Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top Ten Dallas Cowboys

The NFL Network’s Top Ten Dallas Cowboys, along with the Bleacher Report’s rebuttal list (in parenthesis):

10. WR Drew Pearson #88 (Pearson)
9. QB Dandy Don Meredith #17 (CB Mel Renfro #20)
8. DT Randy “The Manster” White #54 (Michael Irvin)
7. TB Tony “TD” Dorsett #33 (LB Lee Roy Jordan)
6. QB Troy Aikman #8 (Dorsett)
5. RB Emmitt Smith #22 (White)
4. DT “Mr. Cowboy” Bob Lilly #74 (Smith)
3. WR Michael Irvin #88 (Aikman)
2. QB Roger Staubach #12 (Lilly)
1. Head Coach Tom Landry (Staubach)

Best of the Rest: DE Harvey Martin, DE Ed “Too Tall” Jones, QB/P Danny White, FB Daryl Johnston, TE Jay Novacek, OT Larry Allen, RB Dan Reeves, FL Dan Hayes.

As usual, no mention of Pro Bowl running back Herschel Walker, whose blockbuster trade to the Minnesota Vikings provided the manpower and draft picks to fuel the Cowboys’ string of Super Bowl successes in the 1990’s.

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