Thursday, May 07, 2009

Too Much Stuff

The Summer vs. Winter Clothes Problem…it’s a combo of closet space and hand-me-down issues. We have a few of Ceil’s clothes (and mine) deep in Anna’s closet…like my high school letter jacket. We also have a bunch of baby stuff. I have some of the clothes I wore on our honeymoon.

Packed away I have a few old jerseys of mine, plus several of Will’s. My torch relay uniforms are what I’d like to put in a shadowbox. There are also some other T-shirts and stuff I’ve saved…remember the tie-dyed Lithuania Olympic basketball t-shirts that were sold to raise money (in ’92?). I have two of those. Ceil thinks the stuff I save is ridiculous.

Anna doesn’t have enough extra clothes to warrant putting much away. For some reason Will accumulates clothes…Ceil’s mom outfits them pretty well at Christmas and birthdays. He and Matthew share one small closet and dresser. It’s just about enough room if all the winter clothes are put up in summer. The nice clothes Will outgrows gets saved for Matthew, so in the attic are lots of shorts and shirts he won’t be able to wear for a couple of years.

My sweaters take up a lot of space. I have several pair of pants I hope to get back in to. Some are faded jeans…perhaps I should give them away and start over. I have decided to wear Large shirts as often as possible, as the XLs are too big these days. The jeans I wore last fall are too big…by the fall I’ll have to find some that fit. A good problem to have.

Then Ceil made the downstairs coat closet a nice pantry. We have much unused stuff in there, in kitchen cabinets, and the downstairs bedroom closets. In there I’ve hung all the MLB jerseys I never wear, like that Dodgers # 1 “Mitchell” jersey I got a year or so ago.

All our closets need to be cleaned out. We’ll be doing good to go through the winter clothes and give them away and put the rest up. That’s too much info on this topic, I know.

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