Sunday, October 01, 2017

College Football Hall of Fame

After the race I grabbed a Gatorade and walked around the corner to the College Football Hall of Fame. I hadn't been before. Talked to a group of Bills fans in town for tomorrow's game. They were headed to the GT/UNC game as well.
The helmet wall. An employee told me they are arranged in random order.
Even the elevator was football-oriented.
Who came up when I typed in "greatest player in history."
The greatest player in Georgia Tech history.
Greatest coach in Tech history.
Vince Dooley: looks like they got the nose right.
Georgia Bulldog Charlie Trippi's jersey. Other jerseys of note: UCLA's Troy Aikman and Ohio State's Archie Griffin.
See the card below the motorcycle helmet,
used by a Florida State offensive lineman.
I took a picture of this Princeton band jacket for Dic Dac,
who owns a solid orange sport coat.
 Another old uniform.
 I thought Kennesaw State should've worn a uniform like this.
 Each helmet on the wall had a light shining on it.
I kicked a field goal on the first try,
and tossed the ball into a net 20 yards away (on my third try).
 Stopped by Arbys and Chickfila on the way home,
as well as the library and three thrift stores.

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