Friday, October 27, 2017

Scully's Moment

Wonderful moment when Vin Scully was introduced to throw out the first ball before the World Series. After introducing Steve Yeager and Fernando Valenzuela, Scully led the crowd in chanting "It's Time for Dodger Baseball." Then later a nice tribute from announcers Joe Buck and John Smoltz, offering to share the booth and even driving over to pick Scully up if he'd come announce an inning or two.

Back in the day you'd think the annual Crackers/Yankees game at Ponce de Leon park was a tough ticket. Once the Crackers played the Dodgers, with Jackie Robinson in the lineup. WSB televised, and WAGA advertised. The railroad tracks in the outfield are now the Atlanta Beltine trail.
Sunday Will and I threw off the mound in the visitor’s bullpen at SunTrust Park. I knew to not overdo it, but having not picked up a baseball in 5 years has made it even tougher to throw strikes.

I am pretty sure the priority this offseason for the Braves is to find some pitchers. It’s the toughest commodity in baseball right now. I will be no help at pitcher.

Wednesday night in the World Series the Dodgers starter was on fire. Then they took him out after four innings. He wasn’t happy. The announcers said that was always the Dodgers strategy, but they hoped it wouldn’t backfire on them. It did.

Did I tell you about my flat tire? I also have an electrical problem with my car. I swear it’s the battery cable that’s loose. Every mechanic I go to is too honest. I want them to replace the connector but they won’t.

And did I tell you about the list I have on my blog that I lost? The roster and season stats for every Braves team since 1966 – over 50 years of names and numbers. I lost it. It had been on the internet. Hours and hours of work. Had it on the internet so it couldn’t be lost. I contacted Google and they got back for me.

The other day M was working as a cashier at Whole Foods. It was busy and when he looked up he realized he was checking out Chipper Jones.

Wednesday: large gathering at the funeral. Held in the sanctuary. MC’s mom sang. MC’s brother spoke. One of MC’s three uncles is a minister, and he gave a very moving, personal eulogy. Downstairs in the fellowship hall I was able to speak to Jim Neyland. Sally Angevine was there as well – she grew up across the street from the Gilberts on Elliott Circle, and babysat for the four boys. There was a big field behind their house, where the boys played.

While sitting in the pew before the funeral listening to the piano prelude, I was reminded of an old SPdL Chapel Choir anthem. So often people would flip the music to the wrong page and sing “You knew me well when I was…day”. I want Don Head to sing at my funeral and Rob Suggs to speak.  

Wednesday morning I worked from home for three hours before the funeral, then went to the office and worked 1:30 to 5:15. Since I got to work late on Thursday morning and also took lunch, I made up for it by leaving early again. Met a guy over on I-85 to trade bobbleheads: my 2003 Warren Spahn for his 2011 Sid Slid (below), the Holy Grail of Braves bobbles. I had two Sids but sold them - one for $100.00.  
Thursday lunch at the Medlock Tavern with an old coworker. Fried chicken salad. After being out yesterday and late this morning, then lunch with a strange person (I almost always eat lunch at my desk 99% of the time), people are going to start wondering about me.

Took me an hour to drive home. Ceil cooked spaghetti and tossed a salad. M had been cleaning his room. C wanted to watch Designated Survivor. I also made her watch another show she used to like. I went to bed shortly after ten.

Today’s work lunch: Mellow Mushroom pizza. It usually makes me sick.

Noelle’s father passed away, so we’ll probably be going to the funeral, in the church where MC works.

Who coaches South Florida – Lou Holtz’s son? Kiffin is at Florida International, right?

I don’t watch soccer. The Atlanta United lost in the first round of the playoffs. Same old Atlanta United. The Braves are still the only Atlanta team to win a championship. The Braves and the old soccer Chiefs, but they played south of the airport.

I love Atlanta. Loved living in Morningside. Often wish we’d never moved, but East Cobb was a great place for the kids to grow up. Not so sure now that I’d want to move back intown, though we know people who have. If it wasn’t for all the people we know in Atlanta and East Cobb, it might be nice to move somewhere smaller. But I don’t think C would want to move very far away. Unless W&MC and Anna move far away.
Yung (above, with Jan) is working in outside sales for a nonprofit chemical literature company. She talked a lot of business – her company has a lot of cost centers and she is one of two salespeople who have to make money so the company can break even. Large sales territory in the Southeast all the way past New Orleans. She and Matt have an 11 year old son who plays soccer. They live in Roswell and she’s decorated her house for Halloween. Yung hasn’t changed much – she grabbed food from the sales department and purchasing. She said Steve Apostle surfs with Doug Flutie.

Tech: Johnson likes to line up for 4th down and try to draw the defense offsides, then call time out. It rarely works.

I hate rewiring and stuff like that. Last week they made a change here at work. of course I waiting until the last minute. Guy at the help desk (our company) was actually helpful. Got me all set up and fixed a couple of other things as well. Now I go through Google Chrome for internet instead of Internet Explorer. Faster, and I don’t get as many security messages. Plus it remembers my name on forms, so entering my sweepstakes is quicker and easier. Maybe now I will win something.

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