Monday, April 06, 2020

Jordan vs Ainge on the Links

 For some reason Facebook is feeding me all these Michael Jordan articles, including his second year when he returned from his foot injury to score 60+ in the playoffs against the Celtics, the Bulls had two straight off days in Boston between games. MJ knew Danny Ainge loved golf, so he got Ainge to arrange 36 holes at a local course. Ainge said it was the only time in his career he ever fraternized with an opponent. Ainge was probably hoping the golf would wear out MJ, but that didn’t happen. For the record, former Toronto Blue Jay Ainge had MJ beat in the baseball department.
Another MJ story: one game opponent Jim Jackson started trash talking MJ after a strong first half. Finally Jordan had enough, and quipped “You’re gonna talk like that while, wearing MY shoes?” That shut up Jackson, and the Bulls came back to win.
The NBA and ESPN are working on televising players playing HORSE, with each player in their own home gym. They ought to include current players but also legends like MJ, Larry Bird, Dominique – and the recently named HOF players like Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.
ESPN had a “tournament” to determine the greatest college basketball player in history. They chose…not Lew Alcindor or Bill Walton or Christian Laettner, each who won multiple national championships, not Pete Maravich, the greatest scorer and passer the game had ever seen, but Michael Jordan, who won one national championship and left school early for the NBA. There was a huge outcry when the results were published. Larry Bird finished second.
Interesting article about the Ponce de Leon Park magnolia tree (actually two trees!). Did not know the Braves planted a magnolia at Turner Field, or that Trees Atlanta bred saplings from the Spiller magnolias to plant around the Beltline and city. In the shadow of today’s Ponce City Market, the Ponce Springs area transformed into a pond, a ballpark, and then a shopping mall, as two grand trees witnessed it all.
This article below gives a few clues about the Falcons new uniforms, set to be unveiled this month. If an old geezer like Falcons GM Rich McKay likes them, perhaps they won’t be too bad, We’ve seen mock-ups of the new Tampa uniforms. The Rams unveil their new unis this week. To follow: will the Browns go back to grey facemasks? Also the Patriots and Chargers will be making announcements as well.
Watched several episodes of Peyton’s Places, with host Peyton Manning talking about the history of the NFL. He interviewed Joe Namath, Tony Dungy, Deion Sanders, JJ Watt, and others. Hit wedge shots with Tom Brady in Jim Nance’s back yard at Pebble Beach. Two way players: a photo from Peyton’s visit with Sammy Baugh from years ago. Dungy said he’d appreciated Peyton coming in as a rookie, telling Dungy to “coach me.” As a Steeler, Dungy is the last player to make an interception and throw an interception in the same game. Back in the day, several players (like Sammy Baugh) accomplished the feat.

Had never seen the ESPN commercial with Archie Manning taking a tour of the ESPN studios, with Peyton and Eli lagging behind the group, dressed as kids, picking on each other like brothers do.
The Braves rebroadcast their home opener from ten years ago when rookie Jason Heyward homered in his first at bat. Braves fans on Twitter were complaining about the moves Bobby Cox was making: not pinch-hitting for a woeful Derek Lowe in the 6th with a runner on first (Cox saved a pinch hitter. Lowe advanced the runner to second).
Friday evening I drove C to Kroger but I stayed in the car, as I usually do when driving her to the store. Supper was burgers without buns, and French fries. M worked Friday and Saturday. W&MC and A assembled puzzles and played games, including a board game they’d bought last December named PANDEMIC.

Saturday I slept past eight. My small group met via video. Ceil and I worked in the yard for a long time. She cleared and replanted the back flower bed. I hauled debris to the back, pulled vines off trees, and mowed the lawn. My watch battery went out but I still got my 10000 steps.
Brush with death: at one point I was on the steep bank behind our house, pulling vines off trees. Wearing old sneakers as usual. Had both hands full of vines, I tried to climb up the bank. My feet slid out from under me – and my forehead slammed into the trunk of a tree. I have a nice red souvenir from the encounter. After all the work I could hardly walk. When we were out working in the backyard we noticed our neighbor out working down by the creek with his young sons. They cleared a space, pitched a tent, and camped out there on Saturday night.

Ceil cooked Minestrone soup for supper. Afterwards we were watching a movie “The Nanny Express.” Toward the end of the movie the TV messed up. We just watched the movie from the start again.

I slept late Sunday as well. Later Ceil played the Passion City service on her laptop. Saw where our friend’s the Cho's son Daniel was home from college, playing his cello in the JFBC service (below). Small group member Buddy’s son worked at the Chickfila on Johnson Ferry, which had to shut down because an employee may have coronavirus. M said a Whole Foods employee may have it as well.

C cooked hash browns and scrambled eggs for Sunday brunch. Later I fixed a chicken quesadilla for a late lunch. Crashed on the couch. Watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Rob Riggle: Global Investigator from the Discovery Channel. Sunday afternoon I also watched Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on CBS, taking requests for songs and donating the proceeds to coronavirus research. Trisha sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to close out the show. You know she is related to my old roommate Jeff Yearwood. They used to attend the same family gatherings. Was years before I ever asked Jeff if they were related. In college at Young Harris, Trisha dated a coworker of mine, Todd.
Ceil sewed up masks for the women at her Tuesday ministry. Supper was leftover burger and fries. Ceil watched her two Sunday night Hallmark shows. I played on my computer.
My customer is shut down all this week. Two team members are having to take vacation. I’m working for a different department this week, doing some similar things but for different people. My company usually doesn’t close for Good Friday, but we are this year. Swapping the New Year’s Eve holiday.

Sleep update
..900...650…400 FRI
..855…740…435 SAT
..745…500…150 SUN  
Well this morning I can’t get my keyboard or mouse to work, but I did accidentally get the info on my screen to appear larger, so it is easier to read everything now.
BILL VOISELLE [SABR Bio] was the only player whose uniform number was also his hometown. He hailed from Ninety Six, South Carolina In his first full season in the majors, no other pitcher placed higher in MVP votes. In 1944 NL MVP voting, Voiselle at 21-16 w/3.02 ERA & 161 K tied w/CIN’s Buck Walters for the league’s MVP. He was one the Braves who fans often got instead of rain. Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain were the front half of the Boston (now Atlanta) Braves’ rotation in 1946-51.  Spahn became the winner of more career games than any left-hander in history and Sain was a 3-time All-Star.  Positions 3 & 4 at the back end of the Braves’ rotation were occupied by several hurlers, notably Bill Voiselle and Vern Bickford.  They were both solid but didn’t give Braves fans the feeling of confidence that Spahn and Sain did and so the famed rhyme “Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain” was introduced into popular culture.  This saying was actually truncated from a poem composed by Gerald Hern, sports editor of the Boston Post and published 14-Sep-1948 in full as:
First, we’ll use Spahn,
Then we’ll use Sain,
Then an off day,
Followed by rain.
Back will come Spahn
Followed by Sain
And followed,
We Hope,
By two days of rain.
The couplet strongly implied that a soggy delay was the best approach until these two star Braves hurlers could get back on the mound and take care of business.  Surprisingly however, the winning percentage for the 1948 Braves was actually LOWER when Spahn and Sain (a combined 39-27, .591) started a game than when the other pitchers on the staff (mostly Voiselle and Bickford) started (52-35, .598).  These other starters had nothing to apologize for, but no rhyming scheme leapt to mind.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

R.I.P. Tom Dempsey

Coronavirus' latest victim: former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey,
who broke the league record for longest field goal.
Dempsey, 74, kicked for the Saints, Eagles, Rams, Oilers, and Bills.
A man of many different uniforms and facemasks.
Found a Twitter account posting decent historical Georgia Tech photos and history. Worth putting up with it's insipid "Tech is superior to UGA, and everyone else" worldview. For now. 

 Letterman's response: "Neither does the NBA."
Above: had never seen this angle before.
Below: regarding the famous Spiller magnolia tree (actually two trees) that patrolled centerfield in old Ponce de Leon Park, in 2014...  

Rickie Fowler and wife must have use of the Puma jet. What I'm shooting for. On their honeymoon in Mexico Rickie came down with food poisoning.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Uni Memories

Along with many others, I have a paragraph published on today’s Uni Watch blog post, about how I first got into noticing uniforms. Reading the other posts brought up other memories., and I wanted to comment on everyone else’s posts. So here you go!
One thing about the Cowboys uniforms I noticed early on was the small strip of label tape on the back of each helmet, on the white stripe between the two blue stripes (Frank Seitz).
As a kicker I always liked single bar face masks. In high school the team manager dug out an old suspension helmet with a single bar, which I proudly wore in practice. Should’ve has it repainted for game use, but that would’ve made my face a target I’m sure. Also should’ve kept that old helmet after my career was done. Like Mark LaFountain, I am finally realizing I need to be an equipment manager. One note about Joe Theismann’s burgundy Redskins helmet (above): at times his front bumper was completely removed – and the two white stripes ended at the two screws at the front of his helmet! (Chris Connelly).
I loved the Tigers many belt loops. Glad the Braves brought back the belt loops with piping in the 80’s, which they have to this day (Mike Engle).
Perfectly bloused baseball pants – as a kid I remember reading somewhere about the care a (Cardinal?) player took to pull on his baseball pants feet first, inside out, and carefully pull the tops of his stirrups just so. Might’ve been in Big League Batboy, Ball Four, or Joe Garagiola’s Baseball is a Funny Game (Elena Elms).
I loved those old Eastbay catalogs. Could pour over them for hours. Loved those Suns ‘streaking sun’ unis, with Barkley, Ainge, KJ, and Thunder Dan. Got a Barkley Suns jersey for my son (Ryan Summers).
Living in the South, I was never a big hockey fan (except the Atlanta Flames and my hometown Macon Whoopees) – but I loved hockey sweaters. Logos like the Edmonton Oilers, Canadians, Rangers, Hartford. Also how goalies wore number 1 and 30. Never noticed the lack of number 28’s (Anthony Scandiffio, Randy Clement, Jeff Israel, David Eng).

I love NFL uniforms from the 60’s and 70’s – the golden years. The Seahawks sleeve logos, helmet, and huge numbers. When the Falcons were so bad I finally revolted my fandom and adopted the 49ers, in part because I loved their uniforms and grey facemasks. At the sports retail industry’s Super Show in Atlanta I actually caught a glimpse of the 49ers “one day” helmet. Monday Night Football’s halftime highlights – too see all the different unis. I loved to draw NFL helmets, particularly the Rams and Falcons. To this day I’m more likely to watch a game if I like the uniforms. Like Nate Meihak, my friends roll their eyes when I point out obscure uni details. (Mike Kole, Eric Bangeman, Bry West-Whitman, Colby Greer, John F.).
Loved the NBC Game of the Week. Back then it was almost the only baseball on TV. The Dodger unis were nice, but they were the rival of the Braves. Was intrigued by the Expos logo and pinwheel caps. Also the Brewers ball in glove logo. Pete Rose looked out of place out of a Reds uniform. Loved the Big Red Machine unis, with the low red stirrups and all black spikes. At the time I liked stirrups pulled high and cleats with stripes, but the Reds were a nice change of pace. (Scott Fite, Christopher Falvey, Michael Baldwin).
Loved Bama’s basic unis (also many others as well). I remembered learning that Bama used to wear white helmets against teams with dark helmets. How cool was that? Then when Bill Curry left Georgia Tech to coach Bama, he brought back the white helmet tradition. Who’d have thought Bama was one of the first to wear different helmets? (Tim Bullis).
As a Falcons fan growing up, I too was mesmerized with the Eagles winged helmet. Also the early-60’s jerseys with stripes on the shoulders and sleeves, and the late 70’s green/grey multi-striped jerseys. Hate the current Eagles unis, though (Axel Schmidt).
UNC unis have always been cool, from the old-school belted basketball unis in the 60’s to Michael Jordan’s uni, to the Alexander Julian-designed argyle unis later on. A great color and cool Tar Heel logo. Hate it that the football team so often mixes in black (James Ryan).
In high school I used to draw redesigns of my high school’s football uniform. We were the orange and white Central Big Orange Chargers, so I designed a helmet logo with a C inside an orange. Also brought back green as a secondary color. Orange and green had been a school color back in the 60’s, and we still wore old green football pants in practice. I never shared my redesigns with anyone else (Jay Wright).  
Hated it when MLB added their logo to the backs of caps. To me it was like when guys today take the New Era logo off the side of caps. I liked my caps old school, without the logo. But sorry, I hated the movie Rookie of the Year (Jake Tilley).  
Love stirrups. Loved wearing them. Always hated “stockings” – the long solid socks like Jim Thome wore. Also hated the fake stirrups worn by Greg Maddux back in the day. Not a fan of the current craze of various Stance “fashion” socks worn by so many players today. Did love it last year when Stance rolled out the Braves classic white/red/white striped stockings, worn by Dansby and Acuna. Hope they keep wearing those instead of solid navy (Dan Herr).

In the 70’s I got good at drawing the Braves script logo, which changed from the 60’s to the 70’s and back in the 80’s. To this day sometimes at work I will doodle the Braves logo. To me the simpler the logo, the better. As a kid I did like the Flyers logo, but not as much as the Flames or Whoopees. (Dan Cichalski, Walter Helfer).
As a kid, authentic team gear was few and far between. I stumbled across an ad in the back of a magazine for Manny’s Baseball World. I ordered an “authentic” Falcons jersey with my name on the back, but the numbers were far from authentic. Hate when the gear in the store looks cheap. As an “adult” I ordered old school caps: Brooklyn Dodgers, California Angels (with the halo), the eight-panel Babe Ruth-era Yankee cap, the felt St. Louis Browns cap. All before the advent of the world wide web (Rob Yasinsac, Ethan Lewis, Skott Schoonover).
Loved the traditional USC/UCLA uniforms, and all traditional college and pro unis: Texas, Auburn, Tennessee, Ohio State, Michigan, Celtics, Raiders, Colts, Giants, etc. Love grey facemasks (Rick Loomis).
You kids may not believe it, but back before Uni Watch gathered all the uni changes in the preseason preview, us who Got It would have to just notice those things for ourselves. Similar to Chris Routh’s 80’s Dolphins, it was interesting to see some Bears or 49ers players in jerseys without jersey stripes (the Dolphins did that back in the 70’s as well).
Always loved the Colts unis. What interested me about Johnny Unitas (who I got to see play against the Falcons in Atlanta) wasn’t his black high-tops but his double bar face mask. Early in his career Unitas’ mask didn’t have the two smaller bars connecting the two main bars. There were a few others with the same mask, but not many (David Tarr).
The way the Chicago White Sox changed uniforms and even team colors over the years has always fascinated me. Light blue hose with white stirrups (sorry Paul, I liked those). Dark caps with the block diagonal SOX. The classic team jacket like Obama wore. Red pinstripes. Untucked jerseys. Shorts, even. Not a fan of the cursive C with number on the pants, or the softball SOX unis. The current black pinstripes are okay, but since they’re who they are, I say it’s time for another White Sox makeover (Chris Cooper).

Friday, April 03, 2020

Distant Socializing

Had an interesting Thursday. Left home when, at 7:30-ish headed to Milledgeville. Stopped in Covington for Chickfila drive-thru. Fielded several work calls on the way, including our daily team conference call at 8:30 am. Made it to mom’s at 9:40. Met with the staff and left at 10:15. Avoided interstate construction and drove to the doctor. Good visit. 
Stopped by the CookOut drive-thru on the way out of town for my usual double burger and shake. Drove back to Milledgeville and dropped mom off. Had to pick up a few items for her at WalMart, which was crowded but people were keeping safe distances for the most part. No I really didn’t want to be there, but someone had to go.   
While in Milledgeville I stopped by Georgia Military Academy, the junior college / high school / middle school in the middle of town. I wanted to visit the site of my greatest sports victory – where my 9th grade football team beat the GMC junior varsity 96-0 in 1973. The stadium was just as I remembered, with stands on one side, a school building in one end zone, and a wall around the rest. The place was of course vacant, so I snapped pictures from two different vantage points.
On the way home I detoured through downtown Eatonton to see the Uncle Remus Museum. It too was vacant, so I snapped a few pictures from the outside. Joel Chandler Harris was born in Eatonton.
Next I stopped at Rock Eagle, a few miles north of Eatonton. No one there either. I’ve been visiting Rock Eagle for almost 50 years, but this was the first time I climbed the old viewing tower all by myself. Took more pictures, then hit the road for home. Eleven hours, 315 miles. Long day.
Hopefully now I can stay inside for a while. Need to cut the grass this weekend.   
Ceil took Barney with her to Whole Foods. I got back home and it took me 30 minutes to notice Barney wasn’t there. Sometimes he hangs out in the living room, looking out at the street. When he sees Ceil’s car drive up he hops up and runs to the back door to wait for her. If it’s my car, he won’t move.
Ceil cooked homemade refried beans, rice, made homemade salsa, and we ate Mexican.  M and C watched more episodes on Bon Appetit Test Kitchen, which is pretty good. There was an episode where all the cooks were each at their own houses, telling how they fix their coffee in the morning. Here’s the link if you want to watch.
Our fridge and pantry are packed. Got a couple of bags of groceries yet to be unpacked. C went to Costco today. Also Trader Joes, Target, and Pike’s Nursery. She’s going to be the death of me.
Anna just said she’s been furloughed from her part-time job at Madewell. Actually she still has her main contract at State the Label.
Heard Dr. Vern Hendrix Sr. passed away. Heard anything about Bob and Myra Marsh? Elizabeth McKoy, who I think was in Lang’s Sunday School class at SPdL, is in quarantine after exposure to the virus. She’s a nurse. Talked to Will last night. He’s being careful. Poured concrete for his deck yesterday with “help” from a couple of neighbor boys.  

Looks like the Tiger / Micholson skins game #2 might happen in May, this time for coronavirus charity. Peyton Manning will play with Tiger, and Tom Brady with Phil. Should be fun.
A 99 year-old was charged for violating protocols, while attending an engagement party.  

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Hallowed Grounds

Recently I was able to visit three special places.
I've been visiting Rock Eagle for almost 50 years, going back to junior high retreats with Westminster Presbyterian Church, like in 1972-ish.
 This time I was the only one around.
Climbing the tower all by myself was kinda creepy.
In college we went to Rock Eagle twice a year for statewide BSU conventions. After the Friday sessions ended we'd hike through the dark to the eagle, all the way telling newcomers how huge the eagle was.
 I need to investigate this Rock Hawk thing.

Mary-Clayton spent a ton of time at Rock Eagle for 4-H functions.
In nearby Eatonton I took the time
to swing by the Uncle Remus Museum.
Not sure where, but as a child I remember hearing Uncle Remus stories, even before Six Flags Over Georgia opened the Tales of the Okefenokee ride. My grandmother lived in West End near the Wren's Nest, where Joel Chandler Harris lived.
 Like at Rock Eagle, I was the only one around.
But perhaps the most hallowed ground I visited was this football stadium at Milledgeville's Georgia Military College, which is not only a college but also high school and junior high.
In the fall of 1973 the GMC B-team traveled to Macon to play my 9th grade football team. We beat them 66-0. A few weeks later we bussed over to Milledgeville to play them at their home field.
Every time something bad happened, GMC cadets would do pushups. This lasted until the end of the first quarter. The halftime score was 66-0. Note the goalposts at the far right of the above photo. Note below - the goalposts are positioned right before the stadium wall. Every time I kicked an extra point the ball would sail out of the stadium.
Final score 96-0. I never thought about it, but did I kick 13 extra points in this game? That could be a state record, if not national. I never thought about that.
That 9th Grade team went on to form the nucleus of our 1975 state championship team: Putnal, Rutherford, Patterson, Belote, Conner, Jackson, Murphy, and others.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Happy Birthday Sidd Finch

Working from home day 3: gotta find a more comfortable chair. Had to bundle up because it’s so cold. So cold I’ve got on my gloves with the fingertips cut off. I had to drive over to the office this afternoon to pick up a few things.

Tuesday: calls, emails, arranging shipments, entering orders. Also month end stuff. Fixed two quesadillas for brunch. C deep cleaned upstairs. M practiced his drums and worked 5 pm – midnight on physical inventory. Ceil cooked spaghetti (her favorite) and broccoli. Did the dishes and rented Emma. Wasn’t Ceil’s favorite (mine either). Later I went to bed. C got interested in another movie and stayed up past 12:30 am.

With everything going on it felt like I struggled to sleep, but I can’t complain with my results: over 7 hours of sleep with 5:20 of quality sleep, and 2:20 of deep sleep. Also this morning a new low weight. I have no idea why – must be the stress.
It took me forever to switch to on line banking, and I like it a lot. Haven’t switched to banking on my phone yet. That would really be handy when I had a check to deposit.
There are rumors that Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson will play another skins match, to give fans some live sports to watch.

Joel C Rosenberg: As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens, and fear and confusion grow, I'm being asked…what the Bible teaches on the subject of pestilence and plagues, and whether they factor at all into future prophecy…Now, my colleagues at The Joshua Fund and I have published a 12-page fact sheet. Please feel free to quote and share the link and information with others.
·         The fact sheet is available on The Joshua Fund website by clicking here.
·         You can directly download the PDF document (for free) by clicking here. 
LOU BOUDREAU [SABR Bio], of the Fighting Illini alumni, was the last player-manager to lead his team to a World Series championship - CLE WS champs in 1948. He had attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he was captain of both the basketball and baseball teams. The year he was the league’s MVP, he drove in more than 100 runs while striking out fewer than ten times - MVP in 1948 w/92% of the 1st-place votes. His combination of 100 RBI with fewer than 10 strikeouts in a season puts him in extremely exclusive company in the Modern Era. Three times he had exactly 45 doubles in a season. Two of those led the majors; the third on just led his league - 45 2B in 1941, 1944 & 1947, topping the majors in ’41 & ’47 and leading the AL in ’44. In 1940, his 1st full season, he hit 46. The one year he hit more than 45 doubles, he only led his own team and not by that much.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Top 5 Braves 1st Basemen

Top Five Braves First Basemen, by Mark Bowman.
1. Freddie Freeman 2010-2020 ranks 4th among all MLB 1B w/ 34.6 WAR since 2011.
2. Joe Adcock 1953-1962 (above): 17.7 AB/HR ranks 4th behind Aaron, Mathews, Horner, & Andruw.
3. Fred McGriff 1993-1997: 1993 NL MVP voting: (3) Justice (4) McGriff (5) Gant
4. Fred Tenney 1894-1907 & 1911 – began MLB career as a left-handed catcher.
5. Chris Chambliss 1980-1986 (below, left).
HM: Andres Galaraga 72 HR .46 OPS
HM: Felipe Alou finished 5th in 1966 NL MVP
HM: Julio Franco joined Braves at 42, ranks 19th w/ 349 GP at 1B for club.
No mention of Hank Aaron, who played some first late in his career.
Gale Sayers and Terrell Davis played seven NFL seasons, and were later inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Former Atlanta Falcon great William Andrews played only six seasons and was even more prolific, yet is never considered for Canton.
5986 4.6 277 2647 8704 75 WA
4956 5.0 112 1307 8934 64 GS
7607 4.6 169 1280 8887 79 TD 
My new commute was much better. Very nice. Traffic on the downtown connector is almost non-existent (below: this morning at the 14th Street bridge looking south). One tiny downside: I used the time driving back and forth to work to listen to my books.
Monday: not much to report. Had more phone conversations in the morning, and by afternoon was able to get a decent amount of computer work done. Still have a decent amount of work to do. Emails are coming to my phone but not to my laptop.
Ceil cooked beef tips with onions and peppers, over rice. Also tossed salad. Watched The Neighborhood and some other shows. Also did my Hinge Health exercises. The kids ordered out.
I get to sleep a little later now. Got a decent 7.5 hours of sleep – 4.5 hours of quality sleep and almost 2.5 hours of deep sleep.
I still take a shower and shave. Wearing a Grizz Gaming t-shirt and shorts. Ceil had gone downstairs before me. I came downstairs, sat on the couch, and put on my Sonic the Hedgehog socks and sneakers. Then before walking over to the kitchen table to start work, I stopped by and gave Ceil a kiss goodbye, like I normally do before leaving for work.
SPARKY ANDERSON  [SABR Bio] was a rookie with the Phillies just two year after another Phillies rookie had won the franchise’s first ever Rookie of the Year Award - Jack Sanford won the NL ROY in 1957 playing for PHI. Anderson played for PHI in 1959 but received no ROY votes. The organization traded that ROY to a team across the country and had high hopes that in Sparky they had again found someone who could perform at that level. Sanford was traded to SFG in December of ’58. As a result, they played Anderson in 152 of their scheduled 154 games in his rookie season. Anderson is the only player to play 150 G in one season and not play a single game in any other major league season. The player the Phillies got to replace Anderson at 2nd, played for them at that position for the next 17 years: Tony Taylor. Sparky rewarded them with one of the most unusual careers ever in the majors. He became Hall of Fame worthy a little later. Anderson’s managing got him to the Hall of Fame. One example - He was the 1st manager to lead a team to a WS championship in each league.
Like many, I count at least four specific reasons why I'm at extra risk to catch coronavirus. Five really. I haven't left home in two days. Still, there are things that have to get done. Needs to be met. The world isn't stopping.