Saturday, October 14, 2017

Back in Black Again

The Falcons wore their beautiful black uniforms against Buffalo.
Not a true throwback. Falcons wore white pants and red helmets in the 60's, but NFL rules require players to wear the same helmet every week. In the 90's the Birds wore black helmets and jerseys, but grey pants.
A great catch by Tevin Coleman.
Nice striped socks as well.
Jake Matthews. I love lineman shoes.
More Coleman. Note the new Nike jersey has fewer seams
and a less obnoxious collar.
Uni Watch recently featured the Falcons Brand X Draft,
the brainchild of rookie receiver Ken Burrow.
Later I helped Uni Watch writer Paul Lukas get in touch with Burrow,
a friend of mine on Facebook.
Burrow (right), with defensive back Tom Hayes,
his teammate at San Diego State and Atlanta.
Hall of Fame receiver Fred Belitnikoff had a great look:
old time suspension helmet, single bar face mask, sleeves just the right length, old style Raider jersey, tapes forearms, socks just the right length, black cleats perfectly taped.

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