Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Smoltz vs. Glavine

Monday night on the Golf Channel we watched Glavine and Smoltz play on “Donald Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf”. Supposedly Tiger said Smoltz was the best amateur golfer he’d ever seen. Glavine hung close to Smoltz most of the way, before losing at the end.

Trump seemed to talk to Glavine more than Smoltz, mentioning they had crossed paths during his time with the Mets. Trump gave $10,000.00 to the charity of Smoltz’s choice. John smiled and quickly replied “Kings Ridge Christian School”.

Smoltz got in one of his regular jokes, and Trump fell for it. Walking down the fairway after teeing off, John quipped to The Donald: “I hear you’re putting in a new airport near here”.

Trump looked confused, but Smoltz continued. ”Here between Tommy’s ball and mine!’

Glavine quipped “I’m surprised he waited three holes to tell that one”.

Interesting that when they met before the round, and again after the round, Glavine and Smoltz only shook hands. No hugs or pats on the back. Smoltz seems like a gregarious hugger, but perhaps he knows New Englander Glavine is not. Maybe they felt weird in front of all the cameras.

They showed some footage of Smoltz’s huge mansion. He has five holes on his land, where he can hit “every kind of golf shot”.

Tuesday was my first day back working 6-3, since Surgery isn’t returning until February. Dialysis’ car broke down, so he didn't show…so I had to work late. Again.

Everyone goes to Living Science on Tuesdays. Will has a 4 pm baseball practice, so I’ve got to pick everyone else up at five. Ceil will drop me off at Will’s practice. Afterward Will and I go back to LS for a 7 pm meeting.

I’m incredibly sore from my first two workouts of the year, in places I’ve never been sore before.

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