Thursday, January 06, 2011

Could This Be The Year?

I should start planning a DC trip for the summer, so it will be on the calendar. Every year we put it off. Ceil’s last roommate and good friend lives in Fredericksburg. Her husband is a great guy…a CPA turned FBI agent. They have three kids (the middle one just entered college) that get along great with ours. We’ve all visited Fredericksburg once, and visited them years ago when they lived in Ocala. In 2003 Will and I toured Washington with our East Cobb friend and his daughter. In particular, Anna is itching to tour DC.

First step: Check the Nationals schedule!

Last night I watched the high school all star game. Everyone was trying to show off, plus it had those Pro Bowl limited blitzing rules. Lots of dropped passes, missed tackles, and penalties. Ditka and Steve Mariucci made it interesting. Ditka’s team scored on a bomb to take the lead with a minute left, but missed the conversion. Mariucci’s team drove down to set up the game-winning field goal. A penalty whipped out the blocked kick, then the kicker made the second try. Gatorade was dumped on a smiling Mariucci.

I still feel under the weather.

Traffic was terrible Wednesday. Peachtree Corners was gridlocked going all four directions. I finally gave up and plodded along.

The Tiger Woods golf game has Augusta National on it. I would just play Augusta and Pebble Beach. And Tiger supposedly isn’t on the cover! Now that my Wii is set up, I can play golf again. I’m still hooked on Family Feud, though.

C, A, M, and I went to see Despicable Me Saturday. M and I had seen it, but it was good enough to see again. Wasn’t as funny the second time, though. We all want to see Secretariat, though. I always remember being at a little league game as a kid when they announced “Secretariat won the Triple Crown by XX lengths.” They never made announcements like that, about anything.

Bought a VHS of Raising Arizona, a movie Ceil and I always liked. We probably don’t remember all the bad language (it’s PG13), so perhaps I should watch it first.

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