Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Combined, number one ranked UGA running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel have 50% more rushing yards than Heisman favorite Saquon Barkley. But add in Barkley's receiving numbers and they're just about even. Add in Barkley's return yards and the Penn State senior has the lead.

.NC.SM..both..SB..SBAP.GA opp/PSU opp
096 087 0183 172 0226 App St/Akron
063 073 0140 088 0133 Notre Dame/Pitt
131 000 0131 047 0189 Samford/Georgia State
081 032 0113 211 0305 Miss State/Iowa
109 064 0173 056 0107 Tennessee/Indiana
138 150 0188 075 0084 Vanderbilt/Northwestern
070 086 0156 108 0161 Missouri/Michigan
077 137 0214 044 0067 Florida/Ohio State
765 629 1298 801 1272

Against Power Five schools, the three backs are about even.

Rushing yards vs Power 5 schools:
582 Barkley (857 including receiving)
542 Michel
538 Chubb

Combined, Chubb and Michel would rank near the top of the NCAA rushing leaders.

Current NCAA rushing leaders include several QBs 
1. 1387 Bryce Love, Stanford
5. 1169 Josh Adams, Notre Dame
6. 1142 QB Zach Abey, Navy

10. 1029 QB Lamar Jackson, Louisville
13. 926 QB Kahlil Tate, Arizona
19. 843 AJ Dillon, Boston College
23. 801 Saquon Barkley, Penn State
25. 781 KirVonte Benson, Georgia Tech
27. 765 Nick Chubb, Georgia
28. 759 QB Arion Worthman, Air Force

32. 727 QB Taquon Marshall, Georgia Tech
34. 723 Kerryon Johson, Auburn
37. 711 Derrius Guice, LSU
38. 697 Damien Harris, Alabama
41. 666 QB Nick Fitzgerald, Mississippi State
42. 662 Aeris Williams, Miss State
45. 654 Nyhein Hines, NC State

50. 629 Sony Michel, Georgia
53. 615 John Kelly, Tennessee   
68. 572 QB Jalen Hurts, Alabama
99. 489 Travis Etienne, Clemson

114. 460 QB Kelly Bryant, Clemson
143. 424 Travis Feaster, Clemson
173. 366 D’Andre Swift, Georgia
288. 227 Elijah Holyfield, Georgia
341. 192 Qua Searcy, Georgia Tech
342. 190 Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
370. 168 Jerry Howard, Georgia Tech
374. 166 Brian Herrien, Georgia

Guess I'll have to compare Barkley to the greatest running back in college football history. Wonder how that will turn out?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Inmate Update

Friday afternoon I left work at six. Quiet day but always stuff to get done. The Mellow Mushroom pizza was good. I ate less than usual and tossed the crust, but still by the end of the afternoon my stomach felt bad. Got home and watched the national anthem before the World Series. Ceil wanted to go out, so we split a chicken sandwich and order of fries at Moxie Burger. Didn’t get to the restaurant until 8:30, so it was after nine when we got home.

Saturday morning C went to the Y and I cleaned upstairs. Drank the chocolate banana smoothie Ceil had left. Watched some of ESPN College Gameday and did laundry. Made some cinnamon toast.

Watched undefeated Miami beat UNC on ESPN. Neither team played well. I thought the announcers Kelly Stouffer and Jason Benetti were going to fight each other. The entire first half Stouffer kept railing on how the Canes would take a hit in the ratings with a poor performance. Why he’s wrong: any team and look bad in the first half, then pull away in the second. Most only see the final score and highlights, never knowing how a team looked in the first half. Two examples:

1. Poor Miami did look bad the entire game, but UNC looked worse. After freshman dual threat QB Chazz Surratt failed to convert a first and goal into points – failing even to get off a pass on fourth down – he was replaced by third string redshirt sophomore Elliott. The backup from Texas rejuvenated the Heels before fading, throwing three interceptions in the second half.


2. No one is talking about the first half of Ohio State/Penn State, when Penn State took the early lead, in part from Buckeye turnovers. Everyone is talking about the end of the game. 

Buckeye fans weren’t happy with the all grey uniforms. Ohio State has one of the most iconic looks: silver helmets and pants, and red jerseys. But like compassion and understanding, these days tradition has been thrown out the window. No one wants to look unique – everyone wants to look the same: all black. All grey. Chrome helmets. Beats headphones. Blah blah blah.

Next was UGA’s beatdown of Florida. Halfway through the first quarter UGA led 21-0, so they were on a pace to score 168. I was hoping for a shutout, but it wasn’t to be. I still say the only hope Georgia has to make the playoff is to beat Alabama. Popped some corn and ate leftover Mexican. C ran to the grocery and made a potato dish.

We’d been invited over for dinner and games the evening of GA/FL, Tech/Clemson, and the World Series. The host was even missing his own Ohio State/Penn State game. To protest I wore my UGA Hawaiian shirt and red shoes. The game ended on our drive over. After a wonderful supper we moved downstairs to the basement for dessert and turned on the game.

Clemson was already leading but it was hard to really follow the game. I had expected the Clemson defense to shut down the Tech offense. Another big game for punter Pressley Harvin III. New kicker Benton King remains perfect on all his field goals and extra points. The Jackets D (and the rain) was able to keep the Tigers from running up the score. Not sure Clemson will be able to crack the four team playoff this year – at least that’s the feeling you get from ESPN.

Got home to see the final out of the World Series.

Sunday: JFBC. A celebration of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary. Good stuff. Did SPdL celebrate? I’m thinking it may be time for a second reformation. So many in America today have no concept what God is about, or what the Bible says and teaches. So many say “how can a loving God allow pain and suffering.” I guess I need to be ready with an answer.
I fell asleep and missed the end of the Falcons game. The win put their record at 4-3 – the same record they had last year when they went to the Super Bowl. NBC’s Rodney Harrison called it a big win for the Falcons.

Then we watched the Texans/Seahawks. A good, exciting game. C wanted to see Deshaun Watson. Watson became the first rookie QB in history with what, four straight games with three TD passes. Also the first QB ever with over 400 yards passing, 50 yards rushing, and three TD passes.
Earlier the owner had said “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.” A poor choice of words to be sure, and he apologized. Even after the apology, the team met to determine what their protest would be. Isn’t that like if your wife wrongs you, then apologizes, but instead of forgiving her you say “ok, but now I’m going to decide what I’m going to do to hurt you back.”

Zero compassion or comprehension from the team. The old expression was an analogy not to be taken literally. It’s like the team had never heard the expression before. Same thing is happening in race relations, the biased media, politics, global warming, etc. Would it have been different had the owner said “the owner, team management, and coaches set the policy that all team employees must follow.” The players still would’ve been mad that they were subject to rules that limited their free expression while they were at work. As it was, about 40 players took a knee during the anthem. Not sure if Watson took a knee or not.

There were some key matchups in Week 8, but all eyes were on the Texans’ sideline, where the team responded to an offensive statement made by their owner.
Had the shoe been on the other foot the players would’ve expected an apology to be the end of it. If they even apologized. Similarly, yesterday during the Cowboys / Redskins game a NFL anti-domestic violence public service announcement aired, while Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott continued to play.  

Fixed a toasted pork tenderloin sandwich for dinner. Watched NBC’s Football Night in America, but didn’t see them spend much time on the Texans. C watched PBS, which is becoming as trashy as any other network. Then I watched the World Series. Wanted to go to bed at ten but stayed up till 11 pm – and it was still only the sixth inning. Sounds like an exciting game that a majority of Americans missed. If the NFL can start the Super Bowl at 6 pm why does the World Series start a Sunday game at 8:30?
The Astros and Dodgers combined to hit seven home runs in a wild, back-and-forth Game 5.
This morning I finally read yesterday’s JFBC bulletin. Bryant was speaking today on end times theology, and I wanted to see when. It had been at 6:30 am, so I missed it.

At lunch I bought an Apple TV. It’s always something. When C was sick last week she thought it may have been strep.

Baching it.” Used to be that C would take the kids to SC and I would get to catch up on shows and movies that C didn’t like. These days it’s still good, but I’m often using that time to go to Macon. When I’m home I’ll try to eat leftovers and stuff from the freezer that’s not getting eaten. Lately I’ve just been doing my regular stuff: updating my blog, entering contests, deleting emails.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

UGA 42 Florida 7

Photos from yesterday's games: my old buddy Johnny Crawford (in stripes) keeps his eyes on D'Andre Swift 
as the running back heads downfield
during the first quarter of the Georgia / Florida game.
QB Jake Fromm take a hit as
Sony Michel takes off on his long TD run.
Elijah Holyfield dives for the end zone.
The running back was again the only Dawg to wear white socks.
Great catch to open the scoring.
The defense scored as well.
Should Chubb finish strong he can become the second-ranked rusher in SEC history. Michel could become the third-ranked rusher in UGA history.
Anna and Josh were two of the many UGA students who migrated to St. Simons Island for the long Fall Break weekend.
As expected, Clemson had little trouble beating Georgia Tech.
I'm not a fan of white helmets, white jerseys, and gold pants.
Wet Dabo. Nice pink shoes.
Miami beat UNC despite poor play from their quarterback.
Ohio State beat undefeated Penn State.
Must've been the hideous uniforms.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Top North American Venues

BusinessInsider.com’s 25 North American stadiums that should be on every sports fan’s bucket list. In alphabetical order. I’ve been to or seen nine, including four of the six baseball parks on the list.

Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence Kansas 16300
Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City MO 76416 (seen)
Arthur Ashe Stadium, NYC 23771 (seen)
AT&T Park San Francisco 41915 (been there)
AT&T Stadium Arlington Texas 80000
Bankers Life Fieldhouse Indianapolis IN 17923
Bell Centre Montreal 21288
CenturyLink Field Seattle 69000
Daytona International Speedway 101000
Fenway Park Boston 37731 (been there)
Indianapolis Motor Speedway 235000 (seen)
Lambeau Field Green Bay WI 81441
Madison Square Garden NYC 19812 (seen)
Michigan Stadium Ann Arbor 107601
Ohio Stadium Columbus 104944
Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore 45971 (been there)
PNC Park Pittsburgh 38362
Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA 92542 (seen)
Staples Center Los Angeles 19060
TD Garden, Boston 18624
The Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach FL 36000
Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge LA 102321
US Bank Stadium Minneapolis 66655
Wrigley Field Chicago 41268 (been there)
Yankee Stadium NYC 47422

No Dodger Stadium?

Atlanta’s new Mercedes Benz Stadium is even more spectacular than Arlington’s AT&T Stadium.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Scully's Moment

Wonderful moment when Vin Scully was introduced to throw out the first ball before the World Series. After introducing Steve Yeager and Fernando Valenzuela, Scully led the crowd in chanting "It's Time for Dodger Baseball." Then later a nice tribute from announcers Joe Buck and John Smoltz, offering to share the booth and even driving over to pick Scully up if he'd come announce an inning or two.

Back in the day you'd think the annual Crackers/Yankees game at Ponce de Leon park was a tough ticket. Once the Crackers played the Dodgers, with Jackie Robinson in the lineup. WSB televised, and WAGA advertised. The railroad tracks in the outfield are now the Atlanta Beltine trail.
Sunday Will and I threw off the mound in the visitor’s bullpen at SunTrust Park. I knew to not overdo it, but having not picked up a baseball in 5 years has made it even tougher to throw strikes.

I am pretty sure the priority this offseason for the Braves is to find some pitchers. It’s the toughest commodity in baseball right now. I will be no help at pitcher.

Wednesday night in the World Series the Dodgers starter was on fire. Then they took him out after four innings. He wasn’t happy. The announcers said that was always the Dodgers strategy, but they hoped it wouldn’t backfire on them. It did.

Did I tell you about my flat tire? I also have an electrical problem with my car. I swear it’s the battery cable that’s loose. Every mechanic I go to is too honest. I want them to replace the connector but they won’t.

And did I tell you about the list I have on my blog that I lost? The roster and season stats for every Braves team since 1966 – over 50 years of names and numbers. I lost it. It had been on the internet. Hours and hours of work. Had it on the internet so it couldn’t be lost. I contacted Google and they got back for me. https://sacrificefly.blogspot.com/p/braves.html

The other day M was working as a cashier at Whole Foods. It was busy and when he looked up he realized he was checking out Chipper Jones.

Wednesday: large gathering at the funeral. Held in the sanctuary. MC’s mom sang. MC’s brother spoke. One of MC’s three uncles is a minister, and he gave a very moving, personal eulogy. Downstairs in the fellowship hall I was able to speak to Jim Neyland. Sally Angevine was there as well – she grew up across the street from the Gilberts on Elliott Circle, and babysat for the four boys. There was a big field behind their house, where the boys played.

While sitting in the pew before the funeral listening to the piano prelude, I was reminded of an old SPdL Chapel Choir anthem. So often people would flip the music to the wrong page and sing “You knew me well when I was…day”. I want Don Head to sing at my funeral and Rob Suggs to speak.  

Wednesday morning I worked from home for three hours before the funeral, then went to the office and worked 1:30 to 5:15. Since I got to work late on Thursday morning and also took lunch, I made up for it by leaving early again. Met a guy over on I-85 to trade bobbleheads: my 2003 Warren Spahn for his 2011 Sid Slid (below), the Holy Grail of Braves bobbles. I had two Sids but sold them - one for $100.00.  
Thursday lunch at the Medlock Tavern with an old coworker. Fried chicken salad. After being out yesterday and late this morning, then lunch with a strange person (I almost always eat lunch at my desk 99% of the time), people are going to start wondering about me.

Took me an hour to drive home. Ceil cooked spaghetti and tossed a salad. M had been cleaning his room. C wanted to watch Designated Survivor. I also made her watch another show she used to like. I went to bed shortly after ten.

Today’s work lunch: Mellow Mushroom pizza. It usually makes me sick.

Noelle’s father passed away, so we’ll probably be going to the funeral, in the church where MC works.

Who coaches South Florida – Lou Holtz’s son? Kiffin is at Florida International, right?

I don’t watch soccer. The Atlanta United lost in the first round of the playoffs. Same old Atlanta United. The Braves are still the only Atlanta team to win a championship. The Braves and the old soccer Chiefs, but they played south of the airport.

I love Atlanta. Loved living in Morningside. Often wish we’d never moved, but East Cobb was a great place for the kids to grow up. Not so sure now that I’d want to move back intown, though we know people who have. If it wasn’t for all the people we know in Atlanta and East Cobb, it might be nice to move somewhere smaller. But I don’t think C would want to move very far away. Unless W&MC and Anna move far away.
Yung (above, with Jan) is working in outside sales for a nonprofit chemical literature company. She talked a lot of business – her company has a lot of cost centers and she is one of two salespeople who have to make money so the company can break even. Large sales territory in the Southeast all the way past New Orleans. She and Matt have an 11 year old son who plays soccer. They live in Roswell and she’s decorated her house for Halloween. Yung hasn’t changed much – she grabbed food from the sales department and purchasing. She said Steve Apostle surfs with Doug Flutie.

Tech: Johnson likes to line up for 4th down and try to draw the defense offsides, then call time out. It rarely works.

I hate rewiring and stuff like that. Last week they made a change here at work. of course I waiting until the last minute. Guy at the help desk (our company) was actually helpful. Got me all set up and fixed a couple of other things as well. Now I go through Google Chrome for internet instead of Internet Explorer. Faster, and I don’t get as many security messages. Plus it remembers my name on forms, so entering my sweepstakes is quicker and easier. Maybe now I will win something.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Photo Thursday

Wednesday we left Barney and Okie at the house alone.
They didn't take long to spot MC's arrival.
Former coworker Yung visited the office after over eleven years.
She hasn't changed. Much.
Cousin Billy snapped this photo at Georgia State's football game.
Formerly known as Turner Field.
Former Falcons QB Chris Miller was a Punt pass & Kick finalist.
Back before the Seahawks were born in Seattle.
Rookie Lonzo Ball and the Lakers wore their beautiful George Mikan era throwbacks.
Last week Brett Freemon's wife Donna was on Wheel of Fortune.
She beat her two opponents and won a trip to Ireland,
but did not win the grand prize.
Like Chubb and Michel, like Gurley and Marshall, like Garrison,
Swift is a keeper.
Humphrey rushes Plunkett.
Anna art.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A New Low

Sunday night and Monday morning the buzz on social media was about two things: The Walking Dead and the Falcons woeful performance. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to make the connection. My post “Thought I was watched The Walking Dead last night but it turned out to be the Falcons.” Got a bigger response than I usually get for more creative jokes. Why was that? Usually I hate to pile on a team doing bad. I wasn’t surprised the Falcons lost. They haven’t played well all season, and they were playing on the road against the Super Bowl Champions. Any knowledgeable fan would’ve known going in it was a tough game for Atlanta. Who would’ve bet on the Falcons? Not me.

Sure, the joke was topical. Millions watch The Walking Dead (not me) and perhaps comparing the Falcons to a bunch of zombies is appropriate. Not that I come up with the most clever jokes in the world (my goal) though I’d like to think my jokes wouldn’t be predictable or worse, puns. Oh how I hate puns. No creativity there. People may love them and share puns with me, though I’d like to think my friends would consider my sense of humor to be a little more advanced than that.

Watched the movie Baby Boom last week. Stars Diane Keaton and Sam Shepherd. Big city businesswoman inherits a tiny baby, quits her high level job and moves to the country, and falls in love with the small town vet. Happens every day. Got me thinking, would Hollywood make this story into a movie today? Sure, she creates a hot new product line (gormet baby food) potentially worth millions of dollars. Just seems like the woman in the story seems too small town / red state for Hollywood these days. I am probably wrong. Perhaps if she hires a bunch of illegal aliens to cook and can and package and ship.

Friday afternoon Sam stopped by to tell me my tire was flat. I’d known I had a slow leak. Had enough air for me to drive a mile over to QT to pump it up. Left work at 5:30. C was still sick. I stopped at Kroger for hot dogs and French fries. C made cole slaw. Watched “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton and Sam Shephard. Watched the end of the Astros win. I think both Gattis and McCann were interviewed.

Cleaned up upstairs Saturday morning, then dropped the car off at the East Cobb Chevron across from Trader Joes. While I was out I gassed up the CRV and got some gas for the mower. A couple weeks before I had added an additive that the mower place had recommended to the gas can, but the mower wouldn’t start for anything. So I drained the mower and put in the new gas without the additive, and it started right up. So I cut the grass.

When I picked up my car Ceil was headed to the grocery, so I went shopping for a leaf blower at Sears in North Point Mall. Also stopped by Lowes and three thrift stores. Picked up a Matt Kemp bobble for two bucks.    

Watched College Game Day at Penn State, some of FSU/Louisville, Bama/Tennessee, and of course GT/Wake Forest. Ceil made pizza for supper.

Sunday I met Will at SunTrust Park for the season ticketholder play day. We figured it would be tough to throw in the bullpen and hit in the underground cages, so we did those first. No wait. I hit a few good line drives. Hung out in the dugout and had a catered BBQ lunch in the Chop House. The BBQ yesterday at SunTrust Park was super. Came from the Terrapin Taproom there in the park. Chopped up fine. Also mac & cheese (not too cheesy), good cole slaw. I skipped on the baked beans and bread. I did eat a brownie and rich chocolate cake.

Toured the press box and clubhouse, then played catch in the outfield. Will got to hit on the field and did well, slugging one to the warning track. Left around three. I was exhausted, so I didn’t do much the rest of the day. Didn’t eat cause I was so full from the lunch. Watched some of the Falcons then went to bed.

Monday morning I was still super tired and sore from yesterday. Will had me throwing and catching and leaning over and swinging. Worked past six on Monday. M cooked a Mexican style soup for supper. Very good and not too spicy. C works late on Mondays. When she got home she started cleaning – W&MC are spending the night tonight. So when I got home I helped clean. Cleaned out Anna’s bedroom, putting stuff in the attic where it belonged. Some stuff found its way into our bedroom, where I had just cleaned out this past weekend. I cleaned up until 10 pm. My back was hurting. At that point I plopped down and watched The Good Doctor. Didn’t get to bed until 11:30.

After blowing the driveway late Sunday afternoon, the rain on Monday didn’t blow down too many leaves. I’ll have to blow again before Halloween.   

I think I have enough candy for Halloween. The good stuff: Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Snickers, Reeses, M&M’s plain and peanut. But we always eat at Chipotle, so we miss many trick or treaters.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

More From Play Day

More from the Braves season ticketholder Play Day:
Will had a good time.
The Waffle House is at the southwestern end of the upper deck.
The refreshment trailer on top of the Xfinity Rooftop.
The view from the rooftop.
Items in the Clubhouse Store were 25% off. Could've had an official jersey for $34.00, but I have enough jerseys.
Nick Green
Early on the line to hit was LONG. A good time to take the tour.
Mark Owens interviewed The Freeze.
Most of the time at Play Day was taken up
trying to get the outfield wall photo.
At no time does Will look for the fly ball.

Why I don't take selfies.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Jackets Sting Deacons

I don’t like Wake Forest, so I was glad to see Tech pull away and win. Closer than the score indicated. Tech dominated the first quarter but trailed 7-3. Got the feeling that things would work out for Tech, but then the defense couldn’t seem to stop Wake’s offense. Later Johnson admitted going for two was his mistake, as were the play calls on those conversions. Each time they lined up for the conversion I got the feeling there was no way they were going to make it. Then Johnson passed on a makeable 48 yard field goal. So Tech left five points on the field.
Another big game for my man Pressley Harvin III. The Big Boomer blasted a 54 yard punt to get Tech out of trouble. Harvin leads the ACC with a 45.6 average, and has yet to kick the ball into the end zone for a touchback. Not surprisingly, GT has punted fewer times than any other ACC school. Five ACC schools have punted twice as many times as Tech.

Speaking of kicking, Tech ranks last in the ACC with only 44% of kickoffs not being returned. Clemson is last in the ACC in made field goals, at only 40%. Tech is the only school with three missed extra points. Benton King (above) may improve things. Three schools have missed twice, including Clemson.

Late in the game Barney gave me the look, so I tried to take him outside quickly. Not quick enough – I missed Marshall’s long TD run that put the game out of reach (top). At least three of Tech’s touchdowns were relatively long breakaway runs for scores. Tech may have beaten Wake worse than Clemson did, but I expect Clemson will be able to run and pass and score at will against Tech’s defense. For the most part Clemson’s defense will throttle Tech’s offense. Maybe not a blowout, but after the Syracuse loss I expect Clemson to win decisively.  

Late in the game the Wake Forest coach was going crazy on the sidelines, claiming Tech was guilty of pass interference and other infractions. Made me wonder if he’s shake Johnson’s hand after the game, but he did.

Don’t be surprised: if both Georgia and Notre Dame finish the season with one loss, media hype has the Irish going to the Semifinal even though the Dawgs beat Notre Dame head to head. Hopefully the committee will factor in head to head.

As expected Bama rolled over Tennessee. As expected Saban wasn’t happy with the 21-0 halftime score. When CBS’ Allie LaForce’s asked how he’d get his team to come out with more energy, Saban responded: “I’m gonna use all my psychological disposition that I can at halftime. I’m trying to be nice to you.”   

Next week ESPN College Gameday sets up at Ohio State for their game against Penn State. ESPN loves those schools, and will lobby to get them in the playoff. Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines have lost five of their last eleven games – just like Florida.
Fans are mad at the Falcons for their poor performance. I wasn’t surprised. The Birds haven’t been playing well. Even with Julio and Sanu back, there was no reason to think the Falcons would all of a sudden start playing lights out on the road at New England, on national TV. I just hope they can get things right soon enough to make the playoffs. That’s all that matters. Perhaps the Braves run of championships was a big feat after all.

This USA Today reporter knows he may be stretching the truth calling San Diego’s Drew Kaser’s 69 yard punt downed at the one yard line as the greatest punt in NFL history. He did mention Steve O’Neil’s 98 yard punt and Randall Cunningham’s 91 yarder – Herschel helped tackle the punt returner on the one yard line.

When the Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey got hurt, they had a safety Jeff Heath kick the PATs. He made 2 of 3, with his first attempt hitting the right upright. Heath was the first non-kicker since 1980 to convert on multiple PATS in a game. He hadn’t practiced in a while.