in a sandbox at the park further down Ponce past Highland Avenue. Now since the Beltline's been built, the shops on the other side of the tracks have opened up their back doors so walkers can browse their wares.

Got a buddy who owns the butcher shop just down the Beltline at Monroe. Greg Wheat played sports at North Springs High with MC's dad and uncles. Wheat attends lots of Falcons, Braves, United, and Hawks games.

Looks like Will and Mary-Clayton are hoping to move back to Atlanta in August. They want to live downtown. Will's former basketball teammates DJ Hoffer, David Norman, Charles Norman, and Ben Hoffer all live near that Top Golf on the Westside, off Howell Mill. All are married but childless. Still-single Joel Norman lives near Oglethorpe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The R Word

Guys my age are starting to talk retirement. Some are looking to go out early but I’ll try to stick around until the retirement age if possible. Most of the time the work isn’t too overwhelming, though it has been busy lately. It wears on some more than others, and sometimes it wears on me more. Not looking forward to the upcoming change in computer platforms (to Ernie Els company: SAP). When I do retire it would be good to take a break, travel, downsize and get cleaned up and organized at home, and then maybe find something to do with my time.

My friend Myron from Virginia retired and moved to the Albemarle Sound, where he’s learned to sail, gotten involved in their new church and other groups like the Lions Club. He’s not into sports.    

Everyone is different about retirement. Some people move away. I would think Ceil and I will like to stay near where we are, so we could stay in contact with the same friends. Or move to be close to our kids and grandkids. I’ve thought about working at SunTrust Park since it’s close, but late nights 82 nights a year might be a chore. Or buy a delivery truck, but again that could mean long hours. I always have exercise and golf and my calendars and blog and reading and other stuff I do. And places to travel to. I was thinking of all the stuff I do would be easier if I had an hour or three to do it every day. I could ramp up my eBay and get rid of more junk email, and exercise and do yardwork and housework and laundry and hit golf balls and involve myself outside the house.

Slammed at work. Not sure why. Actually I do know. Steel mill is late with raw material. Slitter has a 3-4 week backlog. Painter won’t paint. No trucks to move material on. Means I have to double and triple check everything. Worked past seven last night. Not much traffic going home. Ceil was walking Barney. Beans and rice and salad for dinner. Was almost nine when we were finished. Not much on TV: the Braves, Last Man Standing, The Voice.

Tuesday: slammed all morning. Wheeling and dealing, arranging all kinds of shipments. Tuesday: another late night for me. Got another project done but got two more to do tonight and tomorrow. Worked until 7:30. Ceil made shepherd’s pie. She thought she had added too much wine. You could definitely taste it. Had Roseanne on while we were getting ready to eat. Seems like the show is real, a quality show. Later we watched some Braves and The Voice finale. The 14 year old girl won.

Last ever episode of The Middle at 8:30. Lasted an hour. Not bad. They moved their oldest son to Denver. Sue finally got together with the neighbor boy. At the end of the show Frankie told what happened to the family in the ensuing years: Axyl got married and had three messy sons just like him. Sue married the neighbor. Brick became a bestselling author. Things didn’t change much for parents Mike and Frankie. I was scared WSB was going to interrupt the last ever minute of the show with election coverage. WSB did cut in right at 9 pm, causing viewers to miss a crucial scene. I’m sure viewers complained, because at 9:30 there was no election coverage.

Got out and walked this morning. Heel hurts too much to try to run. Mailed a package on the way to work. Stopped by McDonalds. Was late enough to experience bad traffic. We’re having a big month so it sounds like we’ll be taken out at some point for a nice lunch.

Dock’s dad is a golfer. He recently shot his age. Not sure how old he is, but he used to joke that he had suits as old as me.

I’m just no good with computers and printers and TV’s and VCRs and such. I just learned how to “throw” something from my phone to the TV. Will can do it effortlessly but it takes time for me. Read a Clark Howard article and am ready to fire Comcast and switch to Hulu TV. People talk about ditching cable and satellite but I’m scared baseball and football will go away. With Hulu TV I am covered.

During Sunday School they announced the children’s ministry was looking for counselors to go away to summer camp with the kids. Sounded like fun, but Ceil rolled her eyes – she’s burned out from the past nine months of school.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Top Ten NFL What If's

The NFL Network’s top ten “what if’s.” These generated good discussion amongst the experts. A good episode.

10. What if Bo hadn’t gotten hurt? A great question. The first 2-sport hall of famer?
9. What if they’d never been Monday Night Football?

8. What if Buffalo had won the Super Bowl?

7. What if the Cowboys hadn’t traded Herschel? Would Jerry Jones still be in the Hall of Fame? Instead of a Cowboys dynasty, Emmitt Smith might’ve been drafted by the Packers, resulting in more Super Bowls for Green Bay instead of Dallas. But the Cowboys might still have won all those Super Bowls with Herschel. The show didn’t say it, but had Herschel stayed in Dallas he would most certainly be in the Hall of Fame.
6. What if the Steelers hadn’t cut Johnny Unitas?

5. If Peyton Manning had stayed in Indy? The Colts would’ve drafted RB Trent Richardson instead of QB Andrew Luck, and possibly won more Super Bowls. The experts also somehow concluded Tim Tebow would’ve become President of the United States.

4. What if Bill Belichick had stayed with the Jets, instead of backing out after one day?

3. What if Drew Bledsoe hadn’t gotten hurt? Bledsoe had been prolific in New England, and was still productive when he was replaced by Tom Brady. The Pats would’ve probably won a Super Bowl or two with Bledsoe, but Tom Brady may have moved on to another team in the process. 
2. What if the Immaculate Reception been ruled incomplete? Then everyone would’ve remembered Ken Stabler’s 30 yard touchdown run, and the Raiders would’ve won another Super Bowl. The Steeler dynasty would’ve blossomed later, with fewer Super Bowl wins.
1. What if the NFL and AFL hadn’t merged? No Super Bowl? Say it ain’t so!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Party Season

Busy weekend for me. Ate two slices of Mellow Mushroom at the meeting, then another for a 5 pm snack. Needed to leave work but stayed past six. Hung out at the house for a while, then went to Moxie Burger after 8 pm to split our chicken sandwich and fries. We watched the Braves at Moxie. Back home we watched junk about Harry and Meghan and William and Kate. M went to his former high school’s graduation. Saturday he went to a graduation party. Sunday after work he hung out with his old band mates at the Roswell Mill.

Saturday morning Ceil went to the Johnson Ferry Christian Academy graduation. Two hours long. That’s ok for the kids and parents, but it kinda drags for the grandparents and family friends who attend. Will graduated from medical school and the ceremony wasn’t that long. I kept checking to see where Ceil was, and she was there all morning.

I did some cleaning and laundry, then set out on an unintended adventure. M took my car so at noon I drove his to the post office. It was almost out of gas to I drove it to the nearest QuikTrip for the special no ethanol gas it needs. QT was out of the gas, so I drove to the next QT. That QT was crowded. Four cars were parked next to the four special pumps. Three of the cars were unattended. When I pulled in next to one of the cars to wait, the driver finally got out to pump his gas. Took forever. Then traffic was backed up turning left so I turned right.

Was making a U turn and decided to go to the nearby library – but it had been torn down. Then I saw the new library they had built. Had to make another U turn in M’s big car. The library looked like an art museum on the inside. Checked out four books on CD. Headed home. Stopped and parked in a shopping center, and hit up Dollar Tree, a thrift store, and Taco Bell all at the same time. Finally made it home after that and did more laundry.

Later we went to a friend’s son’s graduation party not far from our house. They had BBQ, which was good. Later took Ceil to TJMaxx and Whole Foods. Back home for Braves and Hallmark Channel. M had a friend spend Saturday night. M left for work early. His friend was leaving as we were leaving for church. Barney had gotten into M’s bedroom, looking around for the hiding cat. When we got home from church the door to M’s room was open. For some reason Barney was upstairs in Anna’s room. The cat survived.  

JFBC SS lesson on Jonah and the whale. After SS we skipped the service. Whole Foods for a baked chicken. After lunch we went to another graduation party. This one was catered with Mexican food, so I snacked on nachos. Then my haircut, and home to cut grass. I was driving home from my haircut listening to the ninth inning rally. The Marlins changed pitchers. I went inside and C was watching Hallmark Channel. I started messing with my phone and people were excited about the game. Wasn’t sure if it was the previous hits by Freeman and Markakis or what. Was checking it out when Will texted me – “did you see that?” So I saw it on replay.

Later Ceil went to a SS gathering to pray for the conversion of Muslims. After the grass I rested. Spent time on my computer and watched a decent movie: “All Nighter” about a dad trying to find his “missing” daughter with her ex-boyfriend. Would've been better without so much senseless cussing and drug use. Then “The Good Witch.”    

Forgot my lunch today so I had to run out to grab a bite (Taco Bell). Wendy’s and Arby's were too crowded.

Banner Time

The neighborhood graduation banner is up, with Will’s name on it. This is the fourth of five straight years the Murphy name is gracing the banner.

2019 Anna (UGA)
2018 Will (PA school)
2017 Matthew (Legacy high school)
2016 Will (UGA) & Mary-Clayton (Oklahoma)
2015 Anna (Veritas high school)
2011 Will (Living Science high school)

Lately my delicacy has been chocolate covered coffee beans. I don’t like coffee, but the beans are great. Ceil received two small bags of the treats at a wedding shower for MC’s sister. Maybe there will be more at the wedding. Most days I eat one a day to make them last, and share with coworker Rachel. She’s been getting more at Whole Foods or Kroger. This weekend I discovered an uneaten chocolate/coffee/caramel candy bar I had given Ceil for Valentines. Had it for my mid-morning snack.

Ceil got up for the Royal Wedding, but I slept in. I watched it Saturday afternoon. People like Karen Toholsky were raving about the American preacher. Turned out the guy had quoted Charles March during the wedding, and later he attributed Charles and Bob Marsh as tremendous influences in his life, growing up in rural Alabama. Several Christian pastors and writers I know were noticeably silent on the royal wedding. But just as many chimed in, picking nits. Christians are took good at adding the “but they should’ve…” Goodness just be happy the wedding was as Biblical as it was. I hadn’t read much previously about Harry and Meghan. Supposedly during the ceremony several eyes rolled during various parts, like the mixed race gospel choir singing a secular song.

So often Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis is a voice in the wilderness, calling out the media and others for unfair treatment and misinformation. But recently he got it wrong jumping on an old, incorrect bandwagon saying Andy Stanley was de-emphasizing the Old Testament when one soundbite from Andy’s sermon was taken out of context. Stanley even came back to clear up the issue.

My company will be supplying the aluminum handrails for the new football stadium being built in Las Vegas, for the former Oakland Raiders. Our salesperson gets to travel out to Vegas for a meeting. In addition to Vegas, our aluminum made the handrails for SunTrust Park, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Phillips Arena, the University of Missouri’s football stadium, and this summer’s end zone expansion in UGA’s Sanford Stadium.   

My heel has been hurting. Been trying several shoes to run in but only one old pair doesn’t hurt. I know I need a new pair. Just listed out at least 51 pairs of shoes l currently own. Gotta get to selling some (14), and giving away others (4). Ceil received a gift card for the end of school, and bought a new pair of New Balance sneakers for her. Her old pair of Asics were at least five years old.

Was on my laptop Sunday night but forgot to post to my blog, letting down ten or eleven readers. Making up for it today by diving today’s updates into two posts.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Deep Thoughts

I didn't get up early to watch the royal wedding. Social media missed out on some hilarious live tweets. Two of Ceil's students crossed the Atlantic to be part of the crowd. I did watch a bit of the replay Saturday afternoon. I had no nits to pick with Pastor Curry's sermon during the wedding, nor with the past lives of the prince and his bride. 

During the wedding Curry quoted Bob and Myra's son Charles...
Received junk mail this week requesting money to help fund political candidates who support our current President. Noticed the President's signature, which has similarities to my own. Perhaps it's time I changed my signature (this is neither a political critique nor endorsement of the President). 
A tweet I found funny. Stumbled across it, as it was either liked or retweeted by someone I follow. The joke is not my own.
New York Yankee Bobby Murcer wasn't a small guy,
but here Senators first baseman Frank Howard dwarfs him.
 " some different things and stay true to who we are."
says FSU's new head coach. That doesn't make sense.
Burgundy helmets. Black jerseys and pants. Groan.