Saturday, October 29, 2016

Banana Smash

Memories: in junior high, Northminster Presbyterian Church youth director Jim McNaul's fall youth retreats to Rock Eagle were so much fun. Throwing the football, and getting it struck in the trees. Then there were the games.
On Saturday night we'd play the much anticipated game called Banana Smash. Two competitors would kneel on both knees an arm's length apart, with one hand behind their back. With the other hand they'd hold a banana. At the word "go!" both would peel the banana with their teeth, then smash it into their opponent's face. Some could peel and rotate and smash in one motion. Fun stuff for a junior high kid.
Also the game where you'd have to look a girl in the eye and say "If you love me baby, smile." The girl would have to keep a straight face and say "I love you baby, but I just can't smile."
I couldn't see many churches these days playing these games on a retreat. North Point or Passion City might.
Worked til six Monday night. Stopped by the library, Dollar Tree for Halloween candy, and Trader Joes. M's friend McKinnon was over for dinner – tacos. Jeopardy, The Voice, Timeless, laptop. Dinner feel great, so I let myself nod off during The Voice.
Tuesday night the Fox team was talking about Mike Napoli's sleep apnea surgery, which SI had detailed earlier this year.
Wednesday: watched the World Series and the Halloween episodes of Modern Family, Blackish, and also Designated Survivor.
Thursday: Anna came home to get ready for her friend's wedding Saturday evening in Ball Ground.
Sunday afternoon M's band plays near Toco Hills, at the Oakwood Festival. At some point I need to rake the leaves to get ready for Halloween. Also gotta get Anna's Jeep tested for emissions. Busy weekend.

Placekicks – as far as I know, at some point long ago the seven yard distance was decided, similar to 60'6" and 90 foot bases. Few vary from seven yards that I've ever heard of, but I do recall one example: when Tom Dempsey kicked his record 63 yard field goal, the holder decided to set up 8 yards back to make sure a low kick wouldn't be blocked. The previous record I think was 58 yards, so it wasn't like Dempsey moved it back a yard to get the record.
Seems like other kicks might've been moved back a yard in an effort to tie/break a record, but I can't remember specifically.  George Gipp once kicked a 62 yard drop kick for Notre Dame, and the Falcons Matt Bryant nailed a game-winning 62 yarder when he was with Tampa.
Next season all MLB caps will have the New Era flag logo on the side, like they have now in the World Series. In 2020 Under Armour will supply MLB unis, taking over from Majestic.

News! Two of the Crackers ticket stubs finally sold, to a guy in Savannah. I forget what I'd started them out at, but had them listed for 30 days each at $9.95 and then $4.95, with no takers. Finally at $3.95 they sold. I might buy a Coke.
As a boy growing up in the 1960's before I-75 was built, we would have 23 north from Macon past Jackson, then cut west at Locust Grove to 41 near the speedway.
Will you vote early? I think I will this year, either this Saturday or next, or next week after work.

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