Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Goals

1. pray.

2. exercise five days a week in the morning

3. don’t eat: french fries, potatoes, bread, chips

4. keep thrift store spending in check

5. discuss budget with Ceil weekly

6. be productive at night…dishes, laundry, housework

7. iron an average of two items per day

8. sell extra stuff on craig’s list (cokes, bobbleheads, putter, etc).

9. clean out one area/month: closets, attic, utility room, drawers, garage, etc

10. wash windows once a quarter

11. find a way to make more money: new job, work at night/on line, etc

12. family: dates/letters/time/engage

13. new basketball goal

14. less: TV, internet, Facebook, contests, family feud

15. talk more / be more outgoing

16. keep track of all insurance claims

17. give of myself sacrificially, especially at home.

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