Monday, April 25, 2016

Close Call

Friday we had Dreamland BBQ for the lunch meeting. C had gone to Athens for the day to have lunch with Anna and check out the art building. After work I found a Diamondbacks bobblehead, then headed over to get a haircut.
I was driving my little Civic up a hill into the sun, with my sunglasses on and the car’s sunshades down. There was a big slow SUV in front of me slowly turning right at an intersection with a traffic light. I decided to veer left and go around the big SUV. I could see another large SUV waiting at the traffic light. I should’ve realized the combination of the sun, SUV, sunglasses, and shades being down was blocking my view of the traffic light. As I went around the SUV I could see the other SUV begin to pull out into the intersection. It quickly saw me and stopped. But there was a small car next to that SUV whose view of me was blocked, also pulling out into the intersection. I had run a red light, and the little car (another silver Civic just like mine) narrowly missed me.
Got my haircut and went home. Wasn’t hungry from all the BBQ. Ceil and Anna had eaten at Taqueria in Athens. Later I took Ceil and Barney to Whole Foods and to gas up the CRV.
Saturday morning I worked upstairs. Dragged out the summer clothes, and worked to organize them and put up the winter clothes. Ceil brought me an eggy boy sandwich. At 1:30 I showered and shortly after two I headed out. Stopped by Wendy’s and was in the dollar line shortly after 3 pm.
Met a 65 year old Tech fan from Garden Hills named Peter Greene. Grew up and still lives near the Garden Hills pool. Talked to him and John Parkes, and two other bobblehead friends before and during the game. Stayed til after the bottom of the eighth before heading home.
JFBC for Sunday School and church. Talking about how God holds his shepherds accountable for their flock, Bryant used Creflo Dollar’s “need” for the latest $65 million private Gulfstream jet as an example of how not to be a good shepherd. (Bryant did not call out Dollar by name, and only told the story to serve as an introductory example – not the main point of the sermon).
After church Ceil drove over to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market. She ate in their cafeteria. I hate that place. A bunch of weird foreign food. Even the familiar dishes are prepared with odd spices and such.
I did laundry, watched the Braves, and worked on the computer. Later we visited a sick friend and stopped by Target. M returned from Passion and we worked on his French Revolution essay.   
TRIVIA: Today’s questions:
1. Which Seinfeld character landed a role in a Woody Allen movie?
BONUS: What was their line?
2. What Australian singer's hit songs included "I Am Woman" and "Delta Dawn"?
3. Who wrote the familiar Final Jeopardy theme song / jingle?
BONUS: Has this question been asked before?
4. What beloved character was killed off of the top-ranked TV show MASH?
BONUS: What was the actor's name?
5. Back in the 80's when disco ruled the airwaves, what was the name of Atlanta's most trendy discotheque (which featured sharks swimming under the dance floor)?
BONUS: What was the nickname of the grocery store next door?
6. What was the first home of the Atlanta Hawks?
7. Oglethorpe University is located just 12 miles south of Ryerson on Peachtree Industrial. What is the name of their athletic teams?
8. Atlanta radio station WGST 640 AM - what does the GST stand for?
9. This year which university landed a team in both the men's final four and the women's final four?
10. Who/what are each of the 18 holes at the Augusta National Golf Course named after?
Will the Hawks get past the Celtics? Like GT’s now ended bowl streak, the Hawks have a run of consecutive years of making it past the first round of the playoffs. Would hate to see that end. Some say Boston’s head coach Brad Stevens is real good, and has made a difference. Think he is better than the Hawks coach?
Do you get lots of emails from restaurants? I saw where you can sign up for emails from Agave. Back when we used to live in Midtown I would pass by there, not realizing the cemetery across the street was the back side of Oakland Cemetery.  
I think now with M driving that’s less driving C or I have to do taking him places and picking him up, so we’re more free. C is still tied up with school for a few more weeks, but that’s only Monday thru Wednesday. In May we’ll have W and A home for a few days. Anna’s last final is the 10th. That means both W and A are both moving the week of May 9th. On the 16th W starts school and M starts his internship. Not sure when A moves up to Camp Highland.

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