Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Pitches, Two Home Runs

Will hit home runs on two straight pitches, and the Prowlers took 2 of 3 games, placing them in Sunday’s noon Forsyth County semifinal game. The Hurt family came to watch the Friday night win. In the bottom of the 5th, down 4-3, Mary predicted a comeback. Six of the Prowlers first seven batters scored, the rally capped when Will slugged an 1-0 pitch deep over the left-centerfield fence.

Saturday morning Will led off the first inning in the Prowlers’ rematch with the Renegates, facing former teammate Benji Griffenhagen on the mound. Will slammed the first pitch far over the centerfield fence, for his second home run in two pitches. In the third inning he again slugged the first pitch he saw, this time to the base of the right-centerfield fence, for an easy triple.

In the 5th Benji walked Will on a full count. Later Will stole third, when the catcher tried to pick Audi off first. Will wasn’t able to make the many remarkable plays Saturday that he did in front of the Hurts Friday night, though he did throw one runner out at first and tag another at second.

Thursday night the Prowlers scored ten runs in the first three innings to beat the Sandy Plains Sidewinders. In the first Will led off with a walk, stole second, and took third and home on wild pitches. In the second Will’s line drive over the third-baseman’s head drove home Ryan G. Will took second on the throw home, third on a single, and then home on an error. In the third Will singled through the hole into left field.

The Hurts were also able to see Will have a good game on defense Friday night. In the first he caught a popup and forced a runner at second in the second. He threw out batters at first in the first, third, fifth, and twice in the sixth. In the fifth the batter grounded a slow grounder up the middle. Will raced across and scooped it up just in front of the base, firing to first just in time for the out. With two out in the sixth, an even slower roller was hit just to the third base side of the mound. Will charged, scooped, and threw. The throw and batter seemingly arrived at first at the same time. The umpire called him out to end the game.

Stats for the three games, in batting order:
Will…5-9, 5 runs, 3 RBI, triple, 2 HR, 2 BB, 2 SB.
Audi…RBI, 2 hits, 2 runs, 2 SB, 2 BB.
Jared…2B, 2 runs, 2 RBI
Tyler…triple, RBI, SB, 2 runs, 2 BB.
Mitch…3-7, double, RBI, SB, 2 runs, 2 BB.
AJ…2-5, 2 runs, 2 RBI, 5 walks.
Ryan T…3-8, SB, BB, 2 doubles, 2 runs, 4 RBI
Ryan G…4-6, 3 RBI, sac fly, 2 runs, 2 BB, 2 SB.
Michael…double, RBI, BB, 2 runs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Had been planning to tell the story of how Ceil wound up driving the red Jetta most of the time. Before we went to the van, she drove the better car most of the time, which I never minded. The old 626 she had when we got married was fun to drive. I had an 85 Golf…also fun. Then the Jetta, then a Taurus, the van, and the Civic.

Saw most of crunch time and OT. Seems like most calls go LeBron’s way, and against Orlando/Howard. You could tell LeBron was frustrated at the end.

The whole Braves game hinged on Medlin walking the pitcher with 2 out and 2 on.

Took Matthew to the pool Tuesday night. Ceil and Will were off with friends. Anna was tired from back to back sleepovers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So far the moves Will’s coaches are making all make sense. He only pitched one inning this weekend and did well. It would make sense to play him on defense when other pitchers are available, thereby making the team stronger. Bring him along slowly. The two catchers alternate by game and do well…one has a strong, accurate arm, and the other hustles to catch foul pops.

Will’s aggressive baserunning makes him the natural leadoff hitter…he says he’s enjoying it. In the last game he stroked the first pitch of the game into the gap for an easy double. The 2-3-4-5 hitters are all hitting as good as or better than Will, so there’s no need for him to take chances on the basepaths.

So far so good at shortstop. They have one game each Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat…part of a tourney up at West Forsyth High School. Sunday in the break between games we all ate at Applebee’s.

Friday Ceil and I went to Nuevo Laredo Cantina, which took most of the evening.

Sunday after I got home from baseball I was outside and heard a tree fall in the back, though I couldn’t see it. Figured it was falling the other way, across the creek. Sent Matthew out to explore on Monday (I on looked from the bank) and it was big. As usual, I ate too much over the weekend. I was thinking about work and only got a little done yesterday before we went to a cookout. Napped in the afternoon…I hadn’t gotten much sleep all weekend (or last night).

Didn’t see much of the Braves this weekend, but caught some of the games on radio. I like Jim Powell.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two More Wins

The Prowlers won twice more Sunday, earning the South Gwinnett tournament championship. Will seems to be regaining his hitting stroke, hitting three more hard line drives. He scored three of the Prowlers’ eleven runs in the nightcap, and drove in runs in both games.

Game One was played at Parkview. In the third Will’s single up the middle drove home Ryan G from second with the first run of the game, giving the Prowlers the lead to stay. In the next inning he hit a line shot right at the leftfielder. Instead of trying to kill the ball, he’s swinging more relaxed and extending his arms, with favorable results.

At shortstop he tagged out a base-stealer, and caught a popup while going back into the outfield…his only two chances.

Tyler pitched 4-1/3 innings, striking out six, leaving with a 9 – 3 lead. The tall lefty also stroked a home run onto the batting cage roof, behind the right-field fence.

After a between-games lunch at Applebees, the Prowlers completed the sweep with a 11 – 2 win over the George Walton Bulldogs. Will stroked the first pitch of the game into the left-centerfield gap for a double, and later scored on Jared’s sac fly.

After a 30 minute rain delay, the Prowlers scored six in the third and four in the fourth. Pitchers Mitch and Ryan G spread out a mere four hits over the six inning game. Outfielders Ryan G and Audie made spectacular catches, and Will again was the middleman on a 4-6-3 double play. He also threw out two other runners at first, and caught a pop running into shallow centerfield.

After Michael’s double plated Ryan T, Will stroked a line drive to center that kept rising, over the centerfielder’s head, rolling to the fence 370 feet away for an easy RBI triple. He scored on Audie’s single.

In the fourth Will was hit in the foot, loading the bases. After a RBI walk to Jared, all three runners were able to score on Tyler’s single to right.

Audie…3-7, double, RBI, SB, 2 runs
Jared…2-5, BB, sac fly, 2 RBI, 3 runs
Michael…double, single, run
Mitch…3-7, double, SB, 2 runs & RBI.
Parker…single, 2 BBs, SB, sac fly, run
Ryan G…double, SB, 2 runs & RBI
Ryan T…2-5, BB, 3 runs.
Tyler…5-7, HR, 2B, 3B, SB, 7 RBI
Will…3-7, 2B, 3B, SB, HBP, 3 runs, 2 RBI

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Recital

March Recital

Matthew's new "cool" outfit

No Hitter...& Almost Another!

After allowing hits to two of the first three batters, Prowler pitchers threw no-hit ball for the rest of the afternoon’s TWO games. Ryan T, AJ, and Will blanked Loganville in the remainder of Game One, then Michael and Ryan G combined for an official no-hitter in Game Two. Over the same stretch the Prowlers outscored their opponents 26 – 0, and out-hit them 32 – 0, getting 16 safeties in each contest.

Late in Game Two the only question was whether the Prowlers could keep the South Gwinnett JV out of the hit column. Catcher AJ and leftfielder Ryan G made nice running catches of foul balls in the next-to-last inning, then AJ caught another foul pop for the first out in the last inning. Up 14 – 0, the Prowler assistant coaches had flipped the defense for the last frame, switching three infielders with the outfielders. Only Will remained at his usual shortstop position.

The next batter tossed aside no-hitter etiquette and bunted hard, past the pitcher. Will charged hard onto the wet grass. His only play was a bare-hand pickup and toss to first. He executed the move perfectly, firing a strike to the stretched out first-baseman Tyler.

One out to go. The South Gwinnett cleanup hitter turned on Ryan G’s first pitch, launching a line drive deep down the right field line. He took off and rounded first, headed to second for a double…when the plate umpire signaled foul ball. The no-no was intact! After a swing and a miss, Ryan painted the outside corner, and the umpire rang him up. No hitter!

Will’s defense at short played large in the no-hit string. After the two Loganville hits, he was the middle man on a 4-6-3 double play. The next batter gounded out to Will at short. In Game Two he also gobbled up a grounder for an out.

Batting leadoff, Will contributed his share on offense, scoring every time he reached base…including tagging at third and scoring on sac flies three times. He went first to third on Audie’s singles…twice. Will hit well even when he made outs. Twice he rapped line drives…but right at the third-baseman and centerfielder.

In Game One Will came in to pitch the last inning. Facing the 2-3-4 meat of the lineup, he retired the side in order…striking out the number three hitter.

The Prowlers play tomorrow at Parkview High, at 12:15. Then they travel back to South Gwinnett High in Snellville for a 4:30 game.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Had a dream I was hanging out with Dwayne Wade, so I in my dream I asked him if he knew Lang.

Been following the Ewing trial on

Work has been exhausting, making it hard to interact with the kids.

School is winding down, and baseball cranking up…it will consume almost all day every Saturday and Sunday for the next 2 months. At least this next Sunday we’ll be able to make church, before heading to Loganville.

Taking Ceil out to eat tonight somewhere. Maybe California Pizza Kitchen.

Been working long hours and haven’t run much…then I find out the friend running the Peachtree with me just completed a half marathon. Guess I’ll only be waving as I pass SPdL, instead of stopping…if I get in shape.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Will's Wacky Rainy Weekend

Prowlers 9 E Cobb Titans 0
Saturday 10:30 am

The Prowlers cruised to an easy win in the opener by making all the plays in the field. Batting fifth, Will was the only Prowler to score three runs. He walked, and streaked to third when a pickoff throw went astray. His headfirst slide bloodied his elbows, which got all over the front of his jersey. He scored on Mitch’s double.

Next time he had a great swing, lining the ball to the warning track on one bounce for an easy double. Later he told me he hadn’t connected solidly - had he, it would’ve been an easy homer on field 5's short fences. Will advanced to third on Mitch’s line drive single to left, and scored on an error.

In the 5th Will walked, went first to third on Mitch’s single to right, then scored on a double steal. Twice Will had to follow Jared and Tyler’s twin back-to-back home runs. Both times Will walked and scored.

Will saw lots of action at shortstop. He and second-sacker Parker turned two double-plays, and almost a third. Will finished with five putouts and assists.

After the game we drove in the rain down to Eastside Baptist for Anna’s recital. She had featured parts in two dances, one with “the big girls.” I let Ceil stay with Anna...meaning I had to cut out early to get Will back for game two.

E Cobb Tigers 6 Prowlers 2
Saturday 4:30 pm

The Prowlers had to be back at 2:30 for their 3:30 game, that was delayed until 4:30. Wasn’t worth the wait. They stayed close with the Tigers, one of the better East Cobb 15 year-old teams, for most of the game. Durham threw lots of strikes (47, against 17 balls), but got little defensive support. In the 5th inning errors were committed on three straight plays, twice nixing potential double-plays.

After taking forever for the game to start, the umpire seemed in a hurry...loving the low & away strike call (didn't see an umpire who looked like Steve Hawkin's son). Batting third, Will was a first inning victim. In the third he chopped a grounder the first baseman tried to snag with a running scoop. The ball rolled past, and the second-baseman picked it up and tossed to the pitcher. Will had the throw beat, but had no where to go around the crowded he executed a nice slide into the bag. Given the steal signal, Will was tagged out when the catcher put his throw right on the bag.

In the 5th Will finally stroked grounder in the hole between short and third. The shortstop gloved it on the outfield grass, wheeled, and threw, but Will beat it out by a step.

With my head deep in my trusty scorebook, Audie’s dad Tim had to tell me Will was coming on to pitch the 6th. He allowed no hits or runs in his inning on the hill...spreading out two walks. The defense came alive, keeping the Tigers from increasing the lead.

After the game we met Ceil, Anna, Matthew, & the Millers at California Pizza Kitchen, then went home...not realizing we needed to be at the field in case the Prowlers drew a 9 pm game (they didn’t...though some games lasted past 1 am). Will was exhausted, feeling the effects of staying out late the night before, at Lisa's graduation party.

E Cobb Astros 4 Prowlers 0
Sunday 8:00 am

Since the Prowlers met at 7 am, it gave me time to hit Kroger, where I ran into an old friend. Then us parents checked the weather, quickly discovering the high temperature had already been reached. I was thankful for my jeans, but not so much my decision to go without socks.

Will was inserted into the leadoff spot, meaning he was the first to face a buzz-saw of a pitcher. The tall right-hander allowed a one hit and two walks over six innings. Prowler pitchers Michael and Mitch tried to keep up, and good defense kept Astro baserunners from big innings.

Frustration at the plate continued for Will, though he was able to get his swing ahead of the speedy fastballs. He laced a line drive foul into the leftfield bullpen, before grounding out to short. Later he again was on the pitch, but rotated his body, skying a high foul pop the third-baseman caught.

Playing short, Will only handled the ball twice...the first and last plays of the game. In the first he forced a runner at second. In the sixth he was the relay man, taking the throw from leftfielder Audie and tossing to second to double off the runner. Thankfully, the game ended before the rain set in.

Too late to make the 11 am service, we later napped. Ceil hit Costco, while I put in three needed hours at the office. Matthew and I joined Will at Jordan’s graduation party while Ceil took Anna to shopping. Afterwards Matthew & I walked home, kicking the same gumball a half mile.

And some wonder why we don't have time to plant rose bushes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Got the Worm

Last night I told Ceil to set the alarm for 5:30 today. It went off, I got up, showered, dressed, and drove off. Then I checked the clock. I left the house at 5 am. Ceil had set the time an hour ahead, so I lost an hour of sleep. Beat everyone to work, though.

Don’t you hate it when you say something, and someone comes has to tell their related story?

The story of me and Ceil buying our first car together (Jetta). Given the choice of dark blue or red, Ceil said we should get the red, with red teardrop wheels.

Watched most of the extra inning replay while cleaning up for the in-laws.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FW: wednesday

Still crazy here at work, due to errors on our customer’s part. Plus a order plan A didn’t work, so we’re trying to figure out plan B on the fly. They’re working Saturday, which doesn’t bode well for Anna’s recital. Couldn’t get away yesterday to watch M’s speech.

W’s games Sat are at the same time as A’s recitals. Wish I had time Mon Tues Wed to practice with him…he’s still rusty at the plate and on the mound.

In laws coming Thursday, and the house will be a mess. W has practice that night, so the whole weekend will be on the go.

On the way home last night I was listening to the Braves falling apart. Starter JJ gave up 3 hits in the inning and had to come out…he was out of gas. Didn’t see the end, thank goodness.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prowlers Drop Opening Day Doubleheader

In his first game in over ten months, Will played some great baseball, though his Sandy Plains Prowlers dropped both games to the East Cobb Dodgers Saturday night.

The first four Prowlers scored to open the bottom of the first. Audie doubled in Durham, then Will lined a 3-2 single up the middle. With runners on the corners Will stole second, sliding in headfirst. The catcher’s throw bounded into centerfield, allowing Audie to score and Will a second headfirst slide on one play…this time into third. Mitch’s double down the leftfield line plated Will, and Ryan later singled home Mitch.

After former teammate TK reached first, the Prowlers pulled a sweet double play in the third. First-baseman Mitch fielder a chopper down the line, stepped on the bag, and wheeled and threw to shortstop Will covering the bag. With the runner in the baseline, the throw was high. Will reached up and caught the ball, and quickly swiped a tag down on the sliding TK for the double play. After a walk the runner was picked off. Pitcher Michael threw to Will, who chased the runner back to first. Mitch was able to apply the tag.

Will almost made another nifty play in the fourth. The batter chopped a pitch just over the pitcher’s head. Will charged and scooped it up. Had he been able to quickly get off the throw he could’ve nailed the runner, but he had a slight problem getting the ball out of his glove. After reloading, he just missed throwing the batter out at first. Had he made the play, the out would’ve saved three runs…and the game.

Audie, Will, and Mitch all walked to lead off the bottom of the fourth. AJ chopped a ball in front of the plate, and pitcher Jarrod couldn’t pick it up, so Audie scored. Ryan Tamucci lofted a short fly the centerfielder charged and caught. I cringed as Will tagged and took off from third. The centerfielder had all his momentum to put into his throw. But the throw didn’t have much on it, and Will scored relatively easy. Later Michael’s single to center drove home Mitch and Parker.

The Prowlers staked leads of 5-0 and 9-3 in game one, fueled by starting pitcher Michael’s six strikeouts in the first four innings. Michael also had a 2-RBI single, as well as a double and run scored in the nightcap.

East Cobb quietly increased their lead in every inning, and coasted to the win in game two. The Prowlers almost turned a triple play in the first. With the bases loaded second-baseman Parker caught a line drive, but his throw to double off the runner at first was off the mark. Still, Mitch had plenty of time to chase the ball down and throw out East Cobb’s Jarrod trying to score from third.

Will almost turned a double play in the third. The infield was playing in, and Will snared a line drive hit right at him. He flipped to third to double off the runner, who barely avoided the tag. In the 5th Durham caught a deep fly in center. The runner on first had been stealing on the pitch and kept running, thinking the ball would’ve never been caught. Durham threw in to Will, who had all the time in the world to double the runner off first.

Durham and Will let the hit parade, both going 2-3 in game two. In the first Will smashed a sure ground ball single up the middle, but second-sacker TK was playing almost behind the bag. Later Ryan Greenwell was similarly robbed. In Will’s next at bat hit the ball through the hole where TK should’ve been playing. Will had hit the ball hard, and the path the rightfielder was taking made it look like the ball would get through to the fence. Will was thinking triple, but at the last second the rightfielder slid and cut it off, holding Will to a single. Will stole second, but was stranded at third.

In the 5th three straight hits by Michael, Durham, and Audie loaded the bases for Will. Audie’s bat actually broke in two on his single. The barrel of the bat followed the ball out toward short. Next Will worked the count full before lining an RBI single to left center. Mitch’s sacrifice fly to right plated Durham.

Despite having just one previous practice, the Prowler defense was able to successfully execute all the rundowns they found themselves in. One runner was retired 9-1-5-4, and another 1-6 -5-4-1 (I think!). Ryan T pitched well as the game two starter, but tired in the fourth. Having not pitched in over a year, Audie came on in relief, and preformed admirably.

The Prowlers play a single Mother’s Day game at 4 pm, at Harrison Park.

Durham: 3 hits & runs, SB, 13 total bases.
Audie: 2 hits & runs, RBI, SB, BB, 10 TB
Will: 3 hits, 2 runs & SB, RBI, BB, 12 TB
Mitch: 2 hits, runs, & RBI…3 BB, HBP (6-6 OB), sacrifice, 13 TB
AJ: run, RBI, 4 TB
Ryan T: RBI, HBP, sacrifice
Ryan G: 2 hits, BB, 6 TB
Parker: 2 hits, BB, 6 TB
Michael: single, double, run, 2 RBI, 5 TB

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Long Days

Got friends on vacation on one of my more busier weeks. Monday and Tuesday I worked til 6:35…not bad for last year, but this year I’ve been leaving at 5 pm.

Monday night I drove to Woodstock to pick up Will, after a Kroger and McDonalds stop…nothing better was convenient. Will’s friends were going for ice cream, so we missed 24 on that. Saw Hurt picking up his daughter and chatted for a while…he was like me, not believing Will shot a 92. Got home at 10 pm.

After work Tuesday I picked up Anna at Eastside BC. Wednesday night was cards with the guys…Will’s practice was rained out so we got in quick catch. Thursday and Friday could be late nights as well.

Too Much Stuff

The Summer vs. Winter Clothes Problem…it’s a combo of closet space and hand-me-down issues. We have a few of Ceil’s clothes (and mine) deep in Anna’s closet…like my high school letter jacket. We also have a bunch of baby stuff. I have some of the clothes I wore on our honeymoon.

Packed away I have a few old jerseys of mine, plus several of Will’s. My torch relay uniforms are what I’d like to put in a shadowbox. There are also some other T-shirts and stuff I’ve saved…remember the tie-dyed Lithuania Olympic basketball t-shirts that were sold to raise money (in ’92?). I have two of those. Ceil thinks the stuff I save is ridiculous.

Anna doesn’t have enough extra clothes to warrant putting much away. For some reason Will accumulates clothes…Ceil’s mom outfits them pretty well at Christmas and birthdays. He and Matthew share one small closet and dresser. It’s just about enough room if all the winter clothes are put up in summer. The nice clothes Will outgrows gets saved for Matthew, so in the attic are lots of shorts and shirts he won’t be able to wear for a couple of years.

My sweaters take up a lot of space. I have several pair of pants I hope to get back in to. Some are faded jeans…perhaps I should give them away and start over. I have decided to wear Large shirts as often as possible, as the XLs are too big these days. The jeans I wore last fall are too big…by the fall I’ll have to find some that fit. A good problem to have.

Then Ceil made the downstairs coat closet a nice pantry. We have much unused stuff in there, in kitchen cabinets, and the downstairs bedroom closets. In there I’ve hung all the MLB jerseys I never wear, like that Dodgers # 1 “Mitchell” jersey I got a year or so ago.

All our closets need to be cleaned out. We’ll be doing good to go through the winter clothes and give them away and put the rest up. That’s too much info on this topic, I know.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Saw bits of all three Braves games this weekend. Also some of the Sat & Sun Rangers / ChiSox games…more interesting to me with all the ex-Braves…Matt Harrison, Elvis Andrus, Millwood, Andruw, and Salty for Texas, and Lillibridge, Betemit, and Dye for Chicago. M. Young won the Gold Glove at short last year, then moved to 3B to make room for Andrus.

Hampton said he signed with Houston to be closer to his kids in Arizona. Many guys throw out reasons before realizing how thin they are. Any reason given will be analyzed. Sometimes the real reasons are complicated and hard to explain…had Hampton’s reasons been that he wanted a fresh start, he wanted to return to a team he liked (that was stated this weekend), etc – many would have grilled him for that.

Seemed like many Braves fans never wanted to see him again, others thought he owed the Braves and SHOULD re-sign…some thought for free. Can’t please everyone…sometimes it’s a no-win situation. With all that money, and having been in the spotlight for so long, he hopefully knows to let it slide off his back.

The Hawks will play harder / smarter against the Cavs, perhaps even winning a game or two.

Kristian's Journeys

They played a Journey song at NP Sunday. Let me know if you’re getting tired of Facebook stories. I’m kinda cooling on the thing myself…but I stumbled across NP songleader Kristian Stanfill’s Facebook. He was a friend of a friend of mine. Stanfill has over 4,200 friends, so on a whim I became friends with him. Yesterday I was telling Ceil how he had gone to Home Depot Saturday and bought a 6 foot ladder and lawnmower air filter. Didn’t tell Ceil how he took his wife out for an expensive dinner Saturday. Turned out he updated his status between services.

Got in a run Friday afternoon before taking Ceil to Willies and Borders. Anna and Will went to a scary movie at the Picture Show with friends…a little too scary for Anna.

Saturday Ceil and Anna were gone all day, first at ballet, then to the homeschool conference. This ballet is over off Jimmy Carter on the other side of 85, but several other girls are trying out and would carpool. She won’t hear if she made it until June, which “kills” her. Anna got the new refurbished iPod Touch she had ordered, so the rest of the weekend she played with that. Based on my recommendation she downloaded the Kindle application. I got out my summer clothes Saturday, which did not lessen the mess in our house.

Will had his first practice Sunday afternoon. They had nine on the field. Two catchers, one with a strong arm. Will would just as soon not catch. Most of the nine worked from the mound on pickoff drills, including Will. He also took balls at shortstop with the coach’s son. No outfield work while I was there. Will said he hit too many popups, but that he was one of the harder hitters / swingers on the team.

Took Matthew to the pool Sunday afternoon. Rented ‘Bolt” and we all watched it last night.

Friday, May 01, 2009

3 OT's

Bulls/Celtics…I watched most of the 4th qtr and OT…pretty good. A tough game to lose when they invested so many OT’s. Will be tough for the Hawks without Horford tonight, but at least they’re a game up. They could still win without him, or perhaps get him back for game seven.

Ceil is at a Home School Convention near the airport Friday afternoon and tomorrow. Since home-schoolers are bigger drivers than flyers, to have it near an airport seems unnecessary. They do have other similar gatherings at the Cobb Galleria and FBC Woodstock.

Matthew has a birthday party Friday afternoon. Saturday Anna has a big ballet tryout…hopefully she’ll make it. I don’t know how disappointed she’d be if she didn’t. To me she does a great job, but most times she misses out on the more featured roles. Could be favoritism, or perhaps others are just better.

Will has practice both Saturday and Sunday. Thursday night we found an open field, so he was able to pitch and take grounders & throw to first. With 9 players for next weekend’s 2 doubleheaders against East Cobb, I told Will he would surely be pitching at least once. Hope he’s ready. This could be his toughest season ever, after taking the last 10 months off.

Gotta get out the summer clothes…I need more shorts and golf shirts.

Summer Movies

I really haven’t seen what all the summer movies are. Angels & Demons should be good. I’d like to read more about Star Trek. Do Shatner and Nimoy have cameos? It’s about the young Enterprise crew, right?

A friend says a former Notre Dame tennis coach looked at his son (age 13) and said if he committed himself, he could be a top 20 tennis player in the southeast.

Pitched BP to Will both Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday I had a hard time throwing strikes. May go again tonight. The fields have been full, so he hasn’t gotten to pitch off a mound or take grounders. Yesterday he golfed with basketball teammates David Norman & Josiah, and Josiah’s cousin David, the hard-charging, David Pollack-type former baseball teammate. Will said he shot a 92, which would be his best ever.