Saturday, October 07, 2017

Birthday in Athens

Today we celebrated Matthew's 19th birthday in Athens,
with Anna, Will, Mary-Clayton, and Okie.
 We met at Anna's house. Emily snapped a family portrait.
First stop was the Athens Farmer's Market.
As you can tell, I stole a few pictures from MC. 
A little girl loved Okie so much that she would've left with Will.
Lunch at The White Tiger,
whose BBQ has been featured on The Food Network.
Josh joined us for lunch. Not the best picture,
but it was the only one with everyone in it.
After lunch we walked around downtown.
Watched some of the game inside High Country Outfitters.
Note the mat on the floor at the far lower right.
A little dog sat there - until Okie made his appearance.
Okie felt the need to mark his territory - inside the store.
Cleanup on asile two!
  Back at Anna's house: birthday cheesecake.
Anna's birthday post.
Above: what we missed tonight.

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