Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More on the Masters

The Chicago Tribune, among others, published an article about Augusta National club member / marker Jeff Knox, the guy who played with Bubba Watson on Saturday and Kevin Na on Sunday. Under Saturday's tough conditions Knox shot 80. On 12 his shot rolled into the water, and he did not slow things down by hitting a penalty shot. Sounds like his son got in trouble with the club for talking to Sports Illustrated, and he did not talk to the Tribune. The Chicago paper called the group of patrons near the 13th hole "a mob" – a term I'm sure Billy Payne would have a problem with.

Interesting to see how some of the behind the scenes things work at the Masters. Did you notice the guys dressed in white coveralls with yellow flags? There was one on the 14th tee who would wave his flag when the group on the 13th hole would finish, to signal the group behind them to proceed. Similar guys were in the fairways, signaling that groups could tee off. Interesting the signal was given even while the group was walking off the green, since the players about to hit would still take time with their warm-up shots.

Speaking of the yellow flag wavers – on Sunday Rory McIlroy made a great tee shop on the 3rd hole, the short uphill par four. The ball landed on rolled onto the right part of the green, then trickled down toward the hole. Jim Nantz quipped that it was the best tee shot he'd ever seen on the hole. Having watched most of the field attempt the same shot at the one Sunday round I attended, I would have to agree with Nantz. A few minutes later another golfer tried to do the same, but his drive rolled off the back of the green – past the two golfers and caddies who had just exited the green on the way up to the 4th tee.

Read several articles in Golf World magazine, including the one on the autograph hound from Atlanta. If I did that I'd be sure to dress like a golfer, or a golf patron. Interesting comments from Nicklaus and other golfers. 

I showed the article about the amateur DeChambeau to Ceil. ESPN had done a segment on the kid from SMU, who tries to swing every club exactly the same way. All his clubs are the same length. Glad he didn't wear his Hogan cap Sunday evening in the Butler Cabin. I wonder if Nantz already knew DeChambeau's answer when he asked his future plans. Considering the kid was being honored as the low amateur, Nantz put him on the spot to admit in front of Billy Payne that he was turning pro for this week's Hilton Head tourney. DeChambeau finished 21st – guaranteeing him an invitation to the 2017 Masters.

Good thing I didn't wear that Masters visor Saturday. The wind would've blowed it off. I had a great time. I'd never watched action there at the 13th hole, or the 17th green, so that was a treat. Also getting to see the final group on 13, 14, 15, 17, and a little of 18 was special as well. Standing behind Rory when he made that shot from the 15th fairway was amazing.

I was remembering that final round I went to a few years ago with Will. We arrived about the same time as we did Saturday and stayed to the end on 18. We stood the entire time – over nine hours. I wouldn't have wanted a repeat of that. The grandstand was kinda fun with all the people coming and going.

Where W&MC are moving next month is only 7/10 of a mile from Augusta National. He can at least probably get into a practice round next year.

Saturday night I was concentrating on getting to that rest area to drop off the badges and after I mentioned supper that one time I forgot. After taking Barney outside I fixed a PB&J.

Sunday morning I was walking Barney outside before leaving for the airport. It was 8:40 and I got a text from Ceil – she had just landed. Her flight wasn't scheduled to land until 9 am, giving me time to drive down while she was deplaning and walking to baggage claim. I jumped in the car and headed out, arriving at 9:20. I had planned on getting gas on the way, so on the way back we stopped at Howell Mill to gas up.

C and M had to wake up at 3:30 to get to the airport, after staying out late the night before. Stopped by Whole Foods to get them breakfast because they didn't want to go to Waffle House or IHOP or anywhere else I could think of. Then they went home and took naps. We watched the Masters – a pretty exciting final round. Sunday I fixed another turkey and cheese wrap on the Panini press. Sunday night Ceil grilled chicken tenders and broccoli. M went to the Varsity Sunday night after church.

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