Sunday, June 30, 2019

Farewell to June

Ceil spent the weekend in Columbia with her three high school friends.
 Early fireworks in Athens.
Bought a pair of shoes for work. May not have been the most exclusive brand, but the styling suits me. The Nike wingtip spikeless golf shoes just didn't look good, the these are nicer than the All Birds grey wool sneakers I had been wearing.
Watched two good movies.
The movie Juliet Naked was named after a song
Ethan Hawke' character once sang.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Attended tonight's local 20th anniversary celebration for Uni Watch.
Similar parties were taking place in several cities all around the world.
Hairston (above left) designed the Ramblin Wreck t-shirt he's wearing.
He graduated from Tech in 1983.
Our event featured a series of musical acts, including The Relics,
who played several songs from their recently released EP (above).
Former Distant Replays owner Andy Hyman (on drums) brought his buddies, who played their first gig.
Andy now works for Ebbets Field Flannels, the company who revolutionized throwback jerseys and cap industry.
His buddy also used to work at the store.
Knowing Andy and other uniform experts would be in attendance, I knew I couldn't wear any of my knockoff Braves jerseys.  My grey road jersey and navy Heyward jersey are legit but not noteworthy. Instead I opted for my Dominique-era Hawks jersey. First chance I had to wear my Braves socks, which were a hit. My Greenville Braves cap also created buzz..
Event organizer Jason did a great job, filling time between musical acts by asking uniform-related questions. He also wore an interesting outfit. Andy donated several nice prizes from Ebbets Field Flannels.
Outfit of the night belonged to this Grant Park resident:
a polyester USA uniforms complete with stirrups.
 Jason (or someone) decorated the Fajita Valley restaurant with several nice jerseys. Usually I'm not a fan of white shoes with high dark socks,
but Dansby has made it look good.
Plus I didn't have a perfect pair of black shoes to wear.
Below: Andy's photo of Jason's jacket.
Can't wait to see the official photos of the event.
 Andy made a point to getting a photo of my "stirrups."
I knew a decent amount of Jason's trivia questions, but tried not to hog all the answers. If nobody was coming up with the answer I would chime in. Jerry Glanville was the Falcons coach who told the ref that NFL stood for Not For Long if he didn't improve his calls, George Plimpton's number in Paper Lion was zero, Spider Lockhart's number with the New York Giants was 43, and that the Bears had the most retired numbers. That Paul Brown invented the modern version of the face mask, and the team whose fans sand Luv Ya Blue was the Oilers.

The prizes were unannounced and won at random: I came away with two of the nicer prizes, including this well made 1961 Kansas City Katz cap. Also an Army Navy calendar, a Bears gumball helmet, a White Sox gumball helmet, beef jerky samples, and some Texas Rangers baseball cards.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Folty Friday

Folty starts in Gwinnett tomorrow night.
Good chance to break out this fish jersey photo.
 Watched this movie Friday night.
 Laid out the jerseys for a photo shoot.
 Missing: the 1983 powder blue Murphy jersey shirt.
 Didn't realize Uecker did Braves television.
 Been using this mug to hold pens on my desk since the mid-80's.
 I remember these pictures from 50 years ago.
 Undefeated in 1980. Undefeated in 2013.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Brady's Stolen Jerseys

Reading an interesting article about the FBI investigation into who stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey. Happened right after two Super Bowls. The guy had a good plan, following the head coach into the locker room, then hanging out until the right moment. Brady had placed his jersey inside his own personal duffle bag, then went to wash his face. When he returned the jersey was gone. The media had yet to be let into the locker room, and several cameras where taping. The FBI was able to determine who took it – a collector from Mexico.
Brady hadn’t reported that his Super Bowl jersey from a few years earlier had also been stolen, in also the exact same way. A picture of that jersey, with the grass stains still in place, had been making the rounds in the collecting world. One collector knew where the picture had originated, and had asked for details, but the jersey owner went silent. Then when the second jersey went missing, investigators were able to recover both.

The FBI returned the jersey to the Patriots, and Brady received the jersey back the morning before the champions were honored before a Red Sox game. Brady carried the jersey out on the field, where his tight end Gronk swiped the garment. A chase ensued, which ended with the teammates rolling around on the outfield grass.
Directions to located just west of Sara Gonzales Park: take Wesley, then left on Moores Mill, right on Bolton, then 1.7 miles. It’s at the southwest corner of Bolton and James Jackson Parkway. They’re open until 3 on weekdays and 4 on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.
Tuesday night so Ceil was working with the homeless women at The Table, on Delk Road. I did stuff at work until after six. Drove straight home. M had ordered himself a Dominos pizza, then later went off with friends. He’s been helping out on a farm down off Howell Mill somewhere. He came back all dirty. Will had driven up to help Ceil with yardwork again.
I cooked myself a couple of quesadillas. Used up a bunch of cheese and rice and leftover beef. Finished watched a Netflix movie, that Always Be My Maybe that didn’t turn out to be that great. Spent a while searching for potential movies to watch. Flipped past Teen Jeopardy, the Muslim contestants fumbling over the American history and Bible and sports questions Watched some Braves and some of the movie Moneyball and later the NFL Network’s Top Ten Comebacks. M and I watched Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee. Seinfeld and Kevin Hart buy the same Nike sneakers. I’d seen it before but M wanted to see it.
Barney is doing better. He took his medicine and is eating a special diet of turkey, rice, and pumpkin. Getting back to his frisky self.
At work we all have two screens, so we can look at info on one screen that can help us work on the other. Some even subdivide the screen into smaller segments, with four or more things showing on the screen. I usually have email on one screen and the company computer where I enter orders and stuff on the other. With this problem with my right eye I just about gotta work off my left screen. My eye appointment is tomorrow.
By odd chance Anna’s appointment is right before mine. Anna spent last night with W&MC, then had an interview in Atlanta today. She and Will visited Joel and Charles Norman at Bellwood Coffee afterwards.

Wednesday night M cooked “Chickfila” sandwiches, using a special recipe for the breading that included graham crackers I think. Cooked in peanut oil. Also tossed salad and the “everything” potato chips from Whole Foods. Had those sandwiches for lunch just now. I toasted the plain white bread buns that M had got, and added hot sauce that I’d picked up from Taco Bell (mild). Not long ago I went inside Taco Bell to order and while waiting decided to take back several packets of their mild sauce. I’ve been adding them to lunches that have needed a kick. Now I’m almost out.
Never heard of Grub.  Thinking about lining up what to eat while Ceil is out of town Friday to next Tuesday. Don’t need to eat too much with the Peachtree coming up.. 
Trying to prepare for the Peachtree but my hips and legs have been more sore than usual. My be the shoes I’ve been wearing. Will try to switch them up.   
EDDIE MATHEWS  [SABR Bio] and Hank Aaron hit more home runs than any other pair of major league teammates his 421 + Aaron’s 442 = 863 (four more than Ruth & Gehrig).

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Top Ten Player Comebacks

The NFL Network’s top ten player comebacks.
12. Randall Cunningham won MVP with the Vikings in 1998. Should be higher.
11. Phil Simms 1984 threw for 4000 yards, returning from injury.
10. Tom Brady returns from knee surgery.
9. Michael Vick comes back after prison.
8. Randy Moss rejuvenates career with Raiders and Patriots.
7. Doug Flutie breathes life into the Bills and Patriots.
6. Eric Berry returns from injury.
5. Drew Brees returns from injury.
4. Earl Morrall leads Dolphins to undefeated season (there always has to be one old guy. What about Blanda winning MVP?).
3. Jim Plunkett 1980 won the Super Bowl with the Raiders after a disappointing career start in Boston. My vote.
2. Peyton Manning returns from spinal fusion surgery to win a Super Bowl in Denver.
1. Adrian Peterson returns in 2012 after knee surgery. Not sure I agree with this pick.

What about Tiger Woods?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Which is Harder?

Today's office debate drew a crowd: which is harder to do consistently?

1. drive a golf ball 300 yards, working it around the dogleg into the fairway.

2. hit a 85 MPH curveball, breaking down and away from you, with two out in the bottom of the 9th with the tying run on second.

3. pick up a spare with a 7 - 10 split.

The guy who said hitting a golf ball was tougher than hitting a baseball used Tim Tebow as an example of how easy baseball is. Poor choice. The second-greater college football player in history is currently ranked lowest in all of minor league baseball.

Not much to report. Barney was sick. Feeling poorly. Last week he grabbed a piece of chicken off the table, something he never does. I tried to get it away from him and pulled off some of the bone, but he ate some of the bone. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. He hadn't been sick before. But what do I know?

Got a lot of work done yesterday, with more all week. Month end. Quarter end. End of the first half of the year. Boss has been sent out on the road to shepherd young outside salespeople. Our outside sales guy came in yesterday but is back out on the road today. Angie wasn't feeling well after getting a tooth pulled yesterday, so she's out. Not sure why Brad is working from home today. Just me and Rachel here in the office. Got my regular work, plus month end work for my customer, plus month end work for our region, plus old material to dispose of, plus fixing a problem for my old department, plus fixing a problem for Houston.

Not much else. Beans and rice for supper Monday night, plus tossed salad. Watched some Braves, and Cinderella.

Tonight Will played softball with his former little league teammate Darren. They play at my old field, at Northside Drive Baptist Church.

Another development in Roswell, adding over 800 more cars to the streets. Smack dab in the middle of my commute.

Monday, June 24, 2019


Unique weekend: Friday lunch catered by Dreamland BBQ, with Brunswick Stew, potato salad, macaroni & cheese, tossed salad, & banana pudding.
Saturday night we ate at Smokehouse BBQ in downtown Alpharetta; had beef brisket, rice pudding, and grilled vegetables.
Sunday in Macon we ate BBQ from Cookout. They give you a heaping helping of chopped brisket, with fries, cole slaw, and hushpuppies. Also a Heath Bar toffee milkshake. I was full. I wasn't a fan of Cookout to start with, but maybe now that I'm finally figuring out what to order perhaps maybe they aren't that bad, as far as fast food places go. The one on Macon was running a dollar special for either a double burger or milkshake of the month. Their dollar shake would make it the best in class. Didn't realize they print Psalm 3:5-6 on their cups and bags. No locations really convenient for me. 
Haynes Bridge Road Alpharetta
Marietta across from the Big Chicken
Midtown 10th & Northside
Chastain Road Kennesaw
Augusta Washington Road
Panola Road Lithonia
Jonesboro Road Morrow
Hugh Howell Road Tucker
So got to eat BBQ three straight days. Reminds me, I need to pick up some BBQ Sauce at the grocery. When the doctor took blood I asked what blood type I am, and he said B…B…Q.

Not much on Friday night. Ceil cooked beef tips and mixed vegetables. Cleaned upstairs on Saturday morning. Ceil had lunch with a friend. Moved downstairs and fixed ham quesadillas. Laundry, straightening, MASH, NFL shows on Ditka and Mike Singletary.
Saturday night we went to downtown Alpharetta for a concert on the lawn. Beautiful weather, no rain. I had seen where the bad storm had passed though Atlanta. When we arrived at the concert venue in Alpharetta it was sunny and hot. After dinner the sun had dropped below the town buildings, and we looking south we could see clouds passing from west to east. Turned into a nice cool evening but no rain. A faith-based, bluesy type songs by singers and backup band. Got there early and walked over to Smokehouse to eat. Got home before ten.
Drove down to Macon to see my parents on Sunday. Ceil had made a ham & egg English muffin sandwich for breakfast. Was so full from Cookout that I didn't eat supper. Man I wanted to watch that Moon Shot show on CNN. I hear there's another movie on Netflix: First Man, about Neil Armstrong. Played by Ryan Reynolds. I had read the book.
LOU GEHRIG [SABR Bio]  was the first New York Yankee to be voted American League MVP twice - MVP 1927, 1936 His own teammate kept the first one from being unanimous - Tony Lazzeri received a single first-place MVP vote in 1927. His first-ever major league stolen base was a steal of home – 1st SB = 24-Jun-1925 [Double steal w/ Wally Schang taking 2nd base]. Hit a home run and stole home in the same game six times in his career. HR + SBH = 29-Jun-1927; 30-Jul-1927; 19-Jul-1929; 07-Jun-1930; 15‑Apr‑1931 and 12-Apr-1932. The last one was on Opening Day. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Holy Moly

 Image result for holy moly steph curry show
You need to watch Steph Curry’s new TV show on ABC Thursday nights: Holy Moly. A huge putt putt course with dangerous obstacles. Curry helicoptered in to take a shot. Announcers wear the classic yellow ABC Sports blazers. Curry is only on the show a little bit. Mostly not on the show. Putt putt with wrestling hype.

I won’t count my Braves chickens before they’ve hatched. Hopefully they aren’t peaking too early. Everything is going well now: pitching hitting fielding, plus they’re working to improve the bullpen. Relievers Newcomb and Glausman are on the DL.

Thursday: Ceil cobbled together a meal from what was in the fridge: chicken, corn on the cob, tossed salad, French fries, a chopped vegetable dish. Afterwards Barney grabbed a piece of chicken, which is unusual for him. Left it too close to the edge of the table.
M had a good time camping, even though it rained. Three people were supposed to bring coffee and they all forgot.
Had small group Friday morning so I was late to work. Two coworkers are on vacation, and another was working from home to sell his car. That left poor Angie all by herself. Been busy ever since I left small group putting out fires.
BBQ at today’s monthly sales meeting. Also Brunswick Stew, potato salad, mac & cheese, nanner puddin, iced tea, and lemonade.  
ANSWER: Sean Renfroe