Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sports Center

If Jalen Hurts wins the Heisman this year, Tua will transfer to Oklahoma for his senior year. Kelly Bryant is kicking himself for not transferring to Oklahoma. If Tua wins the 2020 Heisman, then Justin Fields will transfer to Oklahoma for his senior year. Then Tua’s younger brother will transfer to Oklahoma. And so on. You heard it here first.
Back after the Braves lost game on of the NLDS my coworker moved the lucky Braves baseball sitting on my desk. When the Cards scored 13 runs in the first inning of game five I took drastic measures, stashing the ball in my desk drawer and getting out my Vince Dooley autographed mini-football for the fall. I think UGA was also relying on that baseball for luck, because that football sure didn’t do any wonders on Saturday.
As always, the polls really aren’t needed this early in the season, since so much of the playoff picture will take shape out on the field. With Oklahoma, Clemson, and Ohio State unchallenged and undefeated, this year the SEC champion will be the only team from the conference to advance to the playoff. Bama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, and UGA all have to play each other.
For UGA, beating Florida and Auburn and advancing to the championship game looks farfetched. The Gators appear to have leapfrogged the Dawgs thanks to head coach Dan Mullen, who many consider the second best head coach in the SEC. The winner of LSU/Alabama will be the national champion. Both UGA and Clemson have taken a step back. That said, UGA still deserves to be ahead of Notre Dame in the polls.  
At Carolina Will Muschamp went from the hot seat to coaching genius in a few short weeks, while all the couch experts are Monday morning quarterbacking what Kirby should’ve done. The Dawgs could win out and make the playoff, but that’s not going to happen.  
The good news from Saturday’s loss to South Carolina: QB Jake Fromm will return for his senior year. You heard it here first.
Not sure how good Duke is, but Virginia and Miami sure looked beatable last Friday night. Too bad GT couldn’t get on a roll. If Paul Johnson was still at Tech they’d win the division championship. Look for the Tar Heels to advance to the ACC Championship Game – and get handled easily by Clemson.
Interesting that last year’s wunderkind dual-threat freshman QB at UNC is now playing middle linebacker for the Heels – because he didn’t want to play QB any more. Not sure if he made the decision before or after the top QB recruit signed on.     

I started reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz yesterday. Real good so far. I saw where Connie Morris had read it. I’ve got four books checked out, which is too many. Whenever I hear of a good book I try to get on the waiting list at the library. Now three all came available at one time. I put some Kristin Hannah books on my reading list.
After work Tuesday I had a focus group about the chemical industry. Was hearing some crazy answers from people, how they know they’re getting reliable information. One person answered “celebrities.” They showed ten one-minute videos, and after each one we’d discuss what we liked/disliked. The first two were really bad, then got better. After a couple I exclaimed “I think I could do a better job writing these videos.” After that the moderator and several others kept saying “Let’s let Dave do it.” At the beginning there were a wide range of opinions. Most distrusted government and industry, citing erroneous information that hadn’t even been mentioned in the discussion. I tried to take the industry side. By the end most people were liking what they were hearing, which is probably what the industry was shooting for.
The group didn’t let out until 9:30. Came home and watched Fresh Off the Boat. Then a sitcom called Speechless came on, about a crazy family with a smart disabled high school sophomore who has to use a computer to communicate. Stars Minnie Driver as the mom.

My office has a week of volunteering coming up again this October, downtown at the Atlanta Food Bank. I signed up again, and have been assigned to go with general manager Eric, warehouse manager Jhannio, and administrative assistant Renee. Should be fun.
Wednesday night at Johnson Ferry I attended a lecture entitled “Science, the Soul, and near-Death Experiences: A Christian Perspective.” I know you can’t wait for me to post those notes.   
Been dealing with a guy at a company in Gainesville GA for several years. Just learned he passed away over the weekend. Never knew he was the brother of a former longtime coworker of mine.
Another coworker’s son was involved in an accident over the weekend, and is going okay but in Grady Hospital. A teenage girl died in the accident.
My niece Victoria graduated from Clemson and is looking for a job in Charlotte. I’m trying to get her an interview with my company.
We had our wedding rehearsal in Lancaster SC, a good 26 miles / 35 minutes from Jefferson where we got married.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Richmond Weekend

Saturday morning we left Jefferson before 8 am. Drove through the countryside on rural two-lanes due north, through Chesterfield, Rockingham, Chapel Hill, and Durham to I-85, then on to Richmond. Met our friends the Broadwells at the AirB&B and walked to a neighborhood sandwich shop for lunch. I had a BBQ sandwich.
Saturday night we attended a fun gathering at a Richmond restaurant for the wedding party and out of town guests. The father of the groom, a musician, welcomed everyone and sand a couple of songs. Then he had the entire gathering sing "Puff, the Magic Dragon" – and went through not only every verse, but also added a verse he had written himself. Someone quipped "well, now we know what kind of family she's marrying in to" and later "I'm outta here if he sings Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." When he finally finished singing Puff I shouted "One more time!"
Dinner there at the restaurant was a delicious buffet of sandwiches, cheeses, grilled brussel sprouts, macaroni & cheese, cookies, etc. Back to the hotel not too late to watch LSU / Florida. Ceil was asleep by 9:45. I turned off the game at halftime but couldn't get to sleep.
Sunday: breakfast in the hotel: scrambled eggs with cheese and ham, potatoes, sweet rolls. Skipped the biscuits and gravy, oatmeal, cereal, sausage, and other fixins. Ceil and Nancy attended a wedding brunch, so I fixed an eggy boy sandwich to save for lunch. Walked with Lee to WalMart, a round trip of almost three miles. On our walk to WalMart I noticed my friend Lee was wearing hearing aids. He's 63, I think. He's been wearing them for over a month before his wife noticed. Later I caught up deleting emails and did some play on my laptop.

The wedding was at Tuckahoe Plantation southwest of Richmond, where Thomas Jefferson spent some of his childhood. Beautiful place. We prayed that God would hold off the rain and God answered our prayers. Wedding ceremonies usually last about 20 minutes and it didn't rain from the 4:30 start time until 4:50, when a sprinkle turned into a steady rain. Unfortunately the wedding was 20 minutes late getting started. The groom held and umbrella, and several guests (including us) vacated our seats and stood off to the side under umbershoots.

The reception dinner was under a big tent in front of the main house. Couldn't have been a better time. We were seated at the prestigious table two with the parents of the bride and groom (table one was the bride, groom and the groomsmen and bridesmaids). Father of the bride Myron gave a touching speech. Roast beef, pork, brussel sprouts, macaroni & cheese, salad, cupcakes, and wedding cake. Groom John's family tradition was to cut the wedding cake with a sword from The War of 1812. Also at our table was the pastor and two of Dawn's college friends: Marylee from Sandy Springs and Jeanie from Hampton GA. Marylee cut a mean rug on the dance floor.

Yesterday after checking out we drove near the University of Richmond to a recommended coffee shop, and browsed the bohemian shops similar to Little Five Points.
Lunch in Durham NC, where we drove around the beautiful Duke University campus (above), ate lunch at Bull City Brewery, and strolled around the baseball stadium with the famous "Hit the Bull!" sign.

I was taking my time to hit Atlanta after rush hour, but took too much time and hit Charlotte rush hour. Arrived home at ten and stayed up past midnight.   
On the drive home yesterday we listened to a good Louie Giglio sermon on mental illness and suicide. I will email you a copy of Braves sideline reporter Kelsey Wingert's notes, which she posted on Instagram. Had I taken notes mine would've looked different. Also listened to replays of several 680 the Fan broadcasts from earlier in the day. During one of them Nick Cellini jokingly played an audio clip of an old time pastor preaching "YOU MUST MAKE THE DECISION FOR JESUS!" Interesting to hear his partner Chris Dimino admit: "That's a decision I made a long time ago."   

When we arrived home Monday night we hadn't eaten so I ate a piece of leftover cheesecake, and finished off the cheesecake Tuesday morning for breakfast. Had an upset stomach all day.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Unauthorized Wedding Photos

Since no one reads my blog these exclusive early release wedding photos won't be seen by any of the wedding families, right? Mums the word. I'm selling them to People magazine.
Recap with details tomorrow, though it was a beautiful wedding.

Father of the bride did a good job.

Ceil, Jeanie Veazey Thomas, mother of the bride Dawn,
Marylee, Nancy.
During the reception the wedding photographers displayed wedding pictures on a laptop for all to see. Bride Emily and sister Rachel, Emily's maid of honor, take a look.

Thursday worked until 7:45. Rough day. Kept getting interrupted with questions from Texas Alabama NC and other departments. Spent an hour doing double work for purchasing. Rough. Was late getting home.

Friday morning packed the car and left after nine. Stopped at noon in Augusta first at Chickfila, then to the Anthropologie final closeout store, which was having their grand opening in their new location that day. Dropped off Ceil and gassed up the car. Ceil had me stand in line for her, but we weren't back on the interstate until 2 pm - a two hour stop. I did get through a bunch of emails.

Arrived in Jefferson and caught up with Ceil's mom, Uncle Lennie and Aunt Corrine, and Phil's wife Teresa. Drove to Pageland to top off the tank and pick up Mexican for supper.

Watched Miami / UVA. Neither team has a good QB. They are great athletes but poor quarterbacks. 10-6 with ten minutes to go. Maybe GT can beat these guys.  
The Braves could change their name so the Cardinals reliever won't be offended. Suggestion: change to the Lumberjacks, and put a little hatchet on the jerseys, then hand out little foam hatchets and the fans can wave them and maybe sing a little song woooo woo woowoowoo but it's 2019 and you know how easily offended lumberjacks are these days. There's a relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians who works during the offseason as a lumberjack and he's offended because of course nowadays lumberjacks don't use hatchets don't be silly they use chainsaws so they would have to hand out little foam chainsaws and the fans would have to hum: buzz buzz buzzbuzzbuzz.

I read on the internet that Popeyes may be in cahoots with the coming One World Government trying to wipe out chicken sandwiches once and for all. #eatmorchiken. Popeyes = mark of the beast

Why they lost: Folty pitched in striped socks for the first time all year.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Dawg Day Afternoon

What they don't tell you about interceptions: its not always the quarterback's fault. Sometimes a receiver lets the pass go through his hands. Sometimes the defense catches a ball an inch from the ground.
Didn't see much of the UGA loss. Plenty of experts who never played or coached had to offer their opinions, though they knew little of what the coaches making the decisions knew.
Two of Fromm's interceptions were right in the hands of his receivers, who failed to make the catch.
All is not lost. Regardless of this loss to SC the Dawgs still must beat Florida, Auburn, and win the SEC Championship Game (Bama or LSU). Run that gauntlet and UGA punches their Playoff ticket. That's a tough row to hoe.
Friday night we watched Miami beat UVA.
Not much offense or quarterback play.
Tech changed back to black face masks to go with black numbers,
white jerseys, and white pants. But gold helmets.
They have yet to wear the same uniform twice this year.
Oh yeah, they lost to Duke.
Ceil and I drove through Durham earlier that morning.
A good wedding song.

For the wedding Myron and Dawn rented a house (second photo)
in a quaint neighborhood near downtown Richmond.
We walked a half mile to eat lunch in a small locally-owned sandwich shop. I had a BBQ sandwich.

Kirkland practicing for the wedding.
View from the hotel room: a highway interchange and Carmax.

Appearing at Norman Fest: Becky, Spencer, Mattea, Catherine, David, Beth, Willis, Joel, Charles, and Annie.

I know I'm not the only one: when you're finished with your Chickfila sandwich, do you check the bottom of the wrapper for tiny nugget crusts?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sermon Notes

Notes from JFBC pastor Clay Smith's Sept 15 sermon

2 Samuel 24:1-25. Mercy is compassion in action, for people who don’t deserve it. The God who made the world was merciful. Says so throughout the Bible. Jesus meets us in the middle of our messes.
Exodus 34. Psalm 25. Lamentations 3. Jesus the only one in the Bible who didn’t make mistakes.
Three scenes in this chapter of 2 Samuel.
1. David takes a census - verses 1-10. Why? Not to say how good God is, but to bring glory to David (who is prideful). Superman don’t need no plane story. The census took 9 months 20 days to count all men 20 and over. 1.3 million - 800000 in Israel plus 530000 in Judah . After 9 months David realized his sin. I have sinned greatly. Everyone has a conscious. Conviction of sin is a gift from God. Depend on God for power and strength. Matt 16:18
2. David is punished. He’s given a choice: 3 years pestilence,

3 months chased by enemies, or 3 days. David gets to pick, would rather pick God than men. Romans 6 asks: should we keep sinning? None deserve God’s mercy. God accepts us as we are, but loves us so much that he doesn’t want us to stay there. He wants more for us. God’s mercy produces growth, even in the midst of judgement. Verse 17: let your hand be against me and not my flock. That’s leadership
3. Verse 18: David to build an altar to God. On the threshing floor - symbolizes God removing sin from our lives. Verse 24: offered as free but David refuses, says it needs to cost David something to make it worthwhile. Worthy. The problem with living sacrifices is they are always trying to crawl off the altar. 
End: God was moved by the worship and withheld the plague. At this same place Solomon built a temple. Then later near there Jesus died for our sins.
From Reid: “What four movies were there playing near Times Square when Billy Graham preached his famous Times Square sermon in New York during his crusade in New York? He used the movie titles as the 4 points in his sermon. I remember the sermon VIVIDLY. It has been said that Billy did not have a specific sermon to preach when he arrived for the service. He looked around and noticed the movie marquees, and formed a sermon from them.
1. The Ten Commandments: the Bible is our foundation.
2. Love In The Afternoon: Jesus went to the cross for us.
3. The Moon Is Blue: when Christ died for us.
4. 3:10 To Yuma: Billy said that he had never seen the movie, but he imagined that if you missed that train, you wouldn't get to Yuma. Then finished by saying that if you missed this opportunity to accept Christ, you might not get another opportunity.
None of the following articles mention what four movies Billy Graham used as his sermon points, though the article mentions that he did. Also on the podium in Yankee Stadium: Vice President Richard Nixon.  
Other popular movies from 1957: The Bridge on the River Kwai., Sayonara, The Curse of Frankenstein, Raintree Country, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, The Three Faces of Eve, Witness for the Prosecution, Cinderella, Bambi, Twelve Angry men, An Affair to Remember, The Crucible. Of course I had no idea which 4 movies there were, so I had to look up and guess. I did see where 3:10 From Yuma had come out that year. The list was alphabetical and I stopped after C. Had I seen The Ten Commandments I would’ve guessed that.
From a recent column from former SPdL pastor Jim Dennison: is the Church: Dying or Growing?
Glenn Stanton’s The Myth of the Dying Church takes a very different view. Stanton cites compelling sociological data from objective research firms to show that church attendance in America is at an all-time high. In contrast to the claim that young people are leaving the faith, he notes that the percentage of young adults regularly attending evangelical and nondenominational churches has roughly doubled between 1972 and today. He explains the rise of the “nones” as people who are not new unbelievers but who were never committed to the faith and now feel free to tell pollsters so. And Stanton notes that declining churches are almost all in the mainline, more liberal denominations. For instance, mainline Protestant churches declined by five million members between 2007 and 2014, while evangelical churches grew by about two million during the same time. (For much more, please see my review of Stanton’s outstanding book.)

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sixty Minute Men

When Pepper Rodgers coached at Tech, he finally scrapped the wishbone in the late 70’s when he got tall passing QB Mike Kelley. In first game of the season against Alabama at Grant Field the Jackets were backed up near the goal line. On third down QB Kelley lined up in the shotgun, a formation no one used at the time. The ball was snapped to Kelley and he quick-kicked. With no Bama return man deep, the ball rolled and rolled – a 90 yard punt, the longest in Tech history. I was there.   
In college at Purdue Bob Griese was QB, punter, and kicker. Tech’s Billy Lothridge was a QB/P/K in college then punted in the pros. When the Falcons were shorthanded on defense, Lothridge played defensive back and intercepted a couple of passes.
George Blanda started out as a QB/K/LB for the Bears. Then Oilers then Raiders, where he won MVP well into his 40’s, playing QB and K. Broke the scoring record. Played when he was 49 years old.
Lou Groza was a guard for the Browns. Also kicked. Retired, then came back to just kick a couple more years. He had the scoring record that Blanda broke.
I liked Billy Kilmer, who played for the 49ers, Saints, then Redskins. Always wore a single bar mask. Norm Van Brocklin played for the Rams and Eagles – QB and punted. One year Sammy Baugh led the league in passing, punting, and also had the most interceptions. Jim Thorpe could drop-kick from great distances.   
Pat Summerall was a WR/K. Larry Sieple a TE/P for the Dolphins. Jim O’Brian kicked the game-winning field goal for the Colts in the Super Bowl. He also played WR. Danny White, Randall Cunningham, and Tom Tupa were all QB/P. Cunningham had a 90 yard quick kick for the Eagles, one of the longest punts in NFL history. And in his last game QB Doug Flutie became the last NFL player to successfully execute a drop-kick.
Herschel played halfback, fullback, wide receiver, flanker, and tight end. He also returned kicks and punts, and played on kickoff and punt coverage special teams.
Sports Illustrated’s pro football preview came out in late August. For the NFL’s 100th season they selected 100 essential individuals. Herschel Walker was one of the hundred, for making the USFL legit and the huge Cowboys/Vikings trade . Along with people like Vince Lombardi, Unitas, George Halas, Red Grange, Sammy Baugh, Namath, Jim Brown, Paul Brown, Otto Graham, Pete Rozelle, Frank Gifford, Chuck Bednarik, Bronko Nagurski, Joe Montana, Tom Landry, Don Shula, etc. John Wooden made this NFL list as well, for his contributions to race relations and coaching staff diversity.

UGA kicker Rodrigo Blankenship was named SEC Special Teams Player of the Week yet again for his performance at Tennessee. He remains perfect for the season. Not sure how he can't win the Lou Groza Award this year.
Will and Mary-Clayton...
Thursday night Will and Mary-Clayton took Matthew and Anna
out for dinner at La Fonda and dessert at Jeni's Ice Cream,
where they met Jeni Bauer, the founder of the franchise.
Wednesday: worked until 6:15. Entered a whole bunch of orders. Gonna have a record month. Not long after five, the Braves reports started coming in. Glad I missed it. Will was at the game. Stopped for gas on the way home. Ceil had turned off the TV. I turned back on but changed the channel before the game ended, at 8 pm to watch Chicago Med. Then New Amsterdam. Both hospital shows had plot lines that involved placebos. 
Cool story of a man who’s worn a different tie to work every day for the past seven years. He’s coming up on 6000 different ties. Not sure how that math works out. Some guys have all the luck.  
BRET SABERHAGEN  [SABR Bio] was the first Kansas City Royals pitcher to start an All-Star game In his first three innings of All-Star competition, he faced six future Hall of Fame batters, surrendering zero runs - 1987 ASG; faced Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Mike Schmidt, Gary Carter, Ozzie Smith & Tony Gwynn. Of those, only Dawson reached base. In the early part of his career he was brilliant in odd-numbered years and only his team’s ace in even-numbered seasons. Better years were 1985, 87, 89 & 91 of his seasons 1984-92.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Glad I’m not a Dodger fan. Win well over 100 games, then lose out to a wild card team - after leading 3-0 in game five. Did the Nats not come back against one of the best and highest-paid pitchers in baseball, Clayton Kershaw? Fire the manager.
So the Cards and Nats advance. Earlier this week the lowly Rays beat the best team in the American League (Astros) and the current best pitcher in baseball (Justin Verlander). This verifies what baseball experts know: in the playoffs it’s the hottest teams who advance.
Baseball is a team game. Plenty of blame to go around. Last night it was Folty and Fried, but there were fielding plays that didn’t get made in the dreadful first as well. The offense only mustered one run. Yet there shouldn’t have even been a game five. The Braves stranded seven runners in the last three innings Monday – including a leadoff double and triple by Acuna. In the series the Braves were 5 for 39 with runners in scoring position. Brian Snitker isn’t as good of a manager when Culbertson and Camargo are on the disabled list.  
Team leader Freddie Freeman shouldered the blame. His refusal to admit his injury was admirable. The Cardinals made stopping Freddie their top priority. Fans still piled on – without offering alternatives or solutions. Fun that Chipper came to the team’s defense.
The Braves radio announcers shared the probably-true rumor: the juiced baseballs used during the regular season (that resulted in an all-time MLB home run record) are not being used in the postseason. Instead MLB distributed 2018 baseballs. While this effected all teams equally, the Cardinals were able to adjust better than the Braves. So many of the Cards key hits were bloops just over outstretched gloves, and hits down each baseline.

Nice that Phil Neikro got to throw out the first pitch. The Braves focus so much on Hank Aaron that oftentimes the 300 game winning knuckleballer often gets left out of the mix. Nice touch to have Soroka at the plate to catch his pitch. 

First time I can remember Folty wearing striped socks in a game. Not a fan of his all-white mid-cut cleats (or the all-red pair he wore last Friday) but at least he got the socks right. Guess he wore the striped socks to counter all the Cards wearing their stripes socks.

Over the years I had come to respect the Cardinal organization. Well run. Winners. Quality. Legions of fans who pack Busch Stadium, all wearing red. Traditional uniforms and striped socks. Adam Wainwright has had a great career. Yet I lost some of that respect during this series. The button-down Cards took offense with the brash young Braves players, particularly Ronald Acuna, twice hitting him, mouthing off at him on the field, and mocking his celebratory demonstrations. After several innings with pinpoint control, last night Cards ace starter Jack Flaherty suddenly lost control and hit Acuna square in the back, between the 1 and 3 of his jersey. The Braves radio announcers were sure it was intentional. Flaherty was due up second in the next inning, but the Braves wisely did not retaliate. Indeed it was Acuna’s home run celebration in the game one loss that lit the fire in the sleeping Cardinals.
Though he had a good series, I am no fan of Cards catcher Yadier Molina. His pitch framing is a little too obvious. He seems to ask for the base umpire’s call on every checked swing. Turns around and complains to the umpire face to face. Felt the need to walk Acuna to first base both times he was hit. Ostentatious Air Jordan catcher’s gear. Tattoos. Not my kind of player.
Not a big fan of the national media and intense magnification on every minute detail of the MLB playoffs. A Cardinal reliever is a member of the Cherokee nation, and objects to the tomahawk chop. Why didn’t this story come up when the Cards played in Atlanta earlier in the season? The Braves’ Indian imagery and the chop are increasingly significant issues in this age of diversity. Sad that the Braves waited to act until such a public complaint from a rival player in the middle of a playoff series. Better to address the issue in house during an off season. I thought the chop might be phased out when the team moved to SunTrust Park, but I was wrong. I’m sure this wasn’t the first complaint. The Braves chose to not distribute foam tomahawks before game five, and to not initiate the chop when that pitcher was in the game. But like prayer in schools, there was no banning fans from starting the chant on their own.
But where does it end? Now that the Braves have blinked, the complainers smell blood in the water and move in for the kill. Should the Braves remove the iconic tomahawk from their jerseys? Stop selling caps and t-shirts with the vintage laughing Indian logo? Replace #ChopOn with #Relentless? Change the name of the team? Some won’t cease to complain until they do. Does the term “Brave” not honor those Indian foot-soldiers?             
As a Braves fan, sure I’m disappointed in the series loss. But all fans have to admit this 2019 season exceeded all expectations. No one could’ve predicted such a fun, successful season. Hardly any expert predicted the Braves would make the playoffs, much less win the division so decisively. Much better than the Falcons. And Hawks. And Tech.

After the game Brian McCann gracefully announced his retirement. Talk turns to next season. Will Keuchel and Donaldson be resigned? Surely Teheran won’t, meaning the Braves must add two starters. Like every other team in baseball, the bullpen needs to be strengthened. If the team isn’t remade by Thanksgiving fans will grow impatient, despite the way GM AA continued to add valuable players throughout the year: in December (Donaldson), at the end of spring training (Joyce), in June (Keuchel), July (three deals for relievers), and August (Hamilton).
Only 125 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Matthew's Birthday

Monday: arrived at Taqueria just before the rush. Was getting out of the car right when Molina had hit the sac fly to win the game. I got two different pork tacos. Both loaded with pork and very good. One was the Memphis. Ceil ordered one taco and rice. Anna two tacos. Matthew got a plate with fish. Christian also ordered a plate. M and A got margaritas and Christian a beer. We also got the three salsas and cheese dip. 
Met George last night at Taqueria, and had a nice chat. His face lit up when I told him I knew the Whitakers. He said “You know I wouldn’t even be at SPdL if it wasn’t for them!” He said he had looked for them after church on Sunday, but y’all had zipped off already.
Afterward we drove over to Westside Provisions for Jeni’s ice cream. M had a school project so he went to study. Was late when we got back so I went to bed. W&MC had commitments and couldn’t join us. Ceil had made a cheesecake from scratch but we didn’t get to eat it yet.
On the way from Taqueria to Westside I took Cheshire Bridge to get on 75 south. I was in the right turn lane. A car in the left lane (without its lights on) cut right without using a blinker, almost crashing into me. I had to slam on my brakes, so M almost ran into me. Then the no light car zipped ahead, ran a yellow light, and drove away. I was stuck at the light. Fun.
Ceil was at her Tuesday ministry. I worked until 5:45. Dropped off items at Goodwill. Got home to find M cooking supper for he and Anna and me – chicken lettuce wraps with grilled cauliflower and pineapple in a sauce. For his birthday M had gotten two frying pans and other cooking items, which he used.
While waiting for M to cook, I went upstairs to change clothes. My whole body wasn’t feeling good: head, joints, chest, etc. Laid down on my bed and closed my eyes until Anna called me for supper. My knees have been hurting ever since it cooled off. Back hurts as well, either from cutting the grass on Sunday or from sitting on the couch watching football. Head hurts as well.
Watched The Neighborhood, but when Ceil came home we watched it again. Later turned on Rays/Astros and some college football shows.
Today I’m wearing the same outfit I wore last Friday when the Braves won game two – same socks and shoes and belt as well. On the way home I’ll stop for gas and maybe ice cream. Anything can happen in a deciding game.
Chipper called out fans complaining about the Braves. He’s right, its easy to second-guess while sitting on the couch, as opposed to digging into the batter’s box to face 100 mph heat. Freddie’s elbow may be hurting, he may be in a slump. But he’s not making excuses. Who would you replace him with? Would be nice to have Culbertson and Camargo coming off the bench, and maybe Inciarte instead of Billy Hamilton. Most of the Cards big hits were just dinks down the line or just over the head of a fielder.
The big story may be: will Max Fried pitch on Yom Kippur? Max says Sandy Koufax was his hero growing up, why he wore number 32 in high school, etc.   
GREG MADDUX [SABR Bio] was the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in four consecutive seasons - CYA in 1992 w/CHC; in 93, 94 & 95 w/ATL, the last two being unanimous. He finished in the top five in Cy Young Award voting an additional five times. Finished 2nd in 1997; 3rd in 1989 & 2000; 4th in 1998 (tied); 5th in 1996 (3-way tie). He won the Gold Glove Award 18 times. First GG in 1990; final one in 2008. Also had the most sacrifice bunts for any right-handed pitcher in history, second all-time.
Year / Cy Young Finish
1989 3rd
1992 1st
1993 1st
1994 1st
1995 1st
1996 5th
1997 2nd
1998 4th
2000 3rd