Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Very Bad Day

Every parent's worst fear happened this week for four parents in north Atlanta: the dreaded call that their child had perished in an automobile accident. Anna knew the girls. A couple were sorority sisters. Margaret Hurt knew at least one of them as well.

Christina Semeria of Milton and Kayla Canedo of Alpharetta were in Anna's sorority. Also killed were Brittany Feldman of Alpharetta and Halle Scott from Dunwoody. Christina, Kayla, and Brittany all went to Milton High School.

At least the girls were secure in their salvation. Today they sit at the seat of their Father in heaven.

Thursday Anna's sorority president Courtney White spoke to a large gathering outside the student center. Her speech was both courageous and heartbreaking. You can watch her speech here: AJC headline: Sorority president breaks down as she remembers sisters killed in crash

Anna praised of Courtney in a post: "I am incredibly proud to call Courtney White the president of my sorority. In the face of deep grief and horrific circumstances, she carries herself with a humble strength and lifts the name of Jesus without fear. I love the way you love us and lift us." Her post garnered 185 likes and 16 shares. One day Anna would make a great sorority president herself.

Last year several girls died in a crash on I-16 in south Georgia. Another accident was also in the news: a kid crashed trying to get their car up to 100 MPH so they could take a photo of the speedometer for SnapChat.

Though no alcohol, drugs, or foul play was thought to be involved in this week's accident near UGA, it's my hope this tragedy will add an element of caution in every teen's driving.

I'm thankful my three have a sense of adventure. Wouldn't trade it for the world. But like all parents, I pray that God protect them as they drive, play, and live.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Trivia

1. What major league sports team(s) did Ted Turner own?

2. In what sport did Ted Turner first win a championship?
a. Hawks basketball
b. Braves baseball
c. Yacht Racing
d. Ostrich Racing

3. MASH surgeon BJ Honeycutt - what did the initials BJ stand for?
a. Benjamin Johnathan
b. Barry James
c. Beauregard Jeremiah
d. Eugene
e. Whatever you want

BONUS: What was the name if the novel BJ was reading that had the last page of the novel missing?
Catcher in the Rye
Of Mice and Men
The Rooster Crowed at Midnight

DOUBLE BONUS: What did BJ do to find out the ending?

MORE BJ: Where did BJ live?
a. Boston MA
b. Mill Valley CA
c. Chicago IL
d. Macon GA

4. In the late 1970's my hometown (Macon GA) had a minor league hockey team. What was its name?
a. Flames
b. Thrashers
c. Bruins
d. Whoopees

BONUS: what was their fight song?

5. Pete Rose played minor league baseball in Macon. What was the name of Macon's original minor league baseball team?
a. Peaches
b. Lookouts
c. Crackers
d. Barons

6. Who has the most successful career sacrifice bunts for a left-handed pitcher?
a. Lefty Grove
b. Warren Spahn
c. Tom Glavine
d. Randy Johnson

7. Who has the most successful career sacrifice bunts for a right-handed pitcher?
a. John Smoltz
b. Cy Young
c. Walter Johnson
d. Greg Maddux

8. How many home games are the Braves scheduled to play this year at Turner Field?

9. Who gained more yards as a professional: Emmitt Smith or Herschel Walker?

BONUS: Which gained more yards as a collegian?

10. How did the Ryerson offices and warehouses come to be located here at 4400 Peachtree Industrial Blvd?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

TV Formula = Familiarity

Idea for a hit TV show: use actors who previously starred on other shows, playing the same or similar character. Viewers love familiarity.

Big Bang Theory has Sara Gilbert and Leonard from Roseanne, Amy Farrahfowler from Blossom, and Wil Wheaton from Star Trek Next Generation and Stand By Me. Also numerous other familiar guest stars.

Crowded stars Patrick Warburton from Seinfeld, Stacy Keach, and that girl from iCarly.

The Middle features Patricia Keaton from Everyone Loves Raymond, Brooke Shields (above), Chris Kattan, Brian Doyle-Murray, Norm McDonald, and Jerry Van Dyke (and sometimes brother Dick).

Thursday Trivia

1. In the movie LA Story when Steve Martin's car broke down, how did he get to his next-door neighbor's house?
a. walked
d. bicycle
c. danced his way next door
d. pushed his car

2. On Christmas Eve what took place on The Late Show with David Letterman?
a. Darlene Love would sing O Holy Night
b. kids would open presents
c. Dave would dress up like Santa
d. Dave & Jay Thomas would throw footballs at the meatball on top of the Christmas Tree
e. Jay would tell his Lone Ranger story
f. both A and D
g. both A, D, and E

2. Who named the Atlanta Thrashers?
a. then Governor Sonny Perdue
b. Boom Boom Geoffrian
c. former President Jimmy Carter
d. Ted Turner

4. What was Georgia poet Sidney Lanier's most famous poem?

5. In the Steve Martin movie "The Man With Two Brains" who was the "Elevator Killer"?
a. Martin Short
b. John Candy
c. Bill Murray
d. Merv Griffin

6. Corporal Klinger from: what was his given name?
a. Frank
b. BJ
c. Eugene
d. Maxwell

BONUS: what was his hometown?
a. Toledo OH
b. Mill Valley CA
c. Boston MA
d. Chicago IL

7. Who is NCIS star Mark Harmon's brother-in-law?
A. Ricky Nelson
B. John DeLorean
C. Both A and B.

8. Where did the Atlanta Crackers play their final season?

9. The great Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo Georgia. Former Atlanta Falcon great William Andrews also hails from Cairo. What is the name of Cairo High School's athletic teams?

10. A standard uniform change in major league baseball this year caused what team to have to change a very traditional feature of their uniform?
a. New York Yankees
b. Detroit Tigers
c. Boston Red Sox
d. Atlanta Braves

BONUS: What was the change?
a. Makers mark logo on jersey sleeve
b. Underbill of cap changed from grey to green c. MLB logo on rear jersey collar d. MLB logo on back belt loop

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cast of Characters

The cast of characters at Braves games is growing larger: Smiling Darrell (above with his nemesis Mark Lemke), quiet Darrell, the dollar line breaker mamma, Norman, Johnny, Marshall, RL, John Parkes, The Chief, old man usher, old lady usher, Sandy the Designated Driver Lady (retired), Sandy's sidekick, uber bobble dealer / Mississippi State Bulldog dad Kevin, the purple jacket guy, bobblehead Bobby, justice of the peace Johnny Padgett, old man Hugh, Peter Greene from Garden Hills, Tanner Pittard, Tanner's mom, Joe The Kid Shirley, long haired bobblehead guy, Dan Fox, and the baseball grabber guy (25). And me.

Wednesday trivia:

1. MASH 4077 company clerk Radar O'Reilly: what was the character's given first name?
a. Eugene
b. Walter
c. Frank
d. Bill

BONUS: what was Radar's hometown?
a. Toledo, Ohio
b. Ottumwa, Iowa
c. Boston, MA
d. Mill Valley, California

Who / what did Radar sleep with?
a. Nurse Hot Lips Houlihan
b. The other enlisted men
c. His pet goat
d. A teddy bear

2. If there are no peach trees on Peachtree Street (Road, Industrial Blvd, etc.), how did Atlanta's most famous street get it's name?

3. What is the city motto for Doraville GA?
a. "Diversity, Vitality, Community"
b. "A touch of country in the city"
c. "Win or lose, we eat pizza"
d. "if you don't like it here, there's a MARTA station right over there"

4. The Atlanta Crackers' home field, Ponce de Leon Park, had what unique feature in centerfield?
a. Flag pole
b. Railroad tracks
c. Tree
d. 20 foot wall
e. Both B and C

5. Green Bay Packer Hall-of-Famer Bart Starr attended Lanier High School in Montgomery Alabama. One time his team played Lanier High of Macon, GA, another football powerhouse (this happened before I was born). Both teams had the same nickname. What was it?

6. Who was governor of Virginia when the state capital was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond?
a. Patrick Henry
b. Benjamin Harrison
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. James Monroe

7. Which of Shakespeare's plays featured a ghost?
a. Hamlet
b. Macbeth
c. Julius Caesar
d. Richard III
e. all of the above

8. True/False: long-time Braves knuckleball pitcher Phil Niekro once pitched a no-hitter.

9. Who hit the first home run at Turner Field?
a. Chipper Jones
b. Javy Lopez
c. Michael Tucker
d. Dave Justice

10. For decades which team traditionally hosted the first game of each new MLB season?
a. New York Yankees
b. Boston Red Sox
c. Philadelphia Phillies
d. Cincinnati Reds

What UCLA QB went on to become the star of several hit TV series?
What Miami QB went on the be the head coach of his alma mater?
What UGA QB went on the be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Florida QB went on to be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Michigan QB went on to be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Georgia Tech QB went on to be the head coach of his alma mater?
What Southern Cal QB went on to become AD of his alma mater?

You ought to see some of the projects C does with her kindergarteners for all the holidays. They just finished a "cookbook" for mother's day.

Left work after 6 pm. C was at the grocery so I swung by the library. C cooked homemade pizza with lean ground beef, peppers, and onions. Watched Jeopardy, The Voice, and Chicago Hope. Tuesday on Jeopardy all three contestant were strong. They got every question correct in Double and Final Jeopardy. All three finished with more than $28,000.00. Newcomer Buzzy beat the long time defending champion, how for a week looked invincible. Buzzy looked even stronger, and did well last night - but was blow away by an even stronger newcomer.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Trivia

1. Before buying channel 17 and the Atlanta Braves, what business was Ted Turner in?
a. Billboards
b. Ranching
c. Restaurants
d. Real Estate
2. What does MARTA stand for?
3. After its original Dwarf House location on Central Avenue in Hapeville, where was the first actual Chickfila fast food restaurant located?
a. Greenbrier Mall
b. Lenox Square
c. South Dekalb Mall
d. Southlake Mall
4. Who is the host of Sports Jeopardy?
a. Bob Costas
b. Alex Trebeck
c. Dan Patrick
d. Marv Albert
5. MASH surgeon Hawkeye Pierce: what was his given name?
a. Benjamin Franklin Pierce
b. William Stewart Pierce
c. Thomas Jefferson Pierce
d. Hawkeye Pierce
BONUS: What was his hometown?
a. Toledo OH
b. Ottumwa IO
c. Crabapple Cove ME
d. Boston MA
6. According to legend, how did the northern Atlanta suburb called Buckhead acquire its name?
7. What was the name of the soccer team that won Atlanta's first professional major league sports championship?
a. Attack
b. Beat
c. Phoenix
d. Chiefs
8. What are spectators at The Masters called?
a. Guests
b. Visitors
c. Customers
d. Patrons
9. Who was the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs and collect 3000 hits?
a. Babe Ruth
b. Hank Aaron
c. Willie Mays
d. Lou Gehrig
10. On the TV show The Middle, what is daughter Sue's given name?
a. Frankie Sue
b. Carly Sue
c. Cassidy Sue
d. Sue Sue
Did I see where a Yankee stole home the other day? I think left-handed batter Shane Spencer (or whoever #11 is these days) was batting.
Most of the Braves losses have been close games, if not extra innings. A break here or there and they’re running away with the division.
Nothing much else to report. Left work just after six. Stopped by to have my car looked at – nothing serious. This summer either me or M will need an extra car.
Today the guy comes about fixing the house. Repairs will be messy but nice. Tough that it comes right when a new car is needed.
Ceil cooked chicken and salad. Also sweet potato strips. M cooked his own buffalo chicken for his pizza. Watched The Voice, worked on the computer while M slaved over his paper.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Close Call

Friday we had Dreamland BBQ for the lunch meeting. C had gone to Athens for the day to have lunch with Anna and check out the art building. After work I found a Diamondbacks bobblehead, then headed over to get a haircut.
I was driving my little Civic up a hill into the sun, with my sunglasses on and the car’s sunshades down. There was a big slow SUV in front of me slowly turning right at an intersection with a traffic light. I decided to veer left and go around the big SUV. I could see another large SUV waiting at the traffic light. I should’ve realized the combination of the sun, SUV, sunglasses, and shades being down was blocking my view of the traffic light. As I went around the SUV I could see the other SUV begin to pull out into the intersection. It quickly saw me and stopped. But there was a small car next to that SUV whose view of me was blocked, also pulling out into the intersection. I had run a red light, and the little car (another silver Civic just like mine) narrowly missed me.
Got my haircut and went home. Wasn’t hungry from all the BBQ. Ceil and Anna had eaten at Taqueria in Athens. Later I took Ceil and Barney to Whole Foods and to gas up the CRV.
Saturday morning I worked upstairs. Dragged out the summer clothes, and worked to organize them and put up the winter clothes. Ceil brought me an eggy boy sandwich. At 1:30 I showered and shortly after two I headed out. Stopped by Wendy’s and was in the dollar line shortly after 3 pm.
Met a 65 year old Tech fan from Garden Hills named Peter Greene. Grew up and still lives near the Garden Hills pool. Talked to him and John Parkes, and two other bobblehead friends before and during the game. Stayed til after the bottom of the eighth before heading home.
JFBC for Sunday School and church. Talking about how God holds his shepherds accountable for their flock, Bryant used Creflo Dollar’s “need” for the latest $65 million private Gulfstream jet as an example of how not to be a good shepherd. (Bryant did not call out Dollar by name, and only told the story to serve as an introductory example – not the main point of the sermon).
After church Ceil drove over to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market. She ate in their cafeteria. I hate that place. A bunch of weird foreign food. Even the familiar dishes are prepared with odd spices and such.
I did laundry, watched the Braves, and worked on the computer. Later we visited a sick friend and stopped by Target. M returned from Passion and we worked on his French Revolution essay.   
TRIVIA: Today’s questions:
1. Which Seinfeld character landed a role in a Woody Allen movie?
BONUS: What was their line?
2. What Australian singer's hit songs included "I Am Woman" and "Delta Dawn"?
3. Who wrote the familiar Final Jeopardy theme song / jingle?
BONUS: Has this question been asked before?
4. What beloved character was killed off of the top-ranked TV show MASH?
BONUS: What was the actor's name?
5. Back in the 80's when disco ruled the airwaves, what was the name of Atlanta's most trendy discotheque (which featured sharks swimming under the dance floor)?
BONUS: What was the nickname of the grocery store next door?
6. What was the first home of the Atlanta Hawks?
7. Oglethorpe University is located just 12 miles south of Ryerson on Peachtree Industrial. What is the name of their athletic teams?
8. Atlanta radio station WGST 640 AM - what does the GST stand for?
9. This year which university landed a team in both the men's final four and the women's final four?
10. Who/what are each of the 18 holes at the Augusta National Golf Course named after?
Will the Hawks get past the Celtics? Like GT’s now ended bowl streak, the Hawks have a run of consecutive years of making it past the first round of the playoffs. Would hate to see that end. Some say Boston’s head coach Brad Stevens is real good, and has made a difference. Think he is better than the Hawks coach?
Do you get lots of emails from restaurants? I saw where you can sign up for emails from Agave. Back when we used to live in Midtown I would pass by there, not realizing the cemetery across the street was the back side of Oakland Cemetery.  
I think now with M driving that’s less driving C or I have to do taking him places and picking him up, so we’re more free. C is still tied up with school for a few more weeks, but that’s only Monday thru Wednesday. In May we’ll have W and A home for a few days. Anna’s last final is the 10th. That means both W and A are both moving the week of May 9th. On the 16th W starts school and M starts his internship. Not sure when A moves up to Camp Highland.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mets @ Braves

Attending a Saturday night Braves game is a nine hour event for me. Left home at 2 pm and stopped by Wendys for the lunch I hadn't had time to eat. Then I hopped on 75 South and zipped past the new stadium at 70 MPH - until 75 merged with 85. Then this:  
Gridlocked traffic on a Saturday afternoon. This effects Braves fans headed to the game on both 75 and 85, both north and south. Anyone thinking traffic will be worse at the new park hasn't thought it through, or is just looking at it from their own viewpoint.
Made it to my parking spot and made the walk to Turner Field, passing the employee lot. Had these to big guys in front of me leading the way:
Made it to the dollar line shortly after 3 pm. There were at least 20 already ahead of me, including John Parkes. Held a spot for a dad and his daughter, and befriended 65-year old Paul Greene of Garden Hills, a longtime Braves and Tech fan. We had plenty to talk about. Paul wore low cut hiking boots and a hiking hat.

Bobblehead buds Kevin and Bobby walked up, and we quickly caught up. I was not surprised to see Mr. and Mrs. Pittard in line: they're bobblehead day dollar line regulars as well. Left my backpack with Paul and ventured to the front of the line to talk to John, RJ, tall Darrell, and Kevin. 

Kevin and I talked bobbleheads. He was familiar with this year's Lakeshore Chinooks' fishing themed giveaways: Aaron, Uecker, Yount, and their mascot. With only a thousand made, they're a tough get. I had my eyes on the Uecker. Bobby had already worked a deal for the Hank with our Milwaukee connection, Brian Boyer. I messaged Brian and worked a trade for the Chinooks Uecker and the Brewers Uecker alarm clock for this year's Braves Andruw Spiderman Wall Catch and Chipper ASG. Just like that, my trading is done for the year.
Another character hanging around was the guy in a purple jacket. He acted like he worked for the Braves, but doesn't. Wears the cap, Braves shirt, ID badge around his neck - even a walkie talkie that he frequently talks into. The guys talked to Paul and me, talking about the bobbleheads. Paul asked how many were being given away - twenty thousand? Purple jacket replied "This morning we had a meeting and upped it to 30,000" as if the 50% increase were as easy as pulling them from the closet. He also said he'd asked team CEO Terry McGuirk "why they traded the best shortstop in baseball."  

At 4:40 the ticket window opened, and soon we were inside.

Kevin and RL went off to secure more bobbles. I watched BP and chatted with John. Kevin donned a cap to change his look. Bobby returned, wearing his Bobblehead Addicts shirt. He hadn't worn it while going in and out to redeem tickets for bobbles, of course.

Then K & RL returned and John moved on, the three of us stayed in left field to watch the game. Paul Greene stopped by. I barely recognized him. The hat and boots were gone, replaced by sneakers and a different t-shirt. I almost didn't recognize him. He was changing his look to load up on bobbleheads as well!

K, RL, and I had plenty to talk about, and before long we were standing for the seventh inning stretch. All three of us (and John) nabbed our free designated driver Cokes. 
I wore my Kobe Venomenons - comfortable shoes that look too much like hiking boots and not enough like sneakers. They've seen better days, but I think I'll sell them. I never pulled on my navy road Heyward jersey. My road cap helped with the sun.
A young family of mets fans sat in front of us, each wearing a jersey. Dad had a nice personalized jersey plus Nike cross trainers like Kevin's, only in Mets blue and orange. Young Kaden wore a matt Harvey jersey and blue and orange Nikes - even socks in Mets blue.

RL and I went over to chat up uberfan Norman, the Chocolate Papa. He held court in the last row of the centerfield bleachers, where those of us wanted an audience had to climb up to reach him. Crazy Darrell sat nearby with his ball, glove, and huge smile. Darrell loudly chanted Let's Go Braves, and the Tomahawk Team down below joined Darrell in his chant.

When the Braves were retired in the bottom of the eighth I made my exit. It was almost 11:00 before I got home. A good day.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Top Ten Steelers

The NFL Network’s Top Ten Pittsburgh Steelers:
10. FB Jerome Bettis #36
9. WR Lynn Swann #88
8. WR Hines Ward #86
7. S Troy Polomolu #43
6. CB Mel Blount #47
5. MLB Jack Lambert #58
4. CB/S/KR Rod Woodson #26
3. RB Franco Harris #32
2. QB Terry Bradshaw #12
1. DT Mean Joe Green # 75

Best of the Rest: HOF LBs Andy Russell and Jack Ham, Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene, OL Faneca, C Demonte Dawson, the late C Mike Webster, and two-time Super Bowl winning QB Ben Rothlisberger.
FB Rocky Bleier was interviewed but not listed, nor were owner Andy Rooney or head coaches Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher.
Can't believe receiver John Stallworth wasn't included. He was better than Lynn Swann.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dodgers @ Braves

Found out yesterday at 4:30 I had the tickets for the Braves game. Heard traffic downtown was bad so I took 285 south past the Stone Mountain and Memorial Drive to I-20 east. 285 south was bad but 20 east a breeze. Parked in the blue lot and walked right in. Watched BP and walked the stadium, up to the upper deck to chat with John Parkes.
Ran into Charlie and Bill. Took the obligatory picture of the relievers headed to the bullpen, passing by The Chief in the front row. Almost missed it.
Went down to my dugout seats, then later moved over a couple of sections to say hello to someone else.
Former Lovett High grad / Braves draft pick George Lombard is now the Dodgers first base coach.

Made it home by 9:30 and saw the end of the game on TV.
C cooked beef tips, which I had for lunch today. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hottest Team in Baseball

The Braves are the hottest team in baseball. No one else has won their last four games. Tonight I took in my first game of the year. More on that tomorrow.
Adam LaRoche spends his free time rescuing underage sex slaves overseas, and the guys on 790 treat him like accused domestic violence offender / underperforming Braves outfielder Hector Olivera. The two shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. Not that the Dodgers gained much on their side of the trade: none of the three players the Braves gave up has been productive either. As a whole, signing Cuban “superstars” has its downsides. Puig has alienated teammates in LA. He gets thrown out on the bases more than most, and often throws to the wrong base. Cespedes helped the Mets win the division (no great feat in the NL East) but is on his third team in three years.
LaRoche has a better outlook on life that most. Concerned more about character than money or grades. He was up front with team management about having his son in the locker room, but the White Sox weren’t up front with him. To pick a nit, his home school = sheltered comment was uninformed and off the mark, surprising when contrasted to the rest of his story. Former Brave Blaine Boyer, from East Cobb, was Adam’s sidekick in the sex slave rescue.
I was just thinking how I needed to admit that my spring training impression of Mallex Smith was probably wrong, as usual.
How does one buy the Braves stock? Can you buy them at Turner Field? I’ve got to get me one. Do you get the actual shares? Of course the AJC went out of their way on Facebook to report that the stock value dropped the first day. I think Facebook dropped after it came out as well.
See where the Friday July 1st game is Star Wars night? Schuerholz Jedi Master bobble and parade if you buy the special ticket. I’m in.
Won the raffle here at work for tonight’s tickets.
ROB ON THE BRAVES: I don't know if Aaron Blair has much left to prove in the minor leagues.  He will probably be the next new face you see up here.
It's good to see Rio Ruiz off to a good start in Gwinnett.  He will be 22 by next spring training.  If he keeps up the production in AAA, he should be the starting 3B at Suntrust Park.
It's also good to see Albies and Swanson tearing up AA and High-A respectively.  If they keep doing well, I could see the organization moving them both up a level by June 1 - or maybe leaving Albies at AA and moving Swanson up to AAA. Service time aside, I would like to see all of these guys up in September.
ME: Just noticed an article in the Sports Illustrated Masters preview noted their 20 favorites to win the Masters. In descending order: 20 Vaughn Taylor, 19 eventual winner Danny Willett, 18 Henrik Stenson, 17 my guy Kevin Na, 16 Patrick Reed, 15 Justin Thomas, 14 Brooks Keopka, 13 Brandt Snedeker, 12 Charl Schwartzel, 11 Louis Oosthuisen, 10 Bubba Watson, 9 Adam Scott, 8 Dufner, 7 Bryson DeChambeau, 6 Jason Day, 5 Phil Mickelson, 4 Dustin Johnson, 3 Jordan Spieth, 2 Ricky Fowler, and 1 Rory McIlroy.
Sales meeting Friday. I helped pick the menu – your favorite BBQ. After going to all that trouble I was thinking about going in and not eating, just so they’d get on to me. Yesterday when things were busy I was thinking I’d go in to the meeting and pile a huge mountain of BBQ on my plate. Fun to think of things like that to take my mind off the bad day. Then last night I was concentrating on the TV and Internet.
Google pictures of Roger Staubach. Several of him suspended in mid-air with his legs spread out like Michael Jordan, throwing jump passes for the Cowboys over the Vikings’ Alan Page, or on the sidelines at Navy trying to get a better view.
Bad day yesterday. Frustrating to have to pull the same person’s slack for going on nine years. Jesus said to forgive 70 times 7, figuring back then people wouldn’t do the math on such a supposedly high number. These days with calculators figuring numbers is easy, but I think Jesus wants me to forgive an unlimited number of times. But after eight full years my patience has worn thin. Plus I spent time listening and counseling other frustrated coworkers. Yesterday and today our boss got a better (and bitter) taste of the struggle I deal with every day, and he wasn’t happy.
Worked until 7 pm, but not much on my own stuff. Work is time sensitive – the sooner you do your part the more time others have to do theirs. Plus doing it early/on time means I can spend less time rushing things through at the end.
C had a meeting at Johnson Ferry and M had his Tuesday night meeting. After the rough day I broke my fast food rule and had Taco Bell. Drove by Great Clips but Denise wasn’t working. Gassed up and went home. Turned on the TV and laptop, and crashed.  
M got a nice haircut, after going over 16 months with just a small trim. He got if after he and C returned from OKC.
Last Saturday Auburn Equestrian won the national championship, on team member Margaret Hurt’s birthday. The team had to ride a bus out to Waco and back.
Waited until the last minute to do taxes again. Spent six hours Saturday cleaning up and organizing paperwork and filing the taxes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top Ten Dallas Cowboys

The NFL Network’s Top Ten Dallas Cowboys, along with the Bleacher Report’s rebuttal list (in parenthesis):

10. WR Drew Pearson #88 (Pearson)
9. QB Dandy Don Meredith #17 (CB Mel Renfro #20)
8. DT Randy “The Manster” White #54 (Michael Irvin)
7. TB Tony “TD” Dorsett #33 (LB Lee Roy Jordan)
6. QB Troy Aikman #8 (Dorsett)
5. RB Emmitt Smith #22 (White)
4. DT “Mr. Cowboy” Bob Lilly #74 (Smith)
3. WR Michael Irvin #88 (Aikman)
2. QB Roger Staubach #12 (Lilly)
1. Head Coach Tom Landry (Staubach)

Best of the Rest: DE Harvey Martin, DE Ed “Too Tall” Jones, QB/P Danny White, FB Daryl Johnston, TE Jay Novacek, OT Larry Allen, RB Dan Reeves, FL Dan Hayes.

As usual, no mention of Pro Bowl running back Herschel Walker, whose blockbuster trade to the Minnesota Vikings provided the manpower and draft picks to fuel the Cowboys’ string of Super Bowl successes in the 1990’s.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Think the Braves are Bad?

Just when all those self-proclaimed experts thought the Braves would never win again, low and behold when Atlanta didn’t have to play a game against one of the top teams in the National League the Braves not only won a game, but won all three. Fans think their team should win every game, when even the best MLB teams lose 60 games a year.
Atlanta fans complaining about the Braves forget their recent record has been better than the Falcons, or Georgia Tech basketball or football.   
2015 winning percentages
.414 Braves (.488 in 2014) (.593 in 2013)
.500 Falcons (.333 in 2014) (.250 in 2013)
.444 GT basketball vs ACC (.167 in 2014-15)
.250 GT football (.125 vs ACC) Lost last 9 of 10. Would’ve lost all ten except for the miracle against FSU.
Last time in playoffs:
2013 Braves (division champs). In playoffs 3 of past 6 years.
2012 Falcons. In playoffs 3 of past 6 years.
2014 GT football. In ACC championship game 2 of past 6 years.
2010 GT basketball. Made NCAA tourney once in past 9 years.
Nice the Hawks were able to come out of game one with a win.
Left work at 5:15 Friday and just missed getting home to see the prom-goers. In fact M was leaving the neighborhood in his Jeep. I thought it was someone else driving because it was the first time I’d seen him after he’s gotten his hair cut. They ate at Waffle House before heading out to the prom. He spent the night at a friend’s house in Marietta.
C and I drove down to Hobby Lobby near Perimeter Mall, then ate at Moxie Burger in Roswell. Came back and watched the movie “Brooklyn” about an Irish girl who comes to America years ago. Pretty good.
Saturday morning I drove to work, arriving around 10:45. Spent the next six hours working on my taxes and cleaning out paperwork: bills, medical stuff, organizing paperwork and tax stuff. Went through huge piles of paperwork. Also filed W’s taxes. Really got a lot done. On the way home I stopped by five thrift stores but didn’t see anything good. Also Hobby Lobby for Ceil. 
C cooked grilled chicken and vegetables, and M fixed his patented buffalo chicken pizza. C watched a Hallmark Channel movie and I worked on the computer.
Sunday morning at JFBC then used a BOGO at Chipotle. M went to a soccer game and Passion City Church. He wants to go to PCC summer camp the week after our beach trip.
Shortly before 3 pm I motored over to Athens. Both UGA and Tennessee have players from ten different states on their softball rosters. Hung around for a while and drove back, arriving home at 8 pm.