Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Tradition Like No Other

The Masters: I've been to two practice rounds and one Sunday round. The 18th green is super crowded so you have to stand, but there are lots of other good players to watch. When W and I went on the Sunday, after walking the course we stood near the 3rd green, the short par four. In the distance you can see the second green, golfers teeing off on 3, their short approach shot, and putts. To our right was the par three 4th tee, with the green and 5th hole tee box in the distance. When all the players finished hole 3 we moved over to 18.

Last Tuesday after work I went over to my friend's office across the street from the new Braves ballpark. When he sits at his desk he faces the window looking out over the construction. He can also see Kennesaw Mountain and another mountain in north Georgia. After that we ate at Boneheads. Lee had fried catfish. Reid had fried fish. I had grilled chicken with a spicy BBQ sauce, a cold corn and black bean dish, and rice.

Wednesday: worked until 6:15 and tried to make a funeral home visit in Lawrenceville but by the time I found it the people had gone. Was after 8:30 by the time I got home.

Thursday was month end / quarter end. The CEO had charged our division to lead the company with great results. Co-worker Wanda was out for her step-father's funeral, leaving me a lot to do. We had several serious delivery issues with our customer, some that rose up Thursday afternoon. Ceil was in SC taking her mom to the doctor, as her brother and niece were busy elsewhere. My mom was in the hospital in Macon recovering from surgery. My brother's mother-in-law was in intensive care at Kennestone. I left work at 12:15 to take care of a sick M.

Worked from home most of the day Friday. Did a little laundry. Later I drove M to Alpharetta to fetch his Jeep. Stopped at two thrift stores. M got a Perry the Platypus t-shirt. I got a Jermaine O'Neal bobblehead and a pair of red adidas sneakers. M picked up papajohns pizza and I cashed in an expiring gift certificate at Dicks Sporting Goods. Got two pair of knee high baseball socks to wear to work and a pair of white shoestrings for the red sneakers.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. Watched several episodes of the NFL Network's Top Ten. M picked up some groceries at Whole Foods. Later M wanted to hit more thrift stores. He got a lined jean jacket and an Avitt Brothers t-shirt. I bought a Columbia PFG shirt and a pair of white adidas shell toes to sell. Afterwards we ate at the Five Guys in Sandy Springs. On the way home we stopped by The Dollar Tree and Kroger.

Sunday afternoon was productive. Laundry and folding. Ironed seven shirts. Cut the grass. Watched the Nicolas Cage movie Lord of War. M went to Passion City Church. Later we went to CiCi's Pizza to try their new flatbread pizza. Also had a salad. Not that great.

Did you see how the final four games are on three different networks? The regular broadcast plus two other broadcasts from the point of view from each team. I guess they want to avoid lawsuits from students who'd be offended if someone said something contrary from their own worldview.

My friend's son who plays tube in the UNC band is at the final four. Had his picture taken with Roy Williams and later with Jay Bilas. See where Coach K had knee replacement surgery? He is scheduled to coach the Olympic team beginning August 5.

After work Monday I met M at Fuddruckers. They gave us extra fries and we both took home half our burger and some fries. Real good but Five Guys may be just as good if not better. Ceil was home when we got home. Barney was more interested in eating. Watched The Voice and the game, also some Braves. During the night Barney was restless, so I finally went downstairs to sleep.

M applied for a job on the way home, then went out job searching today. He landed a job at Wendy's. I'll tell him to be the best employee and give great service.

Anna is planning on attending the UGA spring football game on the 15th. Two UGA students died when the driver lost control of her car.

Early bird music selections at work: "I Want Candy," "The Best of my Love," "Tequila Sunrise," "Twisting the Night Away," "Hit the Road Jack," the theme from "Roundup" (used on NFL Films), Elvis' "Don't Be Cruel," and Alabama's "The Closer You Get."

The AJC is making a big deal about a backup outfielder making the Braves team.

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