Monday, January 17, 2011


Really didn’t do much this weekend. Watched Monk Friday night, and parts of both playoff games Saturday while doing housework and laundry. Ceil went shopping, then the Colin Firth movie with her girlfriends. Afterward they ate at Panera, and she got home around 9:30. Will watched both games at Taco Mac.

Sunday I drove W to NP, so he wouldn’t have to drive on any refrozen streets. He thought I was driving too slow. All three kids were somewhere at NP during the 11 am service. W usually sits with Kevin and/or the Hurts in the West. A and M may go to the service, or hang with friends. I can imagine M checks out the music. C has started back working in Waumbaland, after taking a few months off.

Took a nap before Matthew’s game. He played ok, and wore his low-cut Air Jordans for the first time. He thought the tongue was too long and stiff and restrictive.

Watched some SNLs from the 90’s, but not much else. Ceil went to Passion Church instead of M’s game. Will went to a college fair in Buckhead with the Gilberts, and Anna was at a sleepover. I watched the Pats lose and some of the Tech win, then worked out and played Wii golf. Updated the look of my blog as well.

At lunch Monday I drove down to the bank. It was closed, of course!

Found a 1987 Baseball Encyclopedia at Goodwill, much thicker than my 1969 edition. Bought it for only forty cents!

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