Thursday, April 28, 2016

TV Formula = Familiarity

Idea for a hit TV show: use actors who previously starred on other shows, playing the same or similar character. Viewers love familiarity.

Big Bang Theory has Sara Gilbert and Leonard from Roseanne, Amy Farrahfowler from Blossom, and Wil Wheaton from Star Trek Next Generation and Stand By Me. Also numerous other familiar guest stars.

Crowded stars Patrick Warburton from Seinfeld, Stacy Keach, and that girl from iCarly.

The Middle features Patricia Keaton from Everyone Loves Raymond, Brooke Shields (above), Chris Kattan, Brian Doyle-Murray, Norm McDonald, and Jerry Van Dyke (and sometimes brother Dick).

Thursday Trivia

1. In the movie LA Story when Steve Martin's car broke down, how did he get to his next-door neighbor's house?
a. walked
d. bicycle
c. danced his way next door
d. pushed his car

2. On Christmas Eve what took place on The Late Show with David Letterman?
a. Darlene Love would sing O Holy Night
b. kids would open presents
c. Dave would dress up like Santa
d. Dave & Jay Thomas would throw footballs at the meatball on top of the Christmas Tree
e. Jay would tell his Lone Ranger story
f. both A and D
g. both A, D, and E

2. Who named the Atlanta Thrashers?
a. then Governor Sonny Perdue
b. Boom Boom Geoffrian
c. former President Jimmy Carter
d. Ted Turner

4. What was Georgia poet Sidney Lanier's most famous poem?

5. In the Steve Martin movie "The Man With Two Brains" who was the "Elevator Killer"?
a. Martin Short
b. John Candy
c. Bill Murray
d. Merv Griffin

6. Corporal Klinger from: what was his given name?
a. Frank
b. BJ
c. Eugene
d. Maxwell

BONUS: what was his hometown?
a. Toledo OH
b. Mill Valley CA
c. Boston MA
d. Chicago IL

7. Who is NCIS star Mark Harmon's brother-in-law?
A. Ricky Nelson
B. John DeLorean
C. Both A and B.

8. Where did the Atlanta Crackers play their final season?

9. The great Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo Georgia. Former Atlanta Falcon great William Andrews also hails from Cairo. What is the name of Cairo High School's athletic teams?

10. A standard uniform change in major league baseball this year caused what team to have to change a very traditional feature of their uniform?
a. New York Yankees
b. Detroit Tigers
c. Boston Red Sox
d. Atlanta Braves

BONUS: What was the change?
a. Makers mark logo on jersey sleeve
b. Underbill of cap changed from grey to green c. MLB logo on rear jersey collar d. MLB logo on back belt loop

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