Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Field Advantage

SI had an interesting article on home field advantage. The data showed that umpires/referees are unconsciously biased toward the home team, but mainly only in the most crucial game situations when the largest crowds are in attendance. Statistically it showed that over the last 50 years, home teams in a particular sport win a certain percentage of the time. A sport’s percentage scarcely changes from high school to college to pro, but those differences can be explained (For example, college teams play more patsies at home, but the pros play a more balanced schedule).

69.1…NCAA basketball





64.1…NCAA football

56.0…arena league football



53.3…Japanese MLB

Accountant/controller/small group leader Steve follows sports, particularly football. About my age. But he didn’t realize that Joe Namath was such a social icon. Now today he was named one of GQ’s 25 most “cool” athletes. Sunday I bored Steve with bits of a recent SI story on Raymond Berry.

Busy day at work, with the same part rejected, then the replacement parts were damaged during shipment. Monday seemed to start off on the wrong foot, then today I slept late, left my phone at home, and had to stop for gas on the way in. Not that I missed anything.

This Saturday night we’re all going to see Mary-Clayton perform in a local production of “Camp Rock” (a made-for-Disney Channel musical that starred the Jonas Brothers). Lucy’s family might be there as well. Last Friday Will attended a Living Science Tea Party, wearing an old red plaid sportcoat he lifted from his grandfather’s closet. Didn’t look too bad.

I’ve been sitting on the electric blanket, hoping it will help my legs feel better. I’d probably have more energy if I exercised.

Sunday I waved at a Kroger cashier I know. Anna said that when she went to Kroger with Claire and the twins, the lady talked to Claire for a long time.

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