Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Mosey Down to Macon

Long Memorial Day weekend. Since Ceil was coming home Saturday afternoon, that morning I drove down to Macon. Stopped by the house, then went over to see Pops. Now he’s in a rehab hospital closer to home. He looked a lot better, spending most of his time outside in the courtyard, to be away from his roommate. Hopefully he can go home this Friday or next Monday.

Friday night Grandma had been sick, so she stayed home most of the day…but she didn’t get much rest. She’s easily distracted these days. Her washing machine messed up, so I had to take two loads of clothes to the Laundromat. I took her back to the house about nine, ands she wanted me to spend the night. I made her promise to get some sleep, which worked out well. Nita came home about 1:30 am and turned on the TV.

Took me til 2 pm to finish cleaning the fridge, washing the dishes, and mopping the floor. After a short visit with Pops, I drove back and met Ceil at Passion. Joel and Christiana sat with us. Chris Tomlin wasn’t there. We saw the Hunts, those people who live across from the Bates. Kristan Stanfill invited people to come down from during the singing, so naturally Matthew and JJ went.

The only clean shirt I had was one Grandaddy had brought, that had the SC palm tree and crescent moon. Four different people at Passion pointed to it and said “You from South Carolina?” I won’t be wearing that shirt again. On the way home we ate at Willys. Nita called, demanding to know what happened to all the Dr. Peppers (that she and grandma had drunk).

Prado had a big game on national TV, hitting the go-ahead homer, then gunning down a runner at the plate from left field. Replays showed the runner was safe, but Monday Shafer was called out on a steal, when he was safe. Sunday the Braves won 2-1, but Monday they lost. It was their 8th extra-inning game out of the last 18 games. Jurrigans is 6-1. Shafer is doing ok, batting .300. Chipper said they needed a leadoff hitter than wasn’t “a little Napoleon, swinging for the fences”…perhaps blasting McLouth.

Monday morning I took Ceil up to her shoe store in Roswell at 9:30 am, for a sale. The parking lot was full! I got the oil changed, and got a short haircut…kinda like Louie’s. Drove up to the Earharts Monday for burgers, with the Halls and Watkins. Martha and Dixon weren’t there, but Andrew had fun with Anna, Bethany, and Marylee. Josh hung out with us adults. I will be on the go ten of eleven straight weekends…at least.

Don’t know if you got to see Kevin’s long Galapagos recap. Just goofy details about soup and beds and stuff, but it was good. The Pope tennis team won the state championship.

Busy week. Today is the last day of the month, which is always the busiest. Then we’re going to the baseball banquet, so we’ll see the Gilberts. Then I’ll have three days of work to get ahead, so I can be off all next week. Ceil is stressed about getting stuff done this summer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Seven of the nine male Living Science graduates: pianist Gerald, comic Caleb, complete Kevin, Joel, Connor, Will, and Pierce. Missing: Jacob and Chase.


Wild story about Will nearly stepping on a copperhead. He doesn’t have as much outdoor experience as the other counselors. The ten years of baseball experience may help on the field, but it’s not the same up at camp.

Ceil is in Monroe with her daddy, at a doctor’s appointment. Last night they ate at that steak place in Chesterfield

On the drive home from work last night, lightning struck a telephone pole not 100 feet from my car. Power went out at the house, but just for a minute.

Friday before the holiday. Not much going on, but I have plenty of work to do.

Yesterday I talked to Dawn about our upcoming Washington trip. We have a Capitol tour scheduled, but the White House tour fell through.

Mary Hurt says the Galapagos team goes out every day from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. They’ve gone snorkeling every day.

One more category Will “led” the team in…most times reaching on an error. I have no doubt most all of the eight errors were legit…he hit a lot of ground balls. Perhaps others hit more lines drives and fewer grounders (and grounders not hit as hard as Will’s)…causing fewer errors. An interesting study.

In the 15th inning of the ACC Tournament game between Tech and NC State a guy from Tech stole home to win the game.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

L-R: Denise, Pierce, Sarah, Connor, John, me, Will, Joel, Becky, Jordan, Mike.

Scotty Wins American Idol

As I expected, deep-voiced Scotty won American Idol. Since everyone was in Jefferson, I only watched the last five minutes of the two-hour show. Lots of commercials. Steven Tyler sang, as did Jennifer Lopez. Also Lady Gaga, who was her usual obscene self. I wonder if all the attention Tuesday on Lauren was because she was so far behind. I really didn’t play close attention this year. To me, none of the twelve were really an elite performer. Besides Scotty, Casey was the best, but he just didn’t have that “Idol” look.

The Braves beat the Pirates again, fueled by Brooks Conrad’s two-run homer in the 11th. Mike Minor didn’t allow a run, and Scott Proctor got him out of a jam. O’Flanerey gave up his first HR of the season. Hinske hit a HR. It was a day game, so I missed it.

A guy here at work gets the USA Today, and sometimes he leaves it in the break room. That’s where I sometimes get those clippings.

Pops finally got out of the hospital, and is now in a ‘rehab facility’ closer to home. His knee is swelling a bit, so that slows down the rehab. But he’s making progress. Nita is driving him and my mom crazy. I may go back down on Saturday.

Parties Will is missing this weekend: Andrew, Caleb, and Tanner…plus the banquet. I’d say camp is a better place to be. I saw the Fallis’s sneak out of the graduation after one of the speakers, but they were there for Will’s speech and most of the best parts.

No updates from the Galapagos trip, but Margaret’s driving was driving Mary crazy.

Jordan led the Crown team in pitching, based on ERA, batting-average-against, and walks-to-strikeouts. Will was second in ERA, and led the team in strikeouts per inning (2.1), highest percentage of batters swinging and missing (22%!), first-pitch strikes, strike-to-ball ratio, and throwing curveballs and off-speed pitches for strikes.

During the graduation ceremony, Will was one of nine students who delivered a short speech. His was titled "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates."

Caleb, Alyssa, Kara, Joel, Christy, Joanna, Kevin, and Kat also spoke.

More on Answers in Genesis

Dr. Purdom is posting updates and pictures from the Galapagos trip, as well as a few pictures from the graduation. They climbed a volcano outside of Quito, where they played in the snow. Supposedly Haley ate guinea pig for dinner.

Georgia’s Answers In Genesis blog displays her wonderful thought process, as she grapples with seeing God in the everyday issues of life:


Tuesday the Braves beat the Pirates 2-0, behind JJ’s strong pitching. Kimbrell struck out two to notch the save. Prado’s double knocked in Shafer. Chipper just missed a HR…a fan interfered with the ball, and the umpire made Prado stop at third. With two-out, Martin would’ve scored easily.

American Idol: Everyone said Lauren edged Scotty in last night final singoff. She messed up her vocal chords, but was treated and was able to sing, after almost having to quit the competition.

Margaret went to Emily’s ball game. My college roommate loved Will’s bow tie. Elin posted her pictures from the after-party. We received a graduation invitation from Craig Calvert. Obama is in Ireland. A tornado destroyed Joplin, Missouri.

Haven’t heard much from Anna, up in Jefferson. She posted pictures of her, Jordan, and Vic. Mom and Matthew are leaving today to go up there.

Matthew was making some amazing cartoons on his PSP. He dressed up in five different outfits and posed for hilarious self-portrait photos. I know he deliberately tries to pick on everyone, but remember, he has lots of issues. Hopefully we can get him tested this summer, and pinpoint what food allergies and/or learning disabilities he has, and get them treated. On Expedition you saw so many kids eat gluten-free meals. At least two doctors have said Matthew should be eating gluten-free, but it hasn’t sunk in with mom. I’m sure this effects his behavior and schoolwork.

Today’s stats…Will also led the team in…

…Gamechanger’s “Quality At Bat” statistic

…highest ”Hard Hit Ball” percentage

…batting average with runners in scoring position

…stolen bases per plate appearance.

Though 5th on the team in at-bats and plate appearances, Will was were 2nd on the team in most quality at-bats, hard hit balls, & stolen bases.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduates Will, Joel, Kevin, Kara, Alyssa, and Caleb celebrate after the ceremony Saturday, at FBC Alpharetta.

Another Weekend On The Go

My in-laws got to town Friday, for the second straight weekend. That afternoon they all immediately went to Kohl’s, to fix Will up for graduation. After work I met them at NP Mall, and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. All day I had been in the mood for a burger, and theirs was pretty good. Yesterday and today I had Cheesecake Factory leftovers…some pasta, and two different kinds of chicken sandwiches. Last week I had Olive Garden pasta leftovers, from their weekend lunch.

Saturday morning I cleaned out the van, and took it for an oil change at the carwash. Back home, I washed my car and the in-laws. We had to be at FBC Alpharetta early for pictures. After the graduation we went to the school for the BBQ dinner. The punch I drank after the ceremony spoiled my appetite.

Sunday morning I drove down to Macon, and hung out at the hospital all day. My dad was doing better, but he’ll probably get better if he can get out of the hospital. The rest of the crowd went shopping for Will again, and brought home KFC. I got back home around 9:30.

Monday morning Ceil and Matthew took Will up to camp near Ellijay, so we’ll scarcely see him the rest of the summer. Anna went back to SC with my in-laws for the week. Ceil is going over later in the week, for her father’s 80th birthday. Ceil was worn out from the weekend, and slept most of Monday. I took her and Matthew to Trader Joes real quick for Orange Chicken. They watched the Sharpe movie on the Disney Channel.

Brad here at work watched the season finale of “The Event” and said it was pretty good. Turns out a main character might be an alien. I doubt I’ll try to catch up on all the episodes I had missed.

Kevin and Holt posted from Equator. Holt thought there were lots of Koreans in the country. Kevin commented on the language barrier. I told him they should do the Redeemer skit.

Both Heyward and McLouth were placed on the 15 day disabled list. They called up Jordan Shafer and another OF from Gwinnett. Shafer was only hitting .255, but we’ll see. Mather had 4 hits Saturday, so he’ll play. Hudson is going to miss his start this week, due to lower back pain. Beachy is starting to throw again. After being off on Monday, they play in Pittsburg tonight. Utley is set to return to the Phillies lineup, but it’s too early to worry.

I’ve been crunching the stats from the Crown season, and Will really had a great year. He led the team in just about every per game category. Everyone except Tanner missed games. Will missed ten, but still had more plate appearances than all but four guys. Seven other guys missed a total of 30 games. Will reached base 76% of the time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Senior Superlatives

It’s probably a wise thing Living Science doesn’t hand out “Senior Superlatives.” My high school never really did, but I always thought they were fun. In this year’s Veritas yearbook Will was named “Most Likely to Become President.” Here is my vote:

Kat…most mysterious

Kara…most athletic / most real

Amber…most likely to succeed

Alex…most musical

Christy…most graceful / daintiest


Tia…most determined / hardest working


Sarah…best actress


Joanna…friendliest / best smile / most likely to write a novel

Kevin…most likely to succeed

Gerald…most musical

Jacob…most quiet?


Connor…best smile

Will…most athletic

Joel…most playful


Chase…hardest working

“Most Likely to Succeed” is a misnomer, since I fully expect all these graduates to be successful. Success to me, and hopefully most of these grads, means much more than simply rising to the top of the corporate ladder, and making lots of money.

I wrote this several weeks ago, not knowing athletic Kara would wear sneakers under her cap and gown, or that cool Jordan would wear black high-tops. Some are stretches, I know.

Of the 20 graduates, at least 14 have had parents go on Living Science trips. We’ve all shared so much over the last six years, both ups and downs. Most interesting is that five of the graduates have lost a parent before graduation: Joanna, Sarah, Joel, Gerald, and Christy.

I’m Facebook friends with twelve of the grads (and 9 of the 20 parents). Some of the others may not even be on Facebook.

Living Science Graduation

In a service heavy on ceremony and meaning, Living Science graduated their largest-ever class this past Saturday. All twenty seniors played a role, as well as several members of the junior class. Some of my memory is sketchy, but here’s some of the details…

The nine speakers all shared personal stories, most of which involved facing and overcoming difficult circumstances.

1. Kat: Her tough decision to choose ZooAtlanta over Servant Leader team.

2. Caleb: Thanked several teachers. Explained why he was thankful he didn’t get a “normal” education.

3. Joel: Asked whose voice has never cracked while delivering a science presentation? Perhaps not as much as Will. Perhaps it never happened to Gerald. Recounted Caleb drinking the energy drink in “Mr. Murphy’s car” on the return trip from 9th grade Senior Retreat, and getting his shirt ripped just before senior pictures were taken. NOTE: While I’ll always remember young Caleb’s antics on that fateful trip, even more will I remember the fine young man he’s grown into.

4. Joanna: Clearly explaining why she loves her mother, the D’s, Mrs. Delenick, and her fellow Servant Leaders, in detail, while using a Dr. Seuss theme. Hopefully Mrs. Delenick missed her “or ONLY an English teacher” remark.

5. Will: His first LS work day with Ro lamb, wanting to be like Servant Leader Ben Hoffer, teaching younger kids, with a “life is like a box of chocolates” theme. I hadn’t read Will’s speech in advance (almost on purpose) nor had I helped him with it…but he did a great job.

6. Kara: How physical issues led to her college major choice. Individually thanked each family member, listing reasons she loved them.

7. Christy: Memories from taking classes at the D’s house, taking 6th grade three times, spending 55 days on Jekyll expeditions through the years. Going into detail when thanking her mom.

8. Kevin: Spoke of family, and being the nerdy kid (my mind just went blank!).

9. Alyssa: Scared on first day, thanking those who helped get her to where she is.

Gerald played piano, and then received a standing ovation, led by his classmates. Alex played violin with her brother. Frances played piano. Good thing Alex and Frances performed BEFORE Gerald. As good as they did, Gerald’s typically excellent performance completed overshadowed them (though not on purpose).

Amber spoke about the banners that her mother made, officially bequeathing them to Living Science. The senor class paraded the banners in, and handed them off to members to the junior class, who walked them off. Pierce read a Bible verse. Jacob and Connor prayed.

Junior Matthew Ellis shared how the seniors never let the juniors feel inferior. Scott Donehoo delivered an eloquent benediction. Haley helped Mrs. D pass out the medals. Can’t remember what Tia did, but she was up on the stage. Jordan and Chase carried banners, at the least.

Sarah had the tough task of introducing the esteemed speaker, and did a great job. Having never attended a Living Science graduation, I girded myself for a dry scientific speech emblematic of Living Science at its most scientific, similar to the technical commencement address I vaguely recall from my own Georgia Tech graduation almost thirty years ago. But esteemed Answers in Genesis scientist Georgia Purdom opened with the Biblical passage of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive oil, how the disciples and others perceived it as wasteful, concluding that decisions we should be making as Christ-followers will be similarly scorned in current times. For her, working at AIG means she’ll never be able to publish, work, or teach in the “real” scientific community again.

Each girl who walked up the stairs was helped by a guy. This led to a few humorous moments, like when Pierce helped one girl down on one side of the stage, then hustled over to the other side, to help the other girl up. Joel added a King Louis flourish.

After each student was individually congratulated by Mr and Mrs. D, they received their Living Science certificate. Then they met their parents in the center of the stage to receive their diploma, and pose for a picture. This also led to light-heartedness: Mr. Massey had pasted a huge “YEA!” message on Sarah’s diploma. Joel awkwardly greeted his mother…then gave her a huge hug. Then he forgot about the picture. Jordan crossed her legs, showing off her black high-tops. As I escorted Ceil up the stairs, I asked Kevin if I was doing it correctly.

After their parents escorted them in, the graduates processed out by themselves. They went outside and tossed their caps high into the air. It was a fun time of picture taking and fellowship that lasted until Haley Hurt ran everyone out. The room was filled with photograph boards of the graduates. Kara brought her ugly basketball sneakers. Sarah’s snapshots were clothes-pinned to a small tree. Kevin had some baseball action shots. Both Joel and Will included the same “first day at Living Science” photo they’d made in 2005. Later they posed with Mrs. D for the same shot, six years hence.

The after party at the property included plenty of great food, dessert, and beverages. Dr. Purdom was sitting with Julie Smith and my in-laws, so I joined them. Georgia turned out to be quite “normal.” Not as much AIG talk as I had desired. The Hurts, Mrs. Gilbert, and Elin joined us, making for a delightful dinner. There were so many people I wanted to visit with, but I really only got to speak with a few.

Alumni returned to capture the volleyball crown: Ben, Isaac, Heidi, DJ, David, Kelly, and Jos. They were cheered on by Amanda, Libby, Charissa, Christiana, Amanda, Lisa, Maggie, the Switzers, Lynn Bailey, and others. Their victory came over the “stacked” team of seniors: Kevin, Joel, Alyssa, Will, and Kara. The team with Kyle, Andrew, Connor, and Charles all had something in common. Margaret and Emily thought they struck gold with a team that included their parents. Even after Denise jumped ship, the teens’ inexperience proved fatal.

A whole other bunch of upperclassmen played ultimate, and younger students (like my two) found other things to do. It took darkness to finally break up the evening.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Interesting Wednesday. Stopped at Kroger on my way to work for breakfast. Everything I needed was on sale: both items that rarely go on sale. At work the Ogre calls me in to go over some numbers before our monthly account review meeting with his boss. All my inventory numbers are way down, so the account looks better than ever. Everyone in the meeting was impressed.

After the meeting my mom calls. Though my dad’s knee replacement surgery had gone well Tuesday morning,he was moved into ICU due to complications. I zipped down to the hospital in Macon, where they were preparing him for dialysis. Not long into his three hour dialysis his kidneys started working again, and his oxygen level had improved to the point that the doctor had his big oxygen mask removed.

My sister made it her business to personally check and ask about every med that was administered, though she couldn’t have known the exact diagnosis for each one. Everything was “exactly the same” as when her husband’s uncle had died several years ago, in a faraway hospital. She made a point of asking every hospital employee she encountered if they remembered her mother-in-law, who stayed in the hospital “longer than any patient in hospital history”…several years ago. All this LOUD talk was discouraging my father, hooked up to several machines. When she came in his heart rate was 65, but it quickly shot up to 110.

Dad was doing much better Wednesday night. Thursday he didn’t remember that I had visited. Thursday afternoon he was being moved out of the ICU. Now therapy on his new knee begins.

Left the hospital at 8:30 and listened to the Braves game on the drive back. I prefer Sutton and Powell to Simpson/Carey/Glavine, so it was a treat.

Will’s graduation is this weekend. Ceil is against sending out graduation announcements / invitations. I’m not crazy about it, though we did sent out just a very few. Hope you won’t be torn up about not getting one.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Throwback Sunday

Sunday the Phillies and Braves rocked replicas of their 1974 uniforms in the annual Civil Rights game.

Bumps in the Road

For rookie Kimbrell to become an elite reliever, he’s going to encounter a few bumps in the road. Too early to panic.

Could’ve gone to the game last night with the nice company seats, but we’ve been so busy lately I turned them down. Ceil’s parents arrive on Friday, so we’re in cleaning mode.

I don’t see the Hawks winning the series. Last week “young” owner Gearon was on 680 with Buck and Kincaide, and did a good job. He reminded Kincaide that the Hawks, Lakers, and Celtics are the only 3 teams who’ve advanced into the second round three straight years.

Co-worker Damon may be a friend of Kincaide.

Will’s getting more info on his summer Camp Highland job. Looks like fun, though a huge time commitment.

Taste of Alpharetta

Ceil heard Lang on the radio Thursday afternoon. Perhaps David Hurt did too…he said he listens to public radio while he works in his warehouse. In March he heard Lang’s NPR interview about his book.

Ceil took Will over to Living Science at four. The leaders were helping grade papers. Then she took Anna to the theater at five. With two hours to kill before the show, she and Matthew went to the Taste of Alpharetta in Will’s Park. They had a great time.

On my drive home Ceil called…she had the TV remote in her purse. So I couldn’t watch the Hawks or Braves…the TV was tuned to the Golf Channel. No American Idol, either.

Review: CYT Atlanta's "The Wiz"

The Christian Youth Theater (CYT) of Atlanta staged a rollicking production of “The Wiz.” The success of the show can be attributed to the talented, close-knit cast, delightfully garish 70’s era costumes and makeup, and the seasoned CYT staff and artistic team.

Graduating senior and CYT veteran Jacob Valleroy was wonderful as the Wiz, standing tall in green and white polyester jumpsuits, battery-powered belt buckle, authentic 70’s heels, and even taller wig. Bama bound to study theater, Jacob sings strongly in “So You Wanted to Meet the Wizard” and Believe in Yourself”, then channels the late 70’s Steve Martin in the more humorous “Y’all Got It” number.

Scarecrow Austin Hunter delivers a physical performance reminiscing of Ray Bolger in the original Wizard of Oz, flailing about on unsure arms and legs. Though cowardly, Cody Marshall brings a demure king of the jungle royalty to his Lion character, particularly while singing “Mean ol Lion.” Alex Thomas contributed an appropriately stiff performance as the Tin Man, at least until his “Slide Some Oil to Me” number loosened him up a bit. His “tin” costume was partially manufactured from recycled Coke and Fanta cans, and bejeweled with bottle caps.

Mackenzie Lintz cleverly developed her good witch Addaperle’s character with quirky mannerisms befitting the part. Sporting grapefruit-sized Princess Leia hair buns and a flowing paisley robe, Lintz played well off the mass of grade-school munchkins sharing her stage. Young munchkin Abby Grace Freet delivered her memorable “wear white to the funeral” wise-crack with class and dignity.

Fellow good witch Glinda / Natalie Portman look-alike Alex Crump wound down the show with strong back-to-back vocals on “A Rested Body is a Rested Mind” and the “Believe in Yourself” reprise…while elaborately made-up in an almost mermaid-like dress and pink wig. As Evillene, Wicked Witch of the West Sarah Grace Valleroy devilishly prances and sings “No Bad News” with a wicked grin. Her red cape and boots (and multi-colored wig) helped her stand out.

Young Olivia Yokubonis plays a most personable Dorothy, smiling broadly while befriending every fellow character helping her along the way. Her heartwarming performance of “Home” ends the show on an appropriate note. Though the same age, the versatile Rachel Canouse played a much older Aunt Em with many motherly mannerisms (makeup matters!).

Hannah, Chloe, and the two Emilys, the four young ladies pointing the way as the Yellow Brick Road, were quite fun and entertaining: dancing about the stage while adding additional vocals, displaying extreme fright as the Lion leaped, and quirkily looking about in the background while Dorothy and friends pondered their next move.

Typically ingenious were the Yellow Brick Road costumes: black tights painted with large gold bricks. Most of the songs included wonderfully choreographed dancing, from the house-hurling Tornado Ballet, singing and dancing Crows, Trash Can Tappers, black-wigged Emerald City Ballet, and happy-to-be-free Winkies.

The little Winged Monkeys also deserve special mention, tumbling high across the stage like the real thing, then hurling themselves off the stage into the audience to capture Dorothy and friends.

The large, young cast found excellent leadership and direction from CYT Atlanta’s Pat Valleroy, Connie Matthews, Hillary Coons, Michelle Evans, Anna Kilbride, Sharon Druzbanski, and Anne Thomas. With less than a week to set up and rehearse in the Milton Center Theater, the actors’ hard work paid off with improvement and excellence from the first rehearsal to the final closing curtain.


Scorekeeping is definitely an objective art, since it’s each individual scorekeeper’s decision whether a play is ruled a hit or error. I’ve poured over the rules for scorekeeping on MLB.com, though I know I am far from perfect.

At games this spring scorekeeping was a lively topic of discussion. Sometimes we had as many as five men keeping score, along with several other seasoned baseball authorities weighing in with their opinions.

The guy who scored the games on line sometimes made rulings contrary to mine, though our hit/error decisions probably evened out over the course of the season. When he missed a game, a coach would update the on-line statistics off the scorebook he kept.

I’ve discovered a batter’s “Error Average” is an interesting statistic. That’s the times a player reached base on a fielder’s error, divided by the number of at-bats. Had these errors been ruled hits, the player’s batting average would’ve risen by this amount.











EA…error average

ROE…times reaching base on an opposing fielder’s error.

Of course the more times a player bats, puts the ball in play, and hits the ball hard, the more opportunity the other team has to make an error.

I suppose it’s obvious how I stumbled across this discovery.

Tozer Tuesday

As a man prays, so he is. Aiden Wilson Tozer

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend at the Theater

Im worn out from standing over 23 hours at the theater this weekend. Friday I left work and drove straight to the theater for the show. I’m thankful the theater is in downtown Alpharetta, and not over at Johns Creek. MC’s brother Thomas came and watched the show with Matthew.

Ceil’s parents were in town, and they went to the Living Science banquet with Will and Ceil. They sat with MC and her mom, the Hurts, and Becky Norman. Many kids sang or played music. Alyssa and Haley Hurt did a comedy routine. The talent didn’t end until almost ten, then the speaking began. At her table, Amber updated her Facebook status.

I was swapping texts with Ceil and MC’s mom. After the show I took Anna, Matthew, and Thomas to Steak N Shake. We ate, then MC’s mom picked up Thomas, just as the Living Science crowd was arriving for the after party. Another crowd of students went to the Normans, and played soccer and basketball into the night. Will spent the night.

Saturday morning Matthew woke up at seven, and went to IHOP with Ceil’s dad. I spent the morning helping write Anna’s science skit. She, Caroline Hargraves, and Lily are spending tonight together to get ready.

Anna and I arrived back at the theater at noon, and didn’t leave until almost ten that night. While putting on mics, Kelly Lintz’s daughter asked for a pouch to put for her battery pack in. The one I pulled out of the back was red. Thinking she might want her usual tan one, I asked. She took the red one. In baseball, you usually don’t change when things are going well.

In the first act the sound guy came over our headsets, saying “Mackenzies’s mic isn’t working” I stopped what I was doing and rushed several steps toward the stage, where her mom turned to me, wanting to know what happened. The mic had worked during the sound check, then probably was blocked with makeup. The long scene ended with her solo, and Mackenzie did her best, walking out to the end of the stage and speaking and singing as loudly as possible. Must’ve been the red pouch.

Sunday Andy had a few good lines…

…people don’t LOSE their virginity, they GIVE it away.

…putting on rubber gloves to handle an expensive “Stradivarius” violin, he said “now men, you don’t need to get nervous” Later he tossed the violin to a guy on the front row.

After church Anna, Lily, and I ate at Moes. I am Lily’s new best friend, since I wrote their skit. She got all the dumb blonde lines. She’s the girl who hit MC’s brother with the slingshot.

MC came with Will to the to the Sunday matinee, and afterward got to speak with many former castmates. Afterward they handed out awards. Anna won a “Save the Show” award for taking the place of an injured dancer in several dances. Ceil and Will went to Passion Church Sunday night, when they opening their new building on Garmon Circle. Exhausted, I crashed on the couch.

The Pirates of Cumberland Island

And now it's time for silly songs with Lily. The part of the show where Lily comes out and sings a silly song. Joining Lily are Captain Jack Swallow and the lovely Elizabeth Swann, who together, make up the infamous gang of scallywags, "The Pirates of Cumberland Island"...

We are the Pirates of Cumberland Island

We ride wild horses and sail around

And if you ask us ’bout maritime forests

We'll just tell you…about live oak trees!

Well, Cumberland is a beauty

with seventeen miles of beaches

majestic Dungenous ruins and a salt marsh to the west

there are lots of crabs and sand dunes

and a beached whale if you’re lucky

but the bugs are bad at Jekyll in the fall.

We are the Pirates of Cumberland Island

We ride wild horses and sail around

And if you ask us ’bout maritime forests

We'll just tell you…about live oak trees!

There are lots of types of islands

But they’re all surrounded by water

Coral reefs grow into islands with a lagoon to dock the boat

Islands grow from volcanoes

And others from sand deposits

But the bugs are bad at Jekyll in the fall

We are the Pirates of Cumberland Island

We ride wild horses and sail around

And if you ask us ’bout maritime forests

We'll just tell you…about live oak trees!

Well, mummies are kinda scary

They’re buried in pointy buildings

It takes seventy days for embalming to take hold

All the guts get put in bottles

Then the body gets wrapped in linen

But the bugs are bad at Jekyll in the fall

We are the Pirates of Cumberland Island

We ride wild horses and sail around

And if you ask us ’bout maritime forests

We'll just tell you…about live oak trees!

Well I've never plucked a rooster
And I'm not too good at ping pong
And I’ve never thrown my mashed potatoes
Up against the wall
And I’ve never kissed a chipmunk

Huh? What are you talking about? What does a rooster or mashed potatoes have to do with SCIENCE class?

Hey! That's right! We're supposed to sing about SCIENTIFIC things. And who's ever kissed a chipmunk? That's just nonsense! Why even bring it up? Am I right?

LILY…I think you look like Cap'n Crunch...
ANNA…Huh? No I don't!
ANNA…Do not.
LILY…You're making me hungry...
ANNA…That's it, you're walking the plank!
CAROLINE…Says who?
ANNA…Says the Cap'n!
LILY…oh yeah?
CAROLINE…Aye, Aye... Cap'n Crunch... hehehe

Saturday, May 14, 2011

ABC Crackers

Dan Uggla and Alex Gonzalez model today's throwback uniform: the Atlanta Black Crackers. Similar cap and jersey from when they wore them in the late 90's.

Friday, May 13, 2011

March / April Thrift Store Recap

I’ve really made strides in reducing the treasures I’m buying from thrift stores, though based on March and April it may be hard to tell. For the two month period I bought twenty items, at an average of $2.40 each (not bad).

Some things were hard to pass up, like the navy Braves jersey, Phillies bobbleheads, Rangers nesting dolls, North Face jacket for Matthew, and Clemson shorts for Will. Matthew wanted a bowtie, and Will needed some baseball sleeves. I’ll wear the Nike shorts I bought a lot this summer. The Reebok backpack was a much needed last-minute purchase for the Expedition, that will also be used in Washington and the beach.

I took advantage of an “all you can stuff in a bad for $3” sale to net a Brooks Brothers dress shirt, a nice short sleeve casual shirt, Nantucket baseball tee, and three new white undershirts. At the same time I got Will a $2.00 pair of navy Polo sneakers, that he’s been wearing nonstop.

Now that I’ve started reading more, I’ve been spending more time in the book section. I nabbed two hardbacks: Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, and The Fourth Shot, a JFK assassination novel.

This summer I’ll be working toward selling off some of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. If this venture turns out well, perhaps I’ll start buying things with an eye on immediately selling them. In that regard I bought two old wood bats: a Jackie Robinson model (from the 50’s?) and a Joe Rudi model from the 70’s.

Will's Season Statistics

Season stats for Will’s home school team.











AVG…batting average

OBP…on base percentage

SLG…slugging percentage


G…games played

XB…extra base hits

Will batted leadoff most of the year, missed ten games, and still placed third in total RBIs and runs scored. He led the team in RBIs per game, runs per game, hits per game, and stolen bases per game. See below…Will made it on base 3 out of 4 times he stepped in the batters box. Only four players had more plate appearances for the year.

Will wasn’t the only player to miss games. Tanner was the only one to play in every game. Of the top nine hitters, only one player missed 2 games. Two more missed 3 games, and a fifth only missed 4 games. One missed 7, one missed 8, and another missed ten. That’s nine players missing a total of 47 games.











PA…plate appearances

RB…times reached base (via hit, error, fielder’s choice, BB, HBP)

RB%...RB / PA

K…times player struck out

Based on these statistics, what should the batting order be?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bumps in the Road

For rookie Kimbrell to become an elite reliever, he’s going to encounter a few bumps in the road. Too early to panic.

Could’ve gone to the game last night with the nice company seats, but we’ve been so busy lately I turned them down. Ceil’s parents arrive on Friday, so we’re in cleaning mode.

I don’t see the Hawks winning the series. Last week “young” owner Gearon was on 680 with Buck and Kincaide, and did a good job. He reminded Kincaide that the Hawks, Lakers, and Celtics are the only 3 teams who’ve advanced into the second round three straight years.

Co-worker Damon may be a friend of Kincaide.

Will’s getting more info on his summer Camp Highland job. Looks like fun, though a huge time commitment.