Monday, January 03, 2011

New Years Weekend

Didn’t do too much over New Years. Took several naps. Ceil and the kids got home from SC Wednesday, after stopping at Perimeter Mall. Will heading to the Norman’s for David’s birthday party. The rest of us went to Willys to eat.

M had practice Thursday morning. I hit ChickfilA, then found an old Rawlings Mickey Mantle baseball glove for two bucks that I couldn’t pass up. I didn’t bite on the Donn Clendenning first baseman’s mitt. Saturday I reorganized all my old gloves. Perhaps I’ll sell some of them this year.

Thursday night we all had a wonderful time eating up in Cartersville at the Gilberts. After we ate everyone but the dads played the Wii dance game, and everyone played the pop-a-shot game. They live exactly 40 miles from our house…ouch!

Watched a good chunk of the Clemson and UGA games on Friday. Ceil has discovered after-Christmas sales. I cleared out several piles of summer clothes that had been stacked in our bedroom. After I’d gotten out the winter clothes a few months ago, I had continued to clean out unused clothes everyone’s closet. Put some in the attic, and gave away a whole bunch as well.

We had planned on going over to a friend’s house on New Years Eve, but someone there got sick. Will went to a party that I could’ve crashed, but I stayed home. For Christmas Anna had gotten the first four “Left Behind Kids” books, which she promptly devoured. I found the second of Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind movies on TV, so we watched that. Matthew was transfixed, and stayed in bed the next morning reading Anna’s book.

Watched some New Years Day football, particularly the Bama game. That night we went to see Despicable Me at the Picture Show. Will headed down to the four-day Passion Conference at Phillips Arena. He’s staying at DJ’s house. We also watched the third Left Behind movie.

Matthew’s team staged a nice comeback Sunday, but it fell short. M had a steal and rebound, and got off one shot. I tried to get M to wear the Air Jordan 3’s I pulled out of the attic, but he stuck to his shell toes. Watched half of the Falcons and some of the Colts and Seahawks wins. After church I found the first Left Behind movie at Goodwill, so we watched that after supper.

Monday morning we had the weigh-in for our Biggest Loser competition here at work.

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