Thursday, January 13, 2011

I HATE SNOW (Part Two)

I was running out of things to do, staying at home for so long. Got tired of Facebook, the internet, and Wii golf. Did all the laundry. I only went 48 hours without shower. When I went out in snow I put on this big pair of khakis over my jeans. I didn’t get wet, so I left them on inside, since the house was so cold. Also wore four layers of shirts/sweater/light jacket.

Watched High School Musical with Anna, I was so bored.

Saw where Claire walked to the Shell station. Danny Downing walked to Kroger, but he lives closer than me or Claire. Will almost did. He walked ¾ miles to Preston’s on Monday. Wednesday they wanted to walk 5 miles to the Normans, but I think they got a ride.

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