Sunday, August 18, 2019

Anna's Birthday

Saturday night we celebrated Anna's birthday at Antico Pizza
on Hemphill, just down the hill from the Tech campus.
 We gobbled down two pizzas, even without Matthew's help.
The place was packed.
Inside the restaurant. Photo by Mary-Clayton.
Pizzas gone.
While M was working at Whole Foods, the rest of us worked at W&MC's house. Here's the view from their back door, looking out onto their backyard. Beyond the short white fence id the Altanta Beltline. Despite the 94 degree heat, we'd see a few walkers and bikers pass by.
Anna's photo. Ceil couldn't stop eating.
Front and south side. Will is going to get a bumpster to throw away debris, brush, ivy, barrels, old tires, and other trash.
Ceil still chowing down. Gave us all a good laugh.
After pizza we took Hemphill to 10th to Howell Mill to get Jeni's Ice Cream at Westside Provisions. A long Saturday night line gave us text to digest and make room for dessert. Will treated, and M bought Anna a Jeni's pin for her birthday.
I got Brableberry Crisp and Boston Cream Pie, two excellent choices. 
After we finished working on the house
I took MLK east toward Mercedes Benz Stadium.
Stopped by the Goodwill on Northside and snagged this amazing three-pack of brand new Sonic the Hedgehog socks for two bucks. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Stafford Street

Will and Mary-Clayton’s new house is about a mile and a half from Mercedes Benz Stadium. You just go down to the end of his street, take a right on MLK, and it dead ends into the stadium. More on the house on Monday, including their plans to take out the huge bushes in front.

Depending on her route, MC will have a ten to 15 mile commute to work, close to the new North Atlanta High School off Northside Parkway near the river. Will’s commute will be between seven and ten miles, depending on the route. He doesn’t have to get on the interstate, though that’s faster.

That heat can get to you. After Ceil had spent Wednesday helping Will at his house, the next morning she “felt” like she was in her 60’s. Last night Anna came in exhausted from helping Will. They’re refinishing his hardwood floors.

Sleep: I’ve been more cognizant about when I wake up in the middle of the night and aren’t sleeping, since I got the sleep app on my phone. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier. Should get a CPAP machine this weekend. Hopefully that will improve things.

Plans change. Ceil and Anna were going shopping last night. Then A stayed late helping Will. Ceil and I were going out, then C she didn’t want to. I drove her to Trader Joes instead. It was 7:30, and as I dropped her off I remembered the free Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger, so I went through the drive-thru while C was inside Trader Joes. Also got a crispy chicken sandwich and senior citizen diet Coke, all for $1.47. But then after Holy Moly mini golf ended at 9 pm I wasn’t feeling well. Went upstairs and threw up.

Bill and Lynn Teem’s Chattanooga apartment was struck by lightning and caught fire. Bill was at a church meeting. Lynn is a deep sleeper but was woken up by their normally quiet dog. The door was blocked by the fire so Lynn opened the window. She tossed the dog into the bushes (he’s okay) and a firefighter rescued her as she hung out the window. Lynn and the fireman were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but later released. Their community is helping the Teems through the aftermath.

Did the Falcons play Thursday night? I missed it. Actually I could’ve gone. The work tickets were available, but I passed.

Read a sneaker article I thought would appeal to me, by a guy too old to wear cool sneakers. He is in his 30’s! According to him, guys my age are even more out of touch. Maybe I do need to dial it back a bit, though not because of this guy. I shouldn’t post the link, but here it is.  

Friday, August 16, 2019

Top Five Braves

Top five players in Atlanta Braves history:
1. Hank Aaron: HOF, retired all-time leader in HR, RBI, total bases, 3rd in hits.  
2. Chipper Jones: HOF, 3rd best switch-hitter
3. Greg Maddux: HOF, ranks 7th all-time in career wins, most Gold Gloves
4. Phil Niekro: HOF, 300+ wins
5. Tom Glavine: HOF, 300+ wins, most sac bunts by a pitcher.
6. John Smoltz: HOF, 200+ wins, 150+ saves
7. Dale Murphy: two-time NL MVP, 30/30 club member
Someone else said Maddux, Smoltz, Chipper, Aaron, and Glavine. Probably a young feller with no grasp of history. Niekro won more games as a Brave than Smoltz, Maddux, and probably Glavine. While playing for losing teams. Not sure why people forget about him - though you'd think the Braves would do a better job honoring him. Sure, a statue and retired number, but only two bobbleheads over ten years apart.
Braves franchise top five players:
1. Hank Aaron: HOF, member of 30 HR 30 SB club
2. Warren Spahn: HOF, ranks 5th all-time in career wins, most by a lefty
3. Eddie Mathews: HOF, 500+ HR
4. Chipper Jones: HOF, 30/30 club member
5. Greg Maddux: HOF, most sac bunts by a right-handed pitcher
Dale Murphy held a contest - the winner got to eat lunch at Murphs with him. Would’ve been fun.
Enjoying every word of the book “I Don’t Care if I Never Get Back” about the 30 day baseball trip. Extremely well written. Had I taken the trip and written a book, it would include similar experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Glad I’m actually reading this book instead of listening to it, though I am a slow reader.

Julio Teheran is so inconsistent, but the Braves have won 16 games this year that he had started. Almost came back last night. Freddie and Donaldson hit two HR and Acuna and Joyce one each. Great catch by Acuna to rob the home run.
The only thing I liked about Bryce Harper’s walk-off grand slam was the way he sprinted around the bases.

JOE MORGAN  [SABR Bio] the former Oakland A, his record for career bases-on-balls by a National Leaguer was broken by Barry Bonds. Morgan retired with 1,865 BB, 1,799 of which were in the NL. Bonds now leads all players with 2,558, all done in the NL. Morgan’s last year as a player, 1984, was spent with Oakland. Once, after joining a new team, he proceeded to lead the league in on-base percentage four out his first five seasons, twice leading the majors. Joined CIN in 1972 and led the NL in OBP in ’72 & ’74, leading the majors in ’75 & ’76. It’s not a stretch to say that he was the best player on the best team in the history of the majors. In 1976, the Cincinnati Reds won their division by 10 G over a very good Dodgers team, then went undefeated in the postseason, never done before or since in the Division era. Morgan led the majors in multiple offensive categories and was a clear choice for MVP. Finishing behind him were 3 teammates out of the next 7 vote-getters. Bill James contends that Morgan is the best second baseman of all time.
Separated at birth: Braves outfielder Matt Joyce and the great Ichiro Suzuki.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Braves Mets

Good time at the game last night. Left work at 4:30 and drove down Peachtree Industrial to the IHOP next to the Chickfila in Peachtree Corners. Turned out Rob and his son were at the IHOP next to the Chickfila on Peachtree Industrial in Chamblee. What were the odds – two IHOP/CFAs on the same road! Didn’t take long to zip down and meet them. Wreck on 285 but the drive across the top end Perimeter wasn’t too bad. 
Ate inside Antico Pizza when it started raining outside. Went inside the ballpark, checked out the Braves Hall of Fame, picked up my Albies bobble, and said hello to Miss Marion. Since it was Rob’s first time at SunTrust Park she gave him a first-timer’s certificate.

Went upstairs to our seats, protected from the rain. Tarp still on the field so we chatted and watched the Jumbotron. The rain cooled things off greatly, making for a cool evening. Game didn’t start until just after 8:30. Worst part was Carmago botching at least three plays at shortstop, including a potential game-ending double play in the top of the ninth. Flowers had several passed balls.

Good to catch up with Rob, about our families, what was going on, and the old times. He said it was free to publish a book on Amazon if you take care of the cover art. Rob recently finished a book about his dad’s life. He told me about writing the book about UGA and Mark Richt, as well as Dr. Mansur. We talked baseball and football. 

Also fun to get to know his son Robert, who is the same age as Will. Robert was knowledgeable about baseball and the music being played, a typical Sugg in that regard. Robert had recently attended a game with the SPdL youth director. They filled me in on some of the goings-on at SPdL.  

Made our walk through the Battery back to our car. Westbound 285 traffic wasn’t bad after midnight. Returned them to Chamblee. I had seen that eastbound 285 traffic was gridlocked due to construction at the 400 interchange, and I think the exit to northbound 400 was closed. Took PIB north to Holcomb Bridge, then took my regular route closed. Was careful not to speed and watched for deer – only saw one. Got home well after 1 am.
I wore my red Dale Murphy BP jersey, royal blue Braves feather socks, and my black Footjoy throwback sneakers. That means for the 25 events I’ve attended so far this year, I’ve worn 15 different caps, 22 different jerseys / shirts / pullovers, and 20 different pairs of shoes.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Traffic Jams

Left work at 5:30 Tuesday afternoon. Northbound traffic outside the office on Ptree Industrial was bumper to bumper. Slow. Got in the stream of traffic. Stopped for a cone at Baskin Robbins and checked out a nearby thrift store. Then westbound traffic on Pleasant Hill was jammed because the light at Peachtree Parkway was malfunctioning. Didn’t get to Johns Creek until after 6:35. By the time I got to Ruby Tuesday near North Point Mall it was almost seven. But Ruby Tuesday was out of business. Not happy.
Shouldn’t have, but I sped north on 400 to eat at Red Robin. Burger and fries. Left there at eight and didn’t get home until 8:45. Still beat Ceil home. M and a friend had fixed grill cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Not sure if I told you that M made straight A’s at Georgia State this summer. His overall GPA is 3.0, so he gets the good student discount at State Farm.

Anna was at Avalon with a friend. She may take on temporary work for an Atlanta graphic design firm, that is opening an office in Athens. Anna would be able to work remotely from home. This firm’s Atlanta office is where Anna really wants to work, so it’s a good lead. In the meantime she may work some hours at the Perimeter Mall Madewell store.

Watched a good chunk of the Braves game. Would be something if Acuna could join the 40-40 club, but he has his work cut out for him, with 12 stolen bases to go. He scored his 100th run last night. Should be in the discussion for MVP, though it’s doubtful Yelich will fade.

Max Fried won his fifth straight game, his 14th of the year. Hopefully Keuchel will get on track. Luke Jackson pitched another good inning last night. He’d been the closer because the Braves had no other options, but he would tell you that at this point in his career he’s far from being closer material. Yet this year his stats are better than the three best closers from last year.

Finished a Steve Berry book. You need to look into his Cotton Malone series of novels. Started “I Don’t Care if We Never Get Back” about two guys who attend 30 MLB games in 30 different ballparks in 30 days, driving it all by car. Their rules: must see every pitch. Must get 8 hours of sleep every night.

When I went outside last night at 9 pm it was so muggy. Reminded me of the time Kramer, Jerry, and George were in a sauna and Kramer said “It feels like a sauna in here!” 100 degrees at 5:45 pm. Seemed like our mattress was warm last night. Usually the room is cool. I had eaten too much so I didn’t sleep well. 

Yesterday was national lefthander’s day, but of course no one made a big deal about it. Recently it was national middle child day but no one remembered that either.

Going to tonight’s Braves game with Rob Suggs and his son. Since its been a while I made a list of things to talk about. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

High Carb Low Carb

I’m supposed to cut down on high carb foods. These include bread, tortillas, bagels, bananas, raisins, pears, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, pasta, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, juice, soda, lentils, peas, black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, honey, sugar, chips, crackers, milk, and gluten free baked goods.
Low carb foods on the good list: eggs, beef, lamb, chicken, pork, bacon, jerky, turkey, bison, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, brussell sprouts, cauliflower, kale, cucumber, bell peppers, asparagus, green beans, celery, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, raspberries, almonds, peanuts, cashew, coconut, pistachios, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, cheese, Greek yogurt, butter, tea, dark chocolate.  
I just looked these lists, so don’t hate on me for eating bad stuff these past few days before I made up this list. Plus it’s my birthday month so I’m trying to cash in on all my free birthday meals at Ruby Tuesday, Moes, CiCi’s, Red Robin, Fuddruckers, Baskin Robbins, etc.
Just read that right after Bama beat UGA in the national championship game in early January 2018 UGA QB Jacob Eason went over to QB Jake Fromm in the locker room told him he was transferring to Washington. The two QBs then knelt down together and prayed, asking God to look out for Eason in his new home. This week Fromm has been profiled in Sports Illustrated and, and been pictured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The ESPN article has quotes from Fromm’s pastor in Warner Robbins. Behind Jake Fromm's drive to end his third act with a Georgia title Read Now

Clemson sophomore QB Trevor Lawrence was also featured on a regional cover of SI. Sunday afternoon Clemson had a fan day where fans could get autographs. The line for Lawrence was well over a hour long – and that was an hour before the gates opened.  
The heat has been bad. 78 degrees at 6 am this morning. BRUTAL. 100 degrees on the way home today. Too hot to spell out the numbers.
Ceil used to like OK CafĂ© but I think she doesn’t any more. I was never a big fan.
Today’s Denison column about fewer people connecting through church or other groups.  Some share their lives on social media – some more than others. Not the same as actually gathering together. Many are more bold and derisive when shielded behind the safety of a computer screen.
Monday afternoon focus group. Interesting discussion. The two hours went by fast. Six of us arrived in time for the early bird drawing, then two guys arrived later. Six of us were chosen for the meeting. An early lady and one of the late guys were sent home. The other late guy added little to the discussion, but of course he won the early bird drawing. A guy that had arrived extra early wasn’t happy. The late guy probably needed the $50 early bird prize the most.
On the way home I stopped by two stores and Baskin Robbins. Bought a nice shovel for five bucks. Our old shovel had broke. It had been my grandfather’s. Picked up a Moes burrito to eat for lunch today. Anna had gone home from Athens – she may have a temp job lined up in Athens that would be good experience. Ceil cooked chicken stir fry, Both M and A ate dinner with us.
For breakfast this morning I ate the Moes chips and salsa. Might eat at Ruby Tuesday on the way home tonight. Guess I’d better get the salad bar.
Luke never said he was a closer, though he compares favorably to the elite closers of 2018... 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Throwback Monday

Another photo from Hank Aaron week.
Yesterday the Reds wore their 1969 home uniforms,
which included the baseball centennial patch.
 I love the huge names on back.
Left work early Friday and (1) went to the doctor, (2) the library, (3) Dollar Tree, (4) Kroger, (5) Goodwill, (6) Baskin Robbins, (7) the bank, (8) gas for the car, and (9) Whole Foods to see Matthew. All within a mile of each other. Later

Saturday I cleaned upstairs, started the laundry, did the dishes, helped Ceil bathe Barney, deleted emails, organized the junk in the garage. Will came over to borrow a dolly, to move their washer & dryer.

Later we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in northern Alpharetta with two couples from Sunday School. I might've been the only one to not use chopsticks. A series of meats: steak, brisket, sweet pork, hot pork. All you can eat. Left full. Went back and played Progressive Spades: first an increasing number of cards per round from one to eight, then decreasing back down to one. I met my bid in every round except one, and came in second place.

Sunday School and the 11:15 service. Finally saw David Lewis and his bride Sherri Hall Lewis. Watched the Braves, and later Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit starring Chris Pine and Kevin Cosner. Black eyed peas and rice for lunch. Did more dishes and laundry. Ceil was working on school. M worked. Anna spent the weekend in Athens.

Left work at 1:30 for a two hour focus group on credit cards.

DON SUTTON5F was the Dodger pitcher who accumulated the most pitching victories since the team moved from Brooklyn. He is the only pitcher to start thirty games in a season 20 times. From 1966 to 1988 the only years he didn't have 30 GS, he had 27, 23 & 16. He gave up the first major league home runs of Ferguson Jenkins and Nolan Ryan. Jenkins' HR 23-Apr-1966 (Fergie would hit 12 more during his career); Ryan's HR 12-Apr-1980 (This is one of only 2 that Ryan would hit). He set a record when he lost his first thirteen decisions against the Cubs. From 23-Apr-1966 to 24-Jul-1969. He finally beat CHC in his 14th start against them on 10-Aug-1969 to break the streak.

Rank Pitcher Wins for LAD
1 Don Sutton 223
2 Don Drysdale 187
3 Clayton Kershaw 163
4 Sandy Koufax 156
5 Claude Osteen 147
6 Fernando Valenzuela 141
7 Orel Hershiser 135
8 Ramon Martinez 123
9 Bob Welch 115
10 Burt Hooton 112

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Photos

 Fromm fishing.
 Saturday night: Korean BBQ in north Alpharetta.
 Old news.
 Acuna listens wisdom from Martin Prado.

The Quad City Treasure Hunters cap has a robot riding a narwhal.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

SI's Preseason Top 25

The 2019 Sports Illustrated college football issue is out. No big surprises in the predictions: Bama beats Oklahoma then UGA after the Dawgs beats Clemson. Not sure who some teams lose to in the regular season to generate the predicted win-loss totals. UGA is given one regular season loss but still makes the playoff? 
Not sure how two SEC teams finish in the top three (though it’s happened before). Four SEC teams in the top ten. Oklahoma and Texas finish in the top five. Ohio State and Michigan between 6 and 11. We shall see.
The SI cover boasts “The Year of the QB: Big Arms, Bigger Stars, and profiles (in order) Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, Texas QB Sam Ehlinger, UGA’s Jake Fromm, and Oregon’s Justin Hebert. All four rate regional covers.
I’m typing up SI’s top 25 in an effort to familiarize myself with some of the best teams, and to help me prepare to write up predictions later this month for UGA< Tech, and Clemson. This season the Jackets face at least three top 25 teams, as well as several other much-improved teams: Miami, Pitt, UNC, etc.   
1. 12-0 Alabama injury-riddled QB Tua Tagovailoa face A&M LSU Auburn
2. 12-0 Clemson sophomore Heisman candidate QB Trevor Lawrence face A&M Syracuse South Carolina
3. 11-1 Georgia junior QB Jake Fromm face Notre Dame Auburn A&M
4. 11-1 Oklahoma senior transfer QB Jalen Hurts face Texas Iowa State Oklahoma State
5. 10-2 Texas hard-nosed QB Sam Ehlinger face LSU Oklahoma Iowa State
6. 11-1 Ohio State sophomore transfer QB Justin Fields face Nebraska Penn State Michigan
7. 9-3 Notre Dame record-setting QB Ian Book face UGA Michigan Stanford
8. 9-3 LSU QB Joe Burrow directs revamped spread offense, face Texas Bama A&M
9. 9-3 Oregon Heisman candidate QB Justin Hebert face Auburn USC Washington
10. 9-3 Florida last year QB Feleipe Franks won his last 4 games, face Auburn LSU UGA
11. 10-2 Michigan experienced QB Shea Patterson face Notre Dame Michigan State Ohio State
12. 10-2 Washington QB Jacob Eason (transfer) face USC Oregon Utah Washington State
13. 8-4 Texas A&M erratic dual threat QB Kellen Mond face Clemson Bama LSU
14. 9-3 Utah dual threat QB Tyler Huntley face USC Washington State Washington
15. 11-1 UCF QBs Brandon Wimbush (transfer) & Darriel Mack Jr (returning from injury) face Stanford Cincinnati Houston
16. 9-3 Penn State redshirt sophomore QB Sean Clifford face Iowa Michigan Ohio State
17. 7-5 Auburn redshirt freshman QB Joey Gatewood or true freshman QB Bo Nix face LSU UGA Bama
18. 8-4 Iowa QB senior Nate Stanley (1-6 vs ranked teams) face Iowa State Michigan Wisconsin
19. 8-4 Wisconsin all American RB Jonathan Taylor face Michigan Ohio State Iowa
20. 8-4 Mississippi State: Penn State transfer QB Tommy Stevens or dual-threat QB Kaytaon Thompson face LSU Bama Ole Miss
21. 8-4 Michigan State experienced QB Brian Lewerke face Ohio State Penn State Michigan
22. 8-4 Virginia Tech inconsistent QB Ryan Willis face Miami Notre Dame Georgia Tech
23. 8-4 Iowa State QB Brock Purdy (7-2 last year) face Iowa Oklahoma Texas
24. 7-5 Nebraska impressive QB Adrian Martinez Ohio State Wisconsin Iowa
25. 8-4 Stanford Heisman candidate QB KJ Costello face USC Oregon Washington Notre Dame

Friday, August 09, 2019

Field of Dreams Act 2

See where on Aug 13, 2020 the Yankees and the White Sox are playing a game in the Iowa cornfield near Dyersburg where Field of Dream was filmed. They’re leaving the original field and farmhouse intact, but building a temporary 8000 seat ballpark with a walkway through the cornfield for the players to appear. The game will be nationally televised. 

MLB player’s weekend is coming up. This year the teams are either wearing head to toe white or head to toe black. The Braves will be wearing black caps, jerseys, pants, and socks. Players can wear crazy shoes, armbands, and sleeves. The players are starting to come up with funny nicknames for the backs. Freddie Freeman honors his brothers. Folty will wear “HIGH FOLTAGE” on his back. 

My neighbor at work just booked a cruise for Sept 1-8, looping from Florida through the Gulf with two stops in Mexico plus other stops. Balcony room.
Left work shortly after five. M wasn’t home and Anna was going out to eat with a friend in Woodstock. Ceil went kayaking on lake Arrowhead northeast of Canton with MC’s mom, and Carol, the mom of MC’s brother’s girlfriend. Carol lives near us in East Cobb and they also attend Johnson Ferry. Her son Connor played basketball at Oglethorpe, and set the career three point record.

I stopped to eat ten boneless BBQ wings. Got them free for my birthday. Last time I had ordered fries as well, and all of it was too much to eat. Skipped the fries this time. BBQ sauce had a little kick as opposed to being sweet. Was full when I left. Watched a little of the Braves and less of the Falcons. Didn’t matter that the Falcons lost since they were looking at players to decide who to keep and who to cut.
Matthew made straight A’s at Georgia State this summer. His overall GPA is 3.0. Signing him up for the State Farm good student discount. He wants to take a full load this fall so he can move to the downtown campus. On weekends he’s working at Whole Foods and in his free time he’s working on a farm near the Atlanta Food Bank. Has brought home fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. M has also been rock climbing, using his student discount.
W&MC closed on their house yesterday. Earlier Matthew took Will’s blower and edge trimmer down and got his first tour of the place. Here's the side of the house.

Feel like I have been on the go, so last night it was good to be able to chill at home. Wednesday we had the big dinner which was fun. Tuesday evening I ate out then cut the grass. Monday I forget.
Went out this morning for my walk/run and my knees were hurting, so I cut if off early and went back and worked with weights. Didn’t feel like a good sleep night but not bad according to my app. My knees feel fine now.
Bad news: today’s BBQ lunch meeting was canceled. At least I’ll be able to get more work done. Did I mention on Saturday Ceil and I are going for Korean BBQ?

Thursday, August 08, 2019

The 1942 Rose Bowl

After the attack on Pearl Harbor the 1942 Rose Bowl was moved to Durham NC. The book "Fields of Battle" recounts the game and what happened to the players. The only Rose Bowl held outside California.
56000 attendance
7384 mile round trip train ride by the Beavers
4.40 cost of a ticket, though scalper got up to $15.00
29 of the 31 Oregon State players served in the military.
49 age of Duke head coach Wallace Wade when he enlisted, just weeks after the game.
17 hours that Duke's Charles Haynes lay bleeding on a hillside in Italy in 1944 until Oregon State's Frank parker saved him.
95 age of Duke end Jim Smith in 2017, the last living player from the game.
04 players from the game who were killed in WWII
01 Japanese-American, Oregon State's DB Jack Yoshihara, who was prohibited from traveling with his team to the game.    
I used to have Fitbits to count my steps but they kept breaking. I liked how it monitored my sleep. Got an Apple Watch and love it. Counts steps, monitors heartbeat and exercise, can use as a phone, alarm. Receive texts messages and other updates. I always know when a Braves game starts and finishes because my watch buzzes. I recently added a sleep tracker, which monitors how long I sleep, quality sleep, deep sleep, and how much my heart rate slows during sleep. Fun to check every day. For runs it measures heart rate, temperature, laps, time per miles, steps, distance, etc.
Remembering the time we were coming back from Myrtle Beach in 94 or 95. Will was little and we were in our red VW Jetta with the red-trimmed teardrop aluminum alloy wheels. When we bought the car the dealer offered a regular blue Jetta, or the shiney red Wolfsburg edition at the same price. On the way back from the beach we pass this interesting looking factory out in the middle of farm country between Frances Marion University and Florence SC. I had my head turned looking at the factory and ran both drivers side tires over a median – not only flattening both tires but bending the two aluminum alloy wheels. Two flat tires in July, on a Saturday in the middle of nowhere with a one or two year old.
Luckily Ceil's brother was driving behind us. He took Ceil and Will, while I stayed with the car in the heat. Took hours to get it fixed. I think we limped back to Jefferson that night, got two cheap wheels to get us back to Atlanta. Then I had to get two new wheels from the dealer. BRUTAL!!!
SPdL is adding a new 4 pm service, led by assistant pastor Josh Scott. Drew Kelly posted that he had enjoyed hearing the new SPdL minister of music speak last night. Perhaps things are on the uptick at SPdL.
Next Wednesday I'm going to the Braves game with Rob Suggs and his son. Should be fun. Been awhile since we have caught up. His son has been to SunTrust Park but not Rob.
Left work Wednesday not too long after 5 pm. Drove straight home. Had everyone home for dinner. Ceil grilled burgers and chicken. Tossed salad and her hot potato salad. Homemade apple pie and ice cream for dessert. We had also had apple pie and ice cream at work earlier in the afternoon.
W&MC closed on their house this afternoon. The inspections and negotiations weren't fun. They'll spend their free time to paint the windows and refinished the wood floors before they move in. I'd imagine they'll try to move by the end of the month. The house is on Stafford Street SW in Mozeley Park: across from the corner of Jasper Street, just north of I-20, just south of MLK Blvd, west of Mercedes Benz Stadium and the Atlanta University Complex, just southwest of the Roosevelt High football stadium.
BIRDIE TEBBETTS  [SABR Bio] is the only MLB manager born in the state of Vermont - B. 10-Nov-1912 in Burlington, Vermont. He was the first Vermont native to receive Hall of Fame votes - got 8 votes in 1958. He was once knocked out by a basket of produce. A basket of produce was thrown from the upper deck during the DET/CLE G on 27‑Sep‑1940. Tebbetts did not get into the game. .He became a Millionaire as a child. He was the mascot for the minor league Nashua Millionaires.
Eleven habits that dull you creativity, by Alli Hoff Kosik.
1. Browsing too much social media (guilty)
2. Mixing free time with creative time.
3. Putting up with too many noises.
4. Working at your desk (disagree?).
5. Not laughing enough.
6. Doing too much research.
7. Eating a heavy lunch (guilty).
8. Taking the same route home every day.
9. Scheduling back to back meetings.
10. Eating out too much.
11. Constantly working under tight deadlines.
Five overrated email phrases to stop using, and what to say instead:
1. "I'd love to pick your brain." Instead just ask for help.
2. "Hey there." More professional to address the person by name, so you don't sound like a mass email. Shows more respect.
3. "I thought I would reach out because…" A weak phrase. Unneeded. Get to the point and be clear and concise.
4. "To whom it may concern." Better to address someone by name, even if it's the wrong person.
5. "See below." Instead describe the attachment or what is below.