Thursday, October 26, 2017

Photo Thursday

Wednesday we left Barney and Okie at the house alone.
They didn't take long to spot MC's arrival.
Former coworker Yung visited the office after over eleven years.
She hasn't changed. Much.
Cousin Billy snapped this photo at Georgia State's football game.
Formerly known as Turner Field.
Former Falcons QB Chris Miller was a Punt pass & Kick finalist.
Back before the Seahawks were born in Seattle.
Rookie Lonzo Ball and the Lakers wore their beautiful George Mikan era throwbacks.
Last week Brett Freemon's wife Donna was on Wheel of Fortune.
She beat her two opponents and won a trip to Ireland,
but did not win the grand prize.
Like Chubb and Michel, like Gurley and Marshall, like Garrison,
Swift is a keeper.
Humphrey rushes Plunkett.
Anna art.

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