Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Matthew's 18th

WEEKEND: Hard to work Friday afternoon after the exciting tour. Finally got going and worked past 5:30.
Friday was M's birthday. His pal McKinnon came over. C met them downtown to eat lunch at Taqueria on Howell Mill. Afterwards M&M visited Joel's nearby coffee house, then went to the High Museum. We all met at the Krog Street Market and ate at Superica. C got there early and saw Ford Fry, but didn't say hello. Though it was crowded we all found good parking spaces. I had the chicken enchiladas with a fried egg on top. We had last eaten there eleven months ago for C's birthday, and the waiter had greatly encouraged topping the meal with the egg. Same deal this time. Not sure why the waiters love those fried eggs so much.  
Came home and had cheesecake. Watched Clemson beat Boston College.
Didn't do too much Saturday. Some laundry. ESPN College GameDay. GT/Pitt. Texas A&M/Tennessee. FSU/Miami. Good games. C cooked chicken stir fry.
David Platt, the head of the International Mission Board, spoke at Passion both Saturday and Sunday. We heard him at the 9:30 service. M ran into Bruce at the 5 pm service. Ran some errands on the way home. Ate the stir fry leftovers and watched GA/SC. At halftime I ran out to get my oil changed. Watched the end of the Falcons, Designated Survivor, and some of the debate.

Today the Braves made it official, hiring Brian Snitker as their manager. Good choice. Those saying it's the first good move they've made don't have a good memory, quickly forgetting about Kemp/Olivera and Dansby/Inciarte/Miller, for starters. Thoughtless, just like those calling David Ortiz the greatest Red Sox ever. Ever hear of Ted Williams?

DOB says few have more clubhouse respect than Snit, including Cox. Seemed like not hiring Snit would break up a lot of the chemistry and momentum that developed these past few months.
ROB: I liked what Snitker did in terms of finding a set lineup and running it out there every night.  It allowed players to get comfortable in that role.
Late in the season Aarons was running ads for a home run contest, where qualifiers could take a swing at hitting a home run at Turner Field. Hit a home run and win $61,000.00. Since I can't hit the ball that far, I didn't enter.
Turns out my brother-in-law Brad and former roommate Billy were one of 50 or so contestants. My sister posted the long Aarons video of yesterday's event on my timeline. Looked like Dimino might've been feeding the pitching machine. Batters could take pitches but only got one swing. Not sure how Brad did. Billy played on our high school baseball team (he's a few years younger than me), but he swung and missed at his one pitch.
Brad and my sister go to several weekend games every year, usually on weekends. Next year I'll have to see if they can get me any tickets they aren't going to be using.
Next weekend they're making Turner Field into a par three golf course, charging $60 per round, with prizes for lowest score and holes in one. I'll pass. San Diego's Petco Park is also doing the par three thing for the second straight year.   
On the 23rd Turner Field is hosting a lunch for season ticket holders, and I may go. Some can take batting practice.

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