Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rant of the Month

NFL players want to protest, but far be it for the VP to stage a protest of his own. Do the players not see (and maybe not care) about the regular fans leaving seats empty (above) and leaving tickets unsold? TV ratings are going down. Down the road this could mean lower TV contracts, which could translate to lower salaries.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is requiring his employees stand for the national anthem. An ESPN producer took offense to the administration's stance on social media, violating her employer's work rules for a second time, sending her off on a two week probation. Is it ok for her have an opinion but not Trump or Pence? She's calling the President of the United States a white supremacist while ESPN's rating and subscriber numbers continue to fall. Could these things be related? Are there things she doesn't understand?

Sure Trump is fanning the flames, often making things worse than better. Millions of young NFL fans support the players and their protests. They buy beer and video games and other products that advertise on NFL telecasts. But millions more are on Trump's side. So many corporations buy season tickets, luxury boxes, and advertising on NFL telecasts. What do the honchos in decision-making positions think about these protests? They're selling products to customers, and want to make sure their customers keep buying. At some point something's gotta give.

In other news, the NFL Players Association has been donating money to organizations also receiving funding from one world government overlord George Soros.

In Seattle last week a gay coffee shop owner obscenely refused service to a group of Christians. This comes just as the Supreme Court opens hearings on the Christian baker being sued for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. I couldn't find the story on CNN.

Another shooting. More cries for gun control. But the gun used was already illegal. No talk of overcoming evil with good. If Hollywood really wants to ban guns, why do they keep cranking out shoot'em up movies, like the new Jackie Chan flick? Shows ads of that movie in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting is really in bad taste. If Hollywood really wants to ban guns, why don't they lead the way - and make movies without guns? Won't ever happen.

Is Hollywood turning a blind eye on the latest sex scandal, because it was one of their own? Quite different than their reaction to previous scandals similar or dissimilar (Bill Cosby, Marco Rubio).

At least Hollywood isn't sweeping Christmas under the rug. I'm sure the true meaning of Christmas will be found in "Bad Moms Christmas." Can't wait.

First Confederate statues are being torn down, making it easier to forget history that can't be repeated. Next on the hit list: Christopher Columbus, who enslaved the indigenous and brought disease to America. Don't forget the new world also brought on disease for the Europeans. Was not the same desire for geographic discovery not the desire that resulted in advances in medicine, transportation - and race relations? We may have a ways to go, but you can't discount the progress made in the past 200 years, the past hundred years.

People want a perfect society, but there's no such thing. So instead they want to tear apart perhaps the closest thing to a perfect society ever created - unwitting accomplices in the evil one's desire for the destruction of the United States and the creation of a one world government, and the eventual second coming of Jesus Christ. Dang it. I went there again.

Several of the speakers at the Catalyst Conference reminded those present that loving people is more important than voicing opinions. More important than being right. More important than spending time on social media.

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