Monday, October 30, 2017

Inmate Update

Friday afternoon I left work at six. Quiet day but always stuff to get done. The Mellow Mushroom pizza was good. I ate less than usual and tossed the crust, but still by the end of the afternoon my stomach felt bad. Got home and watched the national anthem before the World Series. Ceil wanted to go out, so we split a chicken sandwich and order of fries at Moxie Burger. Didn’t get to the restaurant until 8:30, so it was after nine when we got home.

Saturday morning C went to the Y and I cleaned upstairs. Drank the chocolate banana smoothie Ceil had left. Watched some of ESPN College Gameday and did laundry. Made some cinnamon toast.

Watched undefeated Miami beat UNC on ESPN. Neither team played well. I thought the announcers Kelly Stouffer and Jason Benetti were going to fight each other. The entire first half Stouffer kept railing on how the Canes would take a hit in the ratings with a poor performance. Why he’s wrong: any team and look bad in the first half, then pull away in the second. Most only see the final score and highlights, never knowing how a team looked in the first half. Two examples:

1. Poor Miami did look bad the entire game, but UNC looked worse. After freshman dual threat QB Chazz Surratt failed to convert a first and goal into points – failing even to get off a pass on fourth down – he was replaced by third string redshirt sophomore Elliott. The backup from Texas rejuvenated the Heels before fading, throwing three interceptions in the second half. 

2. No one is talking about the first half of Ohio State/Penn State, when Penn State took the early lead, in part from Buckeye turnovers. Everyone is talking about the end of the game. 

Buckeye fans weren’t happy with the all grey uniforms. Ohio State has one of the most iconic looks: silver helmets and pants, and red jerseys. But like compassion and understanding, these days tradition has been thrown out the window. No one wants to look unique – everyone wants to look the same: all black. All grey. Chrome helmets. Beats headphones. Blah blah blah.

Next was UGA’s beatdown of Florida. Halfway through the first quarter UGA led 21-0, so they were on a pace to score 168. I was hoping for a shutout, but it wasn’t to be. I still say the only hope Georgia has to make the playoff is to beat Alabama. Popped some corn and ate leftover Mexican. C ran to the grocery and made a potato dish.

We’d been invited over for dinner and games the evening of GA/FL, Tech/Clemson, and the World Series. The host was even missing his own Ohio State/Penn State game. To protest I wore my UGA Hawaiian shirt and red shoes. The game ended on our drive over. After a wonderful supper we moved downstairs to the basement for dessert and turned on the game.

Clemson was already leading but it was hard to really follow the game. I had expected the Clemson defense to shut down the Tech offense. Another big game for punter Pressley Harvin III. New kicker Benton King remains perfect on all his field goals and extra points. The Jackets D (and the rain) was able to keep the Tigers from running up the score. Not sure Clemson will be able to crack the four team playoff this year – at least that’s the feeling you get from ESPN.

Got home to see the final out of the World Series.

Sunday: JFBC. A celebration of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary. Good stuff. Did SPdL celebrate? I’m thinking it may be time for a second reformation. So many in America today have no concept what God is about, or what the Bible says and teaches. So many say “how can a loving God allow pain and suffering.” I guess I need to be ready with an answer.
I fell asleep and missed the end of the Falcons game. The win put their record at 4-3 – the same record they had last year when they went to the Super Bowl. NBC’s Rodney Harrison called it a big win for the Falcons.

Then we watched the Texans/Seahawks. A good, exciting game. C wanted to see Deshaun Watson. Watson became the first rookie QB in history with what, four straight games with three TD passes. Also the first QB ever with over 400 yards passing, 50 yards rushing, and three TD passes.
Earlier the owner had said “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.” A poor choice of words to be sure, and he apologized. Even after the apology, the team met to determine what their protest would be. Isn’t that like if your wife wrongs you, then apologizes, but instead of forgiving her you say “ok, but now I’m going to decide what I’m going to do to hurt you back.”

Zero compassion or comprehension from the team. The old expression was an analogy not to be taken literally. It’s like the team had never heard the expression before. Same thing is happening in race relations, the biased media, politics, global warming, etc. Would it have been different had the owner said “the owner, team management, and coaches set the policy that all team employees must follow.” The players still would’ve been mad that they were subject to rules that limited their free expression while they were at work. As it was, about 40 players took a knee during the anthem. Not sure if Watson took a knee or not.
There were some key matchups in Week 8, but all eyes were on the Texans’ sideline, where the team responded to an offensive statement made by their owner.
Had the shoe been on the other foot the players would’ve expected an apology to be the end of it. If they even apologized. Similarly, yesterday during the Cowboys / Redskins game a NFL anti-domestic violence public service announcement aired, while Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott continued to play.  

Fixed a toasted pork tenderloin sandwich for dinner. Watched NBC’s Football Night in America, but didn’t see them spend much time on the Texans. C watched PBS, which is becoming as trashy as any other network. Then I watched the World Series. Wanted to go to bed at ten but stayed up till 11 pm – and it was still only the sixth inning. Sounds like an exciting game that a majority of Americans missed. If the NFL can start the Super Bowl at 6 pm why does the World Series start a Sunday game at 8:30?
The Astros and Dodgers combined to hit seven home runs in a wild, back-and-forth Game 5.
This morning I finally read yesterday’s JFBC bulletin. Bryant was speaking today on end times theology, and I wanted to see when. It had been at 6:30 am, so I missed it.

At lunch I bought an Apple TV. It’s always something. When C was sick last week she thought it may have been strep.

Baching it.” Used to be that C would take the kids to SC and I would get to catch up on shows and movies that C didn’t like. These days it’s still good, but I’m often using that time to go to Macon. When I’m home I’ll try to eat leftovers and stuff from the freezer that’s not getting eaten. Lately I’ve just been doing my regular stuff: updating my blog, entering contests, deleting emails.

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