Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dad Shoes?

Around East Cobb I see way too many guys wearing dad shoes.
Its an epidemic.
 For years I wore New Balance 990s: classic grey, or black, or navy.
Lots of support. They feel great. They've even become cool with the college kids and twentysomethings. But I've avoided dad shoes like the plague.
Or so I thought. 
Then I got these Pumas. Men's RS-X3 Puzzle White/Dazzling Blue/High Rise. Supposedly the cat's meow.
But wait - they don't look like dad shoes, do they?
Looks great. Feel great. Lots of cushioning and support.
I'm liking them more than any sneakers in a long while.
And the bottoms remind me of Air Jordan 6s.
These X3's come in a bunch of different colors.
Some were too blue and others too red. Some too black. Or too tan. I've had enough black shoes and recently added three pair of white sneakers.
Decided on these with some of every color.
Bright, but the best option at the time.
Confession: I've been buying shoes at thrift stores for so long, I'd forgotten how comfortable a new pair of sneakers can be. Then yesterday I was wearing my black Nikes and realized my hips were hurting. Sure I'd worked out four straight days. Kinda think they'd been feeling better had I been wearing the X3's. Maybe I can find another pair at a thrift store.
One opinion: X marks extreme. Exaggerated. Remixed.X³ takes things to a new level: cubed, enhanced, extra. We’ve taken the signature RS design and dialed it up to the third power. With amplified detailing on the upper, stronger material mixes, and bold color combinations, this kick is ready to step into a new dimension.;postID=4141457181696737428

Just released: these RS-X3 BWM Motorsports. Nice colors.
But I think I'm happy with my selection.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Looks at Books

Currently reading CS Lewis; “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and Brooke Shields “There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of my Mother and Me”. Brookie could’ve had a more illustrious career had she not been managed by her alcoholic mother. Had forgotten at Princeton Brooke dated a football player: Dean “Superman” Cain. After graduation she dated Liam Neeson, a heavy drinker who walked out her door and never called back. Later Kenny G's wife set her up with Andre Agassi.
Might have to read “Into the Wild” after reading this article about Alaska. Similar to Kristin Hannah’s “Great Alone”.
Thursday: had to stay a little late at work. To the gym to lift weights. Didn’t get home until 745. C had supper ready: beef tips, grilled vegetables, and rice. Watched Chicago Med.
Last day of the month. Plenty to do. Will be out of the office both Monday and Wednesday next week to I gotta get ahead. Then C drives to SC on Thursday through Sunday, then the next day is my trip to Memphis.
Saturday AM small group – with breakfast being served. Plenty of work around the house for the weekend. Saturday night we’re attending a Sunday School party in Woodstock. Having desserts, and a missionary couple will be sharing.
David Norman’s wife Beth delivered her baby girl a few days ago. The first Norman girl in a long time.
My other friend Reid often attends East Cobb informational meetings. Recently is was announced East Cobb would push to become a city. I told Reid he should run for mayor.
Once years and years ago I ran the Peachtree Road Race and ran past SPdL, saying hello to everyone. They were all calling my name. Another runner commented that I should run for mayor. Of course I didn’t know anyone the other 6.1 miles of the race.
I keep getting down to my current low weight, but can’t seem to push below that. Looks like we might go out tonight instead of the missions dinner, then Saturday AM breakfast and PM desserts, so it won’t be a good weekend for me weight wise.
News: a Disney jungle cruise ride boat “sank” yesterday, and park guests shared the story on social media. saw fit to make this national news.
Today’s Denison: opinions change when what’s in the news becomes personal.
NOAH SYNDERGAARD the Texan hurler’s nickname suggests deity. His nickname is “Thor” the god of thunder in Norse mythology. Syndergaard’s lovely locks, sculpted athletic body and Norse surname make this nickname a perfect fit. He chose professional baseball of the numerous offers he had to play in college. He was courted by the University of Nebraska, Baylor University and the University of Oklahoma, but none of those schools offered him a scholarship so he signed with Dallas Baptist University because they did. He has won the National League Player of the Week Award four times. His NL Player of the Week Awards (Weeks’s calculations end on Sundays) 28-Jul- through 02-Aug-2015 16-May- through 22-May-2016 29-Apr- through 05-May-2019 29-Jul- through 04-Aug-2019 His antipathy of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys went counter to his family’s feelings. He is not alone with that sentiment.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ash Wednesday

Last night I noticed a teenager last night at the gym had an ash cross on her forehead. Not sure about yesterday but in the past a coworker has attended an Ash Wednesday service and returned to work with it as well. Good for Dock for conducting  an Ash Wednesday service. Kinda cool I think, though some of those old school services are kinda creepy sometimes.

Last night ESPN was spending a lot of time talking about the Grizzlies before the gamecast came on. Interviewed the rookie point guard Ja Morant, who is leading all rookies in points and assists. Will he win ROY?

I always mix the beans and rice together, and often eat them with chips. At home where we make our own plate (and at work when we have Mexican) I’ll make a big, starting with lettuce then chips, beans rice meat salsa etc. Similar to the bowls at Chipotle or Moes.

Speaking of food, at Chickfila Saturday my friend Rob ordered some bowl thing with scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets, and the hash browns all added together. I’ll have to try it. Krystal has a bowl with grits topped by bacon and cheese, but it looks like it is 95% grits. Yesterday M had to be at work early. He got up and fixed himself a hearty breakfast – cheese grits with peppers and other add-ins. Before leaving I ate the leftover cheese grits, and they were real good.
As a kid I loved pancakes. When WAM were young I would cook pancakes every Sunday night. Periodically would switch to waffles to keep things fresh. Sometimes with chocolate chips. Eventually the kids got tired of pancakes/waffles. Nowadays they’re okay every now and then. I would always use Bisquick, but now C gets weirdo healthy brands, which don’t taste as good. Always thought it was interesting that in January when everyone goes on a diet, IHOP offers all-you-can-eat pancakes. I guess it’s one of their slower months.
The St. Paul Saints will be giving away “Astro the Grouch” bobbleheads on July 31. The Single-A Lexington Legends, a Royals affiliate, will play as the Kentucky Beer Cheese on Aug. 13-15. The current state of golf shoes
Word of the day: Passel. As in, I have a passel of bobbleheads. And sneakers.
Wednesday: the tech guys called, needing to run a scan of my laptop to check for viruses. I was clean. Stopped by a thrift store on the way to the gym. Passed on a Roddy White #84 Falcons jersey and other items. Only ran three miles. C was at Whole Foods when I got home, so I could’ve run another mile. Black beans and rice for supper. M joined us. Watched New Amsterdam and Parenthood. Went to bed on the early side.
Denison: “Religion is about our climbing up to God; Christianity is about God climbing down to us. The entire story of his dealings with us is one of a shepherd seeking lost sheep, taking the incarnational initiative to go to those who could not come to him.” 
Also: the next time you see immorality on television, call the FCC to register your concern. (Here’s how.)
BOB WELCH was the last pitcher to win 25 games in a season - 27 W in 1990. He has World Series rings from teams in each league. Won WS championships with LAD in 1981 & OAK in 1990. Played for a team that is now the Eagles before pitching in the majors. Played baseball with the Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti). They became the Hurons by the time Welch attended in the 1970s.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wasted Days & Wasted Nights

Not a good day. Spent all day yesterday cornered by a manager. Came back to my desk at 5 pm and he was there waiting to tell me he would be sending me an email. WHY NOT JUST SEND ME THE EMAIL? Now I’ll probably get in trouble for working too much overtime. Got asked to do two things that I had already done, but both times the next link in the chain dropped the ball. Plus the friendly office banter is starting to get a little on the abusive side, particulary on the political issues. Also about the coronavirus. Sometimes I don’t want to express my opinion for fear of being bullied. Perhaps I should contact Human Resources. Woe is me. At least there was a cookie to eat, and of leftover BBQ at lunchtime.
Tuesday: left work late due to they manager. Got to the gym late. Lifted weights. Home to fix cheese quesadillas. Parenthood and basketball. Flipped over to the start of the Tech game but there were two minutes left in the Duke@WF game. Deacons had three starters fouled out. Duke played the end perfectly to tie, just missing a long heave at the buzzer. Watched part of the first OT but finally switched the channel. Wouldn’t have watched that long had Duke not been wearing their glorious blue road unis. No black or grey or all white for a change.
Got a technology story for you. For some reason a few months ago I started getting copied on all these automatic emails. Sometimes hundreds a day. With help I got them automatically forwarded to where they need to go, and automatically sent to my deleted folder. At the end of every day I try to empty my deleted items folder, which on a busy day might be 200 emails. Sometimes then I see hundreds more that had gone straight to deleted. This morning I thought I was deleting over a thousand already deleted emails, when somehow I deleted 500 emails from my sent folder. I use my sent folder to store old emails that I need to keep. Not sure where these 500 emails went.
Haven’t gotten much done today except fixing a bunch of mess-ups.  
Grisham: The Guardian was good. So many people trash Grisham saying his new book isn’t the greatest book in the history of the world. Not sure where they get such huge expectations. I suppose they’re disappointed a lot.
Denison was good this morning, pointing out the differences between Christianity and other religions (following rules).
JIM BUNNING  [SABR Bio] was the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in each league since Cy Young did it in 1904. Bunning had no-no’s in 1958 for DET & in 1964 for PHI. On a beautiful Father's Day, with his wife and oldest child in the grandstands, he pitched the game of his life. Bunning’s Father’s Day perfecto 21-June-1964. "What a day" Bunning recalled years later. "Just a perfect day."  He negotiated a $1,000 payment to appear on the nationally televised Ed Sullivan Show that same night and used the money to add a pool to his Kentucky home. After baseball he ran unsuccessfully for governor of his state. Lost the governor’s race in Kentucky in 1983 to Democratic nominee Martha Layne Collins, who became the first female governor of Kentucky.
Not the greatest post. Hopefully my eight readers will come back tomorrow.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Diet Busters

Diet-busting dishes in and around Atlanta:
1. The Duke's Brexit Burger 4685 Ashford Dunwoody Road in Dunwoody, north of Perimeter Mall across from PF Chang.
2. The Vortex's Quadruple Coronary Bypass Burger (above). Bun is two grilled cheese sandwiches. Served on a bed of tater tots. Comes with two 64 ounce soft drinks. Finish in 30 minutes and it's free. They offer smaller versions as well.
3. Café Intermezzo's Oreo Cheesecake.
4. Superica's Queso Fundido.
5. Pit Boss BBQ (Hapeville) Royal Flush baked potato, topped with pulled pork, bacon bits, cheese, etc. Call ahead to special order.
6. Andy's Frozen Custard (3670 Old Milton Parkway Alpharetta): raspberry concrete: a base of vanilla or chocolate custard mixed with fruit, marshmallow cream, chocolate fudge, or even whole pie slices.
7. The Sugar Factory (Midtown): King Kong sundae – 24 scoops of ice cream topped with all kind of sweets.
8. The Little Farmhouse Café's Pancake. 3781 Presidential Parkway Suite FP-309 near Spaghetti Junction
9. Sweetwater Brewery Taproom's boozy Milkshake Specials, like the one made with CoCo Hills Imperial Stout, caramel ice cream, chocolate cake, and chocolate and caramel sauce.    
10 Double Eagle Steakhouse (Dunwoody): long bone with truffle butter.
11. Cabernet Steakhouse (Alpharetta): fried lobster tails
Monday: C took a class at the gym from 530-630, but I left work a little late and was just arriving when she was leaving. Young teen on the treadmill next to me had her wireless earphone pop out of her ear. It bounced across and landed on the treadmill facing us, which was being used. I watched the earbud travel down the treadmill then fall off the back. The girl didn't realize it had gone so far until I told her.
My wireless earphones don't stay in, so I've switched back to the ones with wires. Hard to concentrate on my book on the treadmill, but I'll keep trying. Finished my Michael Crichton book. Listening to a Brooke Shields autobiography in the car and CS Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the gym.
Ran / walked my four miles in a good time. Saw Reid's wife Noelle and another guy from Johnson Ferry. Got home after 730. C had cooked chicken and rice and salad. I made one quesadilla. The Neighborhood was a rerun. Watched the start of The Voice then C's Hallmark Channel show When Calls the Heart. I played on my laptop and packaged an eBay shipment.
I am liking my new backpack. Holds everything I had in my old briefcase and also my workout clothes (including running shoes), so I don't have to carry my duffle bag any more.
Stopped by the post office this morning, and swung by Taco Bell as well. Talk about diet busters.
EARLY WYNN  [SABR Bio] is the only right-handed pitcher to retire with exactly 300 victories – 300th win = 13-July-1963, the last game of his career.  With the evolution of the game (particularly the change away from a maximum of three days' rest between starts for pitchers), Wynn said he fully expected to be the very last of baseball's 300-game winners. In the 1980s alone, five pitchers matched a significant milestone of his that he thought would never again be attained...Gaylord Perry (06‑May‑1982), Steve Carlton (23‑Sep‑1983), Tom Seaver (04-Aug-1985), Phil Niekro (06-Oct-1985) and Don Sutton (18-June-1986) join him in this exclusive club. A fellow Cy Young Award winner claimed he could predict every one of our guy's myriad of pitches simply by focusing on his nose. Bob Turley's powers of observation were legendary. Turley (1958) and Wynn (1959) won their only CYAs in back-to-back seasons.

Monday, February 24, 2020


Anna’s interview in Nashville went well. The job hadn’t even been posted yet, so no idea about the timetable. C and A spent the rest of the day in Nashville, visiting a friend and shopping, before heading home that evening, arriving around 1030. Anna was tired, and dropped off C and headed to Will’s house. W&MC spent the weekend in Charleston for a wedding, so A was dog-sitting Okie. Will grilled out on Sunday night. 
After the Willys taco salad for lunch Friday I ran my four miles at the gym, then stopped by Kroger on the way home. After his work, M stopped by Los Bravos for takeout. For some season they gave him two dinners, so C and I snacked on the extra. Took a break from Parenthood and caught up on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee. At my YMCA there are two or three guys older than me but not many. A few older ladies as well.
Saturday morning small group. Met at Chickfila. Afterward I stopped by a thrift store and the bank, then the carwash to see if they removed scratches from cars. Later I took Ceil’s car back to get an estimate. Mailed an eBay package. Finally home to do some housework and laundry.    
Saturday night we went to Lee & Nancy’s for dinner with three other couples. Grilled salmon and chicken tenders, sour cream chunky mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and a green pea, mushrooms, and onion dish. Also coconut cake. A fun time. One lady had grown up at Johnson Ferry and as a teen had TP’s Bryant Wright’s house. I thought we should all go right over and TP the new pastor’s house. We all had huger packages of toilet paper from Costco, so we were ready. The idea gained traction, but finally wiser heads prevailed.
We were talking about Babbi Mason on Saturday night. My friend Reid is a composer for Turner Broadcasting. He’s won Emmy Awards. He grew up at Eastside Baptist in East Cobb, and was involved in the music ministry there. That was Babbi Mason’s home church. One year Reid was named Musician of the Year by the church music ministry. I knew he had to beat out Babbi Mason for the award. Reid said that she had won the award several times.
I was late for Sunday School. C had gone early and M went with me to drove off Ceil’s car to get the scratches out. Took a nap after church. Also spent time unsubscribing from emails. Sunday we had a guy detail Ceil’s Honda CRV SUV, buffing it to get out the scratches. I followed her home, and worried when she pulled in the garage that she would scrape the side again. After we got the car Matthew, Ceil, and I met Anna at Pappasitos for an early dinner. Anna got fish tacos. M got chicken enchiladas. C and I got our chicken fajitas. Leftovers for lunch today.
Back home C watched Hallmark Channel and I played on my computer.   
Did you hear that Clair Eaton passed away over the weekend? Service is this Friday in Lavonia at 3 pm. I think Harold Hall’s service will be at SPdL, time to be determined.
CASIMIR JAMES “JimKONSTANTY [SABR Bio] a former Orangeman basketball player, he set a record for pitching appearances, toiling for a bunch of parvenus. Played basketball at Syracuse University 1936-39. His 74 pitching appearances were a modern record until broken by John Wyatt in 1964 with the A’s of Kansas City. He ran an eponymous sporting goods store for years. According to Mary Konstanty, her husband opened Jim Konstanty Sporting Goods in 1947 in Oneonta, New York because he was not sure he could make a living as a pitcher. He ran the store with her help during his career and then managed it until 1973. Even his teammates didn’t know his real first name. He is a member of a Hall of Fame honoring athletes of his national heritage. In 2008, Konstanty was inducted into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame, calling him baseball’s first superstar reliever.
From Denison: despite the cultural acceptance of marijuana, the Wall Street Journal reports “psychiatrists and epidemiologists have reached a consensus that it presents more serious risks than most people realize.”

Sunday, February 23, 2020

State the Label

The current issue of Atlanta Magazine is chock full of taco info.
Includes Jalisco, Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Taquera del Sol, Superica, and many more. On Saturday Matthew checked out a taco place near the Big Chicken that had been recommended.

Also in this issue is a pictorial and article about State the Label, the Athens boutique clothing store Anna where has been doing graphic design and e-commerce work.

Above: best unis ever. Love the socks.
Below: Charlie Culbertson is the second player ever
to wear a double C-flapped helmet.
 Ozuna. Acuna. Acuna. Ozuna. let's call the whole thing off.
 Alan Alda, Paper Lion.
Hard to see, but early in his career Dolphins running back Jim Kiick
wore the same facemask as quarterback Bob Griese.