1996…Born in Piedmont Hospital , shortly after Atlanta Olympics ended.

1997… Ocala FL trip.

1998… Ridgecrest NC trip. First Braves game.

1999… Charleston SC trip. Tech/Clemson game at Grant Field.

2000…Clemson football game.

2001… Myrtle Beach trip (every year through…)

2002…kindergarten & ballet at Woodstock FBC. Wedding flower girl.

2003…Entered 1st grade. Eastside School of Ballet. Fredericksburg trip.

2004…2nd grade. Ballet. Violin. Rich’s Pink Pig.

2005…3rd grade. Ballet. Chicago trip.

2006…4th grade. Ballet. Clemson football game.

2007…5th grade. Ballet. San Francisco trip. Served in Brett & Carla’s wedding.

2008…6th grade at Living Science. Zoo Overnight Trip. Ballet.

2009…7th grade at Living Science. Jekyll Island & Okefenokee Swamp. Ballet.

2010…8th grade at Veritas and Living Science. Jekyll Island & Rosemary Beach trips. Two Clemson football games.

2011…9th grade at Veritas. Baptized at North Point. Danced in The Wiz. Washington, Jekyll, Cumberland Island, & Panama City trips.

2012…10th grade at Veritas. Prom. Destin vacation. Passion Daytona trip. Concerts: One Direction, Phillip Phillips, Ed Sheeran.

2013…11th Grade at Veritas. Get Driver's License. Concerts: Ed Sheeran, Phillip Phillips. Prom. Daytona Beach. Myrtle Beach.

2014…12th grade dual enrolled at Veritas & Perimeter University. Prom. Grace mission trip to Monroe, GA. Myrtle Beach. Early-accepted into UGA.

2015...Oklahoma trip. Prom at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Veritas Graduation at FBC Alpharetta. Myrtle Beach. Fly to Denver to see Brittany. UGA's Creswell Dorm & Alpha Chi Omega with Emily. Speeding ticket.

2016...UGA. Camp Highland. Freshly Leader. Lives in sorority house. Bridesmaid for MC and Brittany.

2017...UGA. Camp Highland. Florida for spring break. House on Milledge Ave. Fall break at St. Simons Island. Interns at Grace Athens.

2018...UGA. Spring Break road trip to DC & NYC. Grace Athens intern. Summer school. Work downtown at High Country Outfitters.

2019...UGA graduation. Spring break to Ft. Lauderdale. Three week road trip to Texas, California, Utah. Grace Athens intern and High Country Outfitters. Moves home, then to W&MC's.

2020...State the Label. Coronavirus pandemic. Emily's wedding.

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