Monday, January 24, 2011

600 Mile Saturday

Saturday I left at 8 am and drove to the in-law’s by myself, to pick up a treadmill, flatscreen TV, printer, and coffeemaker. While getting gas on the other side of Columbia I noticed a screw in the front passenger tire. it hadn’t lost air, so I kept going. The one full service gas station in Jefferson is owned by a relative, so I took it there. They found a SECOND nail in the same tire. I didn’t think it looked like the one I had seen, so I felt around and found the original one.

Ate lunch with the in laws, and watched some of the Clemson/Maryland game, and didn’t leave until 4 pm…so I was late getting home. Haven’t gotten the TV to work yet…may have to do with going from satellite to cable?

After church Sunday Ceil texted that Anna was bringing home a friend, so I spend a good chunk of the day cleaning house, doing laundry, and running kids around. Ceil helped at a women’s shelter, and Will went to Louie’s church.

Hopefully I’ve just been sore, from using muscles that have sat dormant for too long. I can still feel it, but I think I’m well enough to get back exercising again this week.

My old HS has a pretty decent informational network set up on email and Facebook. There are several names that I’ve completely forgotten.

Radio…last week Andy sent a tweet, commending Q100’s Jenn Hobby for “taking a stand”. Don’t know what that meant. I haven’t been listening much, but she has been sharing her faith more. He co-workers have been more silent than ridiculing. Secondly, I always thought Star 94’s Tom Sullivan was funny. Yesterday he Facebooked that Andy’s sermon was good…he goes to Buckhead Church. I was too late to get a Be Bold band.

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