Monday, January 31, 2011


Now I’m reading the Clemente autobiography. Didn’t know the Braves originally had the inside track to sign him. As a teen he wanted to play in New York, near the large Puerto Rican community. The Dodgers signed him…to keep him away from the Giants. Roberto once played on a winter league team with Willie Mays and Orlando Cepeda, with Don Zimmer playing shortstop.

I finished a book called “How to Read People.” Turned out to be real good, because it helped me figure out stuff about me.

Will graduates May 21, 2011. He’s starting to realize he has a lot of decisions to make. He came home Friday with a sprained ankle…looked bad. He could barely get around. He said it felt better Sat morning so he went to baseball practice, although he didn’t do all the drills. Will had had the car for two straight days.

There’s a good chance he’s going to work this summer at Camp Highland, in north Georgia. This will dramatically change the family summer dynamic, even if he comes home on the weekends. Instead of nonstop baseball, we’ll have time to work on projects and go swimming. Maybe even more Braves games.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs as usual. As usual when that happens, Ceil brought me breakfast. I stayed upstairs for so long that later she brought me lunch as well.

Later we met Mary Hurt and the girls at Zaxbys. We all went to see Mary-Clayton’s play…quite a production. She had probably the most demanding role, in terms of acting, singing and dancing. Afterward all her co-stars wanted to meet Will. Finished the night at Chilis. The long day wore me out, so I wore running shoes to church.

Sunday I got the Civic oil changed, at the carwash. Later I saw some Amour-All in the laundry room, so I shined the dashboard and tires. Forgot it would rain today. Watch parts of all four rounds of the PGA golf tourney. Exciting finish. With football over, I’m watching more golf than basketball.

JFBC has spring basketball. I asked M if he wanted to play, and he said no. C might enroll she and him in computer classes at the Apple Store. Anna thinks she might want to play softball. She says she and her friends are going to teach kindergarten next fall in UpStreet. I need to get her some running shoes.

Messing around, I googled Andy. An article came up blasting his leadership style, saying churches should not be run like corporations. It quoted a preacher who tuned out his deacon board when they started sentences with “In the real world we…” Didn’t seem like the writer understood that Andy was saying he didn’t consider himself a great leader.

The SI scorecard piece on StubHub was educational. I thought tickets would only be over the normal value.

Hewitt update: Saw Bradley’s article, and also the Sunday feature article. I agree completely. Even if they have a good few months, he is way overpaid, based on his results. What other coach in the US would not be fired? Only a coach with a contract similar to Hewitt’s.

Sunday at NP Clay Scoggins sat down on my row. Then someone sat down between us, so we didn’t speak.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


How my boss asking me out to lunch: via text message...

From: Bill Baldwin
Sent: Jan 26,2011 12:03 pm
Msg: EAT ?

Friday, January 28, 2011

The goal is not to frantically hang on to the end of our rope, but to let go. When self is done, Jesus is more than enough.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Goals

1. pray.

2. exercise five days a week in the morning

3. don’t eat: french fries, potatoes, bread, chips

4. keep thrift store spending in check

5. discuss budget with Ceil weekly

6. be productive at night…dishes, laundry, housework

7. iron an average of two items per day

8. sell extra stuff on craig’s list (cokes, bobbleheads, putter, etc).

9. clean out one area/month: closets, attic, utility room, drawers, garage, etc

10. wash windows once a quarter

11. find a way to make more money: new job, work at night/on line, etc

12. family: dates/letters/time/engage

13. new basketball goal

14. less: TV, internet, Facebook, contests, family feud

15. talk more / be more outgoing

16. keep track of all insurance claims

17. give of myself sacrificially, especially at home.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Field Advantage

SI had an interesting article on home field advantage. The data showed that umpires/referees are unconsciously biased toward the home team, but mainly only in the most crucial game situations when the largest crowds are in attendance. Statistically it showed that over the last 50 years, home teams in a particular sport win a certain percentage of the time. A sport’s percentage scarcely changes from high school to college to pro, but those differences can be explained (For example, college teams play more patsies at home, but the pros play a more balanced schedule).

69.1…NCAA basketball





64.1…NCAA football

56.0…arena league football



53.3…Japanese MLB

Accountant/controller/small group leader Steve follows sports, particularly football. About my age. But he didn’t realize that Joe Namath was such a social icon. Now today he was named one of GQ’s 25 most “cool” athletes. Sunday I bored Steve with bits of a recent SI story on Raymond Berry.

Busy day at work, with the same part rejected, then the replacement parts were damaged during shipment. Monday seemed to start off on the wrong foot, then today I slept late, left my phone at home, and had to stop for gas on the way in. Not that I missed anything.

This Saturday night we’re all going to see Mary-Clayton perform in a local production of “Camp Rock” (a made-for-Disney Channel musical that starred the Jonas Brothers). Lucy’s family might be there as well. Last Friday Will attended a Living Science Tea Party, wearing an old red plaid sportcoat he lifted from his grandfather’s closet. Didn’t look too bad.

I’ve been sitting on the electric blanket, hoping it will help my legs feel better. I’d probably have more energy if I exercised.

Sunday I waved at a Kroger cashier I know. Anna said that when she went to Kroger with Claire and the twins, the lady talked to Claire for a long time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Matthew's Best Game Yet

The Tar Heels had a 16-12 third-quarter lead, but then the Celtics reeled off 18 straight points, winning the game 32-18. Many of the points scored on their 18 point run came off turnovers that turned into fast breaks.



Ceil arrived right before the game, but left before Matthew came in. He had his best game yet, grabbing two rebounds in one 30 second stretch in the second quarter. Soon after that on offense he caught a pass. In the third quarter he caught two passes on the same possession, and grabbed a key rebound with ten seconds left in the quarter. Later he was called for walking, though I doubt the more experienced referee would’ve made that call.

The Celtics had several good offensive players, but Matthew was aggressive on defense. Though Matthew is the tallest player on the Tar Heels, the Celtics have a player a full head taller than Matthew. Owen (aka “The Head”) tallied ten points and six rebounds.

JB…8 points, one RB, 3 steals, 2 assists

Patrick…6 points, 12 RB, one steal & block

Nicolas…2 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals

Giovanni…2 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals

Matthew…3 rebounds

Ben…..3 rebounds

Jackson…2 rebounds, one assist

Riley…2 rebounds

Colin…2 rebounds

Kevin…one rebound

The talented Longhorns got beat by the Bulldogs in the early game. With their head coach out of town, the assistant’s keep-it-close strategy backfired. The third quarter ended with the Dawgs up 13-11, but the Horns had played the backups the second half of the quarter. The Horns first team started the fourth quarter and quickly scored six points, taking a four-point lead.

Then the starters were pulled, holding them out until the two-minute mark, when they could full-court press. The refs began to call fouls, and the game became a free throw shooting contest. The Horns missed more foul shots than they made, but Blondie and little number ten made clutch foul shots, sealing the Dawg’s 22-20 upset.

600 Mile Saturday

Saturday I left at 8 am and drove to the in-law’s by myself, to pick up a treadmill, flatscreen TV, printer, and coffeemaker. While getting gas on the other side of Columbia I noticed a screw in the front passenger tire. it hadn’t lost air, so I kept going. The one full service gas station in Jefferson is owned by a relative, so I took it there. They found a SECOND nail in the same tire. I didn’t think it looked like the one I had seen, so I felt around and found the original one.

Ate lunch with the in laws, and watched some of the Clemson/Maryland game, and didn’t leave until 4 pm…so I was late getting home. Haven’t gotten the TV to work yet…may have to do with going from satellite to cable?

After church Sunday Ceil texted that Anna was bringing home a friend, so I spend a good chunk of the day cleaning house, doing laundry, and running kids around. Ceil helped at a women’s shelter, and Will went to Louie’s church.

Hopefully I’ve just been sore, from using muscles that have sat dormant for too long. I can still feel it, but I think I’m well enough to get back exercising again this week.

My old HS has a pretty decent informational network set up on email and Facebook. There are several names that I’ve completely forgotten.

Radio…last week Andy sent a tweet, commending Q100’s Jenn Hobby for “taking a stand”. Don’t know what that meant. I haven’t been listening much, but she has been sharing her faith more. He co-workers have been more silent than ridiculing. Secondly, I always thought Star 94’s Tom Sullivan was funny. Yesterday he Facebooked that Andy’s sermon was good…he goes to Buckhead Church. I was too late to get a Be Bold band.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Returns

The family was excited about American Idol coming on. Looked worse than ever to me, but these first selection shows are always the worst part. Once they cut it down, it should get better. Steven Tyler may be an interesting judge, but Jennifer Lopez looks to be a pushover like Paula.

Think GT can win many more ACC games? They have the talent. GT beat NC by 20. NC beat Clemson. But Clemson blew out GT. Interesting to see all the NC fans at the game. The TV camera panned the coliseum to show all the blue shirts Friday night.

Really messed up my rear end and high leg muscles Saturday when I exercised…I’m still real sore. I hadn’t thought I worked out that hard. At night I’ve been going home and wrapping up in the electric blanket. Last night I got home and laid down on the bed until supper. After we ate I fell asleep.

Busied myself making a list of actors and actresses I like. I’ve already thought of more, so I’ll probably update the list periodically.

Will got some of his baseball uniform…ugly as ever. My bad for not volunteering to help pick things out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Nicer Picture

Upon further review, that first picture of these shoes wasn't good at all. This one is much better.
I did get the shoes, so you'll see them on the Expedition. And at the Super Bowl party, if the Jets make it. It will go nicely with my Joe Namath jersey!

Actors & Actresses

Here's a list I made of actresses and actors I like, along with a movie they were in. A movie I liked, but perhaps not my favorite by that performer.

Amy Adams…Julie and Julia

Jennifer Anniston…Office Space

Drew Barrymore…Fever Pitch

Annette Benning...The American President

Halle Berry…The Flintstones

Kate Beckinsale…Serendipity

Cate Blanchett…The Aviator

Sandra Bulloch…While You Were Sleeping

Carol Burnett…The Four Seasons

Jennifer Cusack…Martian Child

Geena Davis…Speechless

Dana Delany…China Beach

Laura Dern…Jurassic Park

Zoe Deschanel…Elf

Cameron Diaz…My Best Friend’s Wedding

Bridget Fonda…It Could Happen to You, Point of No Return

Sally Field…Forrest Gump

Alyson Hannigan...How I Met Your Mother

Anne Hathaway…Princess Diaries

Jennifer Love Hewitt...Garfield

Angelina Jolie…Mr & Mrs Smith

Diane Lane…Secretariat

Tia Leoni…Family Man

Samantha Mathis…The American President

Andie McDowell…Groundhog Day

Michelle Monaghan…Eagle Eye

Julianne Moore...The Lost World

Ellen Page…Inception

Amanda Peet…Martian Child

Natalie Portman...Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Julia Roberts…My Best Friend’s Wedding

Meg Ryan…You’ve Got Mail

Cybil Shepherd…The Muse

Uma Thurman…The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Nancy Travis...So I Married an Axe Murderer

Liv Tyler...Jersey Girl

Sela Ward…Nothing in Common

Sigourney Weaver…Dave

Reese Witherspoon…Walk the Line

Renee Zellweger…Jerry Maguire


Kevin Bacon…Apollo 13

Nicolas Cage…Raising Arizona

Kevin Cosner…Field of Dreams

John Cusack…Martian Child

Johnny Depp…Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Leonardo DiCaprio…The Aviator

Michael Douglas…The American President

Will Ferrell…Old School

Harrison Ford...Clear and Present Danger

Michael J Fox…Doc Hollywood

Peter Gallagher…While You Were Sleeping

Jeff Goldblum…Jurassic Park

John Goodman…The Flintstones

Hugh Grant…Four Weddings and a Funeral

Tom Hanks…Splash, Big

Dustin Hoffman…Rain Man

Michael Keaton…Multiplicity

Kevin Kline…Dave

Kris Kristofferson…Semi Tough

Shia LaBeouf…Eagle Eye

John Malkovich…Con Air, In the Line of Fire

Bill Murray…Groundhog Day

Bob Newhart…Elf

Joaquin Phoenix…Walk the Line

Brad Pitt…Mr & Mrs Smith

Bill Pullman…While You Were Sleeping

Robert Redford…The Natural

Tim Robbins…Shawshank

Charlie Sheen…Eight Men Out

Gary Sinise…Forrest Gump

Will Smith…Independence Day

Ben Stiller…Night at the Museum

Billy Ray Thornton…Eagle Eye

John Travolta…Grease

Vince Vaughn…Wedding Crashers

Bruce Willis…The Kid

Luke Wilson…Old School

Owen Wilson…Night at the Museum


The Holy Spirit is always waiting to invade our weakness, producing Christ-exalting works/thoughts in and through us. Ask.

2011 Expedition Skit

I will not have the chance to help write the Expedition Skit after all.

Mrs. D had told me I was helping, both in early November and late December. But last week I received a call with the bad news.

I’d wanted to help on the skit for several reasons.

1. It was Will’s senior year, and I wanted him and his fellow seniors to have a great skit to perform.

2. Mrs. Landrum has a full plate, with classes to teach, papers to grade, graduate school, some spells of bad health, and a husband and toddler to care for. Mrs. D keeps an amazingly busy schedule as well. Both have had to bring in substitute teachers several times this school year. I would be happy to ease their load.

3. Helping with last year’s skit was educational, and I wanted to use that experience to help create an even better play this year.

4. With my family and work situation continually changing, I’m not sure what my availability will be in future years.

5. Most of all, I want to use and develop the creative gifts God had given me.

That said, the general idea of the skit sounds great. As usual, Mrs. D has taken the essence of what she’s been teaching and converted into a skit idea that can be hilarious. Will’s character can be legendary. We shall see if the script can take advantage of the idea.

I always try to remember that Living Science is what Mrs. D wants it to be. It's her baby. Nothing wrong with that, since LS started as one small class in her basement. God greatly blessed her ministry, using her wonderful teaching skills to touch hundreds, if not thousands, of student’s lives. Her teaching is a major reason why parents enroll their children at LS. When she has to bring in a substitute there is a dropff in quality, and students and parents aren't getting what they pay for.

LS has been so successful it has perhaps grown to the point where the D’s have had to establish even more restrictive guidelines, to better keep their vision in place. The Landrums signed on to help. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hanson also spend countless hours helping keep things moving.

What makes Mrs. D an unparalleled communicator is her passion for the subject, be it science or the Savior. She also has an excellent sense of humor. At the Expedition meeting I was amazed at the number of SL’s and TSL’s lined up in front…well over 30 students (I should’ve counted!). I had never seen so many before.

Living Science seems to best meet the needs of upper middle schoolers. The classes and expeditions are great adventures. The Servant Leader program gives students valuable leadership experience, and many 9th and 10th graders enjoy it immensely. I agree with many parents, that while LS standards may be high, it’s better to aim too high than too low (or not aim at all). What the D’s try to instill in the students are life lessons that any adolescent needs to learn.

The increased responsibility given to LS seniors demands an almost total time commitment, discouraging students who participate in an outside sport, activity, or job.

Teachers, students, and families come and go. Similarly, families are greatly attracted to North Point, and attend for a season and get involved. Some eventually move on to other churches do to changing needs or thought processes. The experience at Living Science is vastly different from North Point. Young people today respond more to loving, growing, forgiving relationships much more than the rigid set of rules and regulations people my age grew up with. No one wants a teen to fall by the wayside.

As a writer I am only at the point of only being able to communicate 50-80% of what I’m trying to get across. There’s more to this that I’m trying to say.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Puma Pele Brasil

Thought I was exercising restraint, not buying these Pumas today. Where would I wear them? I was on the way to a dreaded LS parent meeting - two hours about the spring expedition. Sitting there, I listed everything I needed to pack, including shoes. I added these Pumas to the list. But when I got home I looked in my trunk, and saw one of my TWO pair of white Pumas lying fallow. Get them? I'll decide tomorrow.
By the way, Google Images has some really weird pictures of this shoe, apparently taken in a bathroom.

Smoltz vs. Glavine

Monday night on the Golf Channel we watched Glavine and Smoltz play on “Donald Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf”. Supposedly Tiger said Smoltz was the best amateur golfer he’d ever seen. Glavine hung close to Smoltz most of the way, before losing at the end.

Trump seemed to talk to Glavine more than Smoltz, mentioning they had crossed paths during his time with the Mets. Trump gave $10,000.00 to the charity of Smoltz’s choice. John smiled and quickly replied “Kings Ridge Christian School”.

Smoltz got in one of his regular jokes, and Trump fell for it. Walking down the fairway after teeing off, John quipped to The Donald: “I hear you’re putting in a new airport near here”.

Trump looked confused, but Smoltz continued. ”Here between Tommy’s ball and mine!’

Glavine quipped “I’m surprised he waited three holes to tell that one”.

Interesting that when they met before the round, and again after the round, Glavine and Smoltz only shook hands. No hugs or pats on the back. Smoltz seems like a gregarious hugger, but perhaps he knows New Englander Glavine is not. Maybe they felt weird in front of all the cameras.

They showed some footage of Smoltz’s huge mansion. He has five holes on his land, where he can hit “every kind of golf shot”.

Tuesday was my first day back working 6-3, since Surgery isn’t returning until February. Dialysis’ car broke down, so he didn't show…so I had to work late. Again.

Everyone goes to Living Science on Tuesdays. Will has a 4 pm baseball practice, so I’ve got to pick everyone else up at five. Ceil will drop me off at Will’s practice. Afterward Will and I go back to LS for a 7 pm meeting.

I’m incredibly sore from my first two workouts of the year, in places I’ve never been sore before.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Heels Lose to Horns

Matthew’s Tar Heels played a good game and hung close through most of the third quarter, before falling 28-18 to the taller, athletic Longhorns this past Sunday. JB’s two foul shots cut the lead to 18-14, but then the Horns went on a ten point run to seal the game.



Matthew continues to learn and improve, especially on defense. He chased loose balls and contested shots, once even diving to the floor trying for a ball…a first. Wearing the Air Jordans probably helped. Patrick had a great defensive game, blocking four shots, but did not score a basket until late in the game.


JB…8 points, 4 RB, 2 steals, one assist

Nicolas…4 pts, one rebound, 5 steals

Giovanni…4 points, 5 rebounds

Patrick…2 pts, 13 RB, 3 steals, 4 blocks

Kevin…4 rebounds, 2 assists

Riley…2 rebounds, one steal & assist

Ben…one rebound, steal, & assist







Really didn’t do much this weekend. Watched Monk Friday night, and parts of both playoff games Saturday while doing housework and laundry. Ceil went shopping, then the Colin Firth movie with her girlfriends. Afterward they ate at Panera, and she got home around 9:30. Will watched both games at Taco Mac.

Sunday I drove W to NP, so he wouldn’t have to drive on any refrozen streets. He thought I was driving too slow. All three kids were somewhere at NP during the 11 am service. W usually sits with Kevin and/or the Hurts in the West. A and M may go to the service, or hang with friends. I can imagine M checks out the music. C has started back working in Waumbaland, after taking a few months off.

Took a nap before Matthew’s game. He played ok, and wore his low-cut Air Jordans for the first time. He thought the tongue was too long and stiff and restrictive.

Watched some SNLs from the 90’s, but not much else. Ceil went to Passion Church instead of M’s game. Will went to a college fair in Buckhead with the Gilberts, and Anna was at a sleepover. I watched the Pats lose and some of the Tech win, then worked out and played Wii golf. Updated the look of my blog as well.

At lunch Monday I drove down to the bank. It was closed, of course!

Found a 1987 Baseball Encyclopedia at Goodwill, much thicker than my 1969 edition. Bought it for only forty cents!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Letters

As you know, I wrote one of those Christmas letters for several years. After a while it seemed like each letter was a carbon copy of the previous year, so I haven’t written one the last couple of years. I love getting them: it updates you on family details like little else. Some border on bragging, which is a common complaint.

Every year we get a letter from a couple Ceil knew. I look forward to getting their letter, as it seems like every year the letter gets longer (and the type gets smaller). It made me want to list out all the things they did and places they went, to see if it was logistically possible. One unique thing: they’re never afraid to include negative information about their family/children.

Their enclosed Christmas card picture locale got more exotic every year…from the beach, to Chicago, the Grand Canyon, to Paris, to the Pyramids. Then there was no 2009 letter. This Christmas we figured out why: They spent the last year living in China! They’ll probably be passengers when the first rocket takes regular people into outer space.

The roads were still terrible Friday morning. I figured out that anyone on the radio saying “the roads are clear” is a pickup driving cowboy, the type that drives too fast for the conditions, passing all the slower cars by driving directly over the ice. While local TV usually exaggerates the news (killings, shootings, etc) I think they’ve been accurate covering the road conditions this week. Even Friday’s warmer temperatures won’t clear everything out completely.

Despite the conditions, Ceil went out with the girls Thursday night. As usual, they stayed out too late. When I repeatedly tried to call her cell at 11:30, she didn’t answer. What am I supposed to do?

I thought I heard the announcers wondering why Auburn didn’t go for two, when they went up four. Then the announcers didn’t offer an explanation why they didn’t…I think they were still talking about the touchdown play. Even though most coaches carry a “card” that tells them when to go for two, many don’t put the card into play until the fourth quarter.

Will likes those daily polls.

Heels Lose At Buzzer

Matthew’s Tar Heels lost at the buzzer this past Sunday, 21-20. After the third quarter ended with both teams tied at 15, the Heels took a three-point lead into the final minute.

The Jackets scored with ten seconds left on the clock. Riley grabbed the ball, and was ready for the inbounds pass with 8 seconds to go. He couldn’t hold the ball until the clock ran out, and the longer he’d wait to inbound the ball, the worse the press would be. He correctly passed immediately in to point guard Nicolas, the best ballhandler on the team. At least two Jacket defenders pressured Nicolas.

It was hard to see what happened next, but a Jacket stole the ball…a boy who hadn’t scored the whole game. Though not very far from the basket, he was able to get off a baseball-throw of a shot…just before the buzzer sounded.

The ball swished the net, giving the Jackets the 21-20 win.



Matthew played his best game yet, though it didn’t show up on the scoresheet. One of the Jacket’s best shooters patrolled the zone Matthew was defending, and Matthew covered him well, even leaning on the boy at times. I don’t think the boy scored while Matthew was guarding him, though he did out-quick Matthew to get rebounds.

JB, one of Heel’s top players, only shot 2 of 7 from the foul line. Still, several other Tar Heels had their best game yet.




JB……..6.….8.…S…2 blocks

Nicolas..2…..3....S…3 assists

Colin (#22)…5 rb

Riley………..4 rb

Kevin ….….2 rb

Ben…rebound, steal, assist

Jackson (#24)…rebound, steal

Will had the unenviable task of keeping the clock.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I HATE SNOW (Part Two)

I was running out of things to do, staying at home for so long. Got tired of Facebook, the internet, and Wii golf. Did all the laundry. I only went 48 hours without shower. When I went out in snow I put on this big pair of khakis over my jeans. I didn’t get wet, so I left them on inside, since the house was so cold. Also wore four layers of shirts/sweater/light jacket.

Watched High School Musical with Anna, I was so bored.

Saw where Claire walked to the Shell station. Danny Downing walked to Kroger, but he lives closer than me or Claire. Will almost did. He walked ¾ miles to Preston’s on Monday. Wednesday they wanted to walk 5 miles to the Normans, but I think they got a ride.


Recapping the last seven frigid days…

Worked “late” again last Thursday, then again battled traffic. Credit card machine wasn’t working at two BPs, so I had to go to QT. By then it was so late I decided to go to the library. Since the Merchants Walk library moved, there’s not one convenient to our house, since we live on the county line. Got the Drew Brees book.

I was feeling even worse, so after dinner I fell asleep. Wasn’t excited about the Bowl. Later I watched an interesting CNBC show about Facebook. All the kids were in playing on the Wii. Almost didn’t go to work Friday, I was so sick.

I was at home five straight days, but didn’t do too much. Friday and Saturday I was still sick. Will took Matthew to his Friday night practice, and Ceil took Anna to a sleepover. I picked her up Saturday night. W took M to the Saturday night Flight game. There was a big crowd, and both DJ and Connor dunked.

Sunday I stayed home from church, but went to M’s game. The other team scored with 8 seconds to go, stole the ball, and made a buzzer-beater to win a thriller. M played good defense, shadowing a top scorer. That night we RedBoxed the “Charlie St. Cloud” movie, which I liked.

Our office was closed Monday, and I worked from home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Everyone in our 9 person department made it in yesterday except Brad and me. We’re the only two on salary, and the only two that can work from home. Wednesday morning I talked to Brad, who didn’t want to go in either. I felt a little bad about not going in, but was quite apprehensive about driving on the ice. Late yesterday the Ogre emailed us, saying we needed to show up Thursday.

Played out in the snow a little bit Monday with the kids. Will sledded down the steep bank to the creek. Worked some, even though the office was closed. Watched the whole BCS game, a thriller. Of course, Will was jumping up and down, screaming.

Worked more on Tuesday and Wednesday, as the guys were back working in Augusta. Finally went out to Kroger Wednesday afternoon, with C and M. All three kids got a decent amount of schoolwork done. Should’ve exercised, but didn’t. Took naps every day. Watched Cash Cab, Seinfeld, and Conan.

It was nice to get out of the house this Thursday, but I hate driving in the ice. Drove the van to work. The roads were bad the whole way, especially in Roswell on Old Alabama and Holcomb Bridge.

WHY I HATE SNOW: Back in 1981 several of us left Athens during a bad snowstorm, headed back to Tech. Dumb idea. My friend I was following was driving a Pinto. Going down a hill he slid off to the side. I didn’t slide, but couldn’t stop, so I plowed into him. We turned around and spent the night at UGA. Ever since then I’ve hated driving on ice and snow.


My Macon friend that I always see at Braves games posted fifty nifty pictures of his baseball memorabilia on Facebook. Nothing super-duper valuable, but I was impressed. He must have basement space available to set everything out on display. Old stuff: balls, bats, caps, books, programs, photographs, cards, bobbleheads, a few jerseys. It would be nice to have a big space to display all my junk.

To view them, go to my Facebook wall and scroll down to where I commented on his pictures.

Two people I know recently started blogs, Karen just now, and Alan last fall. Alan’s posts have been very infrequent, and I’ll see how Karen does.

Seems like Andy will continue to preach as much as he wants. Many times they line up great guest speakers, and hopefully that will continue.

Friday, January 07, 2011


Most agree Tom Brady deserves the MVP, though many say Michael Vick should win. Vick has been amazing, and has led the Eagles to the playoffs. He did have help. Matt Ryan also deserves consideration.










I am like the many, who can’t help but watch when Vick plays. He is like Tiger…people watch, love him or hate him. Hopefully this will be his first trouble-free off-season. It is unfortunate that his spectacular style of play puts him in harm’s way, as he is often injured. Atlanta fans want him back, even though the Falcons replaced him with an elite QB. Although Vick is on the way to redeeming himself, the bridges he burned with Arthur Blank means he will never return.

Makes you wonder if Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor’s pro careers won’t follow similar paths: Immaturity and shame followed by a second chance. We’ll see if Vince Young can rebound…did he not have a similar college career?


As usual, I’m really just warming up to basketball. Watched some Lakers/Suns and Kings/Nuggets. Interesting that the Nuggets were wearing light blue, which used to be the color of the Kings. Been following the Heat, Hawks, Celtics, and Timberwolves (for Kevin Love). Will is in a NBA fantasy league, so be sure to pass along any tips. I had suggested Love and John Wall.

Worked “late” again Thursday, then again battled traffic. Credit card machine wasn’t working at two BPs, so I had to go to QT. By then it was so late I decided to go to the library. Since the Merchants Walk library moved, there’s not one convenient to our house, since we live on the county line. Got the Drew Brees book.

I’m feeling even worse, so after dinner I fell asleep. Wasn’t excited about the Bowl. Later I watched an interesting CNBC show about Facebook. All the kids were in playing on the Wii. Almost didn’t go to work Friday.

When Will was 12, we left Cooperstown early Saturday, stopped at Staten Island and rode the ferry, then drove straight to RFK. Met Myron and his son for the game, then spent the night in Fredericksburg before driving home the next day. The time Will and I went to DC with Lee and Martha, the six of us went to Camden Yards. Myron commutes to Quantico, but he travels a lot. As an FBI agent, he can drive in the HOV lane.

A kid from Will’s Cooperstown team is playing with Will this spring. Nice to have a third senior. He was the type who didn’t wow you when you looked at him, but made all the plays and got clutch hits. Much better than the opposite.

January Book List

Coming Back Stronger, by Drew Brees

A Nation Rising, by Kenneth C Davis…unsung heroes from the Revolutionary War, as well as stories of well-known heroes messing up.

You Can Read Anyone, by David Lieberman

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Could This Be The Year?

I should start planning a DC trip for the summer, so it will be on the calendar. Every year we put it off. Ceil’s last roommate and good friend lives in Fredericksburg. Her husband is a great guy…a CPA turned FBI agent. They have three kids (the middle one just entered college) that get along great with ours. We’ve all visited Fredericksburg once, and visited them years ago when they lived in Ocala. In 2003 Will and I toured Washington with our East Cobb friend and his daughter. In particular, Anna is itching to tour DC.

First step: Check the Nationals schedule!

Last night I watched the high school all star game. Everyone was trying to show off, plus it had those Pro Bowl limited blitzing rules. Lots of dropped passes, missed tackles, and penalties. Ditka and Steve Mariucci made it interesting. Ditka’s team scored on a bomb to take the lead with a minute left, but missed the conversion. Mariucci’s team drove down to set up the game-winning field goal. A penalty whipped out the blocked kick, then the kicker made the second try. Gatorade was dumped on a smiling Mariucci.

I still feel under the weather.

Traffic was terrible Wednesday. Peachtree Corners was gridlocked going all four directions. I finally gave up and plodded along.

The Tiger Woods golf game has Augusta National on it. I would just play Augusta and Pebble Beach. And Tiger supposedly isn’t on the cover! Now that my Wii is set up, I can play golf again. I’m still hooked on Family Feud, though.

C, A, M, and I went to see Despicable Me Saturday. M and I had seen it, but it was good enough to see again. Wasn’t as funny the second time, though. We all want to see Secretariat, though. I always remember being at a little league game as a kid when they announced “Secretariat won the Triple Crown by XX lengths.” They never made announcements like that, about anything.

Bought a VHS of Raising Arizona, a movie Ceil and I always liked. We probably don’t remember all the bad language (it’s PG13), so perhaps I should watch it first.